Villa swap deal mooted? New ‘Zidane’ on the move to Arsenal?

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Well lets start off with a lesson in life. Many people e-mail in to say that the thing they like the most about Le Grove is that they always walk away having learnt something.

Todays lesson?

You Booze you Lose.

If you get on the Super T (Tramp Juice) and you are a professional athlete, there is every chance you may not win too many titles. These sentiments have been echoed by brown paper bag legend, George Graham,

‘When I look back at my time managing Arsenal in the Eighties, I wonder how much more we could have achieved had my team not been boozing so much,’

I wouldn’t want to be presumptuous about the Grovers, but I sure can relate to that statement – education, career, relationships…! It’s definitely a better excuse than ‘We lacked experience’.

Next up in the news. Justin Hoyte, Arsenal legend in the making could be off in a £4.5million move to Villa this week. I am going to to a bit of simple math here. If Villa have 3 players we may want (Agbonlahor, Young, Barry), maybe a swap deal could be in the offing? Would that just be too logical for Arsenal? I don’t know… What I do know is Martin O’Neil would probably do anything to avoid selling to Liverpool.

Next up. Sammy Nasri has possibly played his last game for Marseille. He had this to say after scoring,

“It is very important because it is perhaps my last match at the Stade Velodrome.”

Could he be heading Arsenalwards? I hope so! Even if Hleb is staying we should sign him. Having quality in reserve is something we lack at the moment.

It has all gone quiet on the transfer front, the calm before the storm? Or the calm because it 27 degrees outside and there is no chance of a storm this summer! Please be the storm… please…!

A big well done to King Kanu for nicking a goal to win the most boring cup final since last years. I was on Arse watch and I can report that Diarra looked average against below average opposition as did Niko Krancjar.

Finally, for those of you who are still bitter about the Anelka saga of 10 years ago… read here for a laugh.

Have a great Sunday!

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Diego and Nasri linked, Arfa a banker and Cesc wants Villa.

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So, Diego has been put forward to replace Hleb in the event he leaves, and frankly, he needs to, Diego would be a perfect replacement, he’s pacey, dribbles like Hleb but unlike Hleb he can finish and at 23 is four years younger.

Nasri has again been linked to partner Cesc and in the event of not getting Barry – my first choice, I would snap him up.

Cesc has said that David Villa would be the ideal signing, I would expect something to happen there, especially as Cesc is about to sign an extension, go get him Arsene, he said he wants to come. Who do we get rid of? good question, I would have him there to play the same role as Eduardo, same size and build and we still don’t know if Eduardo will return the same as he was when he left.

Vela will come back as a forward and not a winger so we will have a lot of forwards, but we’ll need them, it’s a long season and we want to compete on all fronts, so we’ll need them.

Matty the greedy ingrate has centre stage today and had this to say in the Sun.

‘If Arsenal had offered me a contract last summer I would still be their player now. Last July I told Arsenal I wanted to extend my contract so, of course, I would have signed if they had offered me a deal . . . but they didn’t. They said they wanted me to prove myself first’

More fool Arsenal, if they thought he was good enough for one more chance, he was good enough for a contract, you could see in August he was going to be awesome, he also said he left on the same money he joined on when he was 20, so that shows how useless the board were in negotiating that one.

Still he’s gone and we should move on, get some of the above in Arsene and we’ll soon forget them.

Now we know Vela won’t be a winger, Arfa must now be a shoe in, add him to the above list with a nasty center back and we’ll win the lot next year.

Get your cheque book out Arsenal! Have a good ‘un Grovers!

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Does Arsene want Tom Huddlestone? Sammy on for £14million!

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Good morning Grovers!

Just a quick news round up for you!

Carlos Vela is coming home! Arsene Wenger reckons he is an ‘Eduardo’ type player and that is where he sees him next year. So, no Villa, no Benzema and no Huntelaar… sorry to ruin you day!

This next Wenger quote could really knark you,

‘I think a huge player is better than a huge name,’

‘You have huge names who produce very little at the moment.’

I just can’t believe Wenger would sign Tom Huddlestone, the hugest player I could think of with Prem experience? Ok, he scored a good penalty for the under 21’s but he will always be a fat Spud to me…

Just kidding of course.

Arsene, we don’t want a big name signing for the sake of it… We do however want players who can produce immediately. Give us Arfa, give us Barry or give us another 3 Sagna’s… good players of a suitable age, doing it now. That is all we ask.

Talking of ‘now’ players, how many of you would be pleased with Samir Nasri? If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend you watch his you tube video… the guy is pure magic. His coach had this to say,

‘If there is a big offer for Samir, then of course he will leave.’

He 21 years old, skilful and he has an eye for goal – a very Wenger like signing, so let’s wait and see!

Ok, that is your lot!

We normally get the nut bags on at the weekends, this definitely has nothing to do with the fact school children gain access to the internet at weekends, so just a quick warning…

If you don’t have something sensible to say, don’t waste your energy typing it. It will just drop into the spam bin and it wont even get read.

If you are a first time poster, bear with me today, I will be in and out all day so it may take a while for your comment to get on!

Have a brilliant Saturday Grovers!

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