Tuchel OFF the list – Wenger out of excuses, cites ageism (seriously)

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Nothing more frustrating than the group of journalists who have real sources, with real information, polluting the Arsenal airwaves with accurate stories dispelling the fact that Thomas Tuchel is NOT moving to us this summer.

Sad face.

Still, the great thing is all the names are still being pushed our way. The club hasn’t come out and stated the manager is going to see through the last year of his deal. Also, Wenger is squirming in the media. Talking to his best friends at BEin Sports, he’s now rolling with the ageist argument, which is quite frankly appalling considering he was famously the man who put players over 30 on 1-year deals.


Day 59: Sanchez is still sad + player exit rumours round up

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Death. Taxes. Disaster transfer windows. Jack Wilshere injuries. All guarantees in the life of an Arsenal fan.

I’ve been saying all year the idea of him going to play at a World Cup is crazy. He should be looking after himself and preserving his legs for his club. The club that’s funneled wages into him for very little return.

It’s not his fault he’s broken, but he’s played a lot of games in the last three months (by his standards), and it’s clear he can’t handle normal workloads.

Hopefully this isn’t a massive issue because if it is, he can kiss goodbye to whatever contract they have on the table. (more…)