England handed life line, thanks to the Sun.

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According to the Israeli coach it was the suggestion that Israel were collaborating with Russia that made them win.

The up side is England will probably qualify, the down side is McClaren will probably stay.

Still Scotland lost and today that’s all that counts. I asked a Scottish mate if he wants to sell me his plane tickets to Austria, he said, how was that a free kick? I said, how was Ferguson’s goal a goal?

It gets me that when they talk about the Welsh, Irish and the Scottish they say they’re are small nations, and it’s tough to get good players, when you work out that most of them live in England or are related through marriage or something, you’ll probably find they have as many to choose from as we do, and they’re still shit so, ha, ha and see you later.

I mean Freddie Eastwood qualified for Wales because his Grandmother’s caravan was in Wales when she was born, Jesus!

Onto Arsenal. Not a great deal going on today save the Telegraph says unbeaten Croatia (I guess no one told them they lost last night) will be unhinged if Theo plays in the last 20 minutes.

Even though he obviously doesn’t watch much football, Croatia did lose last night after all, but at least someone told him about Theo and I for one agree, it’s time McClaren started to use the under 21 system a bit more, he did it with Richards and now he should do it with Theo.

Frank Sinatra has given Sven £150mil to spend which is interesting, given that he’s a foreigner, Sven’s a foreigner and all the players he bought were indeed foreign.

Sinatra is doing it with Thai taxpayers money (allegedly) and that’s okay, bring in a talented 15 year old Mexican and the sport minister (ex lifer) Sutcliffe gets involved.

Perhaps we should extradite Wenger, that would make Ferguson happy and show the Thai people we mean business.

Sutcliffe’s happy, Coppell and Gerrard are sweet and Frank Sinatra goes top of the league with questionable money, it doesn’t get fairer than that.

It really is bizarre isn’t it???

Theo swears and gets angry

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It’s true, Theo Walcott who played a blinder against Bulgaria last night was felled in the penalty area by a dirty foreigner, like the ones that play for Arsenal, only dirtier, got a penalty, wanted to take it but was told by the manager that Milner took them.

Milner, the ugliest footballer since Luke Chadwick, took the penalty and scored.

Theo said that’s f*****g b******s and the manager said ‘that’s what Theo needs to do’. Incredible if I said fucking bollocks on this blog, people would complain. Theo does it and its okay!

Anyway he played a blinder which is good for us. I wonder if now that Steve Bruce has gone to Wigan we’ll get Djourou back earlier.

Quite amazing that, Bruce is set to double his £16,500 a week salary, he gets paid that much to lose games for the Brummies, and Wigan can pay £33k a week to a manager that will get them relegated!

I should be in football. Tough game being a manager isn’t it?

Thank god we didn’t buy the Englishman Owen, what a crock he is, thank goodness Wenger didn’t bow to the ‘buy English’ brigade.

It makes you glad we only buy filthy stinking foreigners doesn’t it.

Still if we had to play Wigan with a new manager, thank the lord it’s Steve Bruce, an Englishman (yes Geordies are English) I don’t think we’ve ever lost to him.

I expect he’ll be asking for one or two of our players in January though.

As a few of you said yesterday, it will be a struggle finding stories this weekend, so a big well done to Theo Walcott and his amazing foul mouth!

Adriano swap deal mooted…?

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Good afternoon Grovers! A rarity from Le Grove… an afternoon blog! You lucky things!

I’m basically testing our feeds after dealing with the teething problems of a site transfer. What a fucking pain in the ass!

Anyway, onto the groverlicious tit bits from the afternoon feeds!

Mad Jens has stated that he is going to see out the rest of the year at Arsenal citing family reasons. Also, the cost of transporting his 400 tonne ego back to Germany is proving troublesome. Jens had this to say,

“There are situations where you find yourself behind a goalkeeper who is world-class and you have to accept that.

“But I am not in this situation,”.

Jens, you big old bitch!

He also had this to say,

“I believe a manager must be honest with his players,”

Well Jens, seen as the manager won’t be honest with you. I will. You dropped two horrendous clangers in a row, you consistently cause us problems at corners and you scare the children. Think of the children Jens, for god’s sake think of the children!

Diarra talks to Skysports here about his current lack of first team opps. He says he is puzzled, but he is sure it will be sorted soon.

A change of attitude? Or did he read this libelfootball exclusive! It makes for a nice link, but like most stories from this trusted site… probably a load of old horse shit.

Wenger has been chatting at a press conference. He does a bit of PR work to appease the xenophobes, he also reckons Eduardo will blossom in the new year.

Stevie B is 45 today. Happy birthday Steve! He talks to Arsenal.com about the predominantly English youth team. It makes for an interesting read.

That’s your lot for Friday you greedy news fiends!

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for your patience this week!


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