Who is taking over – The three musketeers or the three stooges?

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I saw something horrific this morning, truly sad and I want you to take a minute to think about this.

Today, driving up the M1 a tragic accident occurred.

A truck overturned on the motorway shedding its load of about 20,000 beer cans, the driver was ok, but sadly… a majority of the beer cans perished at the scene of the motorway.

Think about that today. It really puts life into perspective.

Moving swiftly on.

According to rumour, Wenger will not be signing a Flamini replacement.

By my reckoning he has 3 choices.


Performed wonders at the ACN. He has improved hugely over the last season and despite being played at CB, he could be in-line for a promotion a little further up the pitch. Can he make the step up? Is he too lazy? Is he too prone to pulling a ‘Senderos’? Is he just not good enough?


Undoubtedly the most talented of the three. He can be Vieiraesque one minute, weaving his way around players and scoring screamers… but then he can remind us of why he spends most of his time on the bench with a misplaced two yard pass. He is also up there with the best on Le List.


What is he! Is he Cesc Mark II or is he Gilberto with bells and whistles? The Brazil under 19 captain certainly lacks the bulk to play the holding role, but will the summer see a transformation? Can he make his mark on the team… can he define his role for the team? He certainly showed promise in his first season, however last year due to injury and lack playing time he tailed off a bit… I call it ‘secondseasonitis’.

Can any of these young pretenders stamp their authority on the first team next year? Can they push Arsenal on the extra 8 points he wants (Arsene did say 91 right?).

Only time will tell. I’d like to hear your opinion in the comments section!

Finally, if you were expecting Le Champ of the season today, I apologise… it will be here tomorrow. A good Friday finisher!

Also, spare a thought to the thousands of families who lost an 8 pack in todays tragic accident…

See you in the comments…

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Le Chump of the Season has been decided… and the winner is…!

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Ok, there were a few contenders for this and I even included a player from last season, so the finalists were…

Thierry’s reaction to being wedgied by Messi… again

Thierry Henry – Thierry gets on the list because he was still an Arsenal player at the end of last season and he gets nominated for his dreadful decision making. I warned him, if you go you won’t… take free kicks or corners anymore, you won’t be their best player, you won’t score as many goals, they won’t sing your name and you sure as hell won’t be a legend. You will however get jeered often and be a sub for long parts of the season. Thierry, you should have listened.

Judas would have blushed at flamini’s disloyalty

Matty Flamini – He was a tosser and a greedy narsissic delusional twat and will spend most of his time on the bench, he’ll get found out when he runs up blind alleys and continually gets booked. Without the telepathic young kids of Arsenal to make him look good he will fall quicker that the Pound against the Euro. Add that to fans favourite Gattuso, eagerly waiting in the wings, and the future doesn’t look so good.

Flaking on his contract?

Hleb – He makes the list for his discussions in Milan behind our back, he’s done an Ashley and frankly with no Ade like denials forthcoming, is finished with the fans. Another one made to look good by his team mates, lots of skill, no end product, swap him for Ya Ya or 10 Woodbines and a book of matches.

The ball looked a little like Almunia’s head…

Jens Lehmann – Made the list for his bad behaviour but saved himself with his emotional goodbye’s at the Grove against Everton.

Eboue after he\'d been told of his award


Eboue – Another work in progress I’m afraid, his theatrics and uselessness put him right up there, him and his adopted dad seem to be the only two in the world that think he can play football. Do the right thing Emanuel and fall on your sword.

I hear the Championship is fun, mwhaha!

Taylor – Anyone can accidentally break someones leg on purpose…

Oops…I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to get caught.’

This inbred goes on the list becuase he didn’t actually say sorry.

…So after much thought and many deliberations there is only one winner… take it away Matty, never look back and I hope you have a shit time in Milan, you ungrateful, spoilt, greedy, disloyal whore.

I’m sure you all have your own contenders, but in the main, we’re happy with our choice, tomorrow we do Le Champ of the season.

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See you in the comments section!

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When does the young team become the old team? Major setback for star…

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Arsene Wenger needs another striker as he admits Eduardo is 9 months away from being match fit, that’s the average age of an Arsenal prospect! That means he’ll be back next January, so I think we need to find someone.

The two to three week signing thing has to be related to the French league and because he added the 3 week bit, it has to be the French cup, which means it’s Ben Arfa, I haven’t seen much of him outside of youtube, but if he’s as good as he looks, he’ll be just what we need, a proper winger.

Vela is a forward as is Walcott so if Eduardo is out for 9 months, perhaps they will fill the strikers role, but either way we need a replacement, we can’t leave his slot vacant in the hope he comes back as sharp as a tack, because he might not.

There was a lot of talk about signing Richard Dunne yesterday, why, I don’t know? I know he’s a premiership player, but it’s Wenger’s style to sign a player that has barely reached puberty, and in Dunne’s case, he’s at the point where the boss doesn’t even extend contracts, so I can’t see that happening.

Richards is too short and will cost too much so I can’t see where this centre back is coming from if he’s from these shores, my guess is the Prem player will be Barry or Johnson in midfield and someone like Kompany or Mertesacker in the centre back role.

I can’t see him paying £10 million for YaYa especially since we could have had him for nothing, I could see a Hleb swap plus cash for YaYa and Henry though, interesting concept don’t you think, midfield sorted – Eduardo covered, for practically nothing, or is that fantasy?

I watched the highlights and Theo looked great, and Randall looks like he knows where the goal is, maybe all the kids will put on a bit of weight and surprise us this summer.

Jens hasn’t disappointed – with a farewell pop at the boss, saying only at Arsenal would his job be safe, I wonder if the AKB’s will be looking for his email address to berate him for daring to have a go at their leader?

Jens may have a point though! This young team is good, it has promise, but if it goes on too much longer, it won’t be a young team any more will it? That will defeat the argument, twisted logic I know, but logic all the same.

A final bit of news, Pedro has made it possible for you to receive Le-Grove by email, there is a widget in the sidebar or you can click the here to register – then you’re away! It will save you time and improve your relationship with your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or husband, trust me, it really works!

Well another day of speculation so let’s make Arsene’s job a little easier, we know he reads Le-Grove, give him your ideas!

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