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Arsenal 9 Slavia Prague 0

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Yep that’s my prediction, we lost our record to a pedestrian Liverpool side last night, it has to be the shortest held record in Champions league football, our kids will want it back, where better to do it than in Prague. Okay we need to get the team right first and this is the team… Read more »

Red nose people in glass houses…

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So Fergie can’t keep his mouth shut, well there’s a surprise! Banging on about his English spine, well let’s take a deeper look at that shall we? Out of his squad he has Scholes, Neville, Ferdinand, Rooney, Giggs, Brown, Fletcher, Carrick and Hargreaves that he would call home grown, forgive me if I missed one… Read more »

He’s not even English!

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Hargreaves the plastic Englishman has the cheek to slag us off, the most boring midfielder to come across the pond with his Lederhosen still warm and have a pop at our beautiful fast, free flowing football, ok that’s the Canadian, German, boring, defensive, midfield player done with. Ferguson the mad drunk has been charged by… Read more »