Morale boosted as Arsenal prepare for the Drogbaless Wonders!

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I didn’t know I was writing todays blog until about 15 minutes ago, so this won’t be a long one!

It’s pretty tough to take much away from last night’s game. The Romanians were one of the worst teams I have seen play at the Emirates, so to judge anyone based on last nights game would be tough.

Still, we did what was required with an under strength team. If you can just imagine; for the sake of this post, that Bucharest were good I suppose you could say some players really stood out last night. So instead of reviewing the game blow for blow, I’m just going to list the players I thought did well.


He has had a rough time this season with some crappy performances and an abundance of injuries, but last night he stuck his long telescopic leg out and latched on onto a Sagna cross, took a touch and then lashed the ball home into the top corner. It was a great bit of skill and a real strikers finish. He had a great game, making some good tackles and going on a few magical runs. He looked like a man full of confidence and was taking every opportunity to have a dig at goal.

My brother said that he would play him instead of Eboue on Sunday, and based on last nights performance I’d have to agree.

Nikki B

I said before the game that if there was anyone I wanted to get a goal, it was the Dane with the big b*****ks. I think he has looked the best of the rest whenever he has been given an opportunity to come on and last night he had a blinder. He was all over the place showing some sublime skill and some great touches. His goal was an inch perfect finish and well deserved. I hope he is on the bench on Sunday because I really fancy him to do something if he comes on this Sunday against the Chav’s


I was surprised to see Theo start and I was hoping he was going to show us a bit of grit and purpose. I don’t think we were disappointed were we? He was all over the place, terrorising the Romanian defence with his pace… and I’m going to say it… power! There was no getting knocked off the ball for Theo last night despite some heavy challenges from the opposition. He showed flashes of brilliance last night and his pace is phenomoanl! All he needs is a few goals to start justifying his potential!


I’m not the biggest fan. I think he is usually a liability, but I do want Arsenal players to come good, I really do. Last night I will hold my hands up and say the boy done good (Excuse the poor English).

He passed well all night, showed a few cheeky pieces of skill and he didn’t lose the ball every time he came into possession! I think he started the move for the second goal? Well played Song!


I was watching Denilson to see if I could work out why he hasn’t been getting games so far this season. I think it has something to do with his power. For a short stocky player he does get knocked off the ball a lot. I didn’t think he shone last night against weak opposition and I was a little disappointed if I’m honest. I’m sure he will come good, but I wouldn’t consider him for Sunday.



An unexpected start from Robin, but boy did he look sharp! I couldn’t believe how fit he looked, tearing up and down the pitch, bringing people into the game, having shots whenever he could! We’ve missed this man and I am so glad he is back and looking good! If I were a betting man, I’d stick 50p on him to score on Sunday!

Did anyone else feel a bit sorry Jens? He had nothing to do all game and then got done by a flukey header, unlucky Jens!

So in conclusion, it was crappy opposition, but at least we won and morale doesn’t take notice of who you are playing!

I was listening to the Chief Editor of The Times Sports section (Martin Samuel???) talk to Alan Parry this morning (On the radio of course, I wasn’t earwigging on the train or anything…). He reckons Arsenal are clear favourites for Sunday and reckons Chelsea are in trouble without there most prolific performer. I am a little less confident than him, but he writes football articles for a living? He can’t be wrong… surely?

Bring on the Drogbaless wonders!

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Cesc, Hleb, Flamini and Robin all back against Chelsea!

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The Arsenal injury list website says that, Flamini, Diaby and Robin could be ready but he’s not sure about Hleb and Cesc, I think that could well be a smokescreen.

Why on earth would you not play your best team in a ‘must not lose’ game?

If he plays the same team that lost last Sunday, we’ll lose again, simple.

The upside is we have a home game with support and surprise on our side, expect to see all of them have a role.

This is a Wenger ploy, Diarra and Gallas will be up for it big time, I don’t think Gallas played against them at all last season, so added spice there.

Plus we have the ‘hate Cashley Cole factor’ which will electrify the fans, what an atmosphere in store.

So onto tonight, Lehmann in goal followed by a back line of Hoyte, Kolo, Gallas/Senderos and Traore

Midfield of Diaby, Rosicky, Flamini/Gilberto and Diarra with Theo and Bendtner up top.

Subs will be Robin, Hleb (if in the squad) , Denilson, Song and Almunia.

Give Adebayor and Eboue a rest, or is it give us a rest from them!

I expect all the stars to get a run out in preparation for Sunday. He won’t risk them for 90 minutes, but at the same time he won’t risk them against the chavs without a cameo role tonight, to see how the injuries hold up and gauge match fitness, with the exception of Cesc who is out tonight.

A cunning plan is needed and too many times this season Wenger has left key players out and it’s cost us.

We don’t need our best players against Everton or Portsmouth, though I’m not saying they’ll be a cakewalk, but we do need them for the Chelsea game, if we beat them, and it’s been a while, it will give us the gap we need and send out a message to the rest.

We need to win tonight but we need to win on Sunday even more.

We are the only site Wenger reads, and I heard that on good authority, so Arsene, take note, the unofficial-official blog site is begging you to play our first team, after all that’s why we pay them so much.

2 nil or more tonight and then a crushing win against Chelsea on Sunday…



Milan Star on Gooner radar and are Arsenal player exits looming this winter?

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So, I’m over my ‘Boro disappointment and I feel a little better today.

It was quite clear from Sundays game that some players aren’t cutting the mustard. So I have put together a list of players that could potentially be leaving this winter!

Phil Senderos

Some say he is the spawn of Pascal Cygan, some say that is a harsh thing to say about Pascal Cygan. The truth of the matter is that he just ain’t doing it, is he? We can will him on, we can hark back to the Champions league run, but it won’t help. This man has a bad case of ‘Drogbaitis’ and he can’t seem to shake the after effects.

With the emergence of Johann D and young upstarts like Nordveit and G. Hoyte, it’s hard to see how this man is ever going to command a place in our back 4. Good job Wenger didn’t make him a captain way back when!

Christmas leavability likeliness: 70%

Gilberto Silva

We all think Bertie was treated badly by Arsenal. He carried the team last year and captained us admirably. He went away, and won the Copa American and then when he returned he found he was displaced!

He wasn’t given the Captaincy and he lost his holding role to the young French terrier Matty Flamini. To make matters worse, Arsenal went out and signed a younger quicker version of Gilberto… Diarra.

Being the true pro that he is, he has put his head down and kept his mouth buttoned. He played pretty poorly against Newcastle the other day and received a rough ride with the bloggers… and to be honest I think that stinks. He is only 31 and has a lot to offer Arsenal. Gilberto didn’t turn round last year and say ‘This lot are a load of shite, I’m off to Juve’. So Arsenal fans should show the man a little respect and accept that all players have bad games from time to time. Loyalty should be reciprocal guys.

Christmas leavability likeliness: 60%

Mad Jens

The maddest of the mad, Jens Lehmann. He had one amazing season for us and has kept us all amused for 4 years with his crazy German antics! This season however, he made 2 howlers in the first 2 games. Then he got dropped, then he bitched, then he bitched, then Almunia played well and then, well, he bitched…

The bitching has subsided, replaced by childish acts like sitting on the bench through half time. Jens is so desperate to play first team football, he is even thinking about dropping a division! I loved you Jens, but this season you’ve behaved like a real prick… time to go (Or is it?).

Christmas leavability likeliness: 95%

Nikki B

Rumour has it that Juande Ramos signed his contract with a North London club without reading it. He turned up in England, was chauffeur driven to the North London clubs training ground only to realise that he was at Spurs! Shit he thought, I thought I was signing for Arsenal.

He was pretty pissed at this oversight so decided the best way to get over his disappointment was to try and sign all the Arsenal players this Winter. He is after Nikki B now; fat chance is all I’ll say! Its like asking Nikki B to wear Primark… he just wont do it, his ego wouldn’t allow him to play for a club as poor as Spurs.

The media hypes up issues surrounding Nikki. If you watch him on talking about his future, he is actually quite mature about it. I think he’ll stay with us and prove himself to be a world beater. Patience Nikki!

Christmas leavability likeliness: 20%


I know what you’re thinking. How could he even suggest such a thing! TIS HERESY you scream! After all he is having the season of his life!

Well Grove chums, the reality is that he is out of contract at the end of the season, plenty of people will be interested in his signature and the guy has a lot of ambition. Gattuso is getting on, Madrid are getting rid of Diarra and a host of other clubs would kill for a player of Flamini’s commitment and drive.

I personally think he’ll sign a new contract the moment he gets offered one. I am just getting deja edu… do you know what I mean?

Christmas leavability likeliness: 20%

Justin Hoyte

We all like him. There is not too much to say about him. Average would sum him up. Maybe he got a little lucky by being at a club like Arsenal, but he has a lot of heart and supports us. His brother is also here. If he was offered first team football somewhere else you wouldn’t begrudge him would you? There is no right back in the world that could displace Sagna right now so I would expect him to move on at some point.

Christmas leavability likeliness: 60%


The man Myles Palmer said would be scoring hat tricks by October. How wrong you were dearest Myles. He has shown flashes of talent, mainly against England or for Croatia. Some people don’t think he will cut the mustard in the Prem and to them I say nay! He will come good guys; he is just a bit small at the moment. Maybe he’ll go out on loan? But I doubt it. Wenger won’t write of an £8 million signing.

Christmas leavability likeliness: 10%

There was one piece of inbound transfer gossip this morning! The Times has us linked with a winter move for Gourcuff. The man dubbed the new Zidane! We’ve been linked with this guy about a million times so its nothing new except this time he is not getting games for Milan… remember the last time we nicked a young Frenchman from Milan?

Anyway, less of what I think and more of what you think! Let your opinions be known in the comments section!

Happy Tuesday Grovers…. Come on mARSeille!!!

Update: Wenger logged onto Le Grove this morning and was reminded of his Flamini oversight, he has rectified the issue and apologises to all Grovers and Arsenal fans alike.

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