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Kitson signs for Arsenal

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It’s true Readings Dave Kitson, formers Spurs fan says we are the best team on the planet etc, etc. I know every blog site will report on this today so I won’t elaborate, but as he is now an official Arsenal columnist I had to mention the contrast between his twat racist manager who says… Read more »

Cesc took one for the team

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Didn’t you just love it when Cesc deliberately got himself booked, so he only misses the Wigan at home game? What a warrior! Well I have to say I was very surprised at Wenger’s team selection, in fact I was staggered, we played 4-5-1 in our last two matches and draw, he says ‘I made… Read more »

Go for the Jugular

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No excuses tonight, we’re only playing Reading and the muppet that manages them, ex Manc Steve Coppell has slagged our young foreigners off big time and he needs to be punished. No 2 nil win will do here, we need to win big and send out a message to the worlds best team Manchester United,… Read more »