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Arsenal must beat Sheffield United this evening. No ifs, buts, or maybes.

I don’t care how the performance looks, the only thing that matters is exiting with 3 tasty points.

Liverpool lucked out again after some dreadful officiating at the weekend. Paul Tierney, after getting killed by Klopp in the media, was once again making up for it with game defining nonsense that allowed a 99th minute winner. Tragically, his punishment is to be put in the VAR booth for the Arsenal vs Brentford game. Who is making these decisions? That is a corruption of ethics and sporting integrity there. I hope Arsenal execs are forcefully banging the table on this one.

Back to Arsenal.

Mission 1. Win.

Mission 2. Escape without injuries.

This is a good game to get some action into the legs of Thomas Partey. We’ve not missed him. But his return will be vital to the run-in. He is capable of a 3 month stint. Then he’s out the door. Let’s say goodbye with a bang!

There hasn’t been a lot of movement in the first team – it’s a strong starting 11, it’s all about business.

But the bench is good. If we can score some early goals, then we should bring off the precious precious players and build the fitness of those that need it.

This game is massive, lose, and the title race is going to be very, very tough… we might even get drawn into a street fight for top 4 with Spurs and Villa.

Win, and it’s just another three points in the three-horse race.

Ok, see you in the comments!

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If we loose the leagues on goal difference…this half is to blame…could of been 10+ not that I’m complaining

Mr Serge

Partey is very rusty I have to say


80% possession.

Total dominance by The Arsenal!!

Let’s just go for that 7th goal please!!


Yeah that had to be expected considering how Partey hasn’t played for most of the season.

Perfect game to get him back into form.

It would be great if we can get him fit, ready and purring for the game vs Manure later on this season.

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Jesus..waste of space..


Jesus looks sharp, Partey a bit rusty but he’ll soon be up to speed.

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Jesus wants to create his own assists


Been very very impressed with Jakob Kvior… He’s been brilliant all year


Intensity gone out of the game long ago… hard to read anything into anything that’s happened last 25 mins. Getting some dudes minutes that’s about it. But Partey is well off the pace.


7 would have been nice, but the sub changes were always likely to cause a slight drop in sharpness.

Left Testicle

Who is he and what has he done with the real Thomas Partey?


Excellent 3 points.. and we move on.. unbelievable run of smashing victories.


Sell Partey, now


Good job padding that GD. Interesting weekend ahead. If the results fall our way, we could be in the lead.


Great performance, Jesus is soo over rated, in my opinion get rid….


Left Testicle

Think hard about it: Partey hasn’t played for most of the season due to injury.

This performance was be expected.

The Blades game was the perfect game to ease him carefully back into full time action.


Partey will pick up form with minutes. He is understandably going to be rusty to begin with.

Freddie Ljungberg

Partey’s been out for ages and comes on when we’re up 6-0 to get some minutes, not sure what people are expecting?

Excellent performance and result, only thing I’d wished to see is more integration of youth players in games like this.

Do we really need to see more of Cedric for example? Where’s Walters? Would much rather see Nwaneri gets minutes over Vieira too but that one i can at least understand us trying to squeeze some value out of Vieira.


Jesus came in the goals dried up, he’s a waste of space. He should never be on team list ahead of Tross and harvertz but this is where it gets tricky. Our aspiration goes down the drain should galaxy brain repeat the mistake of last season by playing Jesus ahead of Tross, well, I pray to be disappointed cos I’m on the side that galaxy brain will start playing Jesus ahead of Tross


SUGA3 and Goona:

Give them a break. They have not played a game in a while – Partey in months. Don’t be one of those fans looking for something to complain about despite such a crushing victory.


My take:
Keep Partey benched, he is not ready.
Keep Jesus benched, he needs to learn to pass a ball.
I was annoyed Veira getting a sub over Reiss and ESR but at least he has some sparks

Habesha Gooner

Job done. Fantastic away day. Gives me hope that we will do the same to Wolves and Brighton away too. The rest it will be United away and Spurs away and the big one vs City. I back us to win all our remaining home games.


Can see the crapheads on here slagging off Partey and Jesus
Both have not played for quite a while and will inevitably be rusty. They both showed great flashes of skill at times but those clueless idiots on here wouldn’t notice


Suga, you little ray of sunshine.

Josip Skoblar

Ecstatic! Arsenal, top of the world! Rice, my MOTM.


Harvertz was impressive again & Jesus is now going to struggle to be a starter based on his sub performance


Thats 4x successive weeks the Arsenal have played after Liverpool and had to chase the points to keep up after we dispatched them. Both sides have taken the maximum points.

Mentality is certainly there just need to keep on pushing as City will be the new carrot after next week with Liverpool beginning the fade imo. A draw would be ideal.


Hopefully Martinelli’s ankle injury is minor…


Jamie Carragher is on to something…where is the other photographer of Arsenal besides Odegaard? 🙂


Partey is just another Ramsey: brilliant when fit, but taking multiple stinkers to get up to speed, 2 good games, injury, rinse, repeat. Cull.


​​”Marti is just a cut. we will have to see”


When was the last time we had best attack defence and GD?
If only not for December mini collapse.


lol, you guys are morons, Partey and Jesus didn’t play for long time and game was won long time ago.


My take keep giving Partey and Jesus minutes were going to absolutely need them.

Habesha Gooner

Can we give Kai Havertz his flowers? the guy is absolutely delivering. Mikel is a genius. 7 league goals already, He matched Xhakas last season best ever tally already. I am becoming a huge fan.


Imagine you are Eddie, and you see Jesus and Trossard struggling to get minutes.

If It were me, I would have switched to kill or get kill-or-get-killed kind of mentality, I would take extra training sessions till I either get in front of them or break something in my body


Seems clear Eddie, ESR, Ramsdale are getting shipped this summer, just the reality.


OptaJoe –

“William Saliba has surpassed Santi Cazorla’s record number of passes by an Arsenal player in a single Premier League game. He completed 169.

Only three players in the Premier League since 2003 have completed more in the whole competition (all City players).”


We. Have. A. Team. On. Our. Fucking. Hands.

I am just enjoying every second of this.

I am not sure how this season will pan out but I am enjoying every second if it.

Victoria Concordia Crescit.


I think us buying Toney the degenerate gambler is now very, very distant history. [@TheLegendaryDB10]

I truly hope that is true and we don’t see a rabbit come out of the proverbial hat. We don’t want negative energy to mess up the good place our gaffer has us in.


Some people don’t seem to realize that Partey is coming back from a major surgery
Same way, Timber is going to be more rusty than the Titanic on the seabed of the north Atlantic


I think people know Partey, Jesus and Timber came back from long injuries.
From what personally see, Arteta should not feel pressured to start them unless he sees that they are ready.

Starting any of them any time soon will guarantee us losing momentum.


One thing Pep does with all his teams us to make scary and that’s exactly what Arteta is doing,beat teams that need to be beaten,press and dominate them,the next team becomes afraid even from the tunnel

Long may this continue, imagine there was no Pep,we should be talking about Arteta going for second title

Kudos to Arteta,done a fantastic job


Chelsea broke him.. Arteta has him plucking the ball out of the air like prime Zidane. [@Rich]

You are so right. Several of us here have believed it would happen – our gaffer has an excellent track record. Arteta identified restoring confidence as a necessary ingredient and the culture he has created allowed a collective assault from players, fans, and management towards banishing Havertz’ Chelsea demons and unlocking the amazing intelligent player that he is and will continue to be.

Long may it continue.


Sorry to say but the best thing that happened to Arsenal this season was Jesus getting injured. His performance tonight reminded us of that. Huffing and puffing with no end product. No coincidence that the goals started to flow in his absence.
He is half striker/ half winger but not quite good enough at either.
Only a bench option from now on


Jesus came in the goals dried up, he’s a waste of space. He should never be on team list ahead of Tross and harvertz but this is where it gets tricky. Our aspiration goes down the drain should galaxy brain repeat the mistake of last season by playing Jesus ahead of Tross, well, I pray to be disappointed cos I’m on the side that galaxy brain will start playing Jesus ahead of Tross [@Vickingz] Every time you post, I truly wonder if you are the proverbial fly in the ointment, an irritant who does not want Arsenal to succeed. The… Read more »


There are three clubs who are dominating the league this season and the next two games played by Man City could well decide the league Title. This weekend they play Liverpool. So either or both clubs could drop points. The same also applies to the game between Man City and Arsenal at the end of the month. What is crystal clear since the start of January is that we are winning all our EPL games and scoring a bucket full of goals whilst conceding only three. I take on board also the comment from Henry that it is not critical… Read more »

Marky Mark

Yet another team has a disastrous performance against Arsenal. Seems to be a pattern!
It’s interesting how PR plays such a big part in our world. City playing the blades in a similar manner would be called unstoppable. If you cross the Manchester to UTD and any shithouse win is lauded.
Journo’s paradoxically seemed to have more backing for Wenger in his winter of discontent.
You feel an Arsenal win is only ever measured in terms of the other teams weaknesses.

Mr Serge

Vicki ingz would cry and piss and moan if he was stuck on a desert island with a castle personal chef and a hareem of beautiful women. Absolute melt.


Game was too late for me. Eagerly awaiting YouTube highlights of the goals

Something popped up on my YouTube feed tho and I thought of Pierre

Ode made the wrong decision, passing to the wrong player one time a couple of games back and he was absolutely furious, describing it as ‘indefensible’. So Pierre would love to know what you’d describe this blatantly cynical attempt at stat padding from señor ozil which literally cost us a goal scored by over complicating and messing it up

Please do confirm you consider that pass indefensible…


Jorginho’s contribution in tonight’s game has probably gone under the radar , it will be very difficult to leave him out of the side, especially for the big away games at city , tottenham and united.
Full credit should be given to Arteta for the way he has the team firing on all cylinders.


Even Pierre at this moment is likely pinning an Ødegaard poster to his wall. Keeps growing in all the right ways, at one point in training they (the A team) realised Rice is just ridiculous taking those in-swinging free’s and captain man got right on board in ego less manner. He’s growing into this sides Fabregas, inject that juice people it rarely comes about.

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Just saw the highlights

That’ll do!


A different scenario completely, Ozil should have shot, whereas Odegaard had a simple 5 yard pass to Havertz for an open goal .
Nice try though .


Arsenal ( and Odegaard) are a joy to watch these days..


Pierre is just trolling you lot
He comes he with chuckling, winds you all up and leaves with a guffaw


@China1, I had to get up at 4 for the game. It was too early to go to Paddy’s, but Sporty came through with a great link. Being here in Beijing is terrible for watching the EPL, but if we win the league, I don’t mind at all!


‘Ben White scored the only goal of the second half…’

…which happened to be Arsenal’s 10,000th goal ever, according to the dot com.

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Pierre the question was if you would admit ozil made an ‘inexcusable’ mistake the same way you said Ode did

And the irony was Ode’s was a fuck up akin to a brain fart whereas Ozil’s was blatantly cynical stat padding – he got rightly criticized semi regularly for doing the same thing for club and country whenever it didn’t come off and lead to a goal


Yeah Kan I wanted to do it but aside from the horrible time I haven’t been feeling 100% and work is rough this week so didn’t dare trying to watch it

Paddy’s… think I’ve been there once several years ago! Bar on the left when you get in. Pool table straight in front of you. Seats and tables on the right with screens?


Diss It’s been like this for nigh on a decade. Pierre is part of the furniture on Le Grove now, just like Red once was. But I suppose its all part and parcel with the absolute love we all have for the Arsenal. Criticising for the sake of criticising as we all want the best out of the Arsenal. @Pierre I really respect your opinion as you know your football back to front. The Arsenal is coming together in a way I never expected us to be, and each game is becoming even more memorable than the previous one. The… Read more »


@China1, right on the money. That’s Paddy’s alright.

Nigel Tufnel

Kpankulu, Havertz has turned out to be one of the most unique weapons in the league. This is why Arteta told Edu to make it a priority to get him when they learned he was available. He was establishing himself as a true midfielder early season, and had not found his place in the group yet, Martinelli avoiding him, no fluidity at first, a bit timid also… Now you have a real midfielder getting into the box, that every team worries about as a scorer, a false 9 that helps overload the midfield and presses like a demon in both… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

On Ødegaard, it’s becoming clear that he’s one of the best players in the world. There’s nothing to debate. Other managers must drool watching his genius moves, and then the work ethic and leadership he gives this team.


Good win guys But let’s not get too excited, we’ve done nothing huge yet. I hope Arteta drums same into the players’ ears. We need to keep the consistency. Deal with the next match as if we undeservingly lost the last match by a lone goal due to a bad, blatant refereeing decision. Let’s keep that fire in our tummies. One match at a time. We can’t play this well and not show trophies for it. Personally as a fan, I’m hoping we can dish out a spanking to Man City as pay back for those heavy defeats of some… Read more »

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“Jorginho’s contribution in tonight’s game has probably gone under the radar , it will be very difficult to leave him out of the side, especially for the big away games at city , tottenham and united.”

Jorginho is a defensive liability. He should only be used in games where the opponent is parking the bus and has no offensive intent i.e. the Burnley, Notforest and Sheff Uniteds of the EPL He shines when we need progressive passing from the midfield. He would be exploited by good counter attacking teams like Spurs and Manure.


We play so much better with havertz as 9, rice as left 8 and jorginho as 6. We basically saw our strongest 11 last night, as even kiwior is looking a better choice than zinchenko. We need a draw with pool vs city, and we cannot lose a game from now onwards and have to beat City as well. If we don’t beat City or drop any more points the league is lost as City get the 3 points no matter what. Pool is our only hope to stifle them, and pool will surely drop points against some other team… Read more »


Uhhhh Jorginho was pivotal in the Liverpool thrashing, probably the best counter attacking team.


6-0 away victory isn’t enough for some on here. Honestly why do you bother following Arsenal. ‘Sell him’, ‘waste of space’ etc. Getting injured players back cant be anything other then good news.
This team is a joy to watch.

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Jorginho was also very good when we beat city early in the season

He’s the kind of player who needs a certain amount of protection from his team mates and the tactics – but he’s getting that in this current set up


We are defending as a team and the primary role of Jorginho is not chasing a ball but rather interception.
Depending how opposition setup there is always Saliba, Gabriel and Kiwior behind him.

So I think we are okay with Jorginho.


One of the most impressive things recently has been the attitude Getting the players up to smash a team sometimes is great but getting the team up to smash all comers over a several week period is exceptional In equivalent games last season we’d go a goal or two up and take our foot off the gas In fact that shit used to drive me insane with some wenger teams. They’d play in second gear then once the opposition scored their tails would go up and they’d suddenly start tearing through the opposition. It’s like why did you wait until… Read more »

Canadian Gooner

Berg10kamp I think our strongest 11 is dependant on who we face. I really think zinchenko is the better option against teams that at the bottom of the table for instance. Where his passing and be the key that unlocks a low block. Kiwior is a better choice when we play a team who has a danger man on the right hand side. At this moment in time Jorginho is probably a better choice then Partey. However within a few games I expect that to reverse. For games against clubs that will press us such as city and Liverpool Havertz… Read more »


Havertz is showing real signs of kicking on and repaying the club’s belief in him He was a very interesting signing, probably the most interesting of any PL signing this summer He was a known quantity as very talented but with pretty obvious detractors as a player with several shortcomings. The price tag didn’t do him any favors at all and it’s clear he and his team mates struggle to achieve the same wave length early in the season He struggled for form and that hit his confidence which was a bit of a dangerous cycle. 6 months on and… Read more »


I appreciate very much what zinchenko brings but for me Kiwior has to be first choice vs any opposition

In this run of games we’ve faced all styles and opposition from teams like liverpool and Newcastle to low block and he’s come up excellent every time


Wow – great


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