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The Premier League dropped the fixtures for some of the reworks needed before the end of the season… and they have not been kind to Arsenal or Aston Villa.

The big issue? The break Tottenham Hotspur has been given before meeting us.

Crazy as it might seem… they have been give 15 days.

Tottenham play Newcastle on April 13th.

Arsenal then play:

Aston Villa (h) Apr 14th

Bayern (a) Apr 17th

Wolves (a) Apr 20th

Chelsea (h) Apr 23rd

Culminating in the Spurs game Apr 28th (a)

For context, that Spurs break is the equivalent to the January break all Premier League clubs had. They could give the players a holiday and do a training camp in that time. Why is that significant? Because Arsenal came back from that break on absolute fire

Manchester City also plays a team that will have a monster break, but it’ll be Brighton on the 23rd.

Why didn’t the league reschedule the Spurs game in that patch of games?

Now the City vs Spurs game will get lumped at the end of the season because there’s nowhere else for it to go. The League could be over by then.

Arsenal has to play Spurs after a pounding schedule. Arsenal fans are saying things like ‘stop complaining’ like this sort of thing can be addressed by mentality. My question is this: how is it fair that Spurs get a break like that in April?  They have no Europe and no cups, so why are they being given a favourable break? Aston Villa, a team in the top 4 race, also has 4 games in that gap. They are being given a disadvantage in the race for top 4.

Who decides these fixtures?

Absolutely crazy. Can you imagine if Klopp was served this sort of fairness?

Arsenal will be absolutely fuming. Once again, they have to do things the hard way as other teams get inexplicable advantages.

Let’s talk about England.

It wasn’t pleasant. It’s quite interesting to watch the whole circus and wonder if at a certain point… everything gets a little too comfortable? There’s a hardcore section of the press that will defend Southgate regardless. The manager seems to have lost all bearings when it comes to meritocratic selections. The football is turgid. And we’re being gaslit into believing that this is as good as it gets… like we’re imagining the status of some of these footballers in the best league in the world.

I wanted to state that some of the feedback I had on the post about the badge was very good. It seems that people centre right and centre left on this issue are all baffled by the flag… but the one things that came through time and time again was ‘don’t mess with the flag of any country.’

Worth noting that Germany is having a similar controversy at the moment, but with something even more abstract. There is fury that the DFB has moved the kit over to Nike. Adidas is a German company, on top of its game, and synonymous with some of the most iconic shirts in international football history. They’ve been binned for Nike. 89% of 66,000 German Kicker readers do not like the move.

‘It’s just a kit’

‘Go out and have a walk if it bothers you’

Please, if this is how you think about football, why are you even in the debate? Outside some of the more unsavory parts of this debacle, I love that this sort of thing matters, it means people are engaged in the beautiful game to extraordinary levels. Not all sports can boast that… especially Formula 1 that is having audience issues this season and people switch off.

Football has its problems, but engaged fans is not one of them.

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Positive Pete




Positive Pete

You just new the prem we’re going to try & find a way to f** k us over.Bingo.

Positive Pete

New of course should be knew!?Having said that ,there is a 4 day gap between Chavs & meeting spuds.


Late to the party as usual…

I was thinking that there ought to be financial FairPlay in the litigation process also

Off the pitch, UEA-backed 115-City vs the FA is the equivalent of City vs Forest Green Rovers on the pitch


Won’t be long before this boring interlull is over

Logie Bear

Northbanker – dare we hope that sense will prevail (I know, bear with me!) and Rice will be rested for the Belgium match this week…?

Last edited 19 days ago by Logie Bear

I’m not bothered by the schedule. The reality is there’s 7 weeks, and we have 12-14 games, if we want to compete at the top of the table, this is the way it is at this stage of the season. If we get to the Semi Final, then it’s 13 games in 43 days.. Game every 3.3 days. Then just one midweek free before we play Everton on the final day. At this stage of the season it’s not about who has the best team, it’s more about who can keep their squad together. There’s no value getting into competitive… Read more »


Pedro, I’m gonna leave it up to the English to be all outraged about the kit gate, but ze Germans’ switch to Nike was all about money. Nike apparently blew Adidas out of the water doubling their current 50 million per year, plus possibly other football grass roots benefits Adidas couldn’t or wouldn’t match. On a scheduling front, beginning with the City game the Arsenal schedule is an absolute monster. If Arteta can navigate it somehow and still be in it till late he’ll deserve a huge credit. But correct me if I’m mistaken, didn’t we all laugh at Tottenham… Read more »


I’m pretty sure that the FA would have had to approve that Nike kit before it was launched
That’s something that the flag defenders chose to ignore.

‘The outrage ought to have been over the exorbitant cost of the jersey, not a tiny flag in the back of the collar.

Marky Mark

We always laugh at Tottenham, apart from one far away poster. The ‘football fan’ cannot control his impulses. The purchase of Richarlison the ‘ have won the transfer window’ ! . It bubbles inside and has to come out.


Tottenham go out early from domestic cups.

Marky: Ha,ha, typical Spursy Spurs. What a day.
Me: Wouldn’t it be better if they went deeper into those for the sake of their own fixture congestion in the run in?
Marky: fuck off Tom, you spud, I’ll worry about it when the time comes.
Me: Of course.


It is very unusual to see Nobbs in Villa colors

Last edited 19 days ago by Hermes

Another great post Pedro. ‘It’s just a kit’ ‘Go out and have a walk if it bothers you’ Please, if this is how you think about football, why are you even in the debate? ❤️ Pedro. Just to etch this in stone, The St George’s flag IS our national flag. It is what it is regardless of history. I just found it extremely disrespectful that it was distorted for the sake of trying to be cutting edge. Nike would never have done that with the US flag so why do it with another nations’ flag? The FA has a lot… Read more »

Last edited 18 days ago by TheLegendaryDB10

what’s your opinion on points needed this year to be champions? I guess 88-ish could be enough. meaning we draw city, spurs and another one and we could see it out in my opinion


Not sure why there’s complaints about the schedule.. This is what the schedule is if we want to compete in two competitions at this stage of the season.

Can’t complain when we’re not competing for the big prizes…

Then also complain about the schedule when we’re competing for the big prizes.

I suppose you can if you really want.. But it makes no sense.

The only place they could put Chelsea was midweek…

Wherever they decided to put it, we had 10 league games in 7 weeks, and around the CL schedule, the options were limited.

Nigel Tufnel

So far Arteta has not used fixture congestion, fatigue narratives because he doesn’t want our young players to have excuses to fall back on. Maybe if we go on a bad run of results,or after the season, he’ll retroactively point it out… but for now… no whinging. just get down to work for the coaches and players.

Some great managers like Klopp don’t operate the same way. He did end up narrowly missing about 5 or 6 titles in the league… so not a winning strategy to moan about it constantly for weeks and weeks— maybe?


“Not sure why there’s complaints about the schedule.. This is what the schedule is if we want to compete in two competitions at this stage of the season.”


It’s classical oxymoronic humblebrag
Can’t be complaining about the trappings of success when it comes your way, when it’s what you’ve been dreaming of for the last 4 years.
This is elite club headaches

In any case, all three clubs in the run-in have to face the same pressures. Liverpool have to play harder Europe league opponents on Thursday nights ands city doin’t have the squad quality they once had.

Last edited 18 days ago by Dissenter
Positive pete

Hermes.Not unusual at all.Ive seen lots of KNOBS in Villa colours.Go to Villa park & you’ll see loads.


Diss Exactly.. Liverpool have had Everton away rescheduled between Fulham away and West Ham away Fulham Away – Sun 21st Everton Away – Wed 24th West Ham Away – Sat 27th 3 away games in 7 days. When City go away to Spurs, it’ll be midweek, there’s not many places they can fit it in. Don’t see the issue, all 3 clubs have 10 PL games across the same timeframe. At least we go: Wolves away – Sat 20th Chelsea home – Tue 23rd Spurs Away – Sun 28th I expect we’ll struggle with the schedule if the injuries start… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

Mourinho linked with Chelsea and Bayern. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…


Rich Look, be honest with yourself. The only reason why they set up the schedule like it is, IS to screw us over. You have Man Cheatty trying to pay their way for another win through corrupting PGMOL and ‘pool with Klopps’ farewell tour. You should know better that everyone is trying to trip us over due to our excellent football. Don’t be disingenuous about this. Where I will agree with you, is that the whole team has to stay focused despite this bullshit. And Tets will ensure that this happens. We want to be at the top, the team… Read more »


TLDB10 There’s only 2 places they could have rescheduled the Chelsea fixture, playing Chelsea after they play City at Wembley, is hardly the worst timing. I don’t care where they put it.. Liverpool play 3 away games across 7 days in the same week. But they’re apparently screwing us over by giving us 2 extra days than Liverpool?.. If City play Spurs in the last week.. We have that week free to prepare for Everton. When they have to play 3 games in 7-8 days. The schedule at this stage of the season is brutal whether they put Chelsea between… Read more »


[Diss:] …and city don’t have the squad quality they once had.

And having problems sourcing spare parts for their cyborg…


Fair point Rich.

Didn’t see it this way and didn’t look at pools,’ schedule.

It will be interesting to see how the team will hold up to this challenge.

It is still a tough and rough run in, however much you cut it.

But it will do the team some good to get used to these schedules..


Pedro It’s not about Spurs.. The reality is that if we want to compete for the PL + CL simultaneously at this stage of the season.. Then we need the ability to navigate 12–14 games in 50 days, we have the squad, my concern is robustness + availability of 4-5 players. It’s the same schedule for Liverpool.. But City have 13-15 games, as they have a FA Cup Semi Final to navigate as well. They put City’s rearranged game with Brighton the same midweek we play Chelsea, and Liverpool to away to Everton. The only remaining gap left for City… Read more »


Our fixture against Chelsea. Liverpool’s Merseyside derby away to Everton City away to Brighton. We’re all scheduled for match day 29. But all got rearranged due to the FA Cup Quarter Finals, and all those fixtures have been rearranged for the exact same midweek. I don’t see how anyone can have a problem with that?.. City are in the Semi Final against Chelsea, which means their game against Spurs gets pushed. Had Wolves beat Coventry, our fixture would have been pushed, as would Liverpool’s away game to Fulham. But since Wolves got done at home, and Liverpool got dumped by… Read more »


I don’t know much about how the dynamic of club manager, player, country manager works. But, in the current scenario, Arteta / Edu should be on the phone to Rice, emphasising to him, the importance of Arsenals current league position, Rice’s importance to the squad, and the benefit or lack of, of playing in a dead rubber Belgium game. And Rice should not take a second to opt out of that useless game. His bills are being paid by the Arsenal. I mean, isn’t that stating the obvious or am I missing sth ?


I guess that Charlie Patino will have the chance to impress Arteta in the coming pre-season this summer and if a year on loan at Swansea has done the trick and he can hold his own with the seniors then he’ll be grafted into the senior squad, not least because the squad needs at least 8 home trained players and if 3 or 4 move on the room will be there for him to fill.


Pedro The 6 fixtures that were pushed back in match day 29 due to the FA Cup Quarter Final, have all been rescheduled for the exact same midweek. Arsenal vs Chelsea Brighton vs City Everton vs Liverpool Wolves vs Bournemouth Palace vs Newcastle Man Utd vs Sheffield United The Spurs vs City game was scheduled for Matchday 34.. The same weekend as the FA Cup Semi Final. Spurs vs City United vs Newcastle Brighton vs Chelsea Will all need to be rearranged, Had Wolves beaten Coventry, and Liverpool beaten United, our PL games that weekend would have been pushed back… Read more »


All I care about is Rice staying healthy, horse face will play him the full 90!

Let the spuds have a month off, it will surely help with match sharpness, spuds will spuds it, and have someone pull up injured in practice before the game.

Get the inters over a quickly as possible.

Canadian Gooner

It is what it is. No use belly aching. We just need to keep getting results. An argument can definitely be made that 2 weeks off is to long and can be just as much as a hindrance as it is a benefit. Just depends on how the team responds to that break.


Isn’t Puma an English brand? Or Reebok?

I know they’re not the biggest names, but the FA should use them and insist on affordable merch prices as well


Arsenal’s fixture schedule is a consequence of our continued participation in the Champions League. Realistically we have to accept overload at this stage of the season if we expect to play in competitions outside EPL. I suspect that Arsenal withdrew a lot of players from International duty for precisely this reason even for marginal twinges!!! The fact that Partey and Tomiyasou were the only first team squad players who participated in QPR friendly confirms that Arsenal gave the bulk of our squad a rest. The major concern for me is that several of our squad players are frankly not good… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Emiratesstroller, the gulf between our bench and Man city is not what it once was.. Even a big expensive name player like Grealish on their bench… does he produce as well as Trossard? I didn’t look up the stats… but I don’t think it’s even close. Not many clubs have squad players that are near as good as their own first 11, of course. But almost no team has squad players at our high level because we’re incredibly good at what we do to opponents. There has to be a drop off from our starters. My only complaint is that… Read more »


Nigel Tufnel


However, we have quite a tough run in until end of season and we will need to put out a strong team in most of those games.


Reebok is not a UK sports kit maker, Adidas purchased it way back.
The only UK sports makers left are Umbro and Castore, both of whom are renown for making shitty and crappy apparel.
Maybe the FA should have settled on Castore, they can supply jerseys that are sweat-holding, which will weigh 5kgs after a few minutes of activity.

Let it be known that the FA approved that Nike jersey before it was released, that fact was missing in all the faux patriotic anger that ensued.

Last edited 18 days ago by Dissenter

What I absolutely love about Kai at CF is that he’s so young still. He’s still 24 yo. Nagelsmann himself said that Kai has developed a lot at Arsenal in that position. What’s stopping him from progressing even more?

With how barren the CF market is, I’m making a case to bring a top young CF, 16, 17, 18 yo, let him stay on loan with his team similar to Saliba or to how the biggest Brazilian talents are nurtured. And give the #9 starting position to King Kai.


Reebok was English but sadly now exported first to Adidas and is now owned by ABG and has its HQ in Boston. Puma is and always has been German


the Kid Endrick who scored against England is already on RM rolls. How is that we are missing on such deals? Edu should be looking at such deals. Haven’t had anyone worth his salt after Martinelli.


Raptora – that is an argument but I think Arteta will want to step up another level. He wants what he thought he had in Jesus but with better availability and a more clinical approach in the box. We also have the possibility of Biereth returning as a no2 striker and a year or so behind him Chido Obi, who could be one of our most awesome Hale Enders ever It is however a long season if you’re going for all honours and the flexibility and availability that Kai brings will be needed for no 9 as well as an… Read more »


NB: “He wants what he thought he had in Jesus but with better availability and a more clinical approach in the box.” That’s the difference between Jesus and Luis Suarez but that’s a generational player. Other than Mbappe – Real Madrid bound most probably, who else is a CF talent of such magnitude? I don’t think there is anyone so I don’t see how such an approach would work. Any CF deal that we are looking at atm, will come with compromises. There isn’t an ideal CF out there – like Henry and Suarez. We should see how Kai performs… Read more »

Last edited 18 days ago by raptora

There were no forward links I’ve liked, that’s why I’ve been pretty cold on it. But I’ve really liked the recent links to Rodrygo, normally i’d dismiss that rumour out of hand, but if Real Madrid sign Mbappe, they’re also signing Endrick.. Maybe they’ll sacrifice a forward next summer?.. He’s more what I would look for in a forward, rather than what many seem to want from a stylistic standpoint Versatile, can play across the front line, drop into pockets, has a low centre of gravity. I’ve never been sold on a centred forward who stays central, occupies the penalty… Read more »


I like Rodrygo as well. He’s not scored enough this season and that’s a worry. He’s scored 8 goals in 6 games, which means he’s not scored in about 20 other games. Just 5 assists as well.

He’s 23 yo. Very young, so talented. I’m a fan.

He’ll cost a ton and I’m not sure if he’ll even be available. Mbappe might won to play on the LW with Vini on the RW and Rodrygo at CF.

We should be on the lookout for sure but yeah…


Rap – you’re looking at it from the perspective of a fan with possibly a day job – that’s the job of Edu and his team to find that player No one on here was screaming for Kai to be added last year. His signing came with a collective sigh or even outrage The same happened years ago when we signed Henry. He was then a bit of a lightweight right winger who Wenger thought could play at CF. There will be the type of player we want at the right price. Who that is I couldn’t say but I… Read more »


Even when we had Henry there were calls to find the fox in the box because Henry missed a few great chances in the 2001 Cup Final

Those calls came from Henry too!

And we ended up with Jeffers and then realised we had the best all along


Sérgio Conceição allegedly attacked a referee and the mayor of Huelva in the final of a children’s football tournament in Spain, where a Porto youth team was participating, per @eldesmarque .

He initially said a few words to the referee and was even prevented from entering the field by security guards.

He is some guy isn’t he.


Rodyrgo is just a redux of Jesus, a less versatile one.
He’s a lousy finisher, never seen anyone at a top club miss more simple chances.
The best thing about Artedu is that we don’t but names or reputation..


Not all sports can boast that… especially Formula 1 that is having audience issues this season and people switch off. My wife loves the F1, she has been watching it since she was like 13/14 but I can’t be doing with it. For me the dominance of the Schumacher years were horrendous! I couldn’t have been more bored by it. It was terrible when Schumacher dominated. It was terrible when Hamilton dominated. It’s terrible now Verstappen is dominating. I’ve never understood why they can’t level the playing field here, unless, the driver really does make that much difference. I don’t… Read more »

Positive Pete

Raptors.Hes a complete prick.Ought to be managing Chelsea. Uncanny Similarities with the other Portuguese eye gouger they employed.


Amy Lawrence – A new Arsenal mural popped up last week in the Highbury area of north London. Adorning a boarded-up corner building on Blackstock Road, a short walk from the club’s Emirates Stadium, it is by the local street artist Northbanksy. Ben White, William Saliba, Gabriel Magalhaes and Jakub Kiwior are lined up, staring intently and menacingly, silently eyeing up the opposition. It is a strong impression, a moody, monochrome image from the tunnel at Bramall Lane just before Arsenal pummelled hosts Sheffield United 6-0 earlier this month. Is this image of intimidation a coincidence? Hardly. Not only has… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Northbanker: “I think however that a 9 that works hard as well as being clinical in addition to Kai as an 8 will give us the most powerful combination” strong agreement from me. – also Kai as the industrious false 9 with the addition of a very good midfielder could make equal sense. This is all made possible because ofHavertz versatility and he works so hard in midfield and off the ball in general. It also works because if we need time to bed in a midfielder to our structure, we have Jorginho still around to cover at the start… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Another one I have to quote,


“Instead of a centre forward who the rest of the attack is setup to feed, it’s better to have a centre forward, or a double 10, designed to facilitate the rest of our attack.
Flat not interested in a moments player, energy + aggression out of possession is an absolute necessity.

This is what I’ve been saying all along…. against those dreaming of that degenerate lump Toney and over rated Isak. Both players guaranteed to bring us down 2 levels in quality of play and lose our dominance….
No thanks.


Agree Nigel but absolutely no one was clamouring for us to sign Kai last year. There were a few who were pro when we did and you indeed may be one (I have no interest in trawling archives to see who said what) I certainly wasn’t excited by his signing (but I did try to keep an open mind) but happy to be pleasantly surprised ( an exact replica of my reaction to signing Henry in 1999!!) Point is that none of us are properly positioned to make these assessments. We’re all amateurs when it comes to talent spotting Despite… Read more »

Bob N16

Agree Northbanker, Arteta and Edu have shown that they can identify a player that both suits our play and our dressing room. I’m confident in their ability to improve the squad further this summer.


Amy Lawrence article reminded of this 20yr retrospective on the invincibles, I’m glad Arteta trying to bring back intimidation energy before kick-off. ———- “They were a team of giants,” says former Wolves midfielder Alex Rae, who checks in at 5ft 6in (168cm). “I remember standing there with Colin Cameron who, believe it or not, is shorter than me. We turned, saw Vieira and Petit, then turned back to each other. ‘Look at the size of these boys!’ “It was like the Billy Connolly sketch where we’re the two wee Scottish guys saying: ‘Let’s get into them,’ and then you’ve got… Read more »


Via Chris Wheatley:

France boss Didier Deschamps on William Saliba:

“He is having a good season, but he also does things that I don’t like so much.”


Without wishing to spoil a great story Petit wasn’t part of the Invincibles – Gilberto replaced him in 2002



Didier Deschamps is a complete dinosaur in terms of management.

So, him not liking what Saliba does is no great surprise here

That can only be beneficial to us that he is not selected but I think Bill deep down will be disappointed to he is not going to be selected (as he deserves it) due to the national coach not appreciating how he plays.


Martín Zubimendi is on Bayern’s list. Talks with the player’s management have already taken place. Bayern see in him a similar profile to Xabi Alonso. The Spaniard is also interested in a potential move to Munich. Real Sociedad want the amount of €60m release clause to be paid – at the moment, that’s too expensive for Bayern, but the fee could be generated through sales. Arsenal are also after Zubimendi. ________________________________ I read somewhere that Xabi’s preference would be Bayern over Liverpool which might be smart of him cause the fella after Klopp will have a very rough time. If… Read more »


Deschamps is not a good manager. I’ve never liked him. He lucked out with a superb generation in France and a bad generation in the favorites of yesteryear like Brazil, Germany, Spain.

His national team plays pragmatic football, not too different than Southgate. Both limited.

Imagine saying he doesn’t like some things in Saliba but picks Upamecano instead – big LOL! Pavard as well.

Saliba is a superstar CB with 2 top seasons in the toughest league in the world. Young, hungry, can only grow and become a leader in time. But no, let’s play that abomination Upa instead. Joke.

Last edited 18 days ago by raptora

Deschamps public comments on Saliba tell me what I’ve known for years. He’s a fucking hack who has his favorites and got lucky with the French job. Clown would still be picking varane if he didn’t retire


“He is having a good season, but he also does things that I don’t like so much.”

Yeah one of the best CB’s in Europe but let’s change some things about him to get deschamps to like him. Look stick with upamecano getting sent off and costing Bayern games and stick with konate who only plays when Matip is injured and let’s move on


Deschamps is a fucking idiot…… which is great for us if Saliba gets less game time.


Saliba is rated as the most expensive CB in the world (along with Ruben Dias).

Saliba – €80m
Upamecano – €60m
Koundé – €50m
Pavard – €50m
Konate – €45m

Wilo is a main part of the best defence in England but he’s not good enough. Okay buddy.


Sun journo on twitter –

“My understanding is that interest in Ousmane Diomande is ongoing. #AFC among those interested. There is an expectation Diomande will leave Sporting this summer. Arsenal assessing situation. Full report to come.”

Last edited 18 days ago by jwl

Why would we spend that sort of money on a CB? Far greater priorities elsewhere


It doesn’t look like we are about to sell any of our defenders and then we have Jurrien Timber, who is essentially a new signing, for next season
We are not signing any more defenders in 2024-25.

Partey is leaving so we are signing a top central midfielder
Jesus’s injury and Eddie’s looming exit predisposition means we are signing a center forward
Saka will probably get some competition


“I would like to stay at Arsenal for a long time,” “It’s a good club, I can feel that I’m getting much better in training”.

Chido Obi looks set to sign scholarship with Arsenal despite Dortmund etc sniffing round – 10 goals in 10 u18 games and looks set to hit u21s next season. This lad could be massive for us in 2 years or so


Jesus in for saka and trossard in for Martinelli would not be the end of the world if they are carrying injuries, in fact if Kyle walker is fit i would suggest that Trossard would cause him more problems as he has a few more tricks up his sleeve and doesn’t just rely on pace to beat the full back, plus of course trossard is 2 footed. David Raya could be vital for us at the weekend as he is a keeper who is not rooted to his line and will look to anticipate any crosses into the box, his… Read more »


Agreed about the absence of Martinelli
He isn’t going to cause Walker problems with his pace.
Better to have him ready for the CL games

Saka, we will definitely miss
I wouldn’t play any of the former city boys against city though.
No Jesus for me.

Last edited 18 days ago by Dissenter
Nigel Tufnel


Even without the goals these highlights show why we are lucky to have him. Unique profile.

This is the stuff I was pointing out early on, but the geniuses were only looking for goal highlights. Clowns like Freddie Ljungberg were busy w*nking over Liverpools purchases.

Another bargain by Arteta buying from the top shelf of the premier league.


Can’t see us throwing Partey in against City, not unless our hand was forced through absences.

He hasn’t started a competitive game since August.

Came back to first team training on 25th of January, didn’t make the bench until the 4th March.

60 minutes at home to Luton might be a good start for him, as we’re going to need him to take at least some of the workload during the run in.


The home game against Luton isn’t a given though
They pushed us away from home and are getting some unexpected results.
Party is probably better closing out games that are already won

Guns of SF

Not sure why Gabriel is not in the same convo as Saliba. He is a great. Honestly both of them are equals in my eyes. one chases, one stays back more. Great team work

Guns of SF

Does anyone know exactly what partey suffered from? Was it a tear of some sort? Missing almost the entire season is serious injury


For City game must be Jorginho- Rice – Odegaard in midfield and Havertz and Trossard up front with I guess Vieira at RW if Saka missing

Nelson to come on no later than mid second if FV making little impression



A thigh or quad tear I believe, he looked rustyyyy in the last game he came in.

Top player when healthy and we will do well to get him up to speed for the run in!


Apologise – no more politics. I will talk footy from now on if i post. Arsenal do well – we do well. We have lots of games – Jorginho – a master certainly late on this season will balance us. Be balanced – points dropped and won – last 3 games – we go hard . 9 points are the key here. We – consolidate and win those 9 points. That’s our win regardless of games before- they are difficult but it’s the last 3 where we do it. We can also consolidate and move on in the EURO. Be… Read more »

Logie Bear

Evening all. Whilst delighted to read that Saliba isn’t likely to play this week for the French NT, I’m perplexed and annoyed (but somehow not surprised) that apparently Rice is not only playing against Belgium tomorrow, but will captain the team as it’s his 50th cap…!
Great personal accolade and all that, but so much for hoping he might be rested….?!


it would seem as though this northbanker fella massively overrates mika biereth. i would suggest taking a look at his underlying numbers — at age 21 — in the austrian bundesliga. he’s nowhere near what we need. i’d also advise the members of this blog that gyokeres is not worth anywhere close to his $100MM release clause. his underlying numbers in portugal at age 25 are nowhere near darwin nunez prior to his purchase by liverpool at a younger age, and he did nothing of exceptional note in the championship from either an actual g/a perspective or an underlying numbers… Read more »


I suppose you wouldn’t know this Pedro but in1887/8 season we played Grove House in the London Senior cup – we played at the sportsman ground in Plumstead. Beardsley and Bates. To quote ‘ Bates was known as an iron headed man becos of his regular use of his forehead , an uncommon trait during a period when match balls , wrought out if thick , heavy leather and laced with chunky strands of harsh rigging , were almost deadly ( especially when caked in drying mud and or/ice)’We won 4- nil.


why did you moderate my comment about gyokeres and biereth pedro?

Nigel Tufnel

If we want to convince Zubimendi to join Arsenal over Bayern, we have the opportunity to show him the improvement in both Havertz and Rice after one season in our setup…

Most importantly, we can beat Bayern head to head… and show him hes being recruited by the most stable management position around.

On top of that.. if he’s really the one Arteta wants, we can pay a little above the release clause, especially if Bayern is having trouble meeting it… then of course Sociedad would guide him towards us.


I think havertz has over time demonstrated himself to be an excellent signing. He’s adding genuine value to our starting 11 and can play in CM or CF which is great I find him quite hard to watch because there’s a kinda jankiness to him that I can never put my finger on. He always looks like he’s about to lose balance or give the ball away or something maybe. He never quite looks right or convincing. But it doesn’t matter how you look it matters what you do. He’s a nailed on starter at the moment and rightly so.… Read more »


I don’t agree with the majority here on Saliba

I understand the thinking that it’s better for Arsenal if he has less games, but a happy and fulfilled Saliba is better for Salba and therefore Arsenal

Blanco aside, most players would be desperate to play for their country.



” I think credit needs to be earned and not afforded for free.”

You’ve been out of England for too long 🙂


Pretty sure Southgate will play Rice for at least 70 mins just to be contrarian trying to win a pointless friendly to make belief he knows what he’s doing


I hope Southgate isn’t planning to play Declan Rice for 90 minutes today, he can’t use the excuse of captaincy to run him into the ground.
surely he can’t fail to sub him off after the hour, other players need a run in and the lad just needs to get a breather.

Used to respect Southgate but now I can’t look past the target he put on BW’s back.


Fabrice Hawkins said that Saliba is expected to start against Chile today. Maybe he’ll be able to play to the incredible requirements of Deschamps.


On a side note, I love Rice but he’s a bit too much currently giving, what it feels, a few interviews daily. I think he’s an excellent character, an honest person and that’s why he answers every question he’s asked as sincerely as he can, while sometimes maybe the better option is to not talk about stuff that might be a sensitive topic to someone. Declan Rice on Ben White’s situation:  “When I get back to Arsenal I can have a conversation with him and see the ins and outs and see what he thinks. I would love him to… Read more »


I expect Saliba to stop and listen to whatever criticisms Deschamps has of him. He’s a young defender who’s still improving all the time. The idea that he’s somehow above criticisms is pretty childish and borderline dumb if anyone has earned the right to critique any current French player in their national team set up, it is Didier DeschampsThe man captained France to win their first WC and as manager has won their second WC and third Euro championship Some of you need to stop being so over-protective of Saliba with all these undue exquisite sensitivities to anyone criticizing him.… Read more »


“He is having a good season, but he also does things that I don’t like so much. For France, he has limited game time, but when he plays, that hasn’t necessarily gone well. The hierarchy doesn’t favour him at the moment, but he is here. Dayot Upamecano has had game time and perhaps William has had less. With certain players, I make sure to persevere, because it can be confidence or little blockages that can shift. Some don’t have any concerns, some need game time. William has had less game time, so that doesn’t allow him to be very calm.”… Read more »


Rice playing again today after a 90 min shift against Brazil is a worry. He has been robust but wouldnt want him to overexert himself coming towards the business end of the season.


I agree with you about the Rice comments
‘He’s a bit too plain, there are some questions that need deflecting or reflecting upon, not answered publicly.

Josip Skoblar

Saliva not playing for France is not good news for us. The boy will be disgruntled. Deschamps always plays his favourites. He is stubborn and out of touch. How can you snub the best CB in the world? What an idiot.