Le List pile up, Chairman Wenger + Fennin transfer talk with video

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Good morning Grovelings!

If Thursday is the new Friday, why do I not have that Friday feeling?

Maybe its because I am a little despondent about England? Or maybe I don’t care about that because Steve McClaren is so under qualified as an England Manager its embarrassing. As embarrassing as his woeful comb over… give it up Steve, we can see you’ve lost your hair!

Anyway, we have more important things to worry about than Steve McClarens comb over.

First big worry of the day.


First big Phil busts his back, and now it looks like RVP has ruined his knee in Holland’s game last night. I don’t need to tell you what a blow this will be for us going into the Christmas period. Its especially upsetting considering how important his goals have been of late.

Here’s hoping he was just faking so he could preserve himself for Bolton at the weekend.

Jens Lehmann is at it again in the press. It seems to be all “me, me, me” from him of late. Today he tells us how perfect he is. Laughable or what? He must have forgotten they have camera’s at all the games these days. Jens is clearly looking to make a career in stand up after he hangs up his gloves. Muppet.

PHW confirms that he has spoke to Lady Nina of the Gunners and she won’t be selling up any time soon,


‘I can only tell you what she has told me – that she has no intention of selling her stake, and that she is in it for the long term’

Good news you have to say! PHW also puts Wenger forward as a possible Chairman. How about Jens Lehmann? He is an all round talent apparently?

The Mirror have a story about Vela coming back in January. They seem to run this story all the time? I can’t see it myself. He might be a good player, but whose position would he take? We seem a touch oversubscribed in the striker department at the moment, with King Ade not going to the ACN, and Bendtner having Maradona like qualities I think his chances would be limited.

In transfer news, the Italian press are linking us with a Czech striker called Martin Fennin. Apparently he had a storming under-20 Championships. Liverpool are also hot on his trail. Check out his goal against Argentina here. What a goal!

If you are really bored today, here is a run down of the players away on international duty.

Its AGM time today, so hopefully we’ll have some good news to report on tomorrow! I was offered a ticket by blogger Geoff, but work commitments prevented my attendance. Its a bit of a shame, I wanted to show Usmanov my new picture! Maybe next year…

See you in the comments section!

Update: Arsenal enter into new lockdown agreement.

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Theo’s mates 3 – Stokes’ mates nil!

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I watched the England under 21’s last night as that’s the only interest I have in English football, and it was a joy to watch Theo and his chums stuff the Republic of Ireland.

Interesting to hear know-it-all Houghton say that the Republic were the better team and the fact that England were three up at half time was because they took their chances… …Oh so that’s what you have to do is it!!!

I listen to the Glasgow Irishman on ‘talkshite’ sometimes and he really knows more than anyone else in football, funny though, he seems a little confused as to his nationality, his brothers apparently are Scottish! Work that one out.

I wanted to see how Theo performed, first of all he was played out of position, you know like his is at Arsenal, but what struck me was his woeful positional sense, he never seems to make himself available, you know running into the hole etc, I think if he watched Robin, he’d be so much of a better player, that has nothing to do with age, you can see he has talent and I have no doubt he will grow to become the hottest property in English football, but he must learn.

Anthony Stokes look good too, I hope we didn’t get rid of him too quickly.

The Uzbek appears to be doing yet another U-turn on dividends, which must leaving David Dein ruing the day he sold his arse to a Russian as a wedding ring, I can honestly say I don’t think we’ll see him back in any position of power again, he really has blown his foot off.

I think we may see Gilberto back this weekend but I’m not sure we’ll see the mad German and to be honest I’m not sure I want to again, I still remember how many soft goals he let in last term, and nobody seems to have picked up on that.

Finally I listened to John Toshack this morning bemoaning his ‘spoilt brat team’ – his words not mine, and before anyone asks why I was listening to the inarticulate Welsh spokesman, the gloss paint I used on the toilet door, had, in fact, dried.

Anyhow he said his players check into a fancy 5 star hotel, then complain that the noise of the waves stops them sleeping and he has to get them moved to another room! And he doesn’t like it. A world away from sleeping in your car waiting for the first tee time at Hainault isn’t it, so I never thought I would say it, but good for you John Toshack.

Which brings me round nicely to the player loyalty thing. First we had the Anelka saga, then we had the Vieira saga, followed by the Henry saga and now unless Wenger does a Toshack, we’ll have a Cesc saga, but you know, we never had an Adams saga did we?

Cesc, read the Arsenal Opus before you answer your next El Mundo or Marca question, because these constant ‘will he, won’t he?’ deals are getting very, very, boring.


So Fran Merida to go, followed by Cesc, Gilberto and Jens Lehman and eventually the board.

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Ok let’s start with Franny, Played for the Spanish team that are champions of Europe and lost in the final of the World Cup, just paid Barcelona €2.5 million for him, but he’s not good enough for Arsenal so we’re letting him go. Yeah sure we are, I wonder how the reporters get these stories past their editors, they must be the worlds most unintelligent people, even more uninformed than Australian/New Zealand rugby fans.

‘Cesc will have to show how much he wants to come back to Barca’ and for a cut price fee, yeah right, what about the 7 years he has left on his contract? I know I keep saying that Cesc has to stop talking to these morons, but it must be hard, he has said a zillion times he loves Arsenal, so I think it’s time we got FIFA and UEFA involved because they can’t keep allowing other teams to discuss our players, it’s clearly not allowed.

La Liga’s not a patch on the Premiership anyway, look at Thierry, he should have an Arsenal column he talks about us so much.

Gilberto to Juventus, please! he has a contract until 2009 and by then he’ll be 33, so why would we extend that? He’s a great player and a loyal one so we’ll keep him, but he needs to stop banging on to the press and keep his head down. 50-50 on that one.

Mad Jens, he can and should go in my humble opinion, I think the morale in the dressing room would plummet if Almunia was dropped, since he’s been in we haven’t done anything other than win, so to let the big mouthed Lehman back in would send the wrong message. 90-10 on that one.

I do however believe that Almunia is not good enough long term so if Lookash isn’t ready, then sign Green.

I have to ask David Dein how Arsenal need investment for the club and for new players. We are the second (at the moment) richest club in the world, our young team could dominate for a decade at least and today our manager has £70 mil to spend – should he want to, he won’t, so next year that will be at least £120 mil and so on, so pray tell me David, why we need Red and White, or for that matter anyone???

On to transfers, the French kid who scored for them at the weekend is a left winger and I wouldn’t bet against that, as you all know I think we need a winger, I also think we should try for Richards as he still hasn’t signed for Man City, he would cost a lot, but he will be England’s center back for the next 10 years in my opinion (yes I know he’s playing right back at the moment), maybe even captain, also injury free so worth the money, and with Jens available, a bit of horse trading could and should be in order here.

Finally we’re still not on newsnow (god only knows why) so will you regulars, fill out the comments bit and do some blogging!

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