Flamini being replaced by a 17 year old, how embarrasing!

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According to the Mirror, Rambo, AKA young Aaron Ramsey will be thrown straight into the first team, how does that make you feel Mr Greedy? Replaced by a kid, lobbed out of the Euros and playing left back for your new club in the Inter Toto cup, you will be the greatest ever example of the Arsenal curse, you ungrateful mercenary.

Following on from the great news that we have signed the midfield version of Theo and that Arsenalslow.com still have said zippo even though the official Manc and Everton sites have, we can start the pre season knowing we have at least won something this year, the signature of a very promising player, if he can be the Gerrard they all say he can, he’ll be money well spent, I think he looks like a chunky Michael Owen, I hope his fitness record won’t be though!

Come to manyoo, come to manyoo, come to manyoooo Alf Ramsey!

In fact Aaron himself has told the world he has chosen Arsenal on gut feeling, so well done Arsene for supplying that gut feeling, if only Old Rednose had got off his arse to see the kid instead of sending ‘Deliverance’ pin up boy Neville to see him, that must have made Rambo a bit nervous, alone at the trailer Park with a Neville brother, no wonder we got him!

The Ade rumours persist as do the Hleb one’s, I don’t think there’s anything in either of them but if there is can Arsene come out and say? As it’s getting a bit boring and if I have to go all the way to September 1st, I think I’ll lose the will to live.

I hope we sign a centre back soon, I don’t think we’ll be signing Villa as he is too similar to Dudu, but his price would have doubled by now anyway so it’s irrelevant, we should have had him when he said he wanted to come regardless, you can never have too many goalscorers in my book.

Spain looked menacing last night and along with Holland I hope to see them through and the French out so we can at least sign Nasri and have something else to get excited about.

Don’t believe the Frings stories, he’s way too old and I can’t believe Rambo will go straight in, I think Wenger must have said squad, not team. So still a defensive midfielder to come and a centre back, maybe Thuram will come as player defensive coach until Nordtveit is ready, YaYa in for Hleb plus cash and Nasri to fill Hleb’s old role.

I can’t say I’ll be unhappy with that, can you?

Not a lot of news today Grovers so expect to see other sites talking about us, have a great Wednesday, maybe something will happen today, eh?

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Ramsey signs (OFFICIAL!), Cesc tries to quit + new defender lined up…

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It looks like Ramsey , the new Steven Gerrard is set to snub Red nose and sign for the super reds, it’s believed that Arsene worked his magic on Ramsey and his family. First team football with a great team was the lure, ManU, Football’s new team in crisis will be very pissed off to lose this kid, well done Arsene.

Other news sees the boss closing in on Philipe Mexes, I hope this one is true, I really rate this guy and France didn’t take him so a deal could be done sooner rather than later, him or Mertesacker would do me.

Other news was our young Turk Francesc Fabregas stormed into Wenger’s office the day after the Sunderland game and demanded that he signed David Villa and gave him a new and improved contract otherwise he would quit for a bigger club which included Tottenham and Hull City (as they spend more than we do). He said things have to improve.

Wenger said give me some time to think on that you cheeky young Spaniard.

Well Wenger said last week after much thought and a long chat with Peter Hill-Wood

‘Cesc, I can’t buy Villa as we’re skint, but I did get you a new and improved kit, you’ll love it’

Cesc couldn’t believe it, he said

‘No you deaf bastardo, I said quit, not kit’

Well both agreed it was the translation and Cesc was miss quoted, but as he already had his own Nike show Cesc agreed to talk the kit up as long as he could look mean in the publicity shots, thankfully the boss agreed, we think he knew all along that Cesc said contract, you see the moral of this witty and informative story is that… …Arsene knows!

Okay you all had that coming, I quite like the new kit and so do the players, but tellingly Gallas, Almunia and Ade are in the picture which speaks volumes for who will be here come the new season.

Let’s hope the Ramsay story is true, that Philipe Mexes is coming and that Cesc really does like the kit.

Have a great day Grovers.

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Forget a new striker – Radio activeman is back!

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Eduardo it seems was exposed to a radioactive blast when he first went to Croatia as a 15 year old, it would explain his strange squint, his bones repair themselves with lightening speed, in fact rumour had it, he was about to come back on the pitch for the second half against Birmingham but Wenger wanted to give him a rest.

Well done Dudu, what a recovery, will he come back sharper and wiser? Time will tell, but either way Arsene won’t be looking at Benzema or Villa unless he offloads Ade or Bendtner, and I can’t see that.

Mertesacker had a great game last night, he does look the sort of centre back we need, though Dunne hasn’t left the picture just yet, but either would do for me.

I saw Modric yesterday and he’s not a patch on Hleb or Nasri so my fed-up-ness of the Spuds getting him isn’t quite so disappointing. Dos Santos was, but why did Barca sell him so cheap? Word on the street is he’s a party boy, so maybe that’s why the boss didn’t look further and why Barca dumped him, time will tell on that one.

We are being linked strongly with Given, I can’t see him playing second fiddle to Almunia and I can’t see Wenger dropping the waiter, so unless he plans to bring him in over the said Spaniard, I think that’s a dead duck, though I do rate him.

The midfield question still remains unanswered, I now think he’ll wait and see who performs at the Euros, after all the big clubs can’t buy them all, and whoever he brings in, he’ll work his magic on them, and frankly anyone who joins this team will fit in well with the way we play.

Man City look to have the cheque book out and may sign Goofy, you never know though, there could be a few surprises in store.

I am beginning to get confident that maybe our kids can step up, but we need to make sure this time our squad is big enough and strong enough to challenge on four fronts anything less would not be good.

I think the time is right to get positive, we’ve had a moan about lack of signings and the board, the stadium and the trains, so from here on in it’s positive all the way, not long to go now for pre-season and signings, I don’t want Santa Cruz or Gudjonson, I think we have better, I would however like a winger in the Bobby Pires and Marc Overmars mould.

Good to see that Robin has been giving it rather than receiving it, but a shame that Wes boy got injured, I quite like him.

One day soon the new kit will hit the streets and Arsenal.com and we can all treat ourselves and make a little more money for our beloved club!

Have a good day Grovers let’s hope all our boys stay uninjured in the weeks ahead.

*Update: Matty Flamini is out of the French squad… again!

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