Babel for Walcott, Freeman on the verge and Nordtveit back in training.

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So we are being linked with swapping (on loan) Theo with Babel, can’t see that but I sure wouldn’t mind it for 6 months, don’t get me wrong, I really rate Theo, but he needs to get his experience playing week in week out.

Babel is far more the finished product and should have been an Arsenal player had we moved faster, which is why I couldn’t see why they would do
that deal, as Babel is hardly used anyway, why would Theo fare any better? Freeman is about to become an Arsenal player, Christ how long does it take
to sign a 15 year old? He has been dubbed Theo mark II, hardly a compliment?

Nordtveit, the kid with the hardest to say name in football has returned to training after 3 months out injured, and he’s training with the first team,
interesting, he’s 17 and so was Tony Adams, so maybe he is the answer, but again, I doubt it.

Wenger’s talking about resting players tomorrow, but I don’t understand it, why do players need rest, isn’t that what players want? to play all the time, it’s not like their careers lasts forever is it?

Ade and Bendtner escape a ban which is good and Ade’s promised not to call him shit again, Bendtner by all accounts has promised not to be shit again,
as has Gallas, Denilson, Diaby and Traore (did I miss anyone?).

Great then Grovers, it’s all sorted, we’re going to smash Kevin Keegan’s entertainers!

Expect a big score, to whom I’m not sure, just kidding!!! 4 nil to the Arsenal and back on track in style.

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Theo out on loan and we’re all supporting Chelsea

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Word on the street is Wenger has finally admitted Theo is not where he wanted him to be and wants him loaned out to a premiership club, I would choose Derby or usual suspects Wigan or Birmingham, I think it’s just what he needs and can only make him a better player.

I will be supporting Chelsea in the Carling Cup final, I so want to see the spuds get hammered so I can start texting all those low life in-breds back, I never thought I could cheer the chavs but war does make strange bed fellows, so come on you Chaaa-aaavs!

Onto all things Arsenal, having the Geordies come down to the Grove could not have worked out better, wounded Arsenal will have a lot to prove to the fans and basically Newcastle are shit, they’re just a small team in Scotland and shouldn’t be in the Premier League, they are like a northern spuds, so I expect a bounce back cup and league double.

A huge amount of hits yesterday Grovers, we must have said something that you liked, so nice going Pedro, I couldn’t go near anything for a long time yesterday as my life was over, however today is a new and fresh start, let those cheese dicks have their day, it won’t last long.

I think we should all try and guess what was said by Ade before he nutted Nick, Nick’s daddy wasn’t happy and wants Ade fined, what an embarrassing parent eh?

Have a nice day and thank the good lord that Everton didn’t win!

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Nikki B bust up details revealed and we’re signing Messi

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We’re signing Messi… well, maybe not, but I needed to find something to make you feel better this morning. If you can’t find solace in Sportingo, I fear you will only turn to drugs or booze to numb the pain.

Well, now you’re here, you may as well read my emotional rant.

Many Gooners harped on about starting with a first 11 that could compete.

Well, when the team sheet came out, many peoples prayers were answered (I’ve highlighted the starting 11 in black… in case you were wondering.).

2 Abou DIABY
3 Bacary SAGNA
10 William GALLAS
13 Alexander HLEB
16 Mathieu FLAMINI
21 Lukasz FABIANSKI (GK)

25 Emmanuel ADEBAYOR
26 Nicklas BENDTNER
30 Armand TRAORE
31 Justin HOYTE

40 Vito MANNONE (GK)

We started as we went on. Terribly.

The Spuds beat us to every ball and dominated us with their superior passing and hunger.

Danny Zucko picked up the ball, waltzed through our defence and peached a low shot into the bottom corner.

One up inside five minutes. Fucking awful. I really hate that cunt. He really is the biggest cunt in the world. One hundred and twenty seconds in and we were a goal down, what a fucking joke.

Please remember this is a rant, not a match review.

Denilson ping’s his hammy after about 10 mins, hobbles around for a bit, then the ball is played out by Gilberto (Remember if this is RvP you know he is out for the year), Gary Lewin runs on and manages to fix his busted tendon with a sponge (Gary, why do you only use this sponge on Denilson and Senderos?)! WHAT! We wanted Fabregas on!

10 minutes later our saviour arrives (Put the sponge back in the bucket Lewin…)! Marvellous I thought, we’re going to tank them!

So the game goes on, some spud is fouled 40 yards out. Danny Zucko steps up, whips a cross into the box… and who is there to nod it in… NIKKI B! Fantastic; next time a corner or a free kick is awarded against us in a dangerous position, can I suggest Nikki of huge bollocks does not mark anyone?

Great goal though Nikki, the keeper didn’t have a chance!

Just before half time, Berbatov broke free of our concentrationless (it’s a word…) defence and managed to hit the post! Hooray I shouted – a shot that didn’t go in!

Half time arrives.

I called Blogger Geoff and said this:

You know what? I am confident we can turn this around, I will say this though.

You can get away with one sloppy midfielder, but not two. Gilberto has been atrocious and if he’d been playing for the Spuds he’d be getting his 100% passing accuracy bonus because he found a Spud every time. Diaby was at his shocking best. I like him, he shows glimpses of huge talent, but tonight he is woeful.

We can’t cope with their combined poorness.

Traore is letting the defence down with his poor positioning and passing. Fair enough, he’ll be great, but he has struggled this year in the Carling Cup.

Gallas is terrible. Every time I’ve shouted at Hoyte, I realised it was Gallas fucking up. He has been turned inside out about 4 times by the Spuds.

I also took issue with Fabianski. Had he saved a shot? Ok, the first was as tight into the bottom corner as you can get, and the second was Bendtner at his best. It was just pissing me off. I was in a rage. Forgive me.

I was confident though. The Spuds had played out of their skin, could they do it for 45 more minutes? Doubtful.

So the second half got under way, we looked much better. Good passing, good movement and a few half chances.

Until Berbatov picked up the ball, slipped Keane through, who nailed it past ‘Fabicantsave’.

4-1 down… my god… texts were filling my phone up like a closed ITV voting poll.

We could still win 4-5 I thought! Naïve fool…

Nikki B managed to hit the bar 20 seconds after the restart… Shit… things were not going our way…

Adebayor came on and made a slight difference, banging a solo effort into the top corner. Well played that man, 16 for the season!

Alan Smith took time to remind us that when Ade scores, we never lose.

Thanks Alan, you cunt. I don’t give a fuck about your history with Arsenal. Your commentary reeks of butt kissing so bad, I’d have to take you out of the Sky Studio and bath you in Listerine to wash the smell of shit from your breath. You are a disgrace. I hope you enjoyed talking about every Spurs goal for 15 minutes, then showing the replay 6 times. We all really enjoyed that… you are totally the most unbiased commentator on the Sky panel. Congratulations.

Still, at least now Alan had informed me of that great stat, I knew we could win 5-6…!

Until Jenas Zucko set up another one… my god… I wanted to die… his slick backed hair was like kryptonite to my eyes, I had to look away from the screen every time he appeared.

Things got worse though. We won a corner, all the Arsenal players gathered in the box and Adebayor whispered in Bendtners ear,

‘Hey Nikki, pretend you’re defending this one’

Que uproar and hand bags! Nikki B got upset, said something to Adebayor… and was duly butted! It didn’t matter as the 19th Arsenal corner of the night didn’t make it past the front post…

The final whistle blew… Spuds singing, “Are you Derby in disguise”… all very depressing…

My world had just imploded, happy smiling spuds everywhere. The only time in the last decade I ever saw these smiling faces was when we lost in the Champions league and Spurs fans had come to support the opposing team. This was a disaster…

Then I took a moment and thought, you know what? We didn’t deserve it… It’s the worthless cup…Lady luck blew her beans all over Spurs tonight and we’re going to win the League and we get to play Milan in three weeks…

I’m still gutted though…

But fuck it, we’re signing Messi… so it doesn’t matter…

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