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I’m writing this the night before the game.

Why am I not scared?

What is this tingling feeling… ah, it is confidence. A sensation I have not felt in an away game at City in many a moon.

But it is justified.

Arsenal is the best team in the Premier League this season, by any metric. We fight and control, we have big-game players, our defence is beastly, and our attack is on fire.

Professional footballers tend to peak between 27 and 31. Arsenal doesn’t have many players over the age of 26 years old. Why am I telling you that? Because a game like the one we’re about to face is a learning experience on the biggest stage in the world. If we win, we’ve managed nerves in a big game. If we lose, we’re going to have to learn to bounce back for two competitions. If we draw, we’ve learned to manage a big game away from home and escape unscathed.

Whatever happens, we’ll be developing our IP code stack. Don’t buy that? Look at how long it took the most expensively assembled squad in the league to win a Champions League final under the greatest manager of all time.

Football is a process. Big teams don’t happen overnight. Our wage bill is about half of the team we’re about to play. Our trophy cabinet is empty by comparison.

We are winning just by being part of a moment like this.

To give the game context Gary Neville has not… during the battle years between Klopp and Pep, neither manager won away at their major rival in the big moments. Maybe Liverpool beat City in the COVID season when it didn’t matter? I can’t be arsed to look.

This is an article from March 4th.

But City’s difficult run at Anfield goes back well before Guardiola’s arrival. Across their 26 Premier League trips to Anfield, City have recorded only TWO wins.

Seventeen of those meetings have ended in defeat for City, who have only claimed seven draws there.

I think Liverpool’s last success at The Etihad in 2018 in the CL quarter-finals.

Whatever the stat… it is a rare occasion when the two giants of the last 5 years take a win away from home.

So when Gary Neville says Arsenal’s inexperienced squad of youngsters needs to win… he’s teeing us up for a fall. It’s weak sauce analysis from a guy that fears his ‘I don’t get the strategy’ comment will be hung in the Premier League Hall Of Fame before he is.

Anything more than 0 points would be huge. If we lose, it’s not over. If we win, we haven’t won anything yet.

It’s an exciting match-up. Arsenal weren’t great against Porto in the first leg. Nerves got the better of us. Will we let the occasion get the better of us in the game today? Or will the fact we’ve tasted victory against them already reduce the fear factor?

My big worry is the Premier League has put Jarred Gillet on the game. He’s an awful, awful official, and the league just loves dumping him on big games despite his Liverpool fandom. Having someone so controversial in the VAR room for a game this important shows you how flawed the process at PGMOL is.

Selection-wise, the only major concern will be Martinelli. He can run, the risk is 1) did he feel pain in the last training session 2) is he actually fit enough 3) is it worth risking a monster player with 25% of the season still to run.

I think we’ll see Gabriel Jesus. He was a winger for City, he’s better than Trossard, and he’ll absolutely relish the chance to put one on Pep G.

Then there’s the second big question: Do you keep going with Kiwior, or do you introduce Zinchenko to help unpick a 4 center-back setup?

So many questions… they’re all about to be answered. I cannot WAIT for this game.

Just remember Arsenal fans… we didn’t think we’d ever be in conversations like this again. Here we are. Try to enjoy it.

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Bernardo Silva is such a good player


This has been an abysmal performance compared with the last few games. Completely disjointed play with no threat


That pass from Partey to Øde was excellent.

A shame that Tross didn’t pass it sooner to Marti.

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Silva is a snide little c*nt. Can’t stand him.


Re my Saka comment it wasn’t a criticism it was more that they nullified him making him ineffective and he’s been nursing a knock also.


Toss should find Marti there.
Big Bill is the real Viking!


Replay shows Martinelli was onsite… why o why Trossard didn’t roll the ball across they couldn’t catch Martinelli oh dear arteta is seething


Wonder how much injury time we see, it has been uneventful so can’t imagine much


Last 5 come on!!


Partey not afraid to get the ball, turn and pass between the lines to a teammate. His teammates seem surprised he has the audacity to do those passes so aren’t ready to receive it lol


How did Trossard not slide that over to Marti?


5 mins added on is reasonable.


Gabriel better not shirt grabbing in the box




Gabriel makes himself known to Haaland.

Gives me massive vibes of Keown and his no-nonsense style of defending.


Big Gab is a cunt, love that he plays for us


We have defended really well


Lol Ben White is the man


Nice draw


0 0 draw FT

Luteo Guenreira

Draw is not the end of the world. Well done not to lose, defended very well today.


We will take a point; it is a very hard place to come and impose yourself on the game, let alone win.

We live to fight another day


Decent result, brilliant defensive performance.

Restricting City at the Etihad to just one solitary shot on target is amazing.

Need to basically win our last 9 now to win the title. City have an easy run-in.


Good defensive performance


Good point. I’m happy with it. We came for it and left with it. Hardest game of the season and we didn’t lose. It’s all good.




Well, it’s no longer in our hands. But all in all, not the worst result.


How good is Saliba? The likes of PSG and Madrid will be coming for him soon.

London gunner

Very decent to get a draw against city away but one can’t help but think this is liverpools title to lose. You need a salah level player to win the league and players that will die for klopp to have him leave Liverpool champion


Very good result for us. Would have been perfect had we scored that tross chance but couldn’t really ask for more. We stayed compact and understood the plan. Well done boys 👏


Haaland is rubber man. Complete twat. Good stats because he plays for city but compare him vs the original Ronaldo and he is shit in comparison


Good results. Perfect defense away at Cheaters. Poor offense.
Looserpool is a winner today, second us and City the worst.


Citeh 0.8 xg at home – monster display from Phil & Grant


I’ll take that. 4 points off City this season. On to the next one.


Happy enough with that. Smarter than last season, could easily be the difference come the end of the season.

Le Groove

Hard to be disappointed with that result. Attacking players were off today. Defense was solid. Arteta’s management was excellent.

Loving the grins from Rich and Big Gabi. Pep and Haaland looking upset can only be good for us.

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It’s becoming a custom that Haaland spends 90 minutes in Big Gabby’s and Saliba’s pocket. I like it.


Come the end of the season I don’t know what we will think looking back at this result, but safe to say on paper a draw away at city is always good.

Meanwhile that means they’ve not beaten us in their last 3 games and if we’re honest have at no point really looked like beating us – which is a sign of major progress

Just a pity pool won today


Excellent point,still think awful Spurs might beat City-but Liverpool and the Klopp love in bother me.


Well… damn… didn’t win the title today.. but also didn’t lose it. Defense was stellar. Big Gabby and Saliba were like a wall.


Excellent draw.

I know that a win would have been better, but we HAVE been immense today.

Our defending was excellent from start to finish.

If there was a mature performance to be had, this was it.

Had Marti not been injured, we could have won today.

I’m really proud of the lads today.

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Left Testicle

Guardiola and his ego belittling Grealish in front of tens of thousands. Save it for the dressing room you numpty.


Honestly take that. Poor offensively but that performance tells me that we’ll be going the distance. Toughest fixture of the season and we stood tall. Away to spurs the last tough game left for me

psuedo warrior

Intriguing game. On the one hand such a shame a game of this magnitude came straight after the Interlull. You could see both sides struggling for rhythm.

On the other hand, its good that we played them when they’re not on song. We have been so bad at Etihad in the last few years and its nice to get a positive result. Sets up the perfect transition to beat them in the CL Semi Finals 🙂


I still rue the Trossard breakaway…

good pass from Partey to Odegarrd wgo made a defence splitting pass to Trossard who IF he rolled across to the acre of space into which Martinelli was running… surely it’d be 1v1

Oh well,, never mind.. Let’s aim to win ALL remaining games . Because we can!


Belittling him in front of hundreds of millions



And we won’t sell Big Bill. Mark my words.


Solid as a mug boy. Bring on Bayern.


I’m glad and that Tomi and Partey didn’t cost us the game

Frankly I wasn’t glad to see either of them coming on after their long lay offs. This was not a game for rust.

But both players were overall okay

Should add value to our season finale at least


Excellent away performance 👏..

City away is arguably the hardest game in football, and we’ve stopped them from scoring at home for the first time since 30th October 2021.

This is big progress, we’ve played City 3 times this season, edged 2 by the skin of our teeth, and got a brilliant away point.

We finished 5 points behind City last season, if we’d drawn both games with City, we’d have won the title by a point.

4 points off both City + Liverpool is an excellent haul.


Nice to hear the Gooners sing, without that the Etihad would have been like a morgue.


Brilliant defensive performance and kept city at arms length. For all their richness and misdemeanors they couldn’t lay a glove on us. On a good day we probably should have scored 1 at least. Women winning Conti cup makes the day much sweeter. This one is on Mikel he set the team up brilliantly and never once we looked out of shape. Raya was poor but then didn’t have much to do not a single save to make. Brilliant defensive performance. 9 more to go win them and let’s see how the other results stack up


Fk, if only Trossard fainted that shot and tucked it back….


How about that Pivot of Partey and Rice eh. With Odegaard in front. Our best lineup.


Old Trafford in our penultimate match of the season will be tough as well Marko.

Especially with our record there.


Game was crying out for Martinelli but Trossard got a little too selfish. Still though onwards and upwards


Imagine we had Rob Holding in there?


The quality of our football in terms of playing through the thirds is genuinely some of the worst I’ve ever seen from an Arsenal team, but we’re solid and combative. I’ll take it if it means we win the league.


China1 and Dissenter

Both Partey and Tomi were on heavy training duties these past 2 weeks.

And it showed. There was not one wrong foot from either of them when they played.

Partey was sublime in his 20 min cameo.

He will be playing our CL games exactly when we really need him.


Bloody love Partey. Best midfielder at the club ‘when fit’


Very good result. More progress for us, a point away to city is excellent

Luteo Guenreira

Still don’t think Tomi was a smart sub. Partey has that bit of quality that we might have needed if we were going to win this game, but he was also pretty off the pace.

You have to think Liverpool will drop points again at some point, winning 14 straight games to finish the season aside from that draw against City after their loss to us just doesn’t sound realistic. That said, we have a tough run in and winning 9 out of 9 is a tall task. All we can do it take it game by game.

Le Groove

Thomas Partey could be crucial for the run-in.

Marky Mark

The nullification of City at least stops an opportunity for them to win each game till end of season when they are in front of us.
Nice to let Liverpool take some of the favourites pressure as well.
Overall it can’t be won now but it can be effectively lost. So we stay in the hunt. I think keeping within 3 points is pressure. If it goes to four points the pressure turns onto the chaser. We’ve got to be happy with the defensive cohesion


Great team performance, a couple of players came back having played useless internationals.

Solid defensive cohesion all the way across the back, and Declan, what a player, the team gave them very few chances.

Take the point and build on it!

Best defense in the EPL.

Very satisfied with the team today and so far this year!

Much to play for.


Happy with the draw, we went head to head with them and didn’t look in no way the inferior team hanging on for a draw. In fact I feel we had the better chances and had a good chance to take all 3 points with the Trossard chance.
Well done boys, just shame Liverpool have got their noses in front because of it.


4 points from Liverpool
4 points from Man City

I’ll take that…

Ben D

Matured performance and a very good point. 4 points off both Man City and Liverpool this season is very very good.

Josip Skoblar

Great result! Superb defensive display! We looked so solid throughout the game. COYG!


Just back from the pub and very happy with that. It is now clear if it’s wasn’t before that we are as strong as the other contenders and the title race remains impossible to call

We have the toughest run in but getting the City game behind us is huge and makes that run in less tough

Josip Skoblar

Haaland looked so ordinary, completely toothless.


Martinelli is the key in big games especially against one of the best aggressive defense in the world


Via Sky:

There’s been just 3 PL games this season where there’s been as few as 3 attempts on target, and 2 of those games have been Arsenal vs City.

London gunner

I think we need to upgrade on Jesus we need a salah level player Jesus isn’t it and I think he might be on a downwards trend from his peak



We were immense on how we kept him quiet.

We really have improved defensively to a level I would not have dreamt of us to reach.

I never felt like we were going to concede during the game.

The mad part is, there is still more to come.


One great part of today is that we got to play two key players on their way back from rustiness .. and they came through unscathed.


Frida Maanum collapsed during the play. She was administered oxygen on the field. She is stable and talking is what we are told. Great win for the ladies. Retained the Conti Cup and will probably end a rough season with a cup. 5 players coming back from ACL was tough.


I just hope the 2 points not won won’t bite us in the ass from liverpools side either

I don’t even think liverpool are really that good. But they keep winning. I wouldn’t bet against them playing meh all the way until the end of the season but winning 6 more at least.

They don’t win because they’re great, but apart from us nobody seems to be able to stop them…


The funny thing about playing City away is that when you play good football against them it only succeeds in provoking them into reaching their scary level.


Partey looked decent, Tommy I thought a little bit rusty, but how great was it to see a strong bench


LG – I agree – Jesus is not the same player we signed although he perhaps isn’t match fit.

A CF who has pace and control and can remain a danger even when we’re on the back foot is a necessity to move to the next level. Kai is a support striker and not an out and out CF


Think we might see TP starting games very soon


If Liverpool win the league they will probably be the worst team in history to win it.

I even rate the Leicester team of 2016 above them.



I am not sure what your point is here.

Getting a draw just shows how far we have come to be able to keep them quiet for most parts of the game.


LB10 –

I’m saying us being lacklustre in possession probably helped our cause.

If we had attacked them from the off we probably would’ve sparked them into life.



We weren’t lacklustre in possession.

On the contrary, we let them have it. We were very well prepared defensively. In fact, we, for once, did the total opposite of what we usually do.

This is a really good sign for what is to come from the team in our upcoming game vs Bayern in a couple of weeks time.

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WE we honestly should be beating this United team. With where we are now and where they are we should be. Same with the Chelsea game. City and Spurs away were the tough ones for me


This was the best refereeing performance of the season.


Also how lucky are we to have William Saliba. Imo the best CB in Europe. And just turned 23. Wow


LegendDB10 – We were garbage in possession, you don’t purposely give the ball away in order ‘to let them have it”.

It’s possible to sit deep, be organised, and be consistently menacing we you get the ball by playing through the press.

The Chelsea team under Mourinho perfected it.


All the remaining games bar the spurs game I feel we can win,the spurs just because it is spurs at their place is going to be tight I feel


DB10 –

Arteta has just disagreed with you.

He said we lacked composure on the ball.


Have restricted City to a handful of shots on target in two games so must congratulate the team & Arteta



I agree with you.

Anthony Taylor has always been very positive with us and was once again today.

We escaped numerous yellow cards that any other ref would have been happy to show us.

There are only 2 refs we can count on: him and Oliver.

If I am frank though, the draw was suitable as they now have the Klopp farewell tour going with these scouser fucks top of the table.



We certainly lacked composure on the ball when going forward.

That is for sure. That is why Martinelli was subbed in alongside Partey to rectify this.

This doesn’t change my argument that our plan was to let Cheaty have the ball for most of the game.

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Habesha Gooner

I felt before the game that we were going to get at least a point. And that is exactly what we did. We nullified City. That is the first time in 57 games they haven’t scored a goal at home. And if some of our final passes were better we could have gotten more. That Saka cross across the face of their goal would have been a goal if Jesus moved. Havertz was nearly in with Jesus over hitting a pass. Odegaard had a couple of moments where his pass could have been better and we would have won. Trossard’s… Read more »

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X haka

Slightly flat performance.
Think Liverpool will win the league comfortably now, as they have goals throughout the team and know how to win trophies under Jurgen.

We should go for Cole Palmer of Chelsea in the summer, and they need to sell because of FFP.

He would be ideal in these tight games. Jesus showed again, why Pep sold him as he is continually wank.

Josip Skoblar

It is Arsenal’s most mature and professional game of the season in my opinion.The defence was superb and the midfield did a decent job too. Big Gab and Bill Saliba are immense. Let’s hope they keep playing together for a long time.


Liverpool are going to lose games
There’s something very whimsical about the way results are going for them

Eboues Bank Account

Our defense reminded me of 2010 Inter..impregnable. And the best part is the entire back 5 including the gk almost do it with consummate ease and dare i say a bit of cockiness too. Love it.

MADHU, no one gives a hoot in fucking hell about womens football. Typical Pajeet female simping behavior I see from your kind. Get the fuck out of here and simp on another blog ffs