Bring Back the Noise Update, thoughts on loyalty and the Leaky Blues

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Morning everyone!

I am suffering the monster of all hangovers today… Champagne is evil, white wine is evil… combined with Kronenberg… you are asking for trouble.

I’ll get over it though, any sympathy messages in the comments will be appreciated.

Just a quick one then, a true rarity from me!

Bring back the noise

The campaign launch got a great response from you guys, thanks for being so constructive in your efforts to finding a solution. It seems like everyone accepts there is an issue and more importantly, everyone wants to change!

Even the stewards! Check out this comment for a bit of insite into the thoughts of the men in orange!

I also had a great response from the other sites, I’ll have some more news in the coming weeks. Online Gooner are already addressing the issue at high level!

Great stuff

Moving on…

I said this briefly yesterday, but here are my thoughts on Hleb and Arsenal players in general.

  • We sign them as unknowns.
  • We deal with there ineptitude for 2 years – somtimes at the expense of trophies.
  • In year 3 they start turning in world class performances.
  • Summer year 3, they start pining for a transfer?

People will say footballers have a short career, they need to make the money to support themselves… Ok, this isn’t 1928 anymore… players earn enough cash in the first 2 yeas of their career to retire. Its about greed.

We are not a G14 feeder academy.

If Hleb did chat with Inter, he should be punished. Its outrageous that we are being used as a platform. Why are we chasing down Inter? It takes two to tap… and in my eyes there will always be temptations.

If I was a manager, I may have been tempted to sell Hleb to Bolton after his first two years… but Arsene didn’t, he persevered and now Hleb is a great player.

Show some fucking respect Hleb. To the fans, and to the manager

I’m sick of our players doing this. Diaby, Cesc, Diarra, Adebayor… It only seems to happen to us?

The Chavs game is fast approaching. Can you ever remember a Post Bates Chav team leaking so many goals? This could be a blinder. Chelsea have to come out and play if they want the title… do that at your peril against the Gooners!

Its about time the Chavs were taught a lesson at home!

Keep em’ crossed!

Have a great day Grovers!

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Arsenal bid for Loic Perrin – Official

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Arsenal have put a proposal to 22 year old Loic Perrin who has been recommended to us by the Grimster, Peter Hill Wood said we are awaiting the outcome from his representatives. Hill-wood said,
“We have made him a proposal”
“We have heard from his representatives but they have not given us a response.
It seems that the Flamster is on his way then, what worries me is Loic Perrin will take a season to bed in, he doesn’t play for France, I’ve never heard of him and he’ll only cost £5mil.On the plus side though, I’d never heard of Sagna either, we’ll wait and see if this happens eh?Great result last night from the Chavs last night, 4 goals conceded means that we could have a field day, Cashley should have been sent off twice, one for going in with his studs up and two for turning his back on the referee, then all the usual suspects surrounded him, disgraceful as usual, but it’s Chelsea and they’ll get away with it.At least that will put Sunday’s ref on alert and it may work against them.I’m still thinking we can pull off a win on Sunday, if we don’t I feel it will be over, if we can win and the Mancs draw, we’re right back in it and it will be in our hands again.

I just hope that we have some good sessions in training and the boys come flying out the blocks just like they did in the San Siro.

Interesting day yesterday with some candid views on atmosphere, I was particularly pleased that we had a steward on ‘El Tel’ and I welcomed the frank exchange of views, I hope he comes back, maybe we can get a dialogue going that will feed back to the other stewards. El Tel you’re welcome on this blog.

Class was touched on and even I got sucked in, I would like to close the class row by saying I don’t think there are classes any more, you either have money or you don’t, otherwise that would make our team all upper class given the money they earn, but they’re not are they?

Anyway, we are all one class, Arsenal class, have a great day today Grovers, Pedro and I won’t be around a lot, so keep the flag flying for us!

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Hate plastic fans? Sick of the Emirates silence? This might be of interest…

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I’ve read plenty of articles over the last couple of weeks citing the lack of noise at the Emirates as being a problem.

One article blamed our slump in form on the fans (Really?), another said the need for beer at half time is ruining the atmosphere and countless others have commented on the crappy noise levels.

I never really noticed the lack of singing before, mainly because I sit quite close to the red section… and quite close to Geoff who simply doesn’t shut up the whole game!

I’m not one for slagging the fans but I have a confession to make… I noticed the crap atmosphere when I watched the Boro’ game on T.V the other day. It was very quiet and if you want your players to up it to the next level… a bit of encouragement doesn’t do them any damage does it (Look at Pompey!)?

Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you its the corporates fault… or the club levellers… or people taking pictures of the ground the whole game. Why? Because none of those reasons rub with me.

What I have noticed at the Emirates is that a bit of ‘West Stand decorum’ has crept in around the stadium. It could be stewards conditioning us not to tolerate noise, a different type of fan attending or football tourists on the rise… it doesn’t matter.

The fact is, if you stand up and sing, you are often frowned upon. Its what used to happen in the old West stand (How long will it take for Weststander31 to post, ‘I used to sit in the west stand and the atmosphere was ripping… you know nothing Pedro.’).

I think we should take a business like approach to this problem.

In business if you have a problem you don’t look to blame… its not constructive. What you look to do is find a viable solution. So there will be no shit slinging from me today.

What to do then?

Start a campaign from the comfort of my office chair! That’s bloody what to do!

…and what to name this campaign?


Bring Back The NOISE!


Ok, marketings not my thing… Geoff can take care of that but you get the jist of where I am heading!

Here are the solutions… they could all be shite… if you think they are shite… suggest something better! But whatever idea gets the backing of the people, I will put it in a letter to Arsenal or try and implement the idea using other methods!

Solution 1

Fans who used to make the noise no longer sit with each other, everyone is alien to one another. So if you used to sing, you will generally find yourself feeling a bit of a plonker when you stand up, belt out a bit of,

‘Arsssssenal, Arrrseeeenal F.C, We’re by far the…’

Only to look down and see that no one else is sharing that moment with you.

So my suggestion is this.

Orange shirts!

People who like to sing and lead by example will wear orange shirts, then they are easily identifiable to other fellow singers!

Flipping genius!

Hey, you might even make friends with some like minded gooners! If there are ten of you sitting in close proximity – you can all identify each other and easily coordinate a song… it could encourage those around you to join in (and maybe encourage RvP to score a goal!)!


Solution 2

This one is a little more complicated and would require the assistance of Arsenal F.C!

Would I get that assistance…?

Well, they were quite charitable when Diarra asked for something he didn’t deserve… so why the hell not?

Steven Hawkins… piss off… I am about to show you how real mathematicians roll…

There are 56,000 season ticket holders (roughly).

Modest estimates would suggest that 10% of that amount enjoy a sing song.

5,600 singers divided by 32 inner rows in the stadium… that’s 175 singers per block and 1400 singers per quadrant.


All the singers would be sat together in a singing section for a block (like a choir). They would all be aware they were with other like minded singers and hopefully they could help bring back the atmosphere!

Would that not raise the freaking roof chaps?

Yes sir it would.

So how about I raise an online petition for season ticket singers? Everyone who likes to sing, signs up.

If you have one of those chums who thinks a blog is the time of the month where his missus wont put out… sign him up too… you can all sit together!

We then present the list of fans (Accompanied with season ticket numbers) to the Arsenal ticket office and then the onus is on Arsenal to prove they want a great atmosphere.

Would Wenger dig this idea? Hell yes, he told me so on facebook.

Solution 3

I could post up a song sheet, with a bit of encouraging text. The sheet would then be available for you guys to print and hand out in the thousands at the game.

Cost? Don’t worry about it… most peoples work places actively promote this sort of paper wastage… less paper… means less pollution.

‘Good old Arsenal, we’re proud to sing that name…’

So what do you think? Do I have a campaign? Will you join? Can we make the Emirates a noise fortress!

I believe we can!

I mean what do we have that our south coast chums don’t? Except a wife that can’t be classed as a blood relative!

My gosh, I am on fire today!

Anyway, let me know what you think!

Have a good day Grovers!

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