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When I worked in New York, I led the Bravo account. I worked on Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, and Below Deck. As a red-blooded man of sport, I went into the job pretending I was taking one for the team.

‘This nonsense isn’t for me’

Then I started watching the shows. The storylines started to pull at me. Before I knew it, I was looking up the net wealth of Dorinda whilst taping up the NBC staffers for the spicy behind-the-scenes gossip.

Bravo knew they had an audience of men like me that would use the guise of their partners to get a fix of absolutely top tier shows.

Amazon seems to have taken the insight that men are suckers for reality TV by combining the idea of Real Housewives with Premier League footballers. It’s a genius idea. I absolutely will be tuning in to see Jorginho with his wife. I don’t know much about Mahrez, but taking his Mancunian wife out of Manchester to Saudi sounds like elite TV.

Guys, don’t fight it. Just tune in and know this is the gateway drug into so many fabulous shows you can’t talk about on the group chat.

As a side note, I worked the first ever Bravo con. They gave me a mic to interview Captain Sandy. I was in a conference with 1000s of extremely wealthy women loaded up on rose and I’ve honestly never felt sexier in my life. That mic was a powerful aphrodisiac.

Ok, how about Arsenal news?

Good data points have been dripping on the internet like hot fudge. Arsenal, post-Dubai, are in a flow state, sweet chocolatey flow state. Everything is rolling for us, everyone looks fit, everyone is taking responsibility at both ends of the pitch.

I don’t want to bring you back down to earth – but don’t get too excited by the high highs because sustaining this for the rest of the season is unlikely. Always remember this – just 60 days ago, all the eggheads from Screamertube were calling for the sacking of Arteta whilst crying about our how bad our summer transfers were.

‘xG doesn’t matter’

Now results have caught up to the performances, we’re seeing that there was a lot of hard work going off behind the scenes, and sometimes, in football, you need a bit of luck which we were NOT having.

We are in a phase where everything is falling for us – and I wouldn’t say we’re getting lucky. What I would remind you is our season has collapsed later than March two seasons running.

Saka, Odegaard, Gabriel, Rice, and Saliba could all get injured and break our system.

The same is true of Liverpool, and it’s the same of Manchester City.

Whoever keeps their best players fittest and freshest might be the team that wins the league.

Keep your eye on the long-term though. Football is a process. Incremental improvements every season will have us winning major trophies before you know it.

Our financials have dropped, and we lost £45m. We’re not going to get done by PSR, but as I told you in January, we’re going to have to sell well if we want to do any damage this summer.

We have a basket of sellable assets and they have to sell.

Eddie, Emile, Reiss, Ramsdale, Patino, Mika, Tierney, Sambi, and Nuno all have to fetch actual fees.

There could be £150m in that pile – the homegrown lads will be pure profit.

Selling well determines what we can do to the squad.

We’ll be looking for an explosive wide player, a striker who can score 25+ goals a season, a defender, and at least one midfielder (because I think Jorginho will stay another year).

Those 4 players are not filler names – they are first team levels. They won’t come cheap.

This summer is nearly cherry on top time. It’s the final window before we can say, yes, we are title contenders from day one.

There’s also a high likelihood the ageing down of the squad this summer to ensure our peak years coincide with the fall of the big dogs could look very good.

I don’t need to talk about City – but Pep won’t last forever and you know about the grey clouds on the horizon.

Liverpool has been a surprise package this season, but make no mistake, there’s a reason Klopp is exiting and it’s not because he feels like he has a team ready to take 4 Premier League titles in 5 years.

Here’s a list of problems:

  • Generational manager leaving
  • No Sporting Director
  • Key coaching staff exiting
  • Generational players are uncommitted and coming to the end
  • Owners have been looking to sell for 2 years
  • A very expensive bill for rebuild is due WHILE owners are trying to sell

Arsenal aren’t where they are because we signed Declan Rice. We’re where we are because Arteta has had 4 years rebuilding the system at Arsenal whilst methodically adding new players that incrementally improve us every season. They were talking about Declan Rice joining the club 18 months into Arteta’s tenure.

You think United can catch us? Please. In a post-Saudi ‘here’s some money’ world, where are they getting buyers for players like Rashford, Antony, Casemiro, newly contracted Fernandes, and countless other overhyped and overpaid players? They have hired well, but my word, there is some pain coming their way.

Newcastle will be out of the Champions League this summer and they’ve just lost their rebuild mastermind in Dan Ashworth.

Spurs are massively overperforming this season, that’ll come unstuck at some point, and they have no record to speak of that makes them a threat to Arsenal.

The stars are aligning. The key for me is Liverpool not winning the league. We don’t want players to stay at the club after, we don’t want to give them belief, we don’t want their ownership group to give it 5 more years.

So, back to it… we’re pretty good and the stars are looking BRIGHT (and aligned). Good times.

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I really hope that Onana of Everton is getting strong consideration behind the scenes for the midfield position. Ditto Lavia if he is not happy at Chelsea.

Yes, not every foreign import gets injured regularly – but at Arsenal we seem to have that problem [Partey, Tomiyasu, Tierney]. We were smart with Havertz and Trossard and Jorginho – they were Premier League-proven. Only Jorginho has been injured, and for a very short while.

They are [almost] always available,


Rap ‘ Real paid about €250m in total for Camavinga, Tchouameni, Bellingham and Endrick. Neither of them proven. Each a gamble. The one thing they have in common -> they are mega talents. Barca bought 18 yo Vitor Roque for £50m. That’s the market like it or not and if we want to be a top club we’ll have to do what the big clubs do. Invest in top talents because things get infinitely more complicated and expensive when they become already proven.’ Not sure how you’re describing Bellingham as unproven. He was the best player at Dortmund aside from… Read more »


I’ve always said you can buy a billion dollar worth of talent for a hundred million, if you only buy 12 months earlier. Here’s the blueprint: 1) recruit a young talent scouting head/team from a club that have a established culture of recruiting world class young talent. Brighton, Benfica, Dortmund are three well known ones. This team should work with the main scouting team but have their independent KRAs 2) keep aside a budget of £20-£30 mn every year to buy talent costing 1 to 10 million from around the world 3) put them in the mixer – a rare… Read more »


Don’t know why we didn’t think of that, Wengaball.


I agree with a few of the other posters here that it’s too hasty to judge Caicedo & Mudryk given the chaos at Chelsea. If Mudryk became available I would be more than happy to take a punt assuming we could get him for half of what the Chavs paid.

At times we all underestimate how important it is to be operating within a decent team structure to play well individually.

Canadian Gooner

Why do people talk about Patino as if he’s worth anything? Or like he would get anywhere close to playing anything but EFL cup games if he was in the squad? He has regressed this year at Swansea. He was mostly a starter last season. This season he’s just as likely to come off the bench as he is to start. Forget the dumb stories that float around every 6 months about Juventus wanting him. Forget the fact he’s an arsenal player on loan. If he was a Welsh academy kid who as a 20 year old wasn’t a guaranteed… Read more »


Pierre “Leeds to beat chelsea
Forest to beat united”

Extremely useless prediction kinda guy


CG – because Patino was the best player in his year group and is worth further consideration In fact his loans at Blackpool and Swansea have both taken a similar turn. He was used and played well in first half of the season in a struggling side. Manager who tried to play decent football was sacked at Christmas and replaced by a launch and run merchant (Mick McCarthy ffs) to save each club from relegation A raw and skilful central midfielder such as Patino gets the chop to allow the boot and run process to take place Many Swansea fans… Read more »


📊 When Jürgen Klopp joined the club the youngest scorer in FA Cup history for #LFC was Michael Owen at 19 years old and 20 days. Since then SIX #LFC players have beaten that record. 1. Kaide Gordon – 17 years 3 months 4 days 2. Jayden Danns – 18 years 1 month 10 days 3. Lewis Koumas 18 years 5 months 13 days 4. Sheyi Ojo – 18 years 7 months 1 day 5. Harvey Elliott – 18 years 10 months 2 days 6. Curtis Jones 18 years 11 months 6 days Klopp’s use of the academy has been… Read more »


Patino is eating too many potatoes, he is skinny and needs a diet of meat.


The diameter of Patinos head is equal to the diameter of his neck,
That might cause a challenge during aerial duels.


The 6 or 8 is probably the most difficult position to gauge genuine talent. Any random footballer these days who does a bit a of sideways passing is deemed as the second coming of Pirlo, with superlatives like “metronomic” assigned to their passing abilities. Wenger himself got it massively wrong. I remember his comments when we signed Xhaka, seemed like we got Xabi 2.0. And when we signed Elneny, like we got Pirlo 2.0. Same is the issue with Lokonga and Patino. They do a little bit of sideways pass and move, and suddenly the twitteratis get their dicks hard.… Read more »


“Pierre “Leeds to beat chelsea
Forest to beat united”

Extremely useless prediction kinda guy”

Both underdogs lost to last minute winners , it shows your lack of football intelligence if you think they were “useless predictions” .. one day you’ll learn hopefully.


Jaydon Danns has come off the bench in both League Cup Final and yesterday’s FA Cup and scored 3 goals for Liverpool. He played also for Liverpool in FA Youth Cup when they demolished our team 7-1!!! Nevertheless Nanweri who is 14 months younger was rated the standout player in academy [U18] football. Danns is a centre forward who has scored this season 18 goals and provided 4 assists in 1,414 minutes. Most of his football has been played at U18 level. Nanweri is considered a midfielder but has played in attack as well. He has scored 11 goals and… Read more »


Give him his due, klopp is more inclined to give a kid a chance , unlike Arteta who will bring on Elneny or cedric even if the game is won.. Nwaneri showed his class when he came on recently v west ham, he is the only kid that has been afforded any game time with the first team.. I can’t really see that changing as Arteta is even reluctant to give smith rowe , Eddie or nelson decent minutes… Wenger once said ” you pay for a young player’s education with points ” and that is why a manager that… Read more »


Patino has always been highly rated a skilful player and perhaps the most talented in his age group.

However he has not made a breakthrough to first team as anticipated.
The fact that he has failed to establish himself at Championship level is
frankly disappointing.

My guess is that he has now been overtaken in midfield pecking order by

If that is the case then I would expect him to move on to another club in the summer.

Habesha Gooner

Klopp has always been the best at squeezing whatever talent a player has. Especially if the players are diligent players. He is a passion Merchant too. So that’s why even kids play well for him. But he has too many injuries and has no choice in the matter as well. I don’t mind Arteta’s way either though. Every minute our kids will get will be because they have earned it. Strategically introduced young players will stay at the top level much more than the players who are thrown at the deep end and then go on countless loans. I will… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Habesha Gooner

Patino is outrageously talented, there’s little doubt about that. The idea anyone writes off a 20yr old midfielder is basket-case lunacy, that doesn’t mean he’ll make it, but there’s countless examples of players developing between 20-24. When we signed Ødegaard I always argued that we sign him at 22 from £30 million, because he’s near impossible to sign at 24/25… I still can’t believe we got a free shot at such a talent with no European football. Patino with 4,000 minutes at 20 in a central area of the pitch, means he’s ticking along ok. He’s got elite balance +… Read more »


It may well be that Liverpool youngsters are a bit more advanced then ours (doesn’t mean they’re better) Myles Lewis Skelly (17) Nwaneri (17 this month) Obi Martin , cozier Duberry I’m sure will all get a chance in the first team


China: “Not sure how you’re describing Bellingham as unproven. He was the best player at Dortmund aside from Haaland” Yeah, I remember a Manchester club buying the best Dortmund player. You might consider him proven as well. See how it’s working so far. Similar with Ousmane Dembele, Pulisic etc. Being a huge talent doesn’t equate to proven. I would understand if say Caicedo only had interest from us and then the crazy Chavs came along, shadowing our transfer targets. Sure. But Klopp was literally about to shatter into pieces Pool’s transfer record and his own principles of paying insane money… Read more »


China: “Tchouameni and camavinga were both also established major prospects for a good couple of years before they were signed.”

What is an established major prospect? Playing well for a decent team at a young age? I can remember about 100 players that fit that description but have failed to develop the way they were expected to.

Camavinga was 18 yo when he joined Real. Far from proven. But a super talent.

I would love it if we attack the market for top young talents.


Top young talents are worth top dollar because of a few things: the potential to develop into a superstar player the potential to be part of the club for a decade+ the potential of selling for a hefty profit the idea to develop the player in the exact way a team plays a good chance the player will grow love for the club (Saliba) they cost a lot of money but their wages are not astronomical homegrown status for the PL There’s a reason for the top young talent to be so expensive. The benefits are endless. But there are… Read more »


The bean counters at Liverpool are going to love Klopp giving real game time to quite a few of their talented youngsters. Even if they do not make it at Liverpool their value is going to rocket as they are getting shop window exposure. A big lesson to Arsenal here – how many minutes have academy players gained since Arteta took over?


Also, project players can develop to their fullest when they are playing week in, week out. Yes, Kvicha and Osimhen have flourished in Napoli but Napoli just won their first Scudetto in over 30 years. It’s not nearly the same when the club’s goals are trophies or bust. That’s what’s been happening at Arsenal (it’s a good thing). A couple of years ago we had the freedom to develop the Martis, Sakas, ESRs of this world. If things were like before and we had a weak team trying to fight for Europa, Nwaneri and co would have seen way more… Read more »


Rap You’re missing the point and focusing only on the possible positives The comment that top talent costs a fortune is simply not correct because as I said the vast majority of classy young players transfer for very reasonable or even cheap prices every single year It’s only a handful of cases each season where a big club throws a fortune at a kid. All the remaining 70-80% of great young talents are transferring for comparatively nothing. The deals are there and always have been for the clubs which scout and negotiate well. It happens every year without fail Meanwhile… Read more »


You are wrong about almost all the things you wrote above I can’t even begin to point them out one by one. Holy shit!


Brighton make about 10 low to medium punts and hope they strike gold with maybe 2 or 3 of them. I don’t suppose you think Arsenal (or any top club) can make infinite number of 5m transfers of questionable talent when our goal is to win trophies? That’s insane. We should buy very selectively because our level is high now. We’re trying that strategy with the likes of Nuno Marquinhos, Trusty, Turner etc. but I highly doubt it they were brought here with the high expectations of becoming regulars. More likely they were brought with the intention of making a… Read more »


China: “The idea that you spend 115m on a caiceido type and get any sort of financial value on his sale 5 years down the line is blatantly not right” I’m not saying buy 100m young talents. We were willing to spend about 70m, same for Mudryk. There’s a good chance a 70m, 21 yo, top talent can be at least sold for the same money, if not make a decent profit, in 5-6 (or even more) years later, at the age of 26-27 in their prime and with their best years ahead of them. Jurrien is a top 22… Read more »


Northbanker, Every club (including us) spends future income by amortizing transfer fees. It was hardly invented by the chavs. They just exploited the amortization term loophole before it was closed and limited to 5 years. If you can even call it a loophole, because it mostly seems stupid… Barcelona is a different case altogether because they’re selling off future TV revenue, which is mental. I’m not suggesting that we mortgage our future. But I think it would be damaging to take the approach of only buying for the amount that we can sell for, especially considering that we’re getting an… Read more »


We need to ensure we capture Jorrel Hato next for all of the reasons above put forward


Ideally we’d just buy Declan Rice profiles, but how often do they come on the market?.. It’s why I was desperate for us to sign him, the last time we were in the running for that profile of player was Suarez in 2013, but we failed to force it over the line. Securing top class talent is difficult, even when clubs have money. All transfers are a gamble, particularly coming from abroad. If we’d have got Partey + Xhaka out, and got Rice + Caicedo in, it would have cost us a lot of money, but we’d have been setting… Read more »


Rap what made Mudryk elite talent? Caiceido had 1 season of good football under his belt. Until last Jan nobody was even talking about caiceido. Arsenal got interested and people watched the YouTube comps and suddenly he was the next kante Kante… another player who ironically cost bugger all for Leicester and then very little for Chelsea… 100m is what you put down for a *generational talent*. Not someone who has 6-12 months of good form On what planet should caiceido have cost more than rice? In what universe should he have cost more than Bellingham? Enzo did as well.… Read more »


China: “Rap what made Mudryk elite talent? Caiceido had 1 season of good football under his belt. Until last Jan nobody was even talking about caiceido. Arsenal got interested and people watched the YouTube comps and suddenly he was the next kante” Again, you should ask the same the directors of Arsenal, Chavs, Liverpool + their managers in Arteta, Poch and Klopp. If you think 3 different top clubs, with the blessings of their managers, were wrong in putting in massive bids for Caicedo because of “6 months to a year of good form” then I guess you think you’re… Read more »


Btw I’m not outright against spending insane money on a player occasionally

We did it with rice and he’s beyond brilliant

But these are the figures you should put down on cherry on the top type signings who have proved themselves for a good while or absolutely generational talents. Not just players who have looked good in a tournament, YouTube comp or had one good season. Players who fit that description are ten a Penny and only a small fraction go on to deliver

Brian Muff

I think from what we’ve been watching since the winter break, we should ease back on the chat about needing our rivals to age out or turn shit.

On this form we can live with anybody, and that should be our focus. Obvs it’s always nice to see rivals take losses but our success shouldn’t rely on it please. Let’s start backing ourselves.

Also, are we now accepting ESR is on the scrap heap? No caveat or apology from Pedro above. Sad times.


China: “If you think there was a serious conversation where *actual footballing people* within Chelsea sat down and said these 3 players should combined cost a third of a billion, let’s proceed, then you’re having a laugh mate.” I’ve not said a word on Chavs being astute in their tranfers. No idea where you came up with the idea that I have. I do, however, defend and stand behind our bids 60-70m bids for Caicedo and Mudryk. That’s the rate for a super talent, confirmed by Real with their great business in recent years with the likes of Camavinga, Tchou,… Read more »


Brian Muff

He’s not on the scrap heap, but he’s 24 next summer, has played less than 1,000 minutes over the last 2 seasons…

It’s unlikely he’s going to break back into the team on a regular basis, so a parting of the ways seems like the right choice for both player + club.


Mark Mann-Bryans 2h Arsenal are preparing to open contract negotiations with Jorginho following a string of standout performances. The starting offer is expected to be a 1 year-deal + 1 year option. Arteta on Timber: “Jurrien is still not close enough to be part of the squad on Monday. He’s been a joy, the physios & medical staff have been really happy with his commitment. He’s in a really good place but we have to manage his fitness because it was a difficult injury. He has been a big miss.” Arteta confirms Thomas Partey is available for Monday. Zinchenko &… Read more »


And rap you undermine your own argument You gave the example ‘if saka wants to leave and refuses to sign a contract’ – if that happened he’d be undermining our bargaining position and we definitely wouldn’t be getting the full premium of the sale… What if he wanted to go to city only but they weren’t in for him? If Liverpool weren’t in for him for any reason (for example ffp concerns) then he’d be stuck with us because everyone else is a downward move even if Chelsea or Utd were willing to pay… You imagine an over simplistic world… Read more »


China1, It’s not about how many seasons of good football a player has. Caicedo played in a system similar to ours and had a profile extremely similar to Partey while being much younger and more robust. Go look at his passing stats from last season and compare to TP. He was also frequently used as an inverting fullback. Arteta tried replicating this with TP earlier in the season, which broke him. For <60M, he would have been perfect for our team. Instead, we ended up buying Timber for a lower fee, which makes sense considering his lack of PL experience.… Read more »


China, You keep mentioning clubs with banter transfer business of late like Manure and Chavs. Okay. But Arsenal and Pool were also in for Caicedo and both clubs are careful with their spending. If you think he wasn’t worth the money, then it’s your choice. But 3 big clubs thought he was. I will defend us trying to go for a top young talent even if we have to spend 80m on it. And if you don’t like the idea of spending big on a young player then I can’t help you. It will keep happening for the tens of… Read more »


I’m not accepting ESR on the scrap heap. There is something to him that is above the levels of Eddie and Nelson who looked OK as squad depth at the start of the season but are now in need of upgrading. It’ll be interesting to see who comes in for him and at what £ it makes us say yeah go on then.


My favorite young player at the moment is 17 yo Zaïre-Emery. If PSG were in dire need to sell to comply with FFP or whatever, and we entered the conversation, I’d be so happy if Arsenal decided to spend up to 70-80m easy for him. The guy is an incredible, top talent, the future of midfield. He’s also 17 yo. Hato, from Ajax is also a top talent, I’d be happy to get a deal similar to that of Saliba where we let him play for Ajax for another year on loan and he costs us about 30-35m. Defence +… Read more »

Positive Pete

Jaroda.Dont want to see EsR go at any stage really.Word on the street he’s Villa bound this summer.Dark horses,West Ham & Newcastle.Theyve been creaming their pants for him for ages.North of £35 million & I think we’ll bite.


I saw this video:

So basically Timber and Thomas are physically okay, they only lack match fitness?



Agree on Zaire-Emery, the kid looks like the real deal. Incredibly impressive that he’s getting minutes at PSG at such a young age.

There’s no way they’re letting him leave any time soon. If they lost him after losing Mbappe, they’ll officially be a banter club. The more likely scenario is that they tie him down to massive wages and turn him into an entitled brat, like they did with Mbappe.

Habesha Gooner

Timber is back. But expect him after 3 or 4 weeks. It is like a player who hasnt had preseason. Lets win both of our next games and he will be back for mancity.


Arsenal wanted Caicedo for about 70m which I thought was just about what he was worth.
Obviously, you can’t hold it against the player what the clubs involved end up agreeing on in the end, but the reality is he will always be judged through the prism of his transfer cost.

What I find surprising is that the same people who shrugged their shoulders at Caicedo’s 115m price tag went absolutely ape shit over the Havertz 65m transfer.

raptora Arsenal 21m Jurrien is smooth with it. @JurrienTimber A nice video of Jurrien v Saka. There’s no way to know how his body will react to the added pressure of being almost fully integrated back to the squad. Something might crack and he’ll be back on the sidelines. But, and it’s a big but, if all goes smooth and according to plan, he’ll probably start getting sub appearances in about 2 weeks (mid-March) and if that step is also smooth, he’ll be fully, fully back by the end of March. I don’t want to get excited but I can’t… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

“Caicedo played in a system similar to ours and had a profile extremely similar to Partey while being much younger and more robust” -If Partey underwent a lobotomy and lost all ability to pick a pass. Somebody else citing Caicedo passing stats…. Anybodys passing stats can look good passing in deep midfield … but you need to watch the games and see if he’s finding progressive passes consistently. We’ve all seen enough sideways passers pretending to be a maestro, or ball winners who just dump simple passes off to the nearest teammate. That’s Caicedo. At his very highest ceiling, he… Read more »


Rich Patno v Nanweri My gut feeling is that Arsenal will promote only one midfielder from the academy this summer. Patino will be 21 in October so he will reach the age when the club makes a decision whether a player is likely to make the grade at the club. Sofar Patino has not secured a regular starting place with the Championship clubs where he has played in last two seasons. For that reason I think that the club will make a decision that his future is elsewhere. Nanweri is rated the most talented footballer in the Academy since Fabregas… Read more »

Luteo Guenreira

My favorite young player at the moment is 17 yo Zaïre-Emery….He’s also 17 yo.

The man likes 17 yr olds so much he had to mention it twice.

Luteo Guenreira

Can you guys stop downvoting Sid so much, you’re making him look bad in front of his wives.


ES Possibly.. I’ve seen Nwaneri a few times, but nowhere near enough to hold an opinion either way… Must be some talent to be this close to the squad at just 16 though. Patino will have 12 months left on his contract, so it’s logical that we’ll have to make a decision this summer. Adding a buy-back could be a good option, as it would cover us if he developed rapidly over the next 1-2 seasons. But putting him on a new contract, and have him training with top players and professionals like Rice, Ødegaard, Jorginho for a season could… Read more »


Kudos to Klopp for using the yoot, mind you having around 12 players injured might have something to do with that policy.


Fab Romano Napoli president De Laurentiis on Victor Osimhen: “Some players stay for many years, others are wanted by PSG, Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea…”. “It’s difficult to keep players when they are wanted by rich clubs”. “I can confirm there’s a release clause, very high one”. ____________________________________ Being mentioned next to PSG, City and Chavs as a rich/big club is progress alright. I’m happy we’re back. Re Osimhen, I think he’s not as good as they are trying to make him. He’s a bit overrated. Still, he might be the best we can do in the summer. He doesn’t really… Read more »



You are the most boring character in this comments section. You really shouldn’t be talking about lobotomy. Kettle, pot, etc.

You’re not the only one here who has watched Caicedo play. Although, I’ll admit that I don’t rewatch every game 3 times like you do. It’s precisely because of Caicedo’s consistency in progressive passing and line breaking that the likes of Arteta and Klopp wanted him. But then again, maybe they’ve been lobotomized too.


David Ornstein
A striker is the main focus for Arsenal in the summer.

Viktor Gyökeres, Benjamin Šeško and Evan Ferguson are admired, among others.



I would love to see some of you there on my blog with an alternative view



Rich – completely agree. Nurture Patino longer with new contract and squad inclusion. Sell ESR if nothing changes but a caveat to that is that we still have nearly 1/3 of the season to go so it is still premature to make final judgements on players.

But if the trajectory remains unchanged then sadly we should cash in. Nwaneri being promoted would be an exciting development.


Of all the strikers the most Rice like acquisition for me would be Osimhen. The most interesting from a development pov would be Zirkzee.


Ferguson fits Arsenal for me. Even with paying the PL premium. Conditioned to be a rotational player. Easing in to Arteta’s system should come more readily for a BHA product.


Sesko always looks good when I watch him play but his output just isn’t where it should be for an Arsenal striker.

The market for strikers is depressing. We’d have to pay 3 premiums for Ferguson:

  • The PL premium
  • The BHA-lunatic-owner premium
  • The Haaland lookalike premium

We’d be looking at 120-150M there for potential.


Not sure about any of those 3.. But Sesko apparently has a €50 million release clause. Would likely be the cheapest and easiest deal to do. Not playing consistently for RB Lepzig yet though, so we’d certainly be gambling on a profile, rather than a player expected to bang straight off the bat. Ferguson could develop into a top player, but whenever I’ve watched him, he still looks a long way off. Would be a hell of a gamble with some of the lunatic prices being quoted. If he developed into the next Alan Shearer, we’d be laughing… But seems… Read more »


Sesko and Nico Williams are the likely players we bring in
Both have release clauses, can’t cost more than 80 million Euros


You won’t find any Brighton observer/commentator who thinks Ferguson is as good as opposition fans think.
Th people who watch him week in- week out think he’s still very raw.


Yep I don’t want Ferguson. If we’re paying that type of money then Osimhen any day


United lost to Fulham last weekend so I fully expect them to get a draw against city this Sunday.