Saint Nick gives us an early Christmas present!

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It’s a long time since I saw someone do that to a corner, 10 defenders in the goal area and one Nicklas Bendtner leaps above them all and powers a header into the back of the net, well done super Nick!

Tottenham, like many before them, came to shut us down and get in our faces and very nearly succeeded, it really frustrates me when we stop getting at teams the way they get to us, that yesterday was the equivalent of a warning shot over our footballing bows!

Never play 4-5-1, why? It doesn’t work, we can’t play teams like Spurs defensively at home, it’s an insult, it’s inviting them on.

Like against the Chavs, the minute we go 4-4-2 we start to rip teams apart.

4-5-1 when we play Real Madrid away and we have TH14 to run the length of the pitch and score works, but Ade up front alone cuts a sad forlorn figure.

Super Nick is still only 19, Ade only 23 and when Croc Robin comes back and partners one of them we’ll have a forward line that can beat anyone, so Arsene, play them, pleeeeeease!

Rosicky and Eboue playing at the same time looks predictable, neither for me unpick defences like a forward pairing, so sacrifice one of them and go 4-4-2.

Other news is the average age of AC Milan is 31.7 which means what exactly? Didn’t they just win the Champions league? The only heartening thing is they are 22 points behind Inter, so perhaps they’re not the team they were.

Top marks to Almunia for the penalty save and although I thought he was at fault for the first, when I saw the replays there was a wicked deflection off Kolo, so well done the Spanish waiter.

Cesc wasn’t at his best but one moment of magic made up for that.

Spurs think they were hard done by missing a penalty, I think they were lucky getting one, so my simple logic says we were hard done by.

We’ll see how it goes with response on Le Grove over Christmas, but expect to see us post.

Let’s hope for a draw with the Mancs today, we don’t want Everton too far up themselves as we play them soon.

I’ve insulted nobody today and I won’t as it’s Christmas, but watching the Irish twins Robbie and Roy have such a shit day, warmed the cockles of my heart, thank you both you pair of nasty bastards.

I apologise unreservedly to any bastards out there.

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Kaka and Cesc in the same team?

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That’s what Wenger said, Kaka is not the complete forward and doesn’t come deep and build the game up and Fabregas is the complete midfielder, so they could play well together.

Do you think he’s trying to tell us something?

Either way, I think AC Milan are an ageing team, they’re 11th in their league and miles behind leaders Inter, so although they have done well in Europe, the have not sparkled at home, and they couldn’t even beat Celtic away!

As I said yesterday, if we want to win, we’ll have to beat them at some stage, and they’ll be more worried about us than we are about them.

Ok Spurs under Ramos have never been beaten by Arsenal, that’s because they haven’t yet played us, so by 2pm today we’ll put that right and 1 win out of 26 will become 1 win out of 27 under Wenger.

Now I don’t have my rose coloured Arsenal specs on today but I really think we’ll maul them, like by 3 or 4 goals.

Apart from their up front ability, the rest of their team is average at best.

After the midweek thumping of Blackburn and their bullies, I think the ‘A’ team will be out to show the ‘B’ team that they are the first team, if you know what I mean.

I think that Ade will now be looking over his shoulder as will Robin. Diarra and Diaby had almost the perfect game and Rosicky and Flamini will be doing likewise, so I think the game will be a swaggering display and an emphatic win.

I’m going to be a little controversial now, the red nose drunk was in the papers today spouting off about two footed tackles, I do agree with him but I feel there is a dig in there at Eboue somewhere. I think Fergie should be concerning himself with what his players get up to at Xmas parties rather than minor issues on the pitch, know what I mean Fergie?

He opens his cavernous gob and never thinks about what he is saying, does he?

His teams never do two footed tackles though so let’s forget Shrek, Brown and Ronaldo’s this season and not to mention Keane’s tackle on Haarland, or Hughes, goodness me, the list goes on.

Let’s also not forget when dim witted Terry and his thugs play the two footed game with players such as Mikel, Essian and the twat Terry himself often committing horrendous tackles.

Le-Grove says live by the sword gentlemen…

It’s a mans game so get on with it.

4 nil the Arsenal, have a great day fellow Grovers.

Finally I would like to apologise if I offended any of the following today – drunks especially those with red noses, dimwits, thugs, twats (any kind) and green people.

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Arsenal draw AC MILAN in Champs league!

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Arsenal have drawn the Italian big hitters and the current holders of the Champions league, AC MILAN!

What a draw, I fancy us… The new kids on the block teaching the old pro’s a lesson!

Arsenal VS Ac Milan
Celtic vs Barcelona
Lyon vs Manchester United
Schalke vs FC Porto
Liverpool vs Inter Milan
Olympiakos vs Chelsea
Fenerbahce vs Sevilla
Roma vs Madrid

Make sure you check out the Spanish translations and the wags!

What a draw, I’m so excited!!!