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Wad up my friends.

Was that a cool intro?

Could be the new me.

Arsenal have all sorts of interesting stories swirling around the club at the moment.

MUDRYK is back on the agenda because James from Gunnerblog said he cried when he was told his Arsenal dream was in the gutter.

Now, I could be manifesting here, but normally, those stories slink back into the ether because someone at the club wants them to.

Things we know:

  • Mudryk was bullied into Chelsea
  • Chelsea has not been good for his career path
  • Chelsea is in trouble with PSR unless they sell some of their 900 strong squad
  • You don’t become the most attractive player in Arteta’s world for 1 month, then disappear

I don’t know if his dreadful form, lack of progress, the weirdness of his online presence, or the brain-deadness of some of his play has impacted his attractiveness… but I do know Arsenal want a pace merchant, and he has pace.

Coaching can go a long way and there’s simply no doubt the core ingredients he has are valuable at the highest level. A move for him would be like a 90s high school rom com where the hot chick takes on the bookworm and turns him into a prince.

If Arteta wants a project, this would be one of his finest achievements to date.

There’s also the other side of this potential deal, which, to be clear, I have no insight into.

Summer will look different this year.

Clubs don’t have money; they’re all terrified of PSR, and the swill of never-ending money-summers has come to an end.

Expect lower fees, more horse trading, and return of the swap deal.

Chelsea needs a new keeper, their objective will be to get back in the top 4, Aaron Ramsdale will likely be a hot target. Todd Boehly can’t drop big cash, but he can offer up a swap if Aaron is down for it.

Arsenal could move on someone actually doing it right now, like Pedro Neto. I just can’t help but wonder how a club like Arsenal that need to sell to buy would justify £60-70m on a striker and similar for Neto. We need 4 first team talents this summer, not sure blowing £150m on two players is the way… but who knows.

Jurrien Timber is BACK training with the first team which is immense news – it also means that my timeline for his return is tracking perfectly. That’s a big win for LG over the teenagers on Twitter who told you he’d be playing by the end of February.

He could be back for the end of March after the International break, which would be incredible. But don’t put money down; there could be hiccups along the way. Returning from injuries this serious takes a lot of time. Also, don’t expect him to return at the same level he was. Jesus took time to find form, so has Partey in the past, and I don’t expect this to be any different.

Still, what a boost when he rolls on at the carpet!

We also had the expected news that, yes, Thomas Partey is finally going to touch grass for Sheffiled United. He was ready last week, the club just took precautions because he’s made extremely breakable glass.

But… let’s accept the flower and the chocolates he’s left at the front door. Let’s listen to his promises.

‘Arsenal fans, this final 4 months is for you’

… and let’s forgive.

Thomas Partey at his best, even for 5 games, is a difference-maker.

So, to wrap up this blog, this is where we are that makes things different to last year: Instead of losing key players at this time of the year, we are welcoming back fresh bodies who will be available to help the team navigate 3 games a week over an International break.

That is GOOD times providing we don’t lose a key player over the next couple of weeks.

Ok, that’s me done; get on the latest podcast with Matt, Jacob, and Pedro. x

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Moyes should have won it. He lifted a European trophy with West Ham.


What a post with lots of good news! Great to hear that Justin is back. If we get to see him play that would be great, but I suspect he does have a lot of catching up. I believe that we may see him for the last couple of games of this season. But if he really is ready to play by end of March, his recovery would have been absolutely incredible. The mad part about his return is that he can only strengthen our defence! A defence that is improving game after game and is already doing a fantastic… Read more »



I am echoing your WTF right now having read your post and googled it and confirmed that this was in effect not a bad joke from the Internet.

How on fucking Earth does Tets not earn it???

What I find incredulous is that this award is being given out when the season is not even over.

This award is just total bollocks if one can’t wait until the end of the season to see who actually deserves it.

What a joke this award is.


The silver lining to Timber’s long road back, is the amount of time he’s had to immerse himself in the tactical side of Arteta’s system.

As well as he’s progressed physically to return this quickly, it also bodes well for his slotting-in to the team productively.

Canadian Gooner

I’ve seen Osi and Vlahovic mentioned several times in the comments of this post. Arsenal fans have a had a hard on for Osi since his one good season last year. We’ve never stopped chattering about Vlahovic ever since we were first linked to him back in his Fiorentina days. If I could have one striker from the Serie A it would be Martinez tho. He’s the one consistently elite striker in world football that Arsenal have a realistic chance of signing if we stumped up the cash. Why we would’ve be all in to sign him is beyond me.… Read more »


Oh, I forgot – they are the same people :).
Yup, he operates two profiles. [@Wengaball]

Wengaball: Apparently, you are quite adept at making stupid assertions that you cannot prove. 

Try not to be a pathetic human being, and stay in your lane.


So wait…Zinchenko is a xenophobe and Zelensky is mentally weak?? Where did you two dunder heads get that impression from??


“Wengaball: Apparently, you are quite adept at making stupid assertions that you cannot prove. 
Try not to be a pathetic human being, and stay in your lane.”

Uh oh. You just called your best buddy Nigel a pathetic human being because he’s accused multiple posters including me, of that very thing. Awkward..


I have no particular expectations for timber this season

We just need to keep him fit. Get him a good preseason and hope he’s back in full contention next season

I don’t expect the guy to come back from a huge layoff at his first season here and come flying out the blocks. I’m fine with laying well off the expectations until next season starts


“Ange Postecoglou said it was an honour being awarded the Manager of the Year at the London Football Awards and is recognition of the work everyone is doing at Tottenham” This is so damn stupid Manager of the year hasn’t even been at the club for a year, must be done insane list of achievements Angie clocked up in his short tenure Like getting knocked out if all the cups immediately Like having one of the most gormless tactical setups in the league dependent entirely on getting bailed out by his best players to compensate for the shite tactics Like… Read more »


Coventry have gone farther in domestic cups than spurs this season. Perhaps a manager of the year award is incoming for their guy?


Chris ‘ China1 You want to get down the bookies with those predictions mate! Unfortunately I can only see an absolute massacre at the Etihad on Sunday at the expense of the red half of Manchester but on the plus side at least it will generate more amusing media coverage of United and ten Hag.’ Bro I’m telling you. Remortgage your house. Refinance your car. Get cash back at the co-op on your eggs and bacon. Take that stack of jimmies, walk down to whichever betting shop is nearest and place it all on arsenal to be top come the… Read more »


The London Football Awards, I didn’t even know that London football had its own awards?

And in a few days time nobody is going to care…

Nigel Tufnel

Pedro can verify that neither myself or Kpankulu are coming through a VPN. Thats easy enough..

But there’s nobody I’d rather be compared to here more than Kpankulu except maybe Willy, Pete, Rich, AFCforever…just a few others.

Nigel Tufnel


what I absolutely love about his comments is that he throws grovers extremely stupid past opinions back at them. They hate him because they’d like to pretend they never had those shit takes on Ben White, Ramsdale, Jorginho, even now Raya is making the cynics on LG look especially foolish. Havertz is in the process of delivering facials to all of them.

They hate people who remind them. Imagine the shame they feel about past opinions on Arteta. Such ass clowns LOL.

Nigel Tufnel

Love sausage,

before you return to claim the last word to make you feel less bad about yourself… I just want to say that maybe you shouldn’t personalise football debates… when you do that, you only prove my points… that you don’t understand the game you’re watching.

Maybe one day you’ll make a good point and I promise I’ll give you an up vote like a pat on the head.. as I would for progress from a small, dull child.

You’ve already spent far too much effort on me, considering you weren’t even worth mentioning in my comment.

Nigel Tufnel

Including Ken??

Who TF is Ken LOL?
Some clown looking for relevance because “big bad Nigel referred to me” 😢


Bayern drew again so if leverkusen win their game in hand they’re 10 points clear

It will be a monumental bottle job if they don’t win the title from here. Hope they have enough in the tank before bayerns free fall gets corrected


The internet is a weird place but Nigel talking to himself aka Kpankulu so he can ‘show’ at least one person (himself) saying nice words about him must be up there with the most desperate things even online 🙂


Lol – My chenko comment has 27 down-likes.


To reiterate what some people have been alluding….YES, both Jesus and Chenko have been dud signings. We paid top dollar for them. They have spent the better part of 2 years on the treatment table. Chenko was deemed replaceable after his first year. Case in point, acquiring Timber and shoehorning him at LB. Jesus, we are looking to replace now. And got Kai to alternate with him in harder games last year. So useful life of both these guys = 1 year. Both lack the key ability of availability. That’s the tangibles. I personally feel both lack that mental steel… Read more »


It’s obvious that arteta is a good coach but he does have a couple of blind spots, notably goalkeeper and striker where he hasn’t quite nailed it as yet.. Of course with the goalkeeping position, Arteta already had it laid on a plate for him in the form of Emi Martinez, but Arteta unfortunately chose the wrong route with him and the non negotiables came into operation and since then we have had Leno ( good keeper) , Ramsdale (overrated keeper) and Raya (an improvement) , I like Raya but for me Martinez is the better keeper out of the… Read more »


Aasim lovely post. I saw a post the other day on twitter someone asking if we sold all players we bought under Arteta, how much profit would we turn over. Was very interesting. Players like Gabriel, odegaard, will definitely fetch a good profit. We bought rice for over 100m very good player one of our best purchase. How much would United spend to take him from us for example and he is likely going to be the one who fetch the most I will say. This is why all this resale value stuff doesn’t move me. Buy a good player,… Read more »

Danny S


I’d hardly say we paid top dollar for either Jesus or Zinch.

45m and 35m respectively isnt a lot of money for 2 internationals.


Bargains in todays market I reckon.


It’a simple equation that we must sell before buying re FFP rules and apart from Ramsdale and ESR and even Gabriel or Zinc not much coming in but a huge saving in wages. Cedric on £90K a week basis ans we can’t give him away. I blame partly the scouting system and Edu and then Arteta changing the way we play to suit Raya which Ramsdale Could have done.The Athletic seems to think we will sell Jesus who at £45 million and big wages is another disappointment in the PL and seems more suited when we play European sides and… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Marbellaron

Pierre I disagree with your statement about Arteta having a “blind spot” when it comes to centre forwards. Let’s be realistic there are very few strikers worth the money that they command in transfer market and wage bill. Haaland was sold to Man City where money is no object. Mbappe will join Real Madrid this summer which is his preferred choice and Kane would never have joined us for obvious reasons. Benzema and Lewandowski are past their sell by date and have the wrong age profile. So what we are talking about is realistically next level eg Lukaku, Martinez, Vlahovic… Read more »



The season befor Jesus and Zinchenko joined we finished 5th in the league.
Last season, with them we finished 2nd with 15 more points.

Jesus and Zinchenko have been a success.
Full stop.


I can’t see either Jesus (26) or Zinchenko (27) not being part of the Arsenal senior team for a considerable time yet having only been at Arsenal less than two years and despite their injuries.

Tomiyasu (25) hasn’t had an unblemished record on the injury front but will soon extend his contract. It’s more about having strength in depth, rest & rotation and not needing to flog them until they break.

Eboues Bank Account

We all know why Aasim hates “chenko”


Kev At no point in their Arsenal careers have Jesus, Zinchenko, Tomiyasu, Partey, been over played. Jesus is an infinitely better player than some seem to think, but these style of players tend not to have longevity attached. When they dip, they usually fall straight off the edge of a cliff.. Jesus will be done at the top level by 29/30. Once he loses that dynamism + energy, he could start to resemble Lacazette in his last 2 seasons pretty quickly. Brilliant player, but considering his wages, if there was an opportunity to pivot over the next 18 months, then… Read more »


Aasim you appear to be smoking the good stuff! Zinchenko and Jesus are both players with their own weaknesses but have quite evidently been instrumental in our rise to the next level over the last 18 months. Zinchenko coming in and doing his inverted role revolutioned the way we played last season and Jesus was a massive addition up front adding intensity, pressing, and dynamism That both players have mixed injury records and that neither is perhaps still the best we have in both positions (kiwior? Trossard?) in no way diminishes the huge contributions they made. You should be more… Read more »


And yeah neither cost a lot in today’s market. Both came in cheap if you look at the prices paid for equivalent and in many cases worse players by our rivals


The problem with Zinchenko + Tomiyasu, is that they’re both injury prone, neither has shown a capacity to play consecutive games.. So if one of them breaks, the likelihood of the other one breaking significantly increases as well.. It’s a domino effect.. If we want to stop all the domino’s from falling down, we first need to identify + eliminate the first few domino’s, that have the potential to bring down all the rest. The absence of injury prone players goes way beyond their own absence, as it increases the workload of other players, who then also risk breaking down… Read more »


“At no point in their Arsenal careers have Jesus, Zinchenko, Tomiyasu, Partey, been over played.”

Rich, you couldn’t possibly know that.
Players often play through publicly undeclared injuries, so looking at total minutes played per season to make that statement is extremely shortsighted.

As a matter of fact players losing form is often caused by playing on less than 100% fit because teams can’t afford to give them time off.

Eboues Bank Account

It’s not even a debate. The moment I dont see Zinchenkos name in the starting 11 it almost kills my excitement for the match. We’re just so much more of a threat going forward when he’s there. He’s a bloody brilliant footballer who’s just being asked to play in a position which doesn’t suit him. To me he’s capable of creating more chances than Odegaard if he’s allowed to play in the middle.

Positive Pete

No Wengaball.That ‘ desperate’ crown goes to Tony of the MPDS who had quite a few ,naturally,speaking on his behalf 😂


“Our former defender, Brendon Batson OBE, has been inducted into the National Football Museum Hall of Fame.

Born in Grenada, Batson and his family moved to the West Indies at the age of six, before migrating to England aged nine in 1962. Brendon started his professional career at Arsenal and became our first Black player when making his debut away at Newcastle United in March 1972.”

Wicked Willy


Good points re GJ and OZ, both have made massive contributions to our current status.


Nigel racking up some serious negative mileage in the up/down vote department.
Safe to say it hasn’t gone according to plan for him judging by what he said when this absolutely amazing feature was first introduced just a short while ago.


Tom Hardly shortsighted… Of course players play through injuries and issues. But their issues aren’t from burnout, or being run into the ground. They simply haven’t shown the capacity to play a few consecutive games, or play 3,500 minutes in a season. Tomiyasu 2023/24 – 1,053 minutes so far 2022/23 – 1,268 2021/22 – 1,782 There’s no reason at 25 that he can’t get over his issues, but until he’s demonstrated that he can, why recommit over the medium term on improved terms?… Partey has 2 seasons at roughly 3,500 minutes in his career, but he hasn’t done that since… Read more »


Rich you’re right that both of them are injury prone but saying we don’t overplay them is not correct because what constitutes overplaying a player is whatever the specific limit is for said player For a granit xhaka, saka or rice, they may be able to put a run of a hundred consecutive games together without missing a game from injury or really serious fatigue For a Thomas partey, Tomiyasu or zinchenko that limit is more like 4 games within 3 weeks. For new signings it may not be obvious what each players limit is but with Tomi and zinchenko… Read more »


“Lol – My chenko comment has 27 down-likes.”

Consider my curiosity peaked, Aasim.
Why is Zinchenko a ”xenophobe cunt”?


Rice has played about 50 minutes less for Arsenal so far, than Partey has managed across the last 2 seasons. Rice played 4,148 minutes for West Ham last season, and played for England at the World Cup. He completed more minutes for West Ham + England last season, than Partey did throughout the entirety of 2020/21 + 2021/22 combined for Arsenal + Ghana. White has played 2,773 minutes so far this season. 3,469 in 2022/2 3,278 in 2021/22 3,465 in 2020/21 4,364 in 2019/20 White + Rice’s backups don’t necessarily need to clock huge minutes, but they do need to… Read more »



I’m all for upgrading on Jesus and (especially) Zinchenko but calling them duds is pretty weird. Players like Luiz, Willian, Mustafi, and Pepe were duds. Jesus and Zinchenko were key to turning us into a top 3 team after years of misery.

They’re not world class. If they were, Pep wouldn’t have sold them to us for 75M. But you’d need to go 15-20 years back to find players we’ve bought who have had a bigger impact on our performance.


Quiz from, I got 11/28 it appears I’m not good with remembering where a bunch of marginal players are from.

“While the likes of France, Spain and Brazil have seen plenty of representation, there are 28 countries that have had just a single player play for ourselves throughout our illustrious history, including Mohamed Elneny who is our sole Egyptian.

Can you name all of our other one-nation wonders?”


Im envious of the guy that got 27 down likes.



That was fun. Got 15/28. There were a few names in there I hadn’t thought about in a while.


Lacazette is a better footballer than Jesus.

14 league goals in 2017/18 in his debut season
Inferior teamates to what Jesus has.


Zinchenko is a quality creator but weak physically and mentally.


LoveSausage – i had to look up Mkhitaryan, and a few others, on how to spell their names. I chose the see correct answers option at the end and there were a bunch of players i’d forgotten about, brought back memories.


Nwaneri’s goal against the Chav’s for the under 21s last night.


Via Orbinho:

“Martin Ødegaard has created more chances from open play in the Premier League this season than any other player.”

Mr Serge

Sideeq you will never get 27 down likes no matter how hard you try


At no point in their Arsenal careers have Jesus, Zinchenko, Tomiyasu, Partey, been over played.

Rich, with the greatest of respect I beg to differ, but it doesn’t really matter, some players like Xhaka, Saka, Rice, Gabriel, White etc have a certain physiology that keep them going even when they’re on the edge of fatigue others need to be managed.

All manages take risks, Arteta is no different, but as his squad gets stronger and the level doesn’t drop when changes are made then he’ll rotate more and that’s normal.


Kev We can only rotate if players are available to rotate. There’s no value having squad players who are incapable of playing a few consecutive games. Because at various stages we’re going to need them available to do that. It’s fine when the schedule is light, and we’re off the back of a winter break in Dubai. But after the next internationals, we’ll play 10-14 games in 7 weeks… And our reality is that the only senior defender we’ve had on the bench recently is Cedric. Over the last 2 seasons we haven’t had what it takes to hit our… Read more »



It’s chicken and egg, the stronger the squad, the more Arteta will be able to rotate without the level dropping the less likely players will be unavailable – it’s the process…

But yeah, I take your point regarding City and the reliability of their squad, except KdB of course, but we’ll get there in time.

Nigel Tufnel

Tom, I love the vote feature. I like to see that the cynics constantly get down votes as I go through the comments. But why would I even see votes for or against me? Only a monumental loser would go back later to see whether they got likes or not. I post my comment and move on, though I will admit I have always assumed the less intelligent, angry posters like Matt, Jamie and typical reactionary grovers (there are a lot of those) would downvote me because of past butthurt. Like I said… how pathetic are you to go backwards… Read more »


@Serge, i know you have been down voting me, thanks for your effort


Kev It doesn’t work like that… Like Tom inadvertently made my point for me.. Players carry knocks + niggles all the time, when that happens we need to be able to drop them out for a few games to fully recover. We can only do that if the players behind them are not just consistently available, but also have the capacity to play a few consecutive games. White was playing through an injury in December, but we couldn’t drop him out because Tomi was injured. Rice went off injured against Spurs.. But no Partey to take the workload. We play… Read more »



It really bugged me that I didn’t get Manninger. I have a soft spot for banter keeper and I could see his face but couldn’t remember the name. Some real blasts from the past on that list.


China If our 25 year old versatile defender doesn’t have the capacity to play 4-5 games in succession, then that’s an issue. That should be a big enough red flag in itself.. He’s 25 not 35.. Because at various stages, we’re very likely going to need him to do that. Then when they can’t cover for the player who’s injured for a few games, you risk having 2 players in the same position who are then injured… It’s a domino effect. Kiwior is a great signing, at the start of 2022/23 I argued we needed that profile in the squad…… Read more »


New post.

Mr Serge

Fuck me pool scored so late