Spanish lessons for Gooners (+ handy table) and A Christmas treat for you!

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Good morning Grove fans!

It’s a boring day on the feeds today; we’re all waiting to see who we get in the draw for the Champions league.

So to help you pass the time I thought I’d point you in the direction of an interesting quote from Juande ‘I want all the Arsenal players for Christmas’ Ramos.

‘Ramos has yet to fully master English, although he says neither he nor new England boss Fabio Capello – who he regards as a close friend – will be held back by the language barrier.

Although he reckons it also has its advantages, saying: “I can’t understand a word fans are saying!”‘

This is true! So when we’re all giving him some abuse (And breaching his human rights, sorry Sol) on Saturday he will be having the last laugh!

This is an unacceptable my friends! So in the name of Spud bashing I have compiled a list from some random site I found. And if you like pretty ladies, and have a thing for WAGS, click here for an exciting slide show (Its clean).

Read, learn, recite and enjoy! I’ll be back at 1200 with news of Arsenal drawing Barca!



Ground hog day reunion with the spuds – Arsenals English starlet rejects trial at spurs for exams

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Well, well, doesn’t life throw up some funny little coincidences? Who would have thought that God, yes God, would give us the Spuds to beat two years on the trot.

He must have a wicked sense of humour eh?

Watching fat Frank score his 200th deflected goal last night was quite funny, does he ever kick the ball straight? Still at least we get to play Everton in the final this year.

Captain JT tells the Chelsea program notes about his thoughts on the Eboue challenge here.

Listening to another England player praising their new manager, this time it’s Wayne Rooney, saying Capello will be a legend. I remember 3 weeks ago
they were all backing Maclaren, still enough on butt kissing Shreks from somewhere near Scotland.

Our grown ups play Spurs on Saturday, so we’ll see how much they’ve improved since their last spanking, but the semis intrigue me, I hope he plays the exact same team, because that team could beat anyone.

Listening to Chump-bonda saying this time they’ll beat us, they say that every time they play us, amusing isn’t it, same old, same old.

Staying with the Spuds there is a story going round saying they will bid for Diarra, first of all we won’t sell him but if we did, can you imagine what
he’s worth now? that could turn out to be a shrewd bit of business, but I hope we don’t. There is also an amusing story about a young Arsenal player rejecting the Spuds.

‘Tottenham also said they wanted me for a trial. I went along to that, but because I was an Arsenal fan it felt weird. I did my best though and they wanted me to go on a tour of Holland with them. Thankfully I could not go because it clashed with my exams at school.’

A club so shite, a young boy would rather do exams than go on trial with them! You’re a good lad Mr Blackwood!

There was some lively comments yesterday and some really good ones, we even had someone from Eritrea! So keep ‘em coming, but remember we’re all Arsenal fans and all on the same side!

Diaby IS the new Vieira!

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So that’s official then, Diaby looked and played like the PV4 we all remember, the ball was glued to his feet, what a player! With Diarra looking every bit like Makalele did in his prime, Bendtner leading the line like Smiffy did and special praise for Song, wait a minute, did I just say that??? The future looks like it’s in safe hands.

Song had a blinder, defensively and attacking wise, he really made the win last night, and Grovers this was no minnow we were playing, this was a tough Blackburn side.

And we did it without the incisiveness of young Theo and Barazite looked great until his unfortunate injury, Merida looked good and the front two were always a threat.

Fabianski had great handling skills and his decision making was first rate.

Shame about Spurs winning, but you know we’ll get the winners of Chelsea or Liverpool don’t you?

If I had a choice, it would be Everton, then Spurs, then Liverpool, not because I fear Chelsea, it’s because I couldn’t stand the constant whingeing that I got from stuffing them on Sunday from all the chavs I know again.

I did find a mate that supports the chavs and to his credit, he said they were never in it, well done that very honest man.

Without Gerrard though, Liverpool may struggle tonight.

Anyway back to us and our wonder kids, it would have been a cakewalk had they not got an offside goal, and that dirty bastard pair of Savage and Dunne should have been sent off for attacking Denilson, who I have to say like Randall, looked a little lightweight compared to the others.

Interesting that we didn’t hear from old sparky, I wanted to know what he thought of dodgy referees, when they give his team goals that were offside, but he was strangely missing!

10 man Arsenal do it again!!! the average age was 19 and a half last night and when the old boy (24) Eduardo went off and a 17 year old came on, it was even younger, work out that average!

Have a great day reading the papers Grovers and check out the match report by Pedro. We now have something to look forward to in January.

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