Fantasy football under 14’s vs. top4tottenham

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Or do we call them the 49ers as that’s how many millions they’ve spent this year!?

I just read that the Spuds have Lennon and Bent back for the big game this weekend, I’m terrified.

Darren Bent ripped us to shreds when he was as Charlton remember??? No course you don’t, he wasn’t good enough.

Lennon looks good in spells but he’s not match fit and either Flamini, Hoyte, Diarra or Sagna or if he goes right wing then Clichy will take care of that threat.

It’s great to have such a choice of full backs these days, remember last year?

The only one of their mob that has the sign over us is Defoe, and Jol won’t play him until the last 10 minutes.

Anyway we should have King Billy back to steady the team and the way we’re playing I expect to give them a battering.

It will be interesting to see who plays up front, Adebayor I think is way off so far this term, but always plays well against the spuds, Eduardo is a must and Rosicky seems to have discovered his goal touch.

I would be tempted to put Bendtner and Theo on the bench for impact but start with RVP.

It’s great to be spoilt for choice, but I think we need pace and trickery against their shoddy defence. Its a shame we won’t get to see Tottenham’s new super signing and self confessed Gooner, Younes Kaboul.

There you go, have I covered everyone?

I think with Wenger signing an extension and the way the boys are playing, this could and should be our biggest win against them for years, if it is, I’ll start believing we have a real chance in the Premiership and Champions league.

Finally I really think that the youngster Nordtveit will feature around the African Cup of Nations next year, Wenger (or someone) just made him captain of the rubadubs and is talking him up big.

Don’t even think about selling Gilberto and Jens should keep his mouth shut,

Eduardo finds form and Wenger’s Grandad’s a Kaiser fan

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Eduardo spectacular seals it for Croatia!

So yesterday I watched the cricket – fantastic, the football – boring and the Rugby – even worse! before I found the Walker Cup on BBC2 and at least saw a good game.

It shows you how bad it’s got, when I get more pleasure from reading how well Eduardo did than watching England beat the mighty Israeli’s. Eduardo scored 2, he also won a penalty but his mate missed it!

The highlight of the England game was to see Bentley getting booed, quite rightly too, anyone who has the chance to play for his country in a major event and doesn’t deserves all the boos he gets in my book, he looked quite shocked as well which for me was a bonus.

I’ll be watching Theo Walcott in the Italian Grand Prix at Monza today and I’m sure he’ll do well given that the other Maclaren didn’t play him yesterday.

I was watching the England game thinking what a difference Theo would make to this paceless team, and do we really have no better substitute that Phil Neville???

And why did Maclaren need to fly (first class) to LA to watch Beckham for 12 minutes? Had he not seen him play before? This is how the FA spend the money that that twat Brooking says isn’t invested in our youth, so Trevor, go ask that question to The News of The World.

I think Dein has shot himself in the foot by selling his shares as he now has no personal interest in the club, and I have a feeling Fizman will either buy, or get control of Kroenke’s shares and that will make us impregnable to takeover, so a big thank you to Tango man.

The Sunday Times today informed us that Arsene’s Grandad fought for the Kaiser and his dad fought for Adolf on the Eastern front, can’t quite understand why we needed those little pearlers, but that’s the press for you.

Every time we play a team that gets a new manager they do well against us, they raise their game, let’s hope the boys do that at Shite Hart lane at the weekend.

Show our manager how pleased they all are and get our first 7-0 of the

A warm welcome to Le Grove!

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Welcome to the first blog from ‘Le Grove’ named after our new stadium with a French accent, which timely coincides with our leader and illustrious French manager Arsene Wenger today signing a new contract, which finally and hopefully will shut all the prophets of doom up. Yeah right.

So for a club in crisis we have the most wanted manager in football on a new and extended contract, a new stadium that already generates more cash than any other club in the world and a young team that plays football the way it should be played and all on long term contracts, oh and we’re joint top of the premiership and in the group stages of the champions league, so let’s all go and top ourselves!

This site is one that fellow fans can comment on without fear of morons telling them they are a) Spurs fans. b) ask them if they went to the game. or c) castigate them if they happen to disagree with anything Arsene says. It’s your club and your opinion.

So If you’re one of them, don’t bother slagging, we’ll drop your response in the bin.

This will be a site where people can say what they feel, without being ripped by people that always know best and (claim) go to all the games home and away, they’re not welcome either, unless of course they really do go to all the games, home and away.

The first blog will talk about team selection and what we think will be the best starting 11 and the options that lay open for us for our visit to the dark side at Shite Hart lane next week.

Almunia in goal, he’s been patient and rock solid since he replaced Jens. Jens has been a great servant but has of late been a liability at corners and a worry at set pieces, time to go despite your bleating in the press.

Sagna at right back, already looks as if he’s been there for ever, and has the same tenacity as Lee Dixon, Hoyte as back up.

Toure and Gallas as first choice centre backs but bring Djourou back soon, big Phil makes us a little nervous. Clichy on the left with Traore as back up.

The midfield should be Cesc and Gilberto with Denilson and Diaby as back up and Diarra and Flamini as cover for them all.

Eduardo (left) and Robin as wide men with the option of Rosicky and Hleb when needed and Bendtner and Theo up front with Ade as cover, Eboue as further cover at right wing.

All the above could rotate during the game to give more options to the play, surprise the opposition and of course rest the players.

Please note that Song has not been mentioned.

And don’t forget they’ll be loads of injuries, suspensions and the Cup of African nations so we’ll never have the luxury of all the above players, but please note, still no room for Song.

That only leaves Mark Randall and we’ve only seen him once so have no real opinion, but still prefer him to Song.

Just to touch on that sorry FA pair of Pearce and Brooking and the red tops that continue to back their sorry views on foreign players.

Look in your own yard before throwing stones in ours you pair of whingers.

We have 2 players in the under 21’s Hoyte and Walcott, one of which put England through to the European championship this summer with his wonder strikes against Germany.

Those two represent the future of England and yet the England manager looks to Heskey and anyone who can fill in at right back as the future.

And then they bitch that Arsenal don’t bring on English players.

What about Upson (injury prone) Bentley (narcissic at best) and Pennant (drunk) and not to mention 3 kids currently in the under 17’s in Lansbury, (Gavin) Hoyte and Murphy!

Finally who employed Eriksson and kept him through all the scandals and who offered Scolari a job just before the world cup eh? It was the FA Brooking, and the last I heard, you worked for them.