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Honestly man, what more can you say about this Arsenal team? They hit Sheffield United for 6. Sure, they are the worst team in the league this season, but this result was no freak, it was the 8th consecutive half of football we’ve scored two or more goals in. This game was just more of the same.

7 games. 31 goals. 3 conceded. Wow.

Arsenal have moved into a new zone – the slaughterhouse zone. Last year, one of our biggest weaknesses was playing with our food and sometimes losing it. In 2024, the team has developed a ruthless hunger in games, so voracious, we’re swallowing prey whole like a komodo dragon eating a baby goat (do not search that on tiktok).

I thought we’d need a few more years or some fancy/expensive striker to show us the way there. I was wrong. We just needed Salt Bae and some Dubai sun to get the wheels of progress rolling at 100mph.

We now have the best goal difference in the league by 6. The team people were slamming in December for predictable slow football are now tearing the opposition apart like T-rex when they put that goat out for him (I and doing goats wrong today).

It’s so brutal, I’m shocked we haven’t heard Jamie Carragher or Gary Neville piping up about the unfairness of it all.

The thing I love about this moment in time is it came from good coaching and a shot of belief. Most fans thought we’d need to buy our way out of this moment when the truth was closer to ‘everyone needs to chip in like they did last season.’

The big question over December was whether last season was an aberration. People on my very own podcast were saying things like ‘we have to face it, the start of last season was possibly a blip, we have regressed to where we should be this season.’ How wrong could Matt Kandela be?

We had 5 scorers yesterday, it would have been 6 if the refs hadn’t stolen a goal from Kiwior. That is so impressive.

Everyone played to a really high level. There was no drop-off. We were 3-0 up after 15 minutes and we didn’t stop. The pressure on the ball was suffocating, the accuracy of our passing was unstoppable, and the waves of attack just didn’t stop.

There’s only one team in the world that could handle us on a day like that and that’s Manchester City. Not even the luck monsters at Anfield could handle that sort of showing.

But, here’s the rub. We’re still nestled in the pack with three teams. Spurs and Villa close behind. All these magnificent wins don’t seem to matter because everyone in the top 5 keeps on winning.

The good news? We’re massive underdogs for the Premier League win. I like being labelled that. There’s no pressure between Klopp’s farewell tour and Pep’s monster machine. We have nothing to lose. Arsenal can play freely knowing that there’s no shame not catching two massive teams.

The league is also in our hands to a certain degree. Liverpool won’t sustain their run. They’ve had too much luck and they are burning red hot. They’ll fade at some point and the two teams that are performing pretty closely to their underlying metrics will takeover. So if we can beat Manchester City and rock their difficult run-in, who knows what could happen.

Back to the game.

  • Kai Havertz scoring a proper #9 goal
  • Ben White letting rip with a screamer
  • Bukayo Saka being a big man again
  • Martinelli leaning into his outrageous form with another fleetfooted goal
  • Our 4 centre backs making things very difficult for Tomi, Zinchenko, and Timber who could all be back by the end of the month (Tomi/Zinchenko for Brentford).
  • Another Raya cleansheet (and a nice save from him)

The most compelling part of this run-in is we have players coming back into the fold instead of exiting. Our players look fit, not gassed. The cameos might have been mostly average, but Sheffield United is the place to see that. We can give those names more time against Brentford, then hopefully the club with throw a few closed door games on the agenda during that 19 day break.

We’re in a proper title race. What more could you ask for from a team this young?

Let’s see what they have for the Brentford game!

See you in the comments! x

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Wicked Willy

Ethan Nwaneri given his age, can be involved in the senior squad next season and for about the next 4 seasons without having to be recorded as one of our 25 man squad.

Bob N16

Rich, you’re right to mention ESR’s minutes or lack of them but as supporters, we’re allowed to be sentimental. The reality is that if Arteta doesn’t fancy him, there’s not a lot of point keeping him.

Sociedad playing tonight, might do some scouting on Zubi as well as hopefully seeing KT!


I think that it is highly unlikely that Luiz will join us next season particularly if Aston Villa qualify for Champions League. Also I suspect that his transfer fee would be extortionate. Arsenal are likely to spend more than half their transfer budget on one major signing, which is likely to be a centre forward. That is going to cost at least £80-100 million. It should not be forgotten that if Arsenal exercise the option to buy Raya we have already committed to spend £27 million of our summer budget on this player. So I think that Arsenal will have… Read more »


Arsenal fans need to get this into their heads ESR is gone in the summer. He should have been sold last summer he’s not wanted or contributing it is what it is time to move on.

NJ Gooner

Sorry if it’s already been mentioned, but I just read that the supercomputer has us favored to win the title by goal difference on 86 points over Liverpool. First time I’ve seen that projection this season.

Yesterday was magnificent. But my one worry was Partey who gave the ball away several times and moved like I would on the pitch.


Savage “I remember when Chelsea hit that purple patch under Ancelotti and were scoring 7 every game. It didn’t last. We need to enjoy this patch while it lasts. It’s rare for even top teams to keep up the kind of intensity we showed in that first half.” My rebuttal to this is that what you are seeing is far from a purple patch. Tets has coached and drilled this team to play like this. What we are now seeing is the fruits of all this hard work. I genuinely think that there will be more to come until the… Read more »



Re Raya, I am pretty certain that Arteta has said yes and that we will commit the £27m for him this Summer.

He has been playing very well lately and I doubt that Arteta will suddenly want to pivot away from him comes the end of the season.

As for a CF I imagine Artedu are looking for someone who can create something out of nothing and be lethal in front of goal to unlock very deep blocks.

Not sure what kind of player could fit the bill here.


[eb:] “Partey made a few errors but…”

…Cedric gets credit for the pre-error on each of them!


Yep, Ced Soares is definitely the King of hospital passes. And hospital passes to a dude just out of the hospital .. is even worse.


The PSG press is high level at moment, our boys at Sociedad cant live with it.


Watching the Harry Kane.. Tuchel redemption tour myself. With a little Matty G…. hair flopping for some side action.


I gave you that thumbs down Middy… it was me.


Haha I should get a thumbs down just for saying Harry Kane. Let’s be honest.

Eboues Bank Account

Lazio look a bit immobile


Ya .. if this score holds and we can get by Porto .. I would love to draw Bayern.. I think we could put them to the sword.

Brian Muff

Ha! Guns of H is a troll. The penny’s dropped…that’s the only reason he comes on here. Chuck a few grenades in and fuck off again. Lovely.

Well done you. 👏


Champions League is so underwhelming, nothing much of interest happens until the quarter finals.


I haven’t looked at the Serie A .. table lately but I’m assuming Lazio is nowhere near the top.. they don’t even look slightly like scoring when it’s a must score situation.


Lazio are poor.
I’ve seen Bundesliga bottom dwellers trouble Bayern more than this.
Bayern don’t press very well, are themselves susceptible to pressing.
Don’t play well as a team generally and mostly rely on individual talents brilliance.
I’d fancy us against them


This tied dusted worst ive seen from Zubimendi this evening, just not clicking for him on any front. And with that hooked with 10 + to play.


“Arsenal Women filling up stadiums, Arsenal Men emptying them…stunning work”. – Jessica Eve Kennedy via @X

Josip Skoblar

PSG did a very professional job tonight. They are better than last year. M’Bappe scored the two goals. He has now scored 34 goals in… 34 games so far this season. Unbelievable. Let’s bring him to Arsenal, and he will be the new Thierry Henry. ☺️

Nigel Tufnel

Ornstein and Clarke good discussion.

Not great if you were an Arteta hater, cynic, or one of les miserables.

Nigel Tufnel

Watch and learn something. Pedro was right about xg and similar stats.

Imagine footballers around the world watching how Rice and Havertz are producing… they will dream of coming to Arsenal under Arteta. The generational, galaxy brain.


Happy to see Arteta prove everyone wrong.

Pretty much every arsenal fan and most neutrals – pro or anti Arteta- thought the club needed to sign a striker in January to compete seriously this season.

Well, it appears a week in Dubai has made the whole team acquire the finishing skills of peak Ian Wright.

Amazing really.


13 August 2021: Brentford 2, Arsenal 0

Time to fuel the team bus for the next stop on the Mikel Arteta Revenge Tour.



It’s still difficult to scroll through the comments.

Please look into it.

Nigel Tufnel

Legendary, I’ll make a prediction.. not about this season.. (the fix is in for Liverpool).. Arsenal will win the league next season by 7-10 points….. As long as we don’t go buy a big lump of a striker like so many grovers wanted. We only need to add some quality to replace Partey and one wide forward to supplement Martinelli/Saka. –That’s Eddie and maybe Nelson being improved on and maybe sold. I still think Nelson will be a great player if he gets plenty of starts somewhere. Not gonna happen with spotty minutes… same with Smith Rowe IF he can… Read more »


“Rich, remembering Marko saying Arteta was the worst premier league manager – and that he’d prefer sean dyche.” Lol, at that time Arteta was the worst PL manager in the league (given he was managing such a big club). We was playing the worst football ever by an Arsenal team and should have been last in the league, really, if not for institutional advantage. At some point in that season, we went 3 months without a win. People HAVE BEEN RIGHT to shit on Arteta. No Arsenal manager has been as bad as him. His lows were the lowest. A… Read more »


Mysticleaves what a comment!!!. Arteta has been here 5 years soon. He didn’t start last season. Pedro in December was saying trophies lack context and saying we should compete after pep leaves just to defend how things were going, now saying I told you so. Judge a coach on sporting merit not vibes. Last season we should have won the league yet Pedro making excuse of us being ahead of schedule. All this rich vein of form and yet many fans are still afraid to demand for a trophy this season but say they like the underdog tag. Fear of… Read more »

Bob N16

‘Fans are still afraid to demand for a trophy’ What does this mean? Are you suggesting that Arteta should be out if we don’t win something this season and if we don’t that in some way we are not demanding enough? Sometimes posters confuse other supporters views, including Pedro, and plant them on Arteta and Arsenal. Do you genuinely not think that Arsenal( I include KSE and Arteta) are doing their upmost to win something this season? The only certainly is that it’ll be a monument achievement if we were to get past the current PL, CL and World Club… Read more »


Nigel Tufnel

We are in a very good place at the moment providing that we don’t get a
spate of injuries as we did at tail end of last season.

There are three serious contenders for the title. So it will be pot luck who
finish top.

Arsenal could finish the season with the most points achieved by club
since the EPL began. More goals scored than ever before and the best
defensive record in league and still not win the title.


Here are stats of our Invincible side.

P38 W26 D12 L0 F73 A26 +47 Pts 90

We have scored already 68 goals this season so I expect the team to
better the Invincibles in that department and also better our best total despite absence of prolific goalscorer.

Bob N16

‘I expect the team to better the Invincibles in that department’

I think 6 goals in 9 games is doable the way we are playing!

Nigel Tufnel

I thought I had seen it all from les miserables here. Then I come and see the most childish comments from the usual suspects, mysticleavesand benhind. They think that any other manager, or likely a combination of managers would have produced this squad, or anything close, in a few years time? I call them childish because it takes the understanding level of a child to have been given this gift of this current team, and still whinge and complain and shit on the man who is most responsible for it. Imagine any intelligent person looking at this team, at where… Read more »


When we had Henry we were nevertheless crying out for a fox in the box – a natural goal scorer

This followed the 2001 CupFinal when Henry missed some great opportunities to score and he therefore felt we needed an out and out goal machine

We got Francis Jeffers – nuff said. Henry remained our principal point of attack and telepathy between him and Pires and Bergkamp saw us through some golden years (though not long enough)


That said, had we shopped at Harrods rather than Woolworths (words of Mark Lawrenson I think) and bought Van Nistelrooy instead, who knows what might have happened to our trophy haul


Nigel – couldn’t agree more. Benkind and Mystic’s pitiful and ungrateful comments are quite disgraceful. They are not real fans

Last edited 1 month ago by Northbanker

Nigel, you think the world owed Liecester or potentially Leverkusen anything. When you have an opportunity you take it. Are you saying Arteta should be in a job at Arsenal for life? If you think 4 years without a trophy is acceptable then no need to debate. The eduardo season when we were close, I don’t remember 5 matches from that season. I still remember games from our invincible season. That is the difference. When there is an opportunity to win you don’t relent you push. Chelsea have 2 UCL we have zero you think fans care that they sacked… Read more »


Mystic.. yeh we were bad but that sometimes happens when a new manager has to do a re build which as you may know doesn’t happen overnight

Brian Muff

Benkind, your outlook on Arsenal and football generally is that of a young child. How old are you?

The reason for asking is that no adult wants to argue with a 14 year old, and it might help put your comments into context.



B Muff
Out of interest, what was your take on wenger staying or going…


Nigel I’ll make a prediction.. not about this season.. (the fix is in for Liverpool).. I am with you on your comment that you made last night. In a funny way, I have 0 expectations for this season. I am saying this from a realistic perspective as we do have 2 very experienced rivals who have been there and done it. You are right that the bastards at PGMOL are going to try a favor ‘pool, as per their last game, to make that Klopp farewell tour a reality. But ES is right in saying that it is still very… Read more »


I don’t demand trophies outright, I only ever demand that the club is giving 100% to be as good as it can be For a club the size of arsenal and with the resources we have, that means when we get things right (we are this last 18 months) we’ll be competitive And competitive teams, as long as there are not extenuating circumstances or a bottle job mentality will sometimes win trophies So I won’t be angry if we win nothing at all this season as long as it’s not because we got complacent and totally bottled it. As long… Read more »


Benkind I suggest that you take a close look at the results and stats when the Invincibles were undefeated and won League Title. They DREW 12 games and finished with 90 points. The competition level in the League was not remotely comporable to what it is today. Arsenal finished 15 points ahead of the second place team that season. Our goals scored column that season was just 73 despite having a prolific scorer in Henry. We have scored already 68 goals this season with 11 games to go. It is likely that we will break our all-time goalscoring record which… Read more »


Gla I fully understand and appreciate the nuances of building a club for future purposes. All I was saying is that Pedro taking pot shots at people that doubted the process (when they had all the reasons to, by the way) is silly considering the even sillier excuses he has made for Arteta. If we finish 5th this season, Pedro already has a written post about why it’s a blip and why he should be given 3 more years. I’m sorry that’s not criticism. They have been many clubs that didn’t have to take 5 years to be within sight… Read more »


Nor am I interested in replying toads like Nigel


Only at the turn of the year Mystic was assuring me I was wrong for believing we had the required goals in the squad, and that we didn’t necessarily need a centre forward to stay central, occupy centre backs, and the penalty box. That we could instead isolate centre backs then attack the box from deep.. That unless we can secure one of the rare freaks, it’s better to have a centre forward to facilitate the rest of our attack.. Rather than have our attack setup to feed one player.. As there’s very few Suarez/Benzema types who can do the… Read more »


My biggest worry in January was the LB position. I wanted a LB to be recruited above any other position in the team including CF.

I couldn’t predict that our 4th or 5th choice LB (after Zina, Tomi, Timber and Tierney) will perform to the level he’s shown. I’m talking about Kiwior and I’m really impressed with him.

There is an issue though, having to rely on our 4th-5th choice LB.

Brian Muff

@Pierre, I loved Wenger but his time was up. I can see the argument he should’ve left much earlier but it doesn’t phase me, it’s done. Nothing stays the same and Arteta is now managing in a completely different era with completely different considerations. Comparing is largely pointless because the game has changed so much. For the record, I try to see and appreciate the bigger picture and look for enjoyment rather than entitlement. On current form I’d gladly give Arteta the foreseeable future to compete for trophies, because that’s what he’s actually doing. clearly. As soon as it gets… Read more »


This season isn’t so dissimilar to last season, last season going into the the game at anfield in the title run in we were on a run of 7 straight wins in the league, scoring 23 goals. Also, what isn’t dissimilar is that last season jesus was injured prior to our 7 match winning run, and of course this season he again is injured whilst hitting a run of form. Last season jesus was brought back into the staring line up and we were winless for 3 games and our season fell apart. Now if we are being a little… Read more »


“Only at the turn of the year Mystic was assuring me I was wrong for believing we had the required goals in the squad, ”

Why should it bother you what someone else thinks , you was touting for pochettino to replace Arteta back in Dec 2020 at the first sign of Arteta’s tactics and recruitment not working…..true ?

Marky Mark

Wenger , Wenger blah , blah , blah his managerial career finished with regular drubbings from our rivals.
Whilst at his peak Ferguson tended to surpass him. Why raise him now ?


My point would be that if you are calling Benkind childish for demanding trophies from the club/manager after a relatively barren spell and spending fortunes, then the same accusation could be aimed at all the wenger obsessives who spent years abusing wenger whilst he was competing with no money in comparison to chelsea , city and United….marko being a prime example.


And marky mark


The league circa 2003/04 might’ve been less competitive but Arsenal entered each competition with intend to win…….while also go undefeated in the league.

Meanwhile this season the league was a write off, according to Pedro and his pet poodle Nigel, as were the domestic cups. And the only CL requirement was not to let our pants shit their pants.

Also Stroller, not sure you’re aware but Sheffield are well on their way to conceding over a 100 goals in the league, and there are a bunch of shit teams just above them in the table as well.


B.Muff ‘, I try to see and appreciate the bigger picture and look for enjoyment rather than entitlement. On current form I’d gladly give Arteta the foreseeable future to compete for trophies, ” Totally agree , I’ve never called for either Wenger or Arteta out and yes Arteta is doing a fantastic job. I’ve always said that to win any trophy is an achievement, but many on here haven’t seen it that way and ridiculed Wenger’s domestic cup achievements and keeping us in europe for 20 odd years on the bounce. Competing for trophies is what it’s all about ,… Read more »

Bob N16

Tom, always there with a dose of reality to bring us down from our euphoric cloud.


The invincibles lost to Chelsea in the CL quarters, which was disappointing to say the least but always a crapshoot playing a domestic rival in the CL , just ask Pep.
Made semis in both domestic cups.
On the whole not the greatest outcome all things considered, but historic none the less.

Bob N16

Pierre, ‘competing for trophies’. We won lots of FA cups in the latter Wenger years but we weren’t really competing for the ‘big’ trophies.

Any silverware is welcome!


Bob, I didn’t realize shitting on the invincibles’ season was part of riding the euphoric cloud.


Great comment Nigel…

Admitting you’re wrong can be difficult but clinging to a clearly irrational viewpoint is worrying.

Remembering where we’ve come from is good for the soul. Repeating a narrative that is clearly wrong is desperate.


Rich You are a dunce. My arguements stack up well. We had the better player in Partey as far as 6s goes. And that’s irrespective of Rice has done for us. Rice coming as an attacking midfielder was a stupid idea. Still is. We have used him there in 2 or 3 games since Jorginho came in as 6 and he hasn’t been as dominating as he has been in the 6. It’s obvious he was bought as a 6 and Haverts at left 8. You must be a fool to think it’s a long term plan to keep Rice… Read more »


A day is coming we will start winning big trophies again and posters will not accept anything else. For now, it is just funny that you pay so much to supporting the team and you are okay with competing because winning is “entitlement”. I guess Arteta has a job for life. I wonder what Madrid, Barca, city, manu, bayern thinks. Many if our fans are specialist in failure and it is such a shame. It was all hypocrisy to sack wenger if we are saying “competing” is enough. For me, competing is never enough. You have to win and win… Read more »

Brian Muff

Rich may be a cold blooded, right wing capitalist pig, but a dunce he is not, at least not in regards to The Arsenal anyway.

Last edited 1 month ago by Brian Muff

Raptora “There is an issue though, having to rely on our 4th-5th choice LB.”

Not really – football is a fluid game and players ebb and flow in form. Kiwior may have ranked lower at the beginning of the season but he certainly isn’t now.

Brian Muff

You need to take those blinkers off @benkind. There’s so much more to see.

Also, using Jose’s diss at Wenger against your fellow fans here who happen to appreciate the nuances of competitive football isn’t a good look for you.


2 comments I saw on twitter: Straight up. Too many Arsenal fans have lowered the standard for Arteta when it was unacceptable under Wenger. That is the true definition of an agenda. ******* Wenger had the club in a far healthier position on the field too. Won X3 Fa Cups in his last five seasons compared to Artetas X1 dusty COVID cup. This lot that are enabling all of this are hilarious. Got zero interest in the club actually progressing on the field. Vibes FC ***** But like I said, many are specialist in failure. What wasn’t enough under wenger… Read more »

Brian Muff

Wenger was and is much loved. But the football became so stale and predictable, there was hardly any needle moving year on year. That is what drove fans crazy.

Like it or not, Arteta is fresh. He’s still new to us. He’s moving things forward all the time and that is an exciting thing to be a part of.

Sounds like Twitter is the forum where you’ll get your best kicks @benkind.

Brian Muff

…not to mention that most fans would say 4th this year would be a massive disappointment, which rather flies in the face of your claim that fans will accept a 4th for Arteta but not Wenger. It’s all context little fella.

But you guys are crazy. Go and have a look at the table and sort yourselves out now.

Last edited 1 month ago by Brian Muff

China1 I understand what you are saying, and I can only agree with your overall sentiment. But, my stance is also that for a club of our statuture, winning a trophy here and there should not be completely out of our reach. As I initially had said, it would be nice if we do have something to show for the excellent football that Arteta has the team playing within the next couple of seasons. And, considering how well we are playing, I don’t think it would be unreasonable to hope and see the team pull it off and win the… Read more »


Declan Rice as a 8 is fine when we are in counter-press mode and squeezing teams in their half. He adds to that swarming effect. The issue is when we invariably drop off, play deeper, and have to play through all thirds of the pitch to progress play. That’s when he potentially becomes a clunky fit, and our cohesion could suffer when he has to show for the ball in deeper areas with his back to play. Our level in general, when we have to play deeper, is still my big concern and I’m looking forward to next few months… Read more »



You are talking nonsense.

What has Man Utd won recently that you include in your list of great success.

Their last success in EPL was 10 years ago. This year they are likely to
finish 5th or 6th.

Frankly I have seen Arsenal teams who have won trophies under Bertie
Mee, George Graham and Arsene Wenger who are not half as good as
the current team.

So please stop putting the current team down.


Sad story about Gazza, he was a huge celebrity when I first arrived in UK.

“Paul Gascoigne has described himself as a “sad drunk” and said he is living in his agent’s spare room, as the football legend revealed the extent of his battle with alcohol addiction.

The former England midfielder, four years after having surgery to prevent him from consuming alcohol, says he continues to drink, often alone at home. He says he “let myself down” by turning to alcohol after he finished his playing career.”

Last edited 1 month ago by jwl

Brain Muff, he’s a dunce if he keeps willfully misrepresenting what I said to score cheap points.


What’s said about a legend who made a choice to be a drunk fuck? Smh. Much more truly sadder stories out there.


Supporters might be ok with not winning any major trophies over the next season or two because they enjoy our style, but our top players won’t be.

If we want to hold on to them and match their ambition(s), finishing runners up (or worse) again and again isn’t an option.


Don’t know if anyone on here has posted this, or if it’s true: Tomiyasu has signed a double your money deal. That’s 200k a week. I’m with Rich on this one. That’s a lot of money for an injury prone back up


Winning the CL is difficult, would be great if we could do it before they change the format next season. Guardiola failed to win it at Bayern, even though they did it the season before he arrived, and have since achieved it again. Took Guardiola 7 seasons to crack it at City. Klopp has knocked on the door plenty,but has lost 3 CL finals, and a Europa league final to Emery.. With the one win. We were one of the best teams in Europe between 1998 – 2004.. But it was 2006 that Wenger almost cracked it with an inferior… Read more »


Anything less than trophies is unacceptable


The WOB were mostly xenophobes( not all)



Reports say Tomi signed a new deal that puts him on 100k pw, not 200.

Still concerned with his injury record though…


This has been a good few weeks after some disappointing ones. Not sure that we are able to reach the heights necessary to beat Porto, City and United and media inspired refs. But one thing different we now know what our most effective side is. It’s one with Jorginho in . I want to see us try. Injury free defence is critical. We are capable of achieving things no one has yet seen. We need fresh players in every game. That might bring Jesus on for a wonder goal. As for Liverpool, it will be interesting. We have taken 4… Read more »