We love you Freddie cos you’ve got red hair!

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I remember singing my heart out at the Millennium stadium when we tonked the ‘real’ Chelsea 2-0, by real Chelsea, I mean before they became the chavs and had footballs equivalent of liposuction and plastic surgery, in other words before they cheated by taking the crooked ones Roubles.

That was the day that Tim Lovejoy famously said ‘it’s only Ray Parlour’ seconds before he buried it the top corner, yeeeeeeaaaaah!!!

We stayed behind long after the final whistle and sang and sang and sang – we love you Freddie cos you’ve got red hair, it was the modern day equivalent of 1 nil to the Arsenal as the song you couldn’t get out of your head.

It’s also the only song that I can think of that has the word ‘love’ in it and I did promise a romantic feel to this Valentines day, I also mentioned ‘Twat’ Tim Lovejoy, but that’s all your getting on the romantic theme.

Freddie is now of course with West Ham so good luck Freddie and thanks for the memories, memories for you too my Swedish friend, as you had hair in those days.

This brings me onto another Arsenal old boy, Diarra, apparently Real Madrid are sniffing around with a big bag of cash, if Harry sells him and we don’t have a sell on clause in there, we should never again do business with Pompey.

I said it here that we should have loaned him out or put him in the stiffs, we only have ourselves to blame for that one.

The missus sent me a card saying I would sooner watch match of the day than have an evening of total sexual pleasure, well Mrs Geoff, you’re wrong …on the other hand if Arsenal were playing…

Apparently we’re being linked to Brazilian wonder kid Dentinho, I would like to think we could attract the best young talent, but I would also like us to get a talent that’s already good, like a Messi or such like, hopefully this kid is ready.

Denilson will be good one day but he’s not ready yet and we have a lot of those in our squad already.

We’re also being linked to Egyptian keeper El Hadari, but you know what, I’m happy with Almunia, I haven’t seen better than him anywhere this season, in fact I’d go as far to say I ‘love’ Almunia, there that’s now three times I’ve mentioned the ‘L’ word, and three times is enough.

Giggs is slagging us off in the press so I really hope we put a strong team out and give them some, and because we’re allowed to take a lot of fans up to Scotland, it won’t seem so much like an away game, and that could really help us.

Good day yesterday Grovers, suicide Sid apart, some interesting views out there.

Have a happy Valentines day today and don’t forget to get home to your loved ones nice and early and NO drinking, try and be considerate on this most special of days, buy her something nice, practical even, like a fluffy scarf, a red and white one.

Freeman 2 Barazite 3 it’s where Theo should be

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Arsenal’s academy side tore Southampton a nice pretty new arsehole on Saturday and thumped them 5-2 with top displays from new boy Luke Freeman and Dutch superstar Nacer Barazite.So although this is slightly delayed, I wanted to share my thoughts with you about young Theo Walcott.Sometimes I think that’s where he should be honing his skills week in week out, people seem to forget that’s how old he is, also he keeps getting injured and I think it’s because he’s still only 18 and hasn’t developed yet, he’s still growing.Adebayor and Robin are both around 5 years older, Cesc is 2 years older and Flamini is what, 23? so he’s 5 years older as well and is only just coming into his own

Never mind loaning him out, give him a couple of months in the academy to build his body and his confidence up, then bring him back, I think we’ll then see a different Theo.

The FA cup is a big competition and I think we should go with our best team, as we should against Milan, never mind this rotation nonsense, they are supposed to play a lot of games, that’s why they get paid huge amounts of money.

Remember last year? FA cup and Champions league exits in the same week, and it destroyed us and our fragile confidence.

The boss would do well to remember that, if on the other hand we win our next 2 games, our confidence will be sky high.

Think about it Grovers, we beat City at Eastlands the week before they beat the Mancs, so in theory we should beat them, it wasn’t like they weren’t trying to beat City on their Munich anniversary day, was it?

I say go for it, but I expect to see Bendtner start with Ade on the bench,

Nice clip of Diego yesterday (see below) but why does anyone think we’re in for him?

Sportingo, our other site, you know the one we were accused of copying by yesterdays moron, say that Liverpool are after £25 mil pair Walcott and Bendtner!

Where do they get their stuff from??? It’s laughable, but it’s like watching blind date, I can’t help myself!

Have a good day Grovers, yesterday was nice and spicy, politics and football, who says they don’t mix?

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Arsenal surge into 5 point lead and Babel to join in the Summer?

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Great win against a tricky side with former Gunner Bentley doing his best to ruin the party.

Senderos got us off to a storming start with a well taken headed goal inside 3 minutes, why doesn’t he do that more often? Well done Phil, Kolo may have a problem getting his place back this weekend.

We gave the ball away more than I would have liked but a well rounded display was rewarded with another great Adebayor goal at the death.

Ryan Babel in the stands with Robin Van Persie was a strange one, he clearly hasn’t worked at Liverpool, I wonder whether Arsene has done a cut price deal to bring him to the Grove in the summer?

I know we have Vela coming but I quite like Babel, still there’s no point in debating that one for a few months anyway.

Last night’s result was huge, it means we can now lose one and draw one and still win the league, but I can’t see us doing that, we have a good run in and if we hold our nerve, it’s ours to lose.

Well done the boys, next up the cups, that’s when we’ll see how far we’ve come this season.

It’s unbelievable to think we’re still in early February and we’ve almost got the same points as the whole of last season.

Have a smug day Grovers!

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