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Gallas out for Ars but in for France, hard benches + news round up

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Good morning fellow Arsenal worshippers! I’ll kick the morning off with the revelation that the President of Le List; William Gallas, is out indefinitely. Well, he is if you read this article, but if you read this article the previous article seems some what contradictory? Anyway, going by quotes, it seems Wenger thinks Willy G… Read more »

Precious Cole, media Jabbarings + bullish RVP

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Its a quiet day on the old news feeds today! Ashley Cole’s lover has been spouting off in the press; no silly, not him! His lady tramp lover, Cheryl Tweedy! She claims he was paranoid that all the other boys were talking about him in a nasty foreign language, He started getting paranoid because he… Read more »

Arsenal do a Take That and show a little patience

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So another victory, the ninth in a row I think? The team can do no wrong at the moment. It wasn’t the greatest performance, but it was hard fought, ground out victory. Someone just told me that Arsenal are the first British team to win there? This was the sort of performance we couldn’t buy… Read more »