‘Route one’ Arsenal chew up toffees!

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Thanks Dave, (Moyes) yeah, that’s right David Moyes says we were route one, that they were the better team and even though we scored four goals away from home on a cold windswept night up north ,with ten men, they deserved the three points.

Ha fucking ha, you deluded ginger twat. You know, I think Arsene should get the game replayed as it wasn’t fair they lost.

He also sarcastically said the Cesc must have a broken jaw the way he went down, well the Everton midfield went down quicker than a gaggle of Russian hookers last night and Arteta was the worst tom of the lot, so pot and kettle spring to mind.

Sometimes route one is needed especially against a team with their height and a five man midfield, so good to see the long awaited plan ‘B’ again.

Eduardo showed why we bought him, he waited until he was ready until he shot, like a young Lord Nelson with the Polar bear some years ago, what coolness under pressure! and Ade and Rosicky took their chances straight off, last week Ade would have stopped and looked back for someone to pass to, so being dropped gave him a toe up the arse, good going boys.

Arsene finally gave us a 4-4-2 and we won, some may say it was a 4-4-1-1 but the team played 4-4-2 and despite a shaky start we soon got comfortable and when we went to 4-4-1, thanks to super Nick, we started to play!

So that’s the answer, start with 10 men.

Bit of transfer gossip today linking us with Samir Nasri and Benzema saying they would fit in with Wenger’s Academy signings.

The Times says ‘Arsenal as ever are being linked with virtually nobody, so expect some infant to arrive from Equatorial Guinea who will be a £20 million player in a couple of years’

They’re probably right, but I would have Nasri and Benzema in a heartbeat, and even the Bulgarian winger we trialled.

As for a keeper, you know, I’m really happy with Almunia, I think he’s done enough and no-one else floats my boat, I think bringing in another keeper would undermine team spirit, at the same time Lehmann has to go for the same reason, so bring in cover like a ‘Mart Poom’ and let Almunia and Fabianski develop.

So a great, great day for the men in red and white, that was a huge, huge win, we can go all the way now, it’s in our hands and we’re on the back 9.

Another super comments day yesterday Grovers, keep it up!

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So it’s Micah Richards and Benzema then…?

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Okay yesterdays question on who do we sign, threw up some interesting scenarios.

I think the consensus was to let Lehmann go and reluctantly Gilberto, I say reluctantly because he’s been a great servant to the club, but is getting older and Diarra is in the wings behind Flamini so we have enough cover in that position.

Also it was a mixed bag on Eboue, you either love him or hate him.

Quaresma was either too big a name or just what we need, but I did hear Benzema and Micah Richards a lot, so boss if you’re reading, take note!

All in all, a good and constructive days blogging Grovers and very interesting to hear so many differing opinions, that’s what this blog is all about.

The biggest thing that came out however was universally we all hate 4-5-1 and believe it to be negative, so Arsene, go back to 4-4-2 and keep us here at Le Grove happy.

Big ask today, Everton are the form team, scoring goals at will and apart from losing to the Mancs (90 minute penalty) have swept all aside, including 2 wins in a week at Upton Park, coincidentally our next up opponents.

So who will play? And how will we play?

The back five pick themselves so.


Sagna Kolo Gallas Clichy

Midfield is a tougher one but I’m thinking one change there.

Hleb Cesc Flamini Rosicky

With Arteta playing Cesc will shine, with both being Spanish, as he did against Liverpool with Torres on show.

Up front I would really like him to be ballsy and try.

Bendtner Eduardo

He won’t though! so it will be Ade alone up front and Diaby, Gilberto or Diarra drafted into midfield.

I think he is waiting until he gets Boy Wonder back before he dares try 4-4-2 again.

So a tough game on the cards today, but then I thought Blackburn would be harder so who know? he may surprise us.

Go, go Arsenal, it’s games like this that win titles.

Checkout the talented Benzema…

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Should we buy Quaresma and Robinho?

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Great comments from you all yesterday, very worldwide and very intelligent.

If only Arsene acts on those comments, I think the bulk of you are saying Rosicky and Eboue could do with a rest and we should bring in two new faces, I’m throwing in the above two, both I understand, we could get.

I’m not saying these two are the answer, but I am trying to get the ball rolling.

Adebayor surprisingly was not the number one or even number two striker of choice according to your comments, it’s also interesting to read that the man himself thinks he’s better than the Icon ‘TH14′ already!

I don’t know what he reads, it can’t be this blog, but I want what he’s smoking!!!

He is certainly a scorer of great goals, he has scored a few this season, but he also seems to miss a few, please note you sensitive ones (both of you) this is not a ‘we hate Eboue, Rosicky and Ade’ blog, it would be interesting to hear your opinions though, are they right or should we buy, and if we buy, who should we buy?

It’s important Grovers, January is almost upon us and Arsene reads this site daily (according to insiders).

No Robin or Gallas tomorrow, if you believe what you read, and I do! so I fully expect a defensive team out tomorrow, I hope I’m wrong but I’ll have money on it.

Have a good day, and have your say on transfers, it could be our last chance!

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