Little less carrot, little more stick, belief or form? Bitch is over let’s move on.

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Arsene Wenger has said we lack belief and not form, I believe it’s the other way around, our belief is awesome, we came back from defeat in 3 of the last four games and against Villa and Middlesbrough we did it with minutes to spare.

Let’s try fighting from the off from now on in, you know, the stick Arsene.

The Mancs were seriously lucky, even the Derby fans were singing ‘can we play you every week’.

The problem has been certain players can’t lift themselves for the games against lower opposition, like last season.

Wenger needs the big stick now, tell the boys they are the best and get stuck in, this is the Premiership they’re fighting for, go fight.

We, on our day, are the best in the world, now it’s time to show it.

I’m glad we have the tough games coming up, when we play better teams, they play to win, we just do it better, against Middlesbrough the only time they came out was for their offside goal, the Chavs, Mancs and hubcap stealers will come out to play and that’s when we’ll get them.

We spent the weekend bitching and you all got it off your chests, this week will be about getting behind the team and talking about winning our league title.

After all ‘Arsene knows’ right??

Yesterday there were a lot of emotional posts from you guys, a lot of great comments but sadly quite a few had to be binned. The way we moderate the comments section has now been put here. I think if a comment would be deemed unacceptable to say in a local pub or amongst friends then why should it become acceptable under the guise of anonymity on a blog?

Of course some of you would say these bad things to people in a pub and amongst friends… but people who their call friends or random people cunts to their faces for saying something they disagree are the type of people that generally drink alone in the pub.

Anyway, good blogging yesterday Grovers, let’s now all see how we can ruin the Chavs home record this week, after all we’ll be the rested team, that is of course unless we play the New York Giants or something midweek!

Give us your team ideas, you know the boss reads this blog.

Positive, positive, positive this week!

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Rant Response: Ade, Eboue and Wenger’s fruitless philosophy

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So its rant time.

I’ve had some time to think over how I am going to approach this match report, and this is how… with anger.


Well, I don’t get to write for this site that often. I just do the match reports. So when I write, I like to write about nice things… and the last 4 times I’ve had to write about the Premier League its been horrible. I shouldn’t be writing about our 4th draw in a row this late in the year?

Listen, I could sit here and tell you everything is going to be ok… its just a blip… Adebayor is king of the world because he has scored 21 goals, Arsene Wenger is the Patron Saint of Football and Barcelona really are interested in Eboue…

But I’d be lying. This isn’t Disney World, but there were a few Mickey mouse things going on at the Grove yesterday (I am so sorry for doing that).

Having your mid season blip is ok when its mid season. You shouldn’t be having your blip with 10 games to go. This is the point in the race where you can see the finish line, the point you step it up a gear but Arsenal don’t seem to be able to get the car out of reverse.

Its not through a lack of trying though, Gallas was racing up field last night trying to make things happen, Toure popped up with a goal, Sagna tried to run it through the team and Clichy seems to be getting closer and closer to getting a shot on target.

In the middle of the park things don’t seem to be happening do they?

Think back to yesterdays game and ask yourself this… how many shots can you remember coming from midfield? How many distance shots came from our players? I can’t remember many? Its like we don’t trust ourselves with shooting again, we’ve reverted back to last season… threading the ball through the eye of a needle.

I felt sorry for Robin, he looked really up for it but he was rusty yesterday…

Adebayor… tut tut tut.

Shoot me down if you will, I don’t care.

He was poor yesterday. Yes, he has scored 20 goals this season, and for that I must be forever in his debt and never criticise.


Marcus Stewart scored 20 goals in the premiership.

That was unfair, but I am just making the point that goals don’t make you a great player unless you do it consistently over a number of years.

Look at Darren Bent.

If you want to talk about being World Class Ade, you must learn how to lay a ball off. Someone passes the ball to you, they make a run and I’d say 90% of the time the dug out receives the return pass… the other 10% the receiving player has to pull off some sort miracle touch to control it.

Stop huffing and puffing Ade. People say you are acting like Thierry, I’d say its more Anelka because Thierry was World Class when he started all that… you are no where near that yet.

Am I wrong to expect him to at least run back onside when a play break downs?

I’m not saying he is a rubbish player, I am just saying he needs a kick up the ass because as much as his goals were saving us at the start of the year… now his misses are costing us.


I’m not going to bash him in a huge way today. I actually thought he started really well! He took it round a few player… had a shot on target… showed off some SKILL!

Then the diving / cheating started…

Why did he dive when the easier option was the cross? Why when he wasn’t awarded the first dive did he feel the need to dive even more? Why did someone come on here yesterday and defend him by saying he hit the bar… I think you forgot that it was mis hit cross that hit the bar!

Why did he foul a Boro’ player to win the corner that we subsequently scored from… I hate him… but for that, I loved him.

The ref was crap yesterday, he got the offside goal wrong for Ade. He had a perfect view of it and everyone could see that it was the Boro’ player who flicked it through to Ade.

He got Boro’s goal wrong because Aliadiere was interfering with play. If you run for the ball, then decide you don’t want to, you interfered. Simple as that

Oh, and a round of applause for Gareth Southgate. He looks like he has about 3 brain cells… how many times did the camera pan to him clapping his players quietly saying, ‘Push up’. It was embarrassing… especially as none of them were listening… they camped out across their own goal.

So we head into the final stretch of the season a bit lost, a bit low in confidence and a few points shy of United.

All I am going to say on Arsene Wenger is that this is a defining point in his philosophy.

Everyone has missed a big point with Arsene and his ways. Wenger’s ‘promote youth from within’ ideology has yet to bear any trophies, so if he goes this season without any silverware, maybe its time to look at how ManU, Chelsea and Real keep winning trophies.

No one will look back on how great our second place finishes were, or how much potential we had back in the noughties or how well we were run as a company.

People judge you on your trophies, and we are going to struggle to fill the cabinet now… its got to be a winning streak of miracle proportions if we are to turn this around.

Thanks for your responses yesterday, I enjoyed reading through them last night.

I only removed a few because I didn’t feel you’d benefit from reading them.

I don’t think people need to hear that Eboue is a world beater and I don’t think people need to read that Ade has scored 19 goals and people are cunts for criticising him.

I don’t think we are a negative blog, we just report how we are feeling… If you feel positive this morning, you are in a minority and I’d like to know where you are drawing your strength from?

If you want something positive to talk about this morning… here it is…


So Mr Wenger, how are you going to get us out this mess now?


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Positives and negatives from the game and a word for the Arsene know brigade.

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Ok the Negatives. Eboue, he doesn’t add a lot and will never get a penalty awarded, his crossing isn’t great and he can’t score, for a right winger not a good return.He subbed Sagna and dropped Eboue back to accommodate Theo and that I found amazing.

Eboue is fast becoming un droppable. Not healthy.

Ade, when on fire, is one of the best, when not, dismal and keeps getting caught offside.

He too is becoming un droppable, just like Thierry did and that’s not healthy either.

Positives, 11 corners to their 1, 18 shots and most of the possession.

Theo Walcott made a big impact and should be there from the off.

Can’t think of a lot more so pick the bones out of that.

We can still win the league and beating the chavs will go a long way toward that, we play better when teams come out to play, Middlesbrough clearly did not, when we scored they restarted by kicking toward our corner flag, such lofty ambition.

There were a lot of ‘Arsene knows’ bloggers yesterday, if you don’t like what we have to say, go to another site, this one is not for you, we have a huge following of like minded bloggers who would prefer people like you went to the web site that never answers back or questions results, and they probably don’t pay to go to games either.

We do.

Have a great day Grovers, it’s not over yet.

I’ll be off for a while but back later.

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