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Transfer talk: Rumours and the reality

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Seen as transfer gossip has been the theme of the comments section this week, I thought I’d do a run down of potential buys this coming transfer window. Michah Richards: The dream buy, a rarity in the footballing world – English and talented. Micah is only 19, he is fast, powerful and has an eye… Read more »

Oh to be an English failure…

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So Steve McClaren is set to pocket something like £2,500,000 for being a failure, no wonder the team are not from this planet, their manager isn’t. Still at least they have ‘football’ and ‘another planet’ in comment with Arsenal! McClaren said it was the most disappointing day of his life getting fired and paid £2.5million…. Read more »

Adriano swap deal mooted…?

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Good afternoon Grovers! A rarity from Le Grove… an afternoon blog! You lucky things! I’m basically testing our feeds after dealing with the teething problems of a site transfer. What a fucking pain in the ass! Anyway, onto the groverlicious tit bits from the afternoon feeds! Mad Jens has stated that he is going to… Read more »