Sexy midfielder linked, but is he too sexy for our budget?

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It’s that time of year when Arsenal launch a new kit and everyone has a massive fight about fashuuuuun and tradition.

I like the white kit with a hint of marbling. Adidas is doing a pretty decent job of making kits acceptable to the level where normal people can wear them, but they still feel like they’re cool for the youfffff. This third kit is based off the Marble Halls from Highbury. It’s a nice nod to the past and shows again that the people in charge their end actually have something invested in Arsenal.

I can’t be having the traditionalists whining about how the execution doesn’t meet exacting standards. ‘Iconic’ happens when you take chances. That bruised banana kit was one of the biggest chances in kit making history and now everyone loves it. A good kit supplier should respect the past, but also take chances on the future. I’m down with this attempt. I reckon it’ll sell very nicely.

I also love the video. A David Seaman nude? Why not… we’re only human. I cannot imagine how much fun it must have been to shoot work like this. If anyone knows the directors or advertising folk that work on that account, drop me a DM or e-mail me… I want to talk to you about this on a podcast.

In other news, the internet is ABLAZE with transfer rumours I actually LOVE.

Firstly, it seems like it is inevitable that Gabriel is going to join. There are about 15 publications I’ve never heard of all saying the same thing. The player would be mad to choose the Napoli project over the Arsenal one. This was interesting from the Lille CEO.

“I feel he’s among the top 5 dominant central defenders in Europe right now. His statistics, which aren’t well covered outside of France, shows that his percentage for winning duels is pretty unheard of in a league that’s extremely physical”

He’s exactly the type of player we should be looking at. Young, athletic, aggressive, technically sound, and Brazilian. Give me 11 of those.

In slightly sexier news, Matt Spiro, the French journo, reckons Arsenal have a bid on the table for Houssem Aouar.


The 22-year-old midfielder is still a baby, but he has it all. He didn’t shame himself at all against Bayern in the Champions League and he was the midfielder all the City players were talking about after they exited. He would be an outrageous coup. The only reason I think there’s an outside chance we bring him to the club is 1) We have Matteo as a make-weight. 2) He might not want to go to Madrid or City as his first club out of Lyon. He’d get game time at Arsenal in a great City with a young manager that’d give him a bit of the Pep coaching experience.

It’s a huge longshot, but at least we’re sniffing around a player like that, versus some bum on the book of a super-agent we really have to try hard to pretend is right fit.


Joelson has signed a new deal for Sporting Lisbon. Shocker, it was almost like the media was used to get a better deal? Glad that sort of carry-on will be less prevalent moving forward.

The fixtures are OUT.


Well, not the easiest way to open 10 games, but on the positive side of things, we get some of the big away games out the way early on. City, United and Liverpool dusted by October will be handy.

December is also a bit of a monster. It’ll be incredibly physical. All those teams will give us big games, so we’ll have to be in really good shape confidence-wise there. Spurs away after an international break really isn’t handy!

Still, if we’re on for winning the league, from April 10th onwards, we have a nice run of 8 games to close out the season. With this squad of players, it’s imperative we have a good open to the season. We need to be in spitting distance of the top 4 by December because the players need to feel like they’re in the mixer. From there, who knows what will happen.

I FEEL HOPEFUL. That is all a fan can ask for. Well, a fan could also beg for the return of Mo Elneny…? Wait, what?! The Egyptian string-puller is BACK at the club.

Right, see you in the comments x

Gabriel deal edges closer in slow market

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Mikel Arteta ran an interesting interview on It looks like the club is trying to rapidly move the news cycle to more positive musings and what better way to do that than have the manager tell you why he’s excited about the future.

The topline takeaways:

  • He’s building a culture based on mutual respect
  • The players better come back hungry
  • He thinks the project is on track, not ahead of schedule


New signings show focus on youth, what’s slowing the seniors?

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It’s starting to feel like the good old days when Wenger was in charge. We need first-team signings badly, but the club is out here bringing in teenagers. Yesterday it was Tim Akinola, today it’s Jonathan Dinzeyi from SPURS. We’ve landed a centre half for the U23s. It seems the club is keen to add low risk / high reward players to the setup next season.

I am totally game for these sorts of signings. Just because a young player leaves a club, doesn’t mean they can’t make it elsewhere. Look no further than some of the young players we’ve exited. Gnabry, Jeff, Malen, and Bennacer tells you all you need to know about how footballers develop.


Auba ready to start a better Arsenal news cycle?

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Well good morning my DARLINGS.

Nothing nicer than starting a Monday with a nice coffee as you sit down to read the shrieks of misery from Manchester United fans on the internet. It’s pure joy, I am not going to lie.

I sat down yesterday to watch OGS, the guy that the press have been desperately trying to paint as ‘getting things right’ tank to Sevilla FC in the semi-final of The Europa League. It was a great watch, I have to say. OGS just doesn’t cut it for me. He’s bought the most expensive defender in the world, the most expensive fullback, and he landed Bruno in January. He’s also been gifted 22 penalties this season, the most in Europe… and he still couldn’t take out a Spanish club living off peanuts.


The Aftermath

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Let it out

Arsenal rocked the football universe yesterday when they acted decisively on their Head of Football.

The framing around the story has been absolutely predictable. If you work in big business, you’ll recognize the familiar feel to the ‘my work is done’ narrative put forward by Raul here and Vinai in this ‘interview.’

… and you know what, who cares how it’s framed, the reality is Arsenal have moved on an exec that operated in a way that wasn’t conducive to the sort of efficiency you need to have when running a club like Arsenal in a moment like the one we’re going through.


Arsenal ditch disgraceful leadership of Raul Sanllehi, now what? (long read)

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Well, there we are Arsenal fans. I’ve campaigned on Raul Sanllehi for about a year now, and finally, the club has acted and moved him on with a beautiful ‘mutual consent’ parting of ways. A staged exit works best for everyone in this situation.

It wasn’t just me, Arseblog, Gunnerblog, and Amy Lawrence all played a role in raising deep concerns about the way the club was run. I didn’t run my stories blindly, lots of information was fed my way about where to look. There was absolute horror at Arsenal about the way things were being run. Someone who had worked for Arsenal messaged me this last year after reading this post.

‘Last post = spot on. Sven warned everyone….’


Something rumbling at Arsenal HQ (long read)

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Buckle-up people, I think something is going down at Arsenal HQ. Smoke is in the hallways and it looks like there’s a good chance it’s fire. I’ve heard from multiple sources that there is movement at the club.

The rumblings on the internet are centered around there being an abrupt leadership change at Arsenal. Factor that in with the searing story from ESPN yesterday about the internal investigations into the way Arsenal deal with transfers, particularly the outrageous fee we paid for Pepe, and it’s not hard to see where this could be heading.

That particular story is interesting, I understand that the source wasn’t an official leak as such. ESPN had the news from corroborating sources elsewhere and they ran it with no comment from Arsenal despite asking.