Blackburn Losers 2 – Arsenal Youth 3 + Diarra shows why he wont be leaving

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Another match review from the slightly inebriated Pedro!

I was confident the youngsters could turn over Rovers tonight, but that was when I thought the team was going to contain players like Gilberto and maybe RvP. When I saw the line up though, I was pleased. I thought we’d give them a run for their money. The only worry I had was Denilson – because he had been out muscled against ‘Boro. I also wondered about Randall because I had no idea what the young lad was all about!

Again, I will warn that I am no journalist! Just an avid fan shooting from the hip!

So here goes!

Arsenal started with the same dominance the first team show. Pinging the ball round for fun, making Blackburn look second rate. Randall received the ball, touched it on to Nikki B, he took a touch, knocked it into the path of the awaiting Diaby who half volleyed it into the top corner with a looping shot!

1 up after only a few minutes! Fucking blinding! I think even Diaby was surprised to see it go in!

Arsenal Youth continued to knock it around in much the same vein as the first team. Fab2 was forced into a few fine saves, one from a Bentley freekick and the other from a snap shot from some thuggish player bearing the Blue and white of Blackburn.

Fab2 then claimed the ball, scuffed a kick 80 feet into the air (On purpose)… Hoyte headed it on, Diaby picked it up, passed it to Nikki B who threaded the ball through to Dudu who opened his body to finish in clinical fashion.

2 up against a team who were mooted to be pushing for a top four spot!

What a performance! Diarra was ruling the show and demonstrating why Arsenal lashed out a whopping £2million for him. He was fast, skillful and all over the place. He looked like a PV04 ‘nano’ that was super charged. Diaby was also showing a lot of class and skill.

Then came the Blackburn attack which was going to justify Blogger Geoff’s early thoughts.

‘This is what is was like against Villa and Newcastle’.

Some player from the opposition latched onto the ball in an offside position, crossed it, and Santa Cruz banged it in to give Blackburn a life line just before half time. The player was offside. The commentator said the player was offside, ‘but it didn’t matter’. Was that because it was a bunch of foreigners it was against?

The second half started and Blackburn dominated. By this time I had drunk way to many beers to be able to comment on what the fuck was going on. All I know it David Bentley crossed, Song missed, and Santa Cruz nodded home.

For the rest of the game the commentators were willing Blackburn on at every opportunity and the boys weren’t helping matters! It was a nervous finish to the game! But we held on.

By this time I had drunk even more beer. So was even more unqualified to comment.

All I know is Song (Who played a blinder by his standards) played Dudu through and with a casual near post finish Dudu made it 3-2! Get in my son!

Oh, and did I mention that Denilson got sent off because of a silly challenge at some point? Oh, and did I mention 2 British players championed his sending off? Very classy chaps… (Dunn and Savage for the record).

So in summation, I must say that my match facts may not stand up in court, but i hope it gave you an idea of what happened.

We played well, knocked out a team our first team could only manage a draw with and managed to do it with ten men.

Anyone who doubted Eduardo can do one. If you can finish, you can adapt. Simple as that. He will come good sooner rather than later, mark my words.

Barazite looks the most exciting prospect out of the latest crop. Big, young and full of confidence. I would mark him out for one to watch (An Arab looking Pires anyone?).

Senderos looked woeful at times tonight. I would like him to come good, but when you are being bailed out by Song time and time again… something is up!

Fabianski looks like a good keeper. He gives off and air of calm. He made some great saves tonight and started the move for the second goal. If i had one complaint about him, it would be the constant punching of the ball. Other than that, he looks like he could be a helluva keeper!

Nikki Big Bollock’s looked great tonight. My prediction is that he will replace Ade as the 2nd striker within the next 3 months. He has pace, skill and a cool head in front of goal… he also pops up with this assists. Well played!

Denilson is not in the starting line up (When the main players are injured) because he is weak. He will be a great player, but he gets knocked off the ball too easily in games. I thought he was poor tonight.

Diarra supposedly complained about assurances he was given by the Arsenal hierachy with regards to first team football and reckons he wants to leave. On tonights performance i would say those reports could be wide of the mark. Stick at it Diarra, you’re going to be a world beater if you stay at Arsenal!

So next up in the Cup? Its got to be the Spuds!

Merry Wednesday Grovers!

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Arsenal kids to nick it 1 nil

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I have had so many emails from friends of mine that support the Chavs, it’s so funny, boy they think their money allows them not to lose, they’re banging on about Terry and the Wright Philips miss, but they forget we were all over them and should have scored 6.

Anyway, on to Blackburn, first of all they’ll be hurting a bit, which is good and we’ll be playing the youth team, which should be enough but they
are a tough call, don’t forget we didn’t beat the in the FA cup or the league this year and tonight has to finish on the night, so expect a tricky encounter.


Hoyte Senderos Song Traore

Walcott Diarra Gilberto Diaby

Eduardo Bendtner

Should be a good game and I for one can’t wait.

We have some tough games ahead, with Portsmouth, Spurs and Everton and all in form but if we can get through the next month we should be in position to clean up, then we’ll get Derby and Wigan for the next few games like ManU do!

I have to say I would like to see Gavin Hoyte, Barazite and Merida play a part tonight but we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m going for a 1 nil to the Arsenal, but I’d be happy to win it on penalties, if only to watch Bentley’s face!

Terry out for three months, that’ll teach the greedy bastard to mess with Eboue, my new hero!

It’s a short one today Grovers, but hopefully we will have plenty to talk about tomorrow!

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3 nil, we stuffed the chavs 3 nil!

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We did, but the cheating git ref didn’t allow it.

Well for all those of you (and there weren’t many) that doubted we had the
inside track on team selection, we were right, trust in Le Grove!

I was a little disappointed to see Eboue selected as I think Diarra would have been pumped up big style, but with his whinging about wanting to leave and a sterling performance from Eboue, it worked out well in the end.

Surprised again to see Rosicky instead of Diaby, but again, he had blinder.

Great to see Bendtner come on and Gilberto did steady the ship, so I can’t fault the substitutions, what I can fault however is his obsession with 4-5-1, when he changed and brought the boy wonder on, we became an attacking force, then scored two more and should have had 5.

It was the most biased piece of refereeing that I have ever seen, truly shocking and he should be dropped from the roster, at best or beaten to a pulp, I’ll leave that to you Grover’s to choose.

So we get rid of a slimy toad that has a penchant for mobile phone nocturnal activities, for the best captain we’ve had seen ‘King Tone’ and bring on Clichy, who is without doubt the best left back in the country.

How sick are the chavs? What a piece of smart business that turned out to be from Kenyon!

What the world saw yesterday was that good practice, patience and footballing knowledge and not money is what really counts in the Premiership.

The only chances they had was when the ref gave them a decision and boy am I glad we didn’t buy Shaun Wright Philips, what a waste if £21 million he was.

If I was that ball boys dad, I would be knocking on fat Franks door this morning, what a chicken shit, and if Kolo wasn’t held back, he would be out of football for the foreseeable future.

Sky sports, who always favour the Mancs and the chavs, showed nothing of that incident or the goals that weren’t allowed, if the tables were turned we would still be watching it now.

All the chav supporters I know, will probably become ManU fans now as they are winning more games than them, and their shitty stadium will be even emptier that usual!

At least Gullit said we deserved to win, one day they’ll find someone who likes Arsenal to be a guest on their over rated programme.

That same show that has been slagging us off for ruining English football and welcomes Fabio and his expensive entourage with open arms, what a bunch of hypocrites.

Okay on to tomorrow, it will be interesting to see who plays, but after yesterday, I don’t care, we were truly awesome.

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