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Late thoughts on Sheffield United victory

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Better late than never I guess? I don’t think anyone envisaged anything other than an Arsenal victory at Brammel Lane tonight. Sheffield United had been struggling in the Championship and had no real threat other than there physicality. But that physicality undone us last year, so the question was, how would the youngsters cope? Well,… Read more »

Platini, go fuck yourself, motivational video + Carling cup preview

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Good morning Grovers! It is Carling cup morn and many people have been asking many questions about what will happen tonight. Will Wenger start Gilberto? Will Gilberto play if he is asked? Will Jens be our new Cup Keeper? Will Walcott start, or will he be saved for the Manc’s? Many questions unlikely to be… Read more »

Fat boy gets dumped…

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It doesn’t get better than this does it? 7nil on Tuesday, Besiktas beating the scousers, the spuds losing to a shit Spanish outfit and that fat obnoxious twat Jol getting his P45, oh deep joy! So top4tottenham hit the skids, not to worry they’re bringing in Ramos, remember him? He manages the outfit we beat… Read more »