Top4tottenham stuff Arsenal’s kids at Shite Hart lane

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Yeah sure they did! So now the 49ers (thats what they spent in millions) are 11 points behind, haven’t beaten us in 19 games and by the time we play them again, 9 years, and have propelled us to top of the league for the first time in three years.

God I hope they don’t sack the fat clown Martin Jol.

I watched his post match interview, he said we had the luck and should have put the game out of reach, no wonder his chairman hates him, he’s blind as well as fat and stupid.

What I can’t understand is why Levy let him spend over 40 mil on average players that everyone knew weren’t worth anywhere near that and then wants to sack him.

He’s as stupid as Jol, only not blind and nowhere near as fat. I did say stupid though, right?

Fantastic team performance though Diaby missed a sitter and does have lapses of concentration at times, but I think more games will straighten that out.

Adebayor needed to score after missing an even easier chance just after, but then made amends with two fantastic goals.

Cesc appears to get better as the season goes on, year by year I’d expect but game by game??? Boy are we lucky to have him.

I was suicidal for the first half but this team just don’t give in do they?

Bring Eduardo back for Seville and give Bendtner an airing or he’ll get stale.

I can’t wait for Seville and will watch them on Sky tonight to see what we have coming.

Well done the boys, I really think we can go all the way now.

Oh did you see he brought Song on for the last few minutes! He couldn’t resist could he? still I’ll forgive him that!


I just listened to those three muppets on MOTD and all they talked about were the top4tottenham misses, wankers.

We had 8 shots on target they had 2. The chances they missed were Berbatov being tackled by Kolo, Clichy clearing off the line and 16mil Bent scuffing one, two out of those three were long balls, but they never mentioned that.

Can we all chip in and buy some shampoo for Berbatov, I don’t think they wash their hair in Bulgaria do they! He certainly hasn’t since he’s been here.

The omens look bad …or do they???

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So the big day is upon us! And those of you who are superstitious and look to the things happening around us would say, ‘it’s looking ominous’ why? We got stuffed in the cricket, humiliated in the rugby and it’s not looking good in formula 1 at the moment, so it would just top it if the worst happened at Shite hart lane.

Well I have some surprising news, Spurs are English as well, yes honest, the yiddos really are an English premiership side, so they will have the same omens, paving the way for us winning 7 nil and making it 9 years since they last won!

I’ve been reading that Arsene hates losing matches, in fact the Mirror said ‘accepting defeat is getting harder and he often cannot eat, sleep or even talk when Arsenal lose’.

Ha! join the club boss, that’s how the rest of us feel, even with pre-season games.

I’m thinking he may spring a big ‘un today, like Hoyte as center back and maybe Theo and Bendtner in up front and on the wing. I like Bendtner a lot,yes he has a gob on him but that’s not always bad, at least he wants to play and he may just be the pain in the spurs defence we need today.

Am I alone in being pissed off that this game is never televised?

I hope to be blogging tomorrow big time, if we’re not here, you’ll know why, spurs are so ordinary we really ought to trounce them, if we don’t we’ll never win the league, if we do, I for one will start to believe!

Good hunting fellow gooners (am I allowed to say that, or have Arsenal got the copy write?)

Oh and not Song, please not Song.

Fantasy football under 14’s vs. top4tottenham

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Or do we call them the 49ers as that’s how many millions they’ve spent this year!?

I just read that the Spuds have Lennon and Bent back for the big game this weekend, I’m terrified.

Darren Bent ripped us to shreds when he was as Charlton remember??? No course you don’t, he wasn’t good enough.

Lennon looks good in spells but he’s not match fit and either Flamini, Hoyte, Diarra or Sagna or if he goes right wing then Clichy will take care of that threat.

It’s great to have such a choice of full backs these days, remember last year?

The only one of their mob that has the sign over us is Defoe, and Jol won’t play him until the last 10 minutes.

Anyway we should have King Billy back to steady the team and the way we’re playing I expect to give them a battering.

It will be interesting to see who plays up front, Adebayor I think is way off so far this term, but always plays well against the spuds, Eduardo is a must and Rosicky seems to have discovered his goal touch.

I would be tempted to put Bendtner and Theo on the bench for impact but start with RVP.

It’s great to be spoilt for choice, but I think we need pace and trickery against their shoddy defence. Its a shame we won’t get to see Tottenham’s new super signing and self confessed Gooner, Younes Kaboul.

There you go, have I covered everyone?

I think with Wenger signing an extension and the way the boys are playing, this could and should be our biggest win against them for years, if it is, I’ll start believing we have a real chance in the Premiership and Champions league.

Finally I really think that the youngster Nordtveit will feature around the African Cup of Nations next year, Wenger (or someone) just made him captain of the rubadubs and is talking him up big.

Don’t even think about selling Gilberto and Jens should keep his mouth shut,