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Manchester City broke our hearts again last night when they battered Brentford. It wasn’t the result we wanted to see. Neil Maupay took the lead from a long ball early on, but the result was never really in doubt. Brentford defended meekly and City unloaded a staggering 25 shots at their goal, forcing 15 saves.

The worry?

City are doing City things at the exact same time they start that nonsense every season.

They are the pace setters even if they do currently sit level points with us in the league. Phil Foden landing hattricks is exactly what we need our non-strikers need to start doing.

We are in the title race, no doubt, but you cannot underestimate the quality of the monster we’re trying to put to the sword. They have more experience, they have deeper squad depth, and most importantly… they’ve seen this movie 5 times in the last 6 seasons. The job we have on our hands is not a normal one… it’s one that the mighty Jurgen Klopp only managed once and that was in a pandemic year.

That doesn’t mean we are working for nothing. Our young team needs to keep having big games, it needs to work on its attacking output, it needs to continue to hone the best defence in the league. I just think when it comes down to it, we’re missing the final parts of the squad that could see this one over the line.

There’s one last round of transfers to go before we’re fully equipped. We need a 20+ goal striker, we need winger with blistering pace, and we need a defender and midfielder. Depth is what wins you the Premier League, and we’re always a full-backs calf injury away from a very big problem.

  • William Saliba plays all the games and has looked tired lately
  • Zinchenko can’t play more than 5 games in a row
  • Tomiyasu is a 5 game streak type of guy – would you bet on him coming back in perfect health?
  • Thomas Partey can’t even make it out of training
  • Jesus has no reliability

It’s really hard to push into the pain months with that much uncertainty. Just think about our big games over the last 3 years, how often do we have our best players available? Now think about City and Liverpool.

What we can hope for is a top 2 finish and a title push that goes into May. The Champions League is a crapshoot at this stage. If we can beat Porto and get a decent draw that avoids City, we could plausibly find ourselves in a Champions League semi final.

That would be a positive outcome for the season.

The job of the Arsenal football club is to keep refining ideas, build winning IP into inexperienced players, and keep making the squad better every summer.

We are building towards greatness and there are a number of variables that will become not so variable over the next 18 months and when they happen… no club is better equipped to dominate than Arsenal FC.

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The hatred on this site towards Raya is slowly dissipating, now that people are SLOWLY beginning to realize that he needed time to settle – and now is performing as part of the Arsenal machine. Nice find, Nigel!



Neto – lovely player but far too many shades of the crock about him. We can’t get tempted by him and need to spread our net further and wider.


“Chelsea should hopefully not get any dispensation from Roman’s sanctions. They got into bed with a dodgy Russian, they should pay the penalty.”

Bob Like really?? That “dodgy Russian” is the reason that Chelsea were so successful for nearly 20 years.The reason they are in thus mess is because of a UK government that will do whatever the US asks of them and now they are under a clueless American.