Mega bid for best in Prem expected, Scolari follows Chav tradition.

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So today’s news is Roma and Juve find Clichy an interesting prospect and one says that he should play in Italy, are they deluded? Why on earth would we let the best left back in world football go?

That I have to say is the dumbest thing to come out of Seria ‘A’ this season, this beats all the Ade talk hands down.

Who do these people think they are? It’s like Cardiff saying they fancy Cesc, it’s too ridiculous to put on a blog, and that’s why I did it!

Other news is Arshavin is coming to Arsenal for £10mil but although he does interest me, I don’t believe a word of it, I don’t think we’ll be signing anymore stars after Nasri.

However, it’s good to see Scolari following in Grant’s footsteps by losing a very important game to a shit side, oh how I laughed when I saw Ronaldo going out so early to the tournaments worst side. Scolari going to the Chavs for so much money is now a very funny prospect, how a side with that much talent can go out to a side with none is hilarious, thanks Phil, we look forward to you spending more of Abramovich’s dosh and winning fuck all.

So we have at last signed Nasri, or have we? the Sun said it’s all down to his medical, it does makes me wonder what happened when Mozart had his test, were they looking the other way that day? Is that why Lewin went?

I sure hope someone paid!

Tomorrow should see the website publish a signing and that could well coincide with the funniest blog this season, it’s Pedro’s birthday then and he’s writing a piece to coincide with it, so expect, transfer news, gossip a plenty and much more humour than today.

Have a good’un Grovers.

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Can Randall, Lansbury, Barazite and Wilshere save us billions?

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I’m not going to talk about possible new signings today as they don’t seem to be happening (Bar Nasri, but we already knew about that one.), so maybe if I talk about what we have already, something will.

I watched the Spain game yesterday and Cesc was a pure joy to watch, was it me or has he bulked up? I also looked at De La Red and was impressed, but not knocked out, but it got me thinking of our kids, he was a bit like Randall, so could Randall be one of the kids to step up? He has the physical attributes and seemingly the skill but will he and the others be a Walcott or a Hoyte?

That’s no reflection on Justin, like Phil I really like him and his attitude, but he’s never going to be a player that makes a difference and he, like Phil has the odd howler waiting to make a big appearance.

So Randall? I don’t know, but I have a sneaky suspicion. Barazite? Could he be the winger we’ve been craving? Lansbury and Wilshere, could they be the midfield maestro’s that can fill in for Cesc? I’m not at all convinced about Denilson and Diaby is very injury prone, but I said the same about Hleb and Flamini this time last year.

I think we could do it if these kids do a Flamster. The back two worry me big time, as I think Gallas has had it and Phil hasn’t got it, but I have to believe that Wenger sees something that will click this season, if they don’t my fears of Arsene’s stubbornness will bear fruit. But hey! We’ll find out soon enough.

I’m sorry that we couldn’t put an AKB of the week on, we don’t seem to have had any this week, but we have had a lot of new posters so welcome you newbies, your contributions are making our comments section ever more fun.

But the golden rule (if you read some other blogs) is to answer my questions and always agree with me, last night I asked 2 questions and I got totally blanked, so I sulked and went to bed, let that be a lesson to you all.

I hear you asking ‘what were the questions?’ well okay, the first was, what happened to Reyes the mercurial winger? And the second was how on earth did Cashley Cole get to be the 23rd best Arsenal player? Who did the voting?

That’s it for today, maybe tomorrow we can talk about who we signed today, and maybe ‘Tomorrow never comes’ …we could make a film about that!

Have a great day Grovers!

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Van Persie and Villa to lead the line next term.

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I have said for some time now that Ade will be an Arsenal player next season but last night I had a doubt, that doubt was the £24 million bid from Barcelona, if it’s true. I think Ade’s head could be turned and with the emergence of Villa as a world class star and Robin hitting form, I could see Arsene thinking, could this be the dream ticket?

I think it could be, and it would make Cesc happy, and a happy cesc means a long term Cesc, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see something happening there.

I know he dashed our hopes yesterday with the ‘Kompany isn’t coming’ bit, and ‘I’m happy with my shit defence’ but I think there is a sting in the tail of his signings this season, and I think it will be of Bergkampesque proportions.

I want Ade to stay, but I would like to see Villa and Robin together, I think they would be awesome and better than Torres and Villa, and probably better than Ade and Robin.

There may also be some Ribery for Hleb action but we’ll have to wait and see, or maybe Podolski for Hleb, who knows?

After seeing Benzema and all the other transfer hopefuls, I’m glad we’re not going after them, I think what we have is better, I really do and if Barazite can step up, maybe that’s our winger, Theo and Vela can that’s for sure.

Defence still worries me, Gallas is on his way down, Phil, love him as I do, always has that screw up in him and that will cost us, I think Wenger has to admit he was wrong and move on, bring in Richards, but he won’t so I don’t know why I said it, sorry.

I have to say the only players that have really impressed me at the Euros have been our own, plus Buffon and Villa, the German centerbacks I’ve been championing didn’t do much, not that it matters as were not signing anyone there, so again, sorry I brought it up.

Expect Nasri in an Arsenal shirt this week and before anyone says why? he didn’t feature for France, remember nor did Clichy, Flamini or Sagna (I know he was injured) so that means nothing, I expect him (Nasri) to be a big star next season.

Not a lot to say until the next recruit comes bounding through the door. Have a great day today and enjoy the Cesc and Villa show (sponsored by Nike) later today.

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