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Arsenal vs. Manchester City lived up to the billing we expected – two teams that play the same style of football, effectively canceling each other out in a game of chess, versus the blow-out festival of football the world was hoping for.

It’s quite odd to read so many people complaining about the way Arsenal approached the game at The Etihad – the same people laughing at us last season for blowing a gasket because we were too emotional are now falling over themselves to whine that we didn’t take it to them. Pundits that laughed at our naievite over the years now falling over themselves to pick holes in a cautious and professional approach.

Let me remind people:

City is the best team on the planet and they are the current treble winners.

Arsenal has the youngest squad in the race for the title; we blew it last year because we lacked maturity.

Away games in title-contending matches rarely throw up massive wins; they are usually draws.

Manchester City were extremely good.

Since when has containing the best team in the league to their first scoreless home game of the season been something to be sniffed at?

The truth here is a lot of people were banking on Arsenal coming unstuck. The prevailing view is that we weren’t going to have enough in a big away game because we haven’t won many big away games this season.

How wrong people were.

Arsenal played a tight and compact game and executed a plan to suffocate angles and block incoming danger. We followed Rodri and KDB around the pitch and prevented them from unlocking themselves and a very quiet Haaland.

The plan looked to be to catch them in transition, but beating the City press was really difficult on a day choked full of nerves.

The job to be done was to escape with a point or more so we could live to fight another day. We also needed a performance that spoke to the serious team we’ve become. City didn’t score, they didn’t register more than 1 xG, David Raya barely had to make a save all game.

Saliba and Gabriel bullied Haaland all game. He looked a shell of a man. That’s one of the most monstrous athletes in the world getting pocketed… again. I thought the Frenchman had quite a junior start to the game. He’s shown nerves on one or two big occasions this season, and he’s looked the lesser of the two centre-backs. He course corrected that hard in the second half with a masterclass for the ages. Hopefully that’ll give him the belief that he belongs at the very peak of world football, and that he should ignore Deschamps slander, always. I’m finding it really difficult not to believe that the better defender this season has been Gabriel who hasn’t put a foot wrong since he was benched for the opening three games of the season. He’s beaten the bozo out of his game, added more ambitious passing, and his leadership and fighting skills have gone through the roof. A man mountain of a player.

Odegaard and Delan Rice were full of energy, awareness, and urgency. Watching them patrol the midfield doing the ugly work players of their talent don’t normally have to engage in was a delight. There was no feeling these guys believed they were inferior. On another day, Odegaard is rewarded with the assist of some of his attacking through balls deserved.

There were beastly duels all over the pitch; we didn’t win them all, but that’s just how it goes. The most important piece of the day was everyone bringing maximum concentration to every phase of the game. It was such a well-coordinated team effort from all involved. The dumb of seasons past has been replaced with a cold professionalism that you could almost describe as boring.

I went hard at the selection of VAR and the ref before the game, but I retract those comments now. The Liverpool fan in VAR kept quiet for the game and the ref let the game be the star. Was it feisty? Yes. Could he have dished out 10 yellow cards? Yes. But he didn’t need to control the game. The tackles were tough but fair, and the lack of yellows kept the game spicy. I also thought the lack of intervention stopped players from rolling around like babies or diving for penalties.

Also, kudos to Arsenal for working on the rotational fouls… everything City threw at us, we threw right back at them.

That was an incredible point; no one expected it. Now we head into the final 9 games with the hardest away day complete.

So what did we learn?

One of the concluding points of last season was that we’d never see the promised land if we didn’t address our inability to beat the biggest teams in the country. Well, we’ve taken 4 points off Liverpool and Manchester City this season. That is astonishing progress in a season that saw big changes to our personnel, our fixture congestion, and our playing style. Arsenal can beat any team in the world now – and that means we can truly consider ourselves contenders for major honors.

We have the best attacking output this season and the best defense, and we’re not getting rolled by anyone. But we’re still third favorites for the title because we’ve not won a big trophy since 2004.

What more could you ask for at this stage of the season?

Arsenal is still in the learning process; every day is a school day. Whatever happened in that game yesterday was going to add to our Arsenal IP that’ll put us in pole position in the post-Klopp/Pep era. The draw was a major lesson. We don’t have to fight the way other teams expect us to fight. We can play a different style, do things that most people think don’t come naturally to us, and we can keep a title fight alive by being smart.

We have 9 games to go. The most important of those 9 could very well be the Luton game. Mikel Arteta is going to have to rotate if we want to survive the run-in in peak physical form. That means we’re going to see Thomas Partey, Tomi, Zinchenko, Jesus, and maybe Fabio Vieira called up to the first team. The question is, can they get results… or scarier, does Arteta have the nerve to change a formula that has been doing bits for him in 2024?

This is going to be an intriguing month. I’m going to be here with blogs and podcasts. So you best be with me every day to enjoy the ride. You read this blog because we always wanted to work out a way Arsenal could get back into the big time, be part of elite conversations, and be a club that boasts relevancy again. Well, after 17 years of writing this blog, I think we’re nearly there, people. Arsenal is a proper club, and we have a magnificent 5 years ahead of us.

Ok, get the latest podcast in your ears, and I’ll see you in the comments. x

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Yeah, we did grind that out


Saliba was immense


Big Gabriel played like a boss


Partey came with some big balls

But our legs were heavy already


Fantastic defensive performance. For me the disappointing thing to come from the game was the fact that Saka was clearly carrying an injury from the first minute but Arteta made him play virtually the whole game looking really ineffective, then he limps off. Silly decision that could cost us in the run in.


UCL should be ours if we keep defending like this. I mean who is going to score against us? Felt like a prime Jose Mourinho Chelsea/Inter today.


Partey’s cameo was a sweet reminder on his abilities to bring something completely different to the team. His ability to pass between the lines and beat the press is probably the best in the team. Very excited to have him back in the fold.

And Liverpool’s fixture list looks equally difficult as ours. This season might go till the very last day.


It’s a result I’ll take anytime at City currently, whether it will be enough remains to be seen, we could have snatched it, although it’s hard to capitalise on chances when you are defending for long periods, don’t see why some are whingeing, if you are going to offer an opinion at least inform brain


Was a very technical game, and we got the better out of it. I do feel the boys could have taken shots earlier and maybe snatched a goal, but overall happy with the result. COYG!!!! We going all the way!


If only Trossard made that pass to Martinelli!!!!


MA and the boy´s had Bayern in their mind for this one.. Trossard had
a mini break in the second half, but he lacks serious pace..Jesus was Jesus.. but looked intimidated.

Thierry Martinelli

Man City were the lucky ones yesterday

Thierry Martinelli

I honestly think we won’t lose the remaining 9 games.

Bertie Mee

We came of age yesterday . It showed the doubters and trolls just how good ( and developing) a coach Arteta is.
Trusting the process is going to see us be the top team next season …and maybe this


Great result – Yes. But look beyond the result. Look at how completely dominated we were during the game. Field tilt. General eye test. Their press vs ours. Our inability to retain possession. The ball just wouldn’t stick with our players. I’m fine with the result. I’m disappointed with the difference in quality on display during the game. Also, we keep bleating on about, Arsenal being ready when City slips. Well City have slipped this season. And we are not top of the league. And we wont be. We have allowed a Liverpool team, which created their entire mid-field this… Read more »


Both teams will have felt that they could have won it but my word, what a marvelous result to wake up to. Who’s next?


Lets Not reduce it to
” you think Arteta was wrong to adopt the strategy he did? ”
Its the inconsistencies on the views about negative tactics, underdogs etc.

Giuzeppe di Maria

I think that Arteta is capable of and, i daresay, will emulate the 2004 invincibles (unless VAR or ref cocks it up) Maybe even the 49 game unbeaten run. Its still a learning process, as you pointed out, but if we keep the same unity and keep on learning and growing I dont see why we should not.

Marky Mark

Barnay Roney – compared Haaland to a young nephew skulking around an art gallery. Lovely writing and so true of his very peripheral and disengaged ( by superb arsenal defending) interplay


Luton at home on Wednesday is a time for rotation in midfield, full backs and attack as Brighton away at the weekend will be a game when we need fresh legs and experience. We have Tomiyasu, Zinchenko, trossard , partey, smith rowe, Vieira, Martinelli and Eddie all ready to step in to allow the likes of Ben White , Rice, Odegaard, saka , jesus , jorhinho , kiwior and Havertz to rest up for the Brighton and Bayern games. . For me, we can change any of the outfield players apart from Saliba and Gabriel , though of course I’m… Read more »

Frank Mc

Cnt of Hackney not about??

Marky Mark

Being 0-2 up and frantically holding on not to lose 3-2 can be seen as a bad draw. Nullifying a team that just doesn’t lose or stop scoring at home 0-0 is a very good performance indeed. If a top European side did this most of the knocking commentators would be drooling over classy continental football teams doing a number on an English team. 4 points each off the top 3 will not kill a title race and neither will being 2 points behind with 9 to go. Other twists and turns will begin to happen. Luton causing the Spuds… Read more »

Giuzeppe di Maria

yesterday was a game of chess ala GG style. stifle the opponents and play good moves which are safe but which are not harmful.

It was a good game in which brain overcame brawn. I liked the way Saliba and Magalhaes pocketed Halland. Play the same game plan with BM and Kane will not get a sniff at all….Halaand is stronger and more mobile than Kane.

Its important that Arteta rotates the players, as many of you above pointed out


We have conceded 3 goals in the last 8 games and that is how titles and champions leagues are won. Keep the unforced errors out of our game that so blighted our title run in last season and I see no reason why we can’t go all the way , especially in the league. The city game was a one off , yes we conceded possession but it shows how Arteta has learnt that there is more than one way to skin a cat . He set us up to stifle city and it worked to perfection. The thing is… Read more »

Frank Mc

“No this season is not progress.” I honestly don’t get comments like this, what the actual fuck do you want?

The first time in 8 visits that Arsenal have avoided defeat at the Etihad.

Raya is the 1st GK to keep 10 clean sheets in the PL.

He is also the first opposition GK to keep a clean sheet v Citeh at the Etihad since Vicente Guaita in October 2021.

Arsenal are only the third team to keep to clean sheets vs Guardiola’s Man City in the same season.

No progress though….


A proper, grown up performance yesterday.
last season the team would have over committed , but not now.

Arsenal currently look the more settled out of the three. I make us very slight favourites.

Bob N16

‘Let’s not reduce it…’ why not? You usually distil your comments to one line. I’d have thought you’d like the simplification.

So Sid, your point is about the supporters’ inconsistency rather than Arteta’s pragmatism. Fair enough but just as Tom comments on our partisanship, is it that surprising on an Arsenal blog?

Bob N16

Agree Frank Mc, that result was clear progress. You’d have to be a very one-eyed commentator to not see Arsenal as serious competitors. I loved the look of our bench. Arteta has not got any excuse not to rotate from now on. Partey, Zinchenko, TT, Trossard should all start against Luton. Saka was the only concern for me. He was obviously struggling. His minutes need to be really looked at! Martinelli looked lively so will hopefully be starting again soon. When those two are on form we’re a different team. Some of the accusations of negativity should be viewed through… Read more »


That draw is psychologically massive for the players. I expect rotation to be be relatively muted – Arteta won’t want to risk points in any game.

I’m at the Luton game on Wed (with my son, Sid!) and expect to see most of those war heroes playing


Partey and Jorginho swapping places is a likely one though – Partey should get maybe 70 mins and Jesus getting more game time also likely


we should really wrap up the game against luton at half time. I dont want to underestimate them, but at home against a relegation threatened team we should make sure we are 2-3 goals up at half time and try to give a rest to players who cant be rested from the off like bill, big gaby or rice.


ES and Bob Benkind may have personal issues with the manager (rightly or wrongly) but he just wants to know if you are part of the people that belittled Porto and yelled all week for playing the same style we just did which both of you (and me by the way) are praising. Just like Madhu said, I don’t have issues with lowblocks or dirty tactics. You don’t expect vastly inferior teams to swing at you. That’s suicidal. Porto, being vastly inferior to us gave themselves the best chance they could to go through and it was almost enough. It… Read more »



I have absolutely no criticism of the manager or how we played yesterday.

My criticism is of Benkind who is continuously criticising club,manager and team.

How can anyone criticise a team which is still competing for league title
and playing in Champions League?

Our goalscoring and conceding stats are the best in league and we
have not lost this season in EPL to either Man City or Liverpool.


Partey though. Missed him the most. It’s immediately evident that he’s levels above whatever Jogi and Rice can offer in that 6 role. Came on yesterday and immediately made himself felt. Receiving the ball, feigning, turning and passing through the lines. His teammates didn’t think he could make some of the passes he made yesterday so they were not ready to receive them lol.

Wish he can stay fit. Him at 6 and Rice at 8 will set our midfield even freer. With a capable Jogi deputising



For the record I have not expressed an opinion on Porto’s style of play
when they played against us.

On the contrary I said after the game at Emirates that they played well.

For the record I was at the game.


Bob N16-completely agree. And Sid….aside from the fact that we are poles apart with certain views(outside of football)- you would have thought that the one thing we do have in common is our club. I read your comment yesterday when we were late into the game, something like ‘yaawn’. If you honestly- as a Gooner, really felt like that then I’m calling bullshit. There’s no way on this earth you support this club. You just come on here to make snide,drive by comments, to agitate and then disappear. Here you are again today, with fuck all positive to say,just negative… Read more »



Good points to note. Actually I think I can remember you saying that Porto played a good game.


Great post Pedro, caught the mood perfectly despite those that love to be pedantic in order to get a response and validation.

Agree Frank Mc, some Arsenal fans are never satisfied but it also exposes those fake Gooners


“So Sid, your point is about the supporters’ inconsistency rather than Arteta’s pragmatism. Fair enough but just as Tom comments on our partisanship, is it that surprising on an Arsenal blog? “ Correction , Bob, it is the hyper partisanship that normally receives any of my reaction, sometimes. Especially one devoid of any logic or factual record. Like Pedro’s original take on ref appointment for this game , or how young and inexperienced we are vis a vis other top teams. Yesterday Arsenal averaged 25,8 y/o per player to City’s 26,1 y/o, to Pool’s 25 y/o per player featured. Pool… Read more »


Take that all day everyday, glad we’ve come away from our strongest fixture unscathed and glad to see the progress Kvior has made at left back, leaves me feeling more confident than the Ukrainian

Josip Skoblar

It was not a “boring” point, Pedro. I thoroughly enjoyed our defensive performance which reminded me of our famous back 4 under Graham and Wenger.
If we beat Spuds and United, we will be champions. Pool will surely drop points.


I think as long as we don’t shit the bed now this season and finish strongly, even if we win nothing we will have announced ourselves as genuinely top tier this season CL top 8 League best attack, best defense, best GD, 8 points taken vs city and pool, won 2/3 vs city including the charity shield and drew at their place These are big boy numbers. And they’re not a fluke as last year we came a close second. Safe to say anyone who is still looking down at arsenal is not paying any attention at all. We are… Read more »


Tom We started our 4th choice left back… Kiwior is behind Zinchenko, Tomi, and possibly Timber if he was fit as well. Missing our first choice left winger, and Partey would likely start if he was fit enough.. Saka didn’t look fit, Arteta said he hadn’t trained, even though he put in a good defensive shift. Jesus has played 84 minutes across 3 games since the end of January, he wasn’t match fit either. “Plucky” City weren’t the only ones missing key players, and fielding players not at 100%. The 4 defenders who started the game, in spite of missing… Read more »


Superb defensive showing,the only negative for me was Raya’s atrocious kicking-but it is his first season with this kind of expectation on his shoulders-I hope the boys take great heart from this and smash out the remaining 9 games,Liverpool were not that impressive against Brighton.


The passage of play when Partey released Odegaard – who then released Trossard – shows it’s as much – if more so – about personnel than actual tactics.

A fully firing Partey instead of Rice would mean we get more possession and release Odegaard more in the pockets and our possession stats would be more like 35-40% than 25%.

Last season we stomped all over Spurs in the first half because Partey and Zinchenko received the ball – under pressure- high up the pitch and Spurs couldn’t deal with the knock-on effects from it.


Interesting that so far no one has mentioned Klopp in these comments..the Elephant in the room?


Rich, you’re splitting hairs now. Kyle Walker at wingback makes mincemeat out of either Kiwior or Zinchenko in either third. Dude simply emascultes timid players. Neither Tomiyasu or especially Timber played enough to consider them nail on starters. Of course no side is 100% fit at this stage and neither are we, but take Ederson out and you take away a 60 yard killer ball over the top , so that’s one less thing in their arsenal. Or who amongst us would take Rico Lewis ? No need to answer. Partey? I’m actually surprised you of all people thinks he… Read more »


Great result yesterday and resilient performance. I don’t buy however this continual line that none of us expected Arsenal to compete again. You can only really write that if you are ignorant of our history and were completely spoiled by the astonishing early Wenger years. We have been a top team for nearly a century now – going back to the appointment of Herbert Chapman 99 years ago. But success has come in cycles – 1930s, immediate post war years, early 1970s, late 80s/early 90s and then late 90s early 2000s. Our fall on the pitch in between those times… Read more »


Tom: “plus KDB was probably just about match fit.
I fully expected Arsenal to get something from this game.”

You could say the same about Gabriel, Saka, Jesus, Martinelli, Tomiyasu, Partey, Zinchenko. All missed the NT games, and for some, yesterday was their first game in months. For the rest, they barely made matchday squad.

They had Ederson and Walker out, we had Timber out and half our team barely making the squad.

Also, this is how KDB is now. He’s been back for 3 months now. He’s just not the same player anymore.

Last edited 11 days ago by raptora

Tom My issue with Partey has never been his quality.. It’s that 4 seasons running now, his poor levels of availability has fucked us. His absence goes way beyond his own absence, which is a big enough kick in the teeth in itself.. It’s also that we then risk overplaying other players, and that then significantly increases their chances of breaking down as well. Trying to navigate this schedule we’ll certainly need him to contribute, a match fit Partey almost certainly starts for Arsenal. He was sharp on the ball yesterday, even if he did look like he was running… Read more »

Bob N16

Tom the contrarian or the voice of reason?

Our front line was nowhere near its best as Rich explained, just as City were missing players and were forced to play the £80m Guardiol.


For those who keep on criticising Arsenal for lack of trophy success I would like to point out the following:

It took Liverpool 30 years to win their first league title since 1989-90.
Man United who claim to be England’s richest football club have not
won the league title for 10 years.


You missed the elephant in the room….we should have scored two or three times but no finish….yes Saka was down day and Jesus….well….got into nice spots…but danced instead of hitting it…..


Bob, definitely the voice of reason.

Who cares what premium City paid for Gvardiol?
Have you seen him do anything of note the whole season?
Btw, he’s 22 so ways of his peak, say, 4-5 years, right?

I guess I’m just one of those entitled, spoiled fans who expect Arsenal, the second highest valued club in Europe, to go anywhere and get a result.
Not a win, or outright domination, just a result.


A great performance and point yesterday. The squad has greatly improved in last 12mths. No one can deny we are at the top of Europe again, even if we don’t win anything this year.

One or two signings in the summer and we should be set up to challenge on all fronts even stronger next season, personally I would sell Jesus, he runs his socks off but there is rarely an end product.


Thankfully this season we haven’t missed partey

So he comes back now as a massive bonus

I doubt he will be kept at the end of the season tho. From an ability perspective he’s a massive loss but unless we have serious reason to think his injuries are behind him (unlikely) we should use this summer to get in his replacement


You just know who the true supporters and who are the argumentative trolls are after a fantastic defensive performance still gets negative comments from some people


Well done the team,in one word CLASS

Mr Serge

Well said Rodney

Bob N16

Tom , a draw is ‘getting a result’, particularly when you put it context of City’s home record. I appreciate in US draws are less common.

My tongue -in- cheek valuation of Guardiol was to highlight that City were hardly impoverished in defence. If Martinelli, Jesus and Saka had been fully match fit, we may have been more ambitious.


I’ve seen a lot of people piling in on Trossard for taking the shot. To me, it looked like it was because of a poor first touch rather than his decision making. By the time he got the ball under control the opportunity was gone.

Anyhow, it was an ok result. I won’t hype the performance because 29% clearly shows that our press didn’t work. And when you don’t win the ball, you won’t create chances. But at the end of the day, we’re still in the race.


Rich, I know your Partey stance very well.
All I’m saying is he might not hit his highest highs again having missed most of the season.
Especially when he’s nearing his 40s according Sid.

Anything he gives us at this point is a bonus obviously, but I wouldn’t bank on too much.


Manuel Akanji is accusing our players of tactical fouling. Oh, the irony.

Ernest Reed

Not much to say really, other than that was a very mature and professional performance from Arsenal. This was ManCity and for Arsenal to go there and nullify their strengths, that’s a performance.

psuedo warrior

The Saliba and Gabriel is a clear example on the influence of branding and image.

Gabriel has been without a shadow of a doubt the best defender at the club this season. But the more fancied Saliba picks up all the accolades

Not hating. Absolutely thrilled to have them both but lets give credit where its due.


“My tongue -in- cheek valuation of Guardiol was to highlight that City were hardly impoverished in defence. If Martinelli, Jesus and Saka had been fully match fit, we may have been more ambitious.”

Bob, I didn’t complain about our performance.
I thought it was a professional showing from everyone, even if City dominated stats across the board, as I thought they would.

Big Tone

Not many people are mentioning another big game disasterclass from Odegaard and “Starboy”


Odegaard was the best attacking player on the pitch by a distance.


rap, as much as we value our players , some more than others, Ederson , Walker, and KDB make most neutrals league’s first Xl when fit.

Walker blanketed Mbappe ffs.
Match fit KDB is unplayable most times, and Ederson is an offensive weapon without whom Haaland becomes one dimensional.


Of course we’ve missed Partey this season, but it was blatantly obvious that we would be missing him.. Conceded an unlucky penalty at Chelsea, they were then sitting off in a mid-block.. Those types of conditions are what Partey excels at.. But we lost 2 points. When we played West Ham on the Thursday then Fulham on the Sunday.. We looked leggy as fuck In the 2nd half against Fulham, Partey should have been there to play one of those games, and take his share of the workload. Rice went off injured in the NLD, No Partey… Another 2 points… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

Stink fest of a game. Scousers will now win the title. Which sends shivers down my spine. I was in stab city over the weekend and I was chatting to people I’d never met, to a man they all agreed that they hated scousers. Not just the team, the whole goddam place. The people. The attitude. The entitlement. No idea how you reconcile if Liverpool win the league.


Big Tone, Saka was definitely under par yesterday, but were you watching the same captain as the rest of us? He was everywhere, chasing down,pressing..his passing was spot on. What did he do wrong? We had 29% possession against the best team in Europe and had our chances not fallen to Jesus (and Trossard putting the ball across to Martinelli), we could well have come away winners.


Tom, As you say, Walker is a monster of a defensive fullback. I doubt he would have made a huge difference offensively with the 2 assists to his name this season. I’m not sure they missed him offensively or defensively. Ederson, okay. He’s superb. But it’s not like Haaland was playing vs Sheffied Utd. He faced possibly the best CB pairing in the world – eye test and data supports that. Even if Ederson kicked the ball forward, there wasn’t much space in behind to abuse and it was Gab + Saliba. KDB is always capable of changing a game.… Read more »


Was impressed with the style of pressing Arteta deployed, along with the man-marking of KdB and Rodri. Think that style can be conducive to a wider range of players in our squad– giving Arteta a larger pool of players to rotate in. For games like the one Wed versus Luton, and possibly Wolves and Everton. Ode and Kai at the front did a great job controlling from where City could attack. Dec and Jorgi allowed very little through the center. Props also to Saka and Jesus for tracking back and essentially forming a back-six defending our box. Have City’s wingers… Read more »

Big Tone

Odegaard could barely keep the ball when he is supposed to be our best technician. This isn’t an isolated incident, he’s been quiet and ineffective in most big games. When you’re playing against the best, in a fine margins tight game, you need your captain to step up and he didn’t.

Saka will score a brace against Luton and everyone will forget how bad he was. He is suffering from a lack of competition. The stats from his game were embarrassing. £300k a week? Having a laugh.


We played like shit. Arteta could not instill any courage in the team to take the game to City and score two goals. Effing sub-par!! Havertzzz!!! OMG what a piece of shit he is. And so is Jesus. The CF problem is now how many years old at Arsenal? 6 years? After Sanchez did we have any? We had Auba yes but Arteta screwed him up.

Till before the game started everyone said Walker’s and Stones’ absence give a clear egde to Arsenal. Two points lost by Arsenal. A point gained by City.

Shame Arteta!


Guns-you calling it with 25% of the season left? Was your rosé chilled or at room temperature? Deflection to come on here and waffle about the scousers, a day after we played City. Strange take.


The British sports media is immensely kind to Arsenal. Have no idea how!!


Defensively we were superb. I still wish we did better offensively. City are the best in the world in stopping the opposition attack very early, right at it’s inception, but I wish our players managed to find a way to get past that, contain the ball without losing it, or deal with the counter press and try to carry the ball forward, again, without losing it.

We have levels to reach still. Huge clubs manage to keep a defensive shape but still create a lot going forward. That’s an area we can improve on for sure.

Brian Muff

The same moaners on here slagging the defensive performance are 100% the same people who would be on here slagging an offensive performance if we’d opened ourselves up and lost by 3 goals. You guys are dicks. Here to piss on people’s happiness only. And I can see GoH wasting a precious weekend drinking too much and looking for anyone who’ll slag off an entire city of people…yes, what fun! You are indeed a sad fuck. Calling the league winners now when you called this game only on Friday to be completely and utterly wrong. Please go to a Spuds… Read more »


Tone – The overplayed ‘fatigued’ Saka had a two 1/2 week break, and now the problem is that he didn’t have enough football in his legs.

You should know the drill by now.


Great results..out – thinking them to get the point, the fabulous women taking the trophy and Ronay’s hilarious reference of Haaland as a bored toddler type. Put a spring in my step. Have a great rest of the holiday y’all


To Ass-I-am and other nay-sayers…

The improvement from last year’s humiliation and demoralisation is immense…next year at the Etihad we will be as dominant defensively and realise that we can [and should] also attack them — pity Martinelli wasn’t available as a starter, it was the perfect game for him to shine

Hope Saka [and others] are on the bench for Luton

Grouville Gooner

I cant believe that some people are not happy with that performance, a thoroughly well executed display.
Thought Partey gave us something different when he came on by passing through the press which is his trademark. Surely he can stay fit to the end of the season? Tomi looked sharp too which is good for a little rotation going forward , just not rotating five plus players at a time as Pierre seems to advocate.


For those who doubt we’ve made progress…when Akanji is whingeing about City being stopped by tactical fouls from Arsenal

you know we’ve got to them


Big Tone, You have to look at the context of the game. I’ve called out Odegaard plenty for his disappearing acts in the past but this game was different. He can only create if we have possession or win the ball through pressing. Yesterday, we had 29% possession. Our press didn’t work mainly because of Saka, in my opinion. Odegaard could only receive the ball with his back to their goal when we were playing out from a compressed low block. Their players were all over him. The worst thing you can say about his performance yesterday is that he… Read more »


The only people that aren’t happy with the draw yesterday are non Arsenal fans….Who cares! Great result by the team.

Arteta doing us all proud. Great manager (I take back all the bad things I’ve said). He’s proven to us all he knows what he’s doing at this level.

Rusty Shackleford

It’s Liverpool’s title to lose now. Their remaining schedule is a joke. Happy with the point yesterday because it shows a huge improvement from last season. Disappointed with just the point yesterday because now we have to hope Liverpool drop points to weak opposition.


Some (including Pedro) gave Anthony Taylor good marks yesterday– and for the most part I agree. But not top marks. He awarded free kicks in dangerous locations on two occasions, where City committed similar uncalled fouls just moments or minutes earlier. Same kinds of fouls– no call.

Arsenal were also called for 20 fouls, City 7. So, while Taylor’s thumb-on-scale didn’t actually affect the outcome– it did seem some advantage was baked-in.

Can cut Akanji some slack, whining about rotational fouling. He’s only been at City 2 seasons. Only a boy when City were at their peak of rotational fouling.

Marky Mark

GOH has a mortal fear of being stabbed. He’s definitely crossed a few people I reckon.
Sort of guy who could get himself stabbed walking down Chorleywood high street

Marky Mark

By a granny !


Looking at the remaining fixtures we have vs the Liverpool fixtures
Looking at the strength of the Liverpool attack

Liverpool can easily blow Sheffield United 8-0 on Thursday to reverse the GD advantage.
On paper, The home game against Luton is the best chance for us to pad up our goal difference.


Incredible performance really; yeah we didn’t bang four goals in but to Pedro’s point, even last season, that’s a game we wilt in and get our bare asses slapped. Gabby took the p1ss out of Haaland all game. Beautiful. I think Arteta’s engine has started to arrive in the station with this game, now my mind turns to now only the run in, but how do you keep this going. After this season and the summer, how do you protect Saka especially but also others who have been playing through minor strains (Benny Blanco. Gabby M might also be playing… Read more »

Positive pete

Errr Foxy,not sure what British sports press ( rags) you’ve been perusing but the vast majority I’ve read appeared extremely salty over Arsenals draw tactics.Why? Because it upset the narrative they’d already prepared’ Bottle jobs’.
Instead they’ve decided to fawn over their darlings Liverpool & Kloppy.C** ts.


Pretty good technical view of tactics on both sides yesterday–

Positive pete

Brian.Its the same few Les Miserables .Thevkind of fake fan who would shit on the invincibles record.Tell you all you need to know.


First things first we absolutely don’t have the same style of football as City. I see what you’re trying to do there and it ain’t fooling no one. And Saliba has been and continues to be our best defender. Gabriel gets huge credit for improving this season but Saliba is the Don.


We lost the next two games after we got a deserved draw at Anfield
We need to put the Luton game out of reach as early as possible, then go for a GD padding with our bench.

Positive pete

Dissenter.Luton despite their lowly position,are no mugs.Cznt recall them being on the end of too many pastings this season and they will scrap.This is the prem.


Pos pete
Agreed about Luton, we barely eked a win with a last minute Declan Rice special in the reverse leg. That’s why I made the point of writing that we lost the next two games after we got a draw at Anfield.

I’m just saying that we need to watch that GD because Liverpool are capable of reversing it in one game against Sheffield United on Thursday. Sheffield are truly atrocious.

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