Beckham loves Arsenal

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It’s true, the Times quotes Arsene Wenger as saying ‘this will not become a circus, Beckham lives nearby and he has always loved Arsenal, so he trains with us’

Fantastic, if that’s the criteria, I’m off to train with Arsenal then.

I think the boss is playing with fire here, the media circus surrounding Beckham could seriously distract our young team, although he is mainly training with the reserves it makes no sense to me at all, all he’s after is 100 caps, he’s too old for England and can offer nothing to our world cup qualification chances, did we learn nothing from Sven!

I for one wish he’d go home to Disneyland or where ever he lives, the egotistical tosser.

I know the British people are celebrity struck, but I for one am not, and don’t welcome it at Arsenal, look at how well we’ve played since Thierry went.

Other news is depressing like Anelka going to the Chavs, I really rate him and that news upset me, if it is indeed true, I know we won’t sign him, but the Chavs or the Mancs having him is not right.

Berbatov to Man City is quite funny, but I can’t see him leaving, as Spurs are a big team…not!

Onto Burnley, a fixture that we should comfortably win, but I still remember Oxford, Wrexham and York City so I take nothing for granted, but I reckon it will be the swan song for Kolo and Eboue and maybe even Song will get a run and and save Gallas for the Spurs game, I would, that’s for sure.

I’m still predicting an easy win here though – 3 nil or more but Wednesday’s game will be much, much harder, it’s the only game where the spuds can win something this season and maybe Berbatov’s last game, so beware!

Interesting comments day yesterday, it finished with some stellar advice on wines, so we all know who to ask when we need a deal now eh!

Have a good day Grovers.

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Lehmann off, Modric in?

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There are conflicting stories surrounding the Lehmann affair, reliable sources such as ‘Libel football’ say he’s priced himself out of a move by demanding £40k a week, I find that hard to believe and Borrussia Dortmund have arranged a press conference later today, so I can’t see them arranging a press conference to say they’re not signing Lehmann, can you?

Eduardo urges Wenger to sign Modric says ‘Libel Football’, this I see as more of a prospect as the story refuses to go away, Eduardo sees him as the
finest footballer of his generation and with the midfield looking uncertain, Modric a Johnny foreigner and the want aways – wanting away, maybe Wenger will act sooner, rather than later.

If Vela is the answer at left wing next term all we then need is a center back and a back up keeper.

Maybe our young Norwegian will be ready to step up or maybe he has Song ready, a bit like he had Kolo move from midfield to defence.

I don’t believe he hasn’t something up his sleeve, he’s been too quiet on the Diarra and Flamini front not to be scheming and as we all have come to expect, the boss does move in mysterious ways …well sometimes.

Good news is the Burnley game is live on BBC1 so we get to see the first team in action before the Spurs game on Wednesday, I think that game is a
huge ask for the young ‘uns but still very winnable and I for one can’t wait.

I think we’ve done the English bit to death, well I have anyway so we’ll say no more on that subject, save this.

Last night it was mentioned on Le-Grove that Aliadiere and Lupoli have made mistakes by leaving, I made this point about Aliadiere.

Loaned to Celtic, West Ham and Wolves, played in every first team game including Semi finals of the FA Cup, Charity Shields, Champions league,
Carling Cup and of course the premier league over a 9 year period with the first team, and the boss never gave up on him.

Then he wants away and even then Wenger tried to keep him, on that note I’m mostly resting my case!

Good blogging Grovers and let’s hope there’s some transfer activity today, we had a boring summer let’s hope for something to lick our lips over in January!


Arsene hates English Players – Gallas makes Cryptic clue – Flamster free to talk

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So its January and after half a season we are top of the league (Say we are top of the league!) and still in all the cups. The transfer window is now well and truly open, but it seems Arsene is unlikely to purchase… boooooo!

We thrive on transfer gossip, and I would love us to sign a Benzema or a Michah Richards but if i’m honest, I don’t think Wenger really needs anyone.

Almunia is now our established number one after putting in some solid performances. The defence seems to trust him and I think the crowd has warmed to him.

Eduardo may have just extinguished any chance of Anelka returning with some ice cold finishing (Did you see what I did with that one?) and putting ten goals to his name. Left back and right back are sorted. Senderos and JD look likely to cover Kolo’s absence, pending injury to one of those two Gilberto could slot in there (Heaven forbid) and we are suitably stacked out in midfield!

I think I’ve covered every position?

Quiet already! I hear you… LEFT WINGER you scream! We need wingers!

Do we really though? It seems to be the in thing with Gooners this year. The need for a left winger who can stretch defences. Don’t you think we are creating enough chances anyway? We have a pretty good goal difference, so as much as I’d like to see a nippy winger in there, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Anyway who would you sign on the wing? Who could make a difference halfway through a season? And please, lets not have any chants of Messi or Ronaldo in the comments section! Oh and Dimitriov or whatever his name is would not be bought for now, so forget him for a quick fix!

My worry at the moment is the Flamster. He is in the same position as Edu was a few years back, except Edu was 28 and very injury prone. The Flamster is 24 and about to hit is prime. Arsene, if you’re reading (He does according to Geoff’s inside source)… pay him whatever he wants because ManU paid £17 million for Hargreaves who isn’t half the player Flamini is! We don’t want another ‘Soleduwiltordpires’ type scenario!

Connelly has just left, fully justifying his billing as the next John Terry… cue outrage… cue media bleatings of Arsenal hate English players… cue ‘bore me later’ retorts from me.

People are saying he wasn’t given a chance, unlike Flamini and Song. Well, my belief is that if a player is going to make the grade, he will be loaned to a big Championship club (Birmingham – Nikki B) or a Premiership club (Song – Charlton).

For me, if you get loaned out to Colchester, you are being put in the shop window (Kerrea Gilbert – Southend). If you go to Colchester as a centre back and get played as a right back because you are struggling, you are probably not good enough and finally, if you get sold and the only bidder is QPR… you are not good enough. Be under no illusion guys, Premiership clubs scout our reserve team (Harry Redknapp said so a few months back and Roeder said he was looking at Traore for Newcastle here).

My last word on the subject is the ‘He is an England Under-21′, he must be good! Let me run some names past you before we get into that argument… Carl Cort, Francis Jeffers, Shola Ameobi, Matt Jansen, Daniel Cadamateri and Andy Impey! I’m not saying great players come through for the Under 21’s, I’m just saying it means nothing and remember the players I mentioned received the caps, Connelly hasn’t yet.

Gallas made a cryptic statement in an interview yesterday, he said,

I don’t really expect us to sign anyone. I think everything is fine. Perhaps if one player does leave then we have to buy, but if that is not the case then I think everything is okay as we are.

Who would that one player be Mr Gallas? Diarra, Gilberto or are you talking about Jens (Maybe he is talking about the rock that was Connelly… Saviour of English football… King amongst men!)? Who knows!

So, January is the month of the Cup game!

Sunday: Burnley (a) (FAC R3)
9 Jan: Tottenham (h) (CC SF1)
12 Jan: Birmingham (h)
19 Jan: Fulham (a)
22 Jan: Tottenham (a) (CC SF2).
26 Jan: ??? (FAC R4)
29 Jan: Newcastle (H)

Hopefully we’ll still be in all of them come Feb without any serious injuries! Its not a bad run of games before the build up to Meeelan is it?!

Have a good day Grovers!

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