Gibbs and Randall out – Wenger turns to cloning guru – Weak Youth team?

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Two of our hot young prospects Gibbs and Randall went to Norwich and Burnley respectively (On Loan), and I agree with that, I think Denilson and Theo may have benefited too but for whatever reason they stayed.

Wenger again refused to spend any money and the rumour is he has gone to a laboratory run by Georgio Armani a cloning guru as he now believes in making the best young talent from around the world as it’s cheaper and he can choose the parent, Pele was seen near the lab, randy old pervert.

The second faze of the season begins and all talk of signings has gone at least until May, which is a good thing as it stops us all speculating and getting angry with no activity.

I raised the question yesterday if we have the best young talent why don’t we win the FA Youth Cup, is it because we don’t have the best youngsters?

In the last few years we have signed Kyle Bartley, Fran Merida, Nordtveit, Van den berg, Gilles Sunu and Rui Fonte, but we don’t seem to clean up at youth level. Interesting, I wonder if anyone has any theories.

I expect us to get a result this weekend and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Chelsea and ManU dropping points, so it’s doubly vital that we don’t stumble up there in the cold wastes of Scotland, or where-ever the blue side of Manchester is.

We are apparently unchanged for tomorrows game with Rosicky and Robin the ‘boy wonder’ still short, I think an unchanged team bodes well and Flamini seems to be more vital to our machine than anyone and that amazes me, what a transformation, I look to him now a bit like I used to with Patrick and the goal he scored against Newcastle was a contender for goal of the season, so keep it up Matti and sign the contract.

Big Phil seems to have discovered defending again and is starting to look more assured, with Micah Richards facing him, I hope he tries to prove who the real daddy is, so good luck Phil and be the daddy.

I expect us to show our credentials in the best possible way and romp to another 3 nil win.

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Diaby signs, Flamini will sign and Theo’s going no-where.

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That’s the big news today, Diaby signs a new deal that goes to 2012, Flamini says he’s going no-where and his priority is Arsenal and Theo rules out a loan and wants to fight for his place.Reassuring news, oh and we signed Luke Freeman. I wonder what Diarra is thinking today?

‘Good move Portsmouth, we may have lost last night, but at least I got a game!’

The future looks good for our young squad and we are still joint leaders so imagine what we will be like over the next few years.

Three 3 nil wins in the league means we are back to our best, 29 points ahead of Spurs and 16 ahead of Liverpool, both incidentally were tipped to win the league! We have Vela joining next season and Eduardo should be coming into form by then.

I really believe that once Robin gets his fitness back we could get a result at Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge and win the league.

I also believe we have got rid of those mid season jitters and more importantly, the team believes it too.

The next few weeks will be hugely pivotal, away to Man City and Man U in the Cup and then home to Milan, whatever happens the spuds can only dream of playing in games like that!

A big thanks to Bud and his match analysis yesterday and also to the steward that posted reminding us that swearing was clever and big, we have to agree with that.

Finally a really big thank you to Cashley Cole for giving us all a laugh, well done you twat, you are fast proving your really are more stupid than your mate Pennant and not as good as your other mate Bridge, enjoy the reserves and watching Gael Clichy terrorise defences.

Have a great day Grovers and keep em crossed.

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Tchavski be the brew + full player ratings and match review

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As promised earlier, a match review from man in the back row, Bud!

Gents (& Ladies of course), what can one say about yesterdays game that Prince Pedro of of Le-Grove hasn’t already said?

You may think that is a stupid statement as he hasn’t really said anything about the game, but that’s just it, it was all a bit training ground. In no way am I criticising Arsenals performance, it was clean, it was clinical, its just

Newcastle are… well… errrr… crap !!!!

Anyway, will come to the game shortly. First of all, I would like to ask how/why, Blogger Geoff, owner of Ferrari’s, Astons and his own Chopper, managed to emerge from an off-license last night with 5 cans of Tchavski 6.3% proof polish lager (at 73p a tinny), when he was going in for a packet of hamlets and something for the weekend??? Strangely it was quite nice, even if the name was hard to swallow; and most satisfying to piss down a toilet like Abramovich’s money, and clearly, together with the 3 pints at half time, Tchavski played its part in

Geoff’s spacial awareness issues!

Right, so here goes, I think all I can give you is an honest if somewhat drunken player rating on last nights game:

Almunia – Rumour has it that he got as high up as row V signing signatures during the 2nd half, such was his burning desire to do something yesterday………. One of his more comfortable evenings. 7

Sagna – As strange as this may sound, especially as he is my favourite player this year; whilst Sagna was faultless (again!), I thought young Hoyte was more penetrating on Saturday. 7

Clichy – He’s got Ashley’s position, now he wants his wife. Rumour has it also, that if France don’t pick him soon, he’s going to take English nationality and take Cuntley’s England spot too. Awesome as always. 8

Gallas – Well, he is the man. Captain Fantastic was (I know this is starting to sound boring, but as I say, it was an odd training game kind of spectacle) solid, had Owen in his pocket and generally had a trouble free evening. Good distribution, nice hair. 7

Senderos – Big Phil… well what can I say? 3 clean sheets on the trot. 9 for – 0 against and its all down to you buddy. Work on that distribution and other people apart from me and Pedro might start liking you again. Solid, comfortable and didn’t leave me with my stomach coming out of my mouth every time he had the ball. The tide is turning Big Man. 7

Diaby – Strangely looked better on the highlights that I watched this morning than he did last night, not that he looked bad, but just didn’t stand out for me. He did OK, but gonna give him a seven for a cracking shot with his left foot, which according to Le-Grove Optic stats was the first ever time he’s touched a ball with his left, so well deserved. 7

Fabregas – Still not back to his best, but that was still better than anything he was up against last night. It just seems that final ball he plays at the moment is just not getting through like it did at the beginning of the season. Good goal though, although, was it a slice? Fab, any chance you could post a comment to confirm this point? 7

Flamini – More Fabulous than Fabregas again last night. An overall impressive, energetic stand out performance and well deserving of the Le-Grove Man of the Match Bottle of Warnicks Advocaat. What about that cross for Ade’s goal, and what about that hum-dinger rocket of a goal! C’est Magnifique! 9

Hleb – Not really at the races last night. Was still better than anyone in black and white, but if I was writing his school report, I’d have to say, “Can do better”. Come on you little twisty turny sticky thing, we need King Alex back firing! 6

Eduardo – At some point, we are going to have to stop saying he is going to be one hell of a player when it clicks for him, but in the meantime, he is going to be one hell of a player when it clicks for him. Ran his little legs off and overall, put in a lot of work for the team. 7

Adebayor – Good goal AGAIN. And worked hard off the ball, which in the past had been a criticism aimed at him. At 11ft 7inches, the man is a giant and with each game he is growing. 8


Bendtner – Looked lively when he come on and a nice set up for Fabs goal. Also, went head to head again with Ade, but in celebration this time. 7

Gilberto – I thought he looked younger and more spritely last night when he came on, but Newcastle were shit, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. 7

Walcott – Not on long enough to produce his dazzling array of skills and trickery. Oops sorry, wrong player! Seriously, made some great runs, but still as nervous as a Cashley on a Sunday morning! 6

Le Grove would like the thank Bud for that stellar review!

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