When do you say enough is enough?

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Good morning Grovers!

Today’s topic of discussion is something that has been bothering me and a number of the Grovers for a while.


We have a widget in the side bar called Le List, it started out as a joke to highlight how injury prone Gallas was… I gave him the Presidency in fact… but then I had to give it to RvP, then Rosicky, then Diaby… then Theo started trying to get on there, Denilson had a crack… oh, and don’t get me started on Djourrou… I thought he’d passed away at one point in the season!

Without doubt, we are one of the most injury prone teams in the league. Which is surprising as we are one of the youngest teams in the league?

Legend has it that this is the view when you peek into the Arsenal medical room…

So are the injuries down to Wenger blooding the kids too young? Did Mr Lewin make the physio room a little too much fun? Or is it just plain bad luck?

I don’t really have the answer, but one thing is for sure… we know who the culprits are.

So next season, if we don’t do as well as we’d hoped, I would like to think injuries will not be on the blame list. After all, it seems shocking that ManU can keep Giggs (Age: 34, 41 app) and Scholes (Age: 33, 34 app) fit most of the season and our bunch of kids can’t keep out of the medical room?

Maybe last season can be put down to bad luck, but if the same problem occurs next year with the same problem players… we have no excuses.

Arsene has a history of ruthlessness. Pires, Petit, Edu, Paddy and Freddie got pushed out due to injury or the increased possibility of injury… Would Wenger be ruthless enough to push some of the kids out in the same fashion? Perhaps like Jose did with Robben (Age: 24, 28 app)…?

My biggest worry is Diaby (Age: 22, 28 app). He is due to takeover in the middle (rumoured) and he has to stay fit for 40 games, does anyone believe that is possible? How about Rosicky (Age: 27, 24 app)? He is now not going to make the start of the season, do we cut our losses now? What about if RvP (Age: 24, 20 app) comes back from the Euro’s injured…? When do Arsenal say enough is enough?

It is rare that I post without a definitive solution but all I know is that I don’t want to hear the same tired excuses next year. We have the best starting 11 in the Premiership, but that is no good when you only play that team 3 times a year.

If you don’t agree with what I have said above, I’ll leave you with the appearance list from the invincibles season.

  • Thierry Henry 51
  • Robert Pires 50
  • Sol Campbell 50
  • Freddie 40
  • Kolo Toure 55
  • Ashley Col 47
  • PV04 46
  • Gilberto 45

Maybe if we can replicate those sort of fitness levels this season… we could be on for a very special year!

Let me know what you think in the comments section!

*All stats are based on last years figures

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At last the signing we’ve all been waiting for!It’s…

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Yes, you guessed it Grovers, Arsenal looked to have won the race for Plymouth Argyle’s 15 year old Aaron Spear!

The next Wayne Rooney apparently…

Fantastic news to start the week with, I know you’ve all been sweating on this one, hot on the heels of Cardiff centre back ‘Rambo’ Ramsey, Wenger’s gone and done it again! There’s a song there!

At this rate we look to have the league title sown up by 2018, not long to wait, but bad luck for any of you in your forties, you may not live long enough to see it.

Yes I am being a little facetious, but with Rui Fonte looking like he won’t be staying and Van Den Berg already on his way it does get a little tiresome signing all these kids that never go on and make it. You can be patient if it happens, but all this hope and then it doesn’t is a tad boring.

Having to read that Bentley is demanding European football probably means he’ll become a chav or a spud and he’s only 23 but he could have and should have been an Arsenal star, he wasn’t potential, he was good, yes I know he had an ego, but so did Henry and look what he did for us.

I still think we have enough in the squad to make an impact but this relentless stream of youngsters that never make it, to me is getting pointless, if we saved the salaries and transfers costs of say 4 of them and bought an established star, it would probably cost the same.

We have more than enough forwards, though you may want to swap one for Benzema or Villa, we have more than enough midfield players though again you may want to bring in an out and out winger, we even have enough defensive midfielders given we have Song, Gilberto and Djourou there, but we may wish to swap one and bring in a YaYa a Barry or a Veloso, but whatever your view we are woefully short of class at centerback.

You see it, the press see it and we see it, unfortunately the boss doesn’t. I said yesterday we need a Richards or a Lescott, we still do today, they’re English so Wenger could and should move now, before the Euro’s end and the big spenders start to make their moves afterwards.

I really feel that’s all we need to win all before us, regardless of what Scolari and his Russian billions do, sign them now before the pre season begins, Richards is a Gooner, he’ll team up with Kolo and be unstoppable, do it now, today, before someone like Rednose buys him to replace ‘Deliverance’ star Gary Neville.

(After he interfered with Ramsey, he’ll be gone soon)

Please Arsene, it’s all we need, Gallas has proved to the world he can’t cut the mustard, mentally or otherwise, not anymore, Thuram is way too old and Senderos is just not good enough.

You aren’t perfect, Stepanovs, Cygan and Senderos prove that, bring in Adams, let him sort them out, but put a stake in the ground now and show the fans you mean business, heck I would take Meretsecker or Zapata over anything we have and I’m sure the team would too.

I’ve been positive all weekend, I’ve even been called a closet AKB, I hope this post puts the record straight and regains my self respect.

Let’s see some action this week boss, we’re almost there!

Have a great week Grovers, the force is strong.

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Lescott or Richards? We would dominate next season.

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Morning all, today I’m not only feeling positive, I’m feeling bullish and almost satisfied, why you may ask? the vultures are circling, Hleb, Adebayor and now Robin Van Persie are being targeted, well…

Last season I can only remember 3 games where we were outplayed, Middlesbrough, ManU and Spurs away and all of them with much depleted squads.

The rest including the Champions league, we not only outplayed most teams, we paralysed them with a brand of football not seen in this country before, and with a very young team.

Next season this young team is older, has played together another year so know where each team mate is likely be and the kids stepping up are better and a few of them are English.

We also have more options such as Traore and Gibbs as wingers and if Nasri is coming in and Hleb stays we’ll have all the trickery any team would kill for.

Adebayor is staying and he’ll be better, Robin will stay fit and become the best front man in Europe, Eduardo will be fit and sharper than ever, then there’s Bendtner, Theo and Vela to come on, so really we don’t need another, the only thing I would see as possible there would be to swap a player with Villa, but I can’t see that happening.

Our midfield is packed now, Rosicky will be amazing next year, Diaby, Cesc, Nasri, Hleb, Gilberto, Gibbs, Randall, Wilshere, Denilson, Lansbury, Ramsey note I didn’t mention Eboue and I’ll come onto that.

Forgive me if I’ve left anyone out but get my drift, we have a lot of talent there now.

Our defence is the area that worries me, that’s where we let ourselves down, I know that I’ll get people saying we only conceded this or that, but the truth is the goals we did concede were soft and unnecessary and it’s here that I would add to the squad, and with players that could allow others to move forward into defensive midfield should we need it.

Sagna with Eboue as back up is great, not Eboue as a winger, Clichy with Gavin Hoyte as back up leaving Traore as a back up winger with Gibbs and Rosicky.

Gallas I think should be replaced as captain by Cesc and become a back up centre back/left back, Kolo should be kept as centre back but like Song gives us an option in midfield.

Senderos like Gallas is not good enough but I would keep Djourou. Bring in Lescott and/or Richards and they will do a job for us that we lack at the back, good in the air and let little past them.

Justin Hoyte I would move on, sadly because I like him, but he’s not good enough to dislodge anyone from this team.

Almunia or Fabianski are fine, not a lot to change there, maybe bring in Given to offer some competition.

So I would sign Nasri and keep Hleb, bring in Lescott and or Richards or someone of that ilk.

We’re not that far off, it’s clear Wenger won’t buy much, but I hope what he does buy we need, we have plenty in midfield, Yaya would be good but we have Diaby and don’t forget you’ve only seen him on the wing.

Villa won’t be coming unless we lose one and I can’t see the boss doing that.

Have a great Domingo Grovers.

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