Clueless Stewards and Arsenal’s bigoted policy towards shirts, flags and away fans.

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Let me begin by saying we have a steward on this blog and I knew plenty at the old ground that were decent blokes with common sense. Same with the security guys.

So please don’t call me anti steward, I know you have a job to do, all I’m saying is do it properly and use your common sense.

I will also say I know a few good ‘uns at the Grove as well, but most of them are clueless, it seems to me Arsenal recruited them from either the London underground, the Traffic wardens society or from the dole queues.

Why you may ask am I so angry with these people? Well, FIFA segregate fans for a reason, as do most of the leagues around the world, football fans are tribal and don’t like fans from teams they are playing against sitting next to them, especially if the other team scores and they start taunting.

I heard yesterday numerous people complaining about Liverpool fans in club level shouting abuse at the fans below them, in fact Pedro said he saw a whole bunch of them in our section screaming abuse at fans around us and they had Liverpool shirts on as well.

People were asking the stewards to kick them out and they refused to, it was only when the Scousers abused the stewards that they got thrown out, how delightful for the poor sods sitting next to them.

When we joined Club level, we were told only Arsenal colours may be worn and colours of the opposing teams were strictly forbidden, so why were these morons allowed in and why were they not ejected when they began abusing Arsenal fans.

One day someone will be seriously hurt for all this political correctness and what will Arsenal say then? Oops!

Last season there was trouble between warring Greek and Turkish gooners waving their own national flags at each other, Arsenal’s reaction? To ban all flags, even our own, madness, absolute madness, what they should have done was to say only Arsenal flags are allowed or English/British flags, but Arsenal for some strange reason don’t want to offend the minority but don’t mind screwing their own, odd.

I went to the pre season Emirates cup and above me were two flags, one said Libya in white out of green and the other one was an Irish tricoler, I asked for them to be taken down and the stewards asked me to leave the ground, work that one out.

I would like to hear from either Arsenal’s policy makers or some stewards, on why they are allowing supporters from other teams into our section causing problems for the people that are funding this club? Please try and justify this hypocrisy.

Will they wait until someone gets hurt before they act? and then blame the hard working Arsenal fan?

Mr Edelman, we are an English club in Great Britain and we are Arsenal fans so give us our flags back please, you like them at Cup finals don’t you? The Kop are famous for them, and you know the Kop don’t you, you let most of them into club level on Wednesday.

If you try and tell me they were given to Liverpool fans by club level members, then kick those club level members out, and then explain why they were allowed in wearing Liverpool shirts.

I eagerly await your response, as do we all at Le Grove.

As its Friday, I thought I’d leave you with a poem. One of the Bloggers left it for me yesterday and to be honest… it was just to good not to share with you all.

Thanks Bopnip Popdritso:

Van Persie… score without mercy.
Adebayor, we want you to score.
Bendtner, get it in with a header!
Fantastic Hleb, look great in the pub on the telly!
Rosicky knows how to be tricky!
Fabregas is Better than British Gas.
Flamini sets the stadium in Flames.
Gallas is more dangerous than a bunch off dudes in Balaclavas.
Toure could win the tour de france anyday. Sagna plays better than a Sony Playstation. Clichy is no cliché, you hear me?
Sennderos he’s almost da Boss.
But Wenger is his name and winning is his game.
I feel like I’ve gone to the moon when Almunia scores.

Beautiful… have a great day Grovers.

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Uphill struggle: Would you pay Cesc £100k p/w? Is Nikki B hiding a secret?

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I had KFC tasty bites last night. They were good. Shame about the football.

We got the news early doors that Toure was starting right back (Hooray, no Eboue!) and the bad news that Eboue was starting right midfield (Booo… bring back Stefan Malz!).

I’d give you a blow by blow account, but who wants one after that?

Key points were these:

We scored from a corner.

I was so shocked that I waited for 5 seconds just to be sure the ref hadn’t blown up! Then I went nuts and punched the guy sitting next to me… I forget he is quite old… he understood that it was a joyful punch and it made up for the fat lip he gave me against Spurs.

It was a great goal, Ade rose like a salmon and nodded it home!

After I pulled my fist out of his back, I turned and stupidly said,

‘Its nice to score first, wouldn’t it be nice if we could hold onto the lead!’

2 minutes later Kolo got roasted by a telegraphed dummy from Gerrard and the cross managed to bumble its way through to the most offensive face in football… John Merrick Junior.


Well that lead lasted a long time didn’t it!

Notable other points in the game…

1.Hleb broke free on goal and was scythed down in the box by Kuyt, it was a clear cut penalty, but the ref decided not to blow.

What do you expect? Referee Pieter Vink lives in a village just five kilometres from Kuyt’s home town back in the Netherlands! What a shocker eh? Did Kuyts Mum talk to Pieters mum and perhaps promise her some fresh edam if her son goes easy on young Merrick?

‘Please go easy on him, the bigger boys steal his pocket money for his face is so offensive… I give you cheese?’

I don’t think it matters though chaps, judging by our luck last night Nikki B would have probably put the gloves on and saved it anyway!

2. Nikki B is clearly on the pay role of some sort of Russian mafia betting syndicate (Or Paddy Power). By my reckoning he has scored one own goal, set up a goal for the opposition and tonight he denied us a goal on the line!

Is he the clumsiest cunt in footballer or what? Is he trying to make Arsenal fans boo him!

How can you be angry at him though? He tries so hard and it just doesn’t seem to be happening for him does it! I thought his control looked much tighter than Ade’s last night and I think he is better suited to playing with RvP

3. Eboue has got to be the least respected Arsenal player of Wengers reign. He has less respect than that fat bitch coke head who does the Iceland adverts. I have never known a player to have so little support from the opposition fans and most importantly, the Arsenal fans.

Can someone please remind me what the fuck Eboue does? He doesn’t score goals, he rarely sets them up and he doesn’t do his share of the defensive duties. People come on the site and tell me he is a great player, they can never justify his qualities. The comments usually read like this:

‘Eboue iz da beast pleyer in da werld, you is a cont who naaz nuffin. Venga knws u spud.’

With that sort of analysis, its difficult to argue!

Seriously though, name me a player amongst the top four teams who has played as many games who is as ineffective as Eboue (30 games)?

You’d struggle.

4. Just as I run out of stupid things to say about RvP in the ‘RvP watch’ list, he goes and gets injured… again! Its beyond a joke! He looked out of sorts again tonight.

Do we really need the luxury of a player who makes a guest appearances every now and then? I’m not saying he isn’t a great player, but in a squad as thin as ours you need your first 11 to be healthy. Rosicky and RvP do not conform to those requirements and at 24 and 28… will they ever? I have just read that Wenger doesn’t think it is to serious… remember the last time he said that?

5. What is going on with the Arsenal boys and passing to Theo. I know he loses it sometimes, but tonight he was screaming for the ball on numerous occasions and he was not receiving it even though he was well positioned. I didn’t like it when Willy G screamed at him, it reminded me of how Thierry used to act.

6. Ok, I didn’t want to do this but I feel I have to.

The guy sitting next to me turned and said,

‘We need to be careful that we don’t go trophyless because Cesc will leave.’

I need to address this.

Cesc has been crap for virtually the whole of the 2nd half of the season. He doesn’t earn £100k a week, because he doesn’t justify wages like that. If you want to be ranked up there with the big boys, you have to start putting in big boy performances.

Ok, people will say he is only young. Who cares what his age is? When a player has a team built around him, he needs to be putting in performances for the ‘now’. Tonight he lagged.

Football isn’t about a 10 year plan, football is about winning trophies now. People pay huge amounts of money to see great players and at the moment Arsenal are failing to deliver and no amount of organic growth will convince me otherwise. Big teams have big players and Arsenal seem to lack the big game players to kill a game off.

When Cesc is off form, the whole midfield is off form. Hleb’s form in inextricably linked with Cesc’s. Flamini just does what Flamini does. He works like a dog, but he will never turn a game in the manner Paddy could.

Ask yourself this.

Who would your top 4 choices to score last night have been?

I’d go for these:

  • Ade
  • RvP
  • Gallas
  • Toure

I wouldn’t even consider the midfield. That’s bad isn’t it?

We are supposed to be a world class outfit. Why can’t we absorb teams? Why do teams always seem to find us out? Where is our killer instinct?

Anyway, we didn’t lose. We need to win at Anfield to go through. If you can’t win at least one of your Quarter final legs, then you don’t deserve it do you?

Saturday awaits… lets hope we can sort it out and kick on

If you read Le Grove, but never make a comment… why not get involved today? The more the merrier! We like to hear differing opinions and you wont get slagged off on this site! So punch in your fake e-mail address, a silly name and a few lines of raw opinion on last nights game!

Happy blogging grovers.

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For England, for Arsenal and St George, do us proud boys, we’re with you ’till the end!

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That’s the battle cry gone up men, the stirring tune that won the day at Agincourt by King Harry aka Henry V and against all the odds.

For Harry read Arsene, for England read Arsenal and for the Frenchies and their allies read the Scousers.

Just like the French army we are out numbered with them having more players, out numbered by their money, but with our tactics and our fighting ability (Bolton, say no more) we WILL carry the day.

My army would line up like this

Almunia (Pikeman)

Eboue Kolo Gallas Clichy (Archers)

Hleb Cesc Flamini Walcott (Infantry)

RVP Adebayor (Cavalry)

I would play Senderos in place of Kolo and drop the big hearted Ivorian, but I think he’ll go for Kolo over Senderos as he’ll want pace to stop Torres.

The rest pick themselves but I just hope he plays Theo in place of anyone else, get that bite in early and take the French by surprise.

I don’t want to see Song or Djourou, I think they need comeback games first.

I want to see the last 10 minutes at Bolton become the first ten minutes at the Grove.

Go get ’em Arsenal and don’t concede like Inter did or we’ll struggle at their gaff.

We talked about making a noise at the Grove, we also wrote a tribute to Rocky Rocastle this week, what we want is the spirit of Anfield ’89’ where Rocky played his part, we would like to hear you raise the roof tonight starting with ‘ooh Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky, Rocky Rocastle’ then move on to out singing the hubcap stealers, I get sick of constantly reading about the Kop effect, if we Londoners can’t out sing the scousers, we don’t deserve a ground this big, so stewards, let us have our night, EL Tel you tell your mates this is Rocky’s night.

Let them know what singing is Arsenal!

If you are driving home tonight at about 1700 remember to tune into Talk Shite to hear Inside Arsenal plugging the Rocky noise campaign with Wrighty! Good luck with that chaps!

Fantastic day yesterday Grovers and plenty of merriment in the comments section, over 10,000 of you logged on and if the same 10,000 log on today and tell their mates what we need tonight, we’ll carry the day for the men in red and white.

One team in Europe, there’s only one team in Europe! As Arsene says, the next 10 days are the biggest 10 days since we won the double, with our help, we can win the double again.

Update: Inside Arsenal have just e-mailed me this link. Well played everyone, a victory for the fans, the atmosphere and Rocky! Make sure you ROAR up for the boys and Rocky tonight!