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Arsenal delivered a near-perfect performance against Liverpool and took all three points in a game that was so brutally controlled it didn’t feel like a top-of-the-table clash.

Arsenal recorded the highest xG against Liverpool this season. Sorry, I mean, ever in Premier League history.

Liverpool’s first goal came from zero shots on target.

Their scary comeback in the opening 15 minutes of the first half amounted to a single shot on target for them all game.

Teams don’t do that sort of thing to Liverpool FC. That was not part of the Klopp retirement plan. He was supposed to win that game and make the run in a two-horse race between him and his made-for-tv rivalry with that old dog Pep down the road.

Mikel Arteta and the boys had other ideas. The performance was very similar to what we’ve seen recently, but this time, we took the full compliment of points home with us. Arsenal controlled the pitch, they were more aggressive and dominant in the duels, and the passing through the fierce Liverpool press was simply delicious the whole game.

The leading scorers in the Premier League had no ideas, they were boxed in by our positioning and aggression. Arsenal, once again in a big game this season, fancied themselves as the dominant force – but this time, we didn’t need underlying data to prove what our eyes were seeing.

The first goal was a thing of beauty. Jorginho passed to Kai in the false 9 role, Kai to Gabriel, Gabriel with the one touch to Zinchenko, he cut back into midfield and rolled a simple pass to Odegaard who swept a first-time pass into the run of Kai… it looked like the German was on for the finish, his strike hit the keeper, but fell favourably for Saka who took one touch and swept into a net defended by Konate who couldn’t beat the shot.

So much to love about that goal… but a big part of it was getting the ball up the pitch as fast as possible and being deadly with the finish. Well, the second finish at least.

Liverpool hadn’t hit the target by the 43rd minute and we’d had 4 big chances. Just as I was thinking about putting the kettle on chugging a quart of whisky, calamity struck. William Saliba was shielding a ball for Raya to take, the keeper was never getting it, Saliba chipped at it, it hit Gabriel on the hand and went in.

It was pure dumb. I don’t know what we were thinking. It hurt. The players must have been gutted. All that hard work and once again, Lady Luck was making eyes at Jurgen Klopp on the touchline. How could we be in a top-of-the-table clash where Liverpool had a goal from ZERO shots on target?

The goal we conceded actually turned out to be a blessing. The boys came out for the second half feeling sorry for themselves, Liverpool had a raft of semi chances, and it looked like we were going to let Klopp happen to us again… then we just decided that wasn’t going to be our narrative. Martin Odegaard led the charge and started to make things happen. We found our confidence again and went for it.

Our second goal was all about never giving up. Big Gabi launched a long ball over the shoulder of VVD, and Martinelli chased it down and flustered the Dutchman into a brain freeze with Allison, the ball bounced loose, and the Brazilian speedster finished with a simple pass into an empty net.

Now we were believing. We weren’t finished though. The ref threw up 7 minutes of added time. Every Arsenal fan in the world was worried the team that never dies would conjur some miracle for their departing god… instead, it was Trossard who crafted the black magic. Kiwior found him on the left caught in traffic between Elliot and Dias, the Belgian dropped some twinkle toes, beat both of them, scampered into the box with 7 Liverpool players chasing… and he just buried it under the best keeper in the league.

Absolutely incredible.

So let’s start with the conclusion.

Arsenal is now very much in the title race. We’ve beaten the two best teams in the Premier League this season and we just gave Liverpool their 2nd defeat in 34 games. Arsenal didn’t win a fine margins game. We dished out an annihilation to a team far too many people have lap dancing for. Liverpool are good, Arsenal are a different level I’m afraid.

I do not think we have what it takes to win the league against Manchester City this season, but I’ll say it again, I think we’re the second-best team in the country. Liverpool have been playing at peak all season, every single break has gone for them, they have had all the luck, and they are still in 4 competitions. I’ve seen this movie before and it ends in cup doubles.

There are two teams in the top 5 that are playing basically to their xG at the moment. Arsenal and Manchester City. Everyone else is massively overperforming. City will get back to being xG monsters, the question was… could Arsenal? This victory indicates there’s a chance we are timing our form perfectly. 3 wins in three, 10 goals, 2 conceded. Feels good.

As for the individual performances. Let’s start with the manager. He loses Partey and Jesus before the game and there’s no drop in performance. Jorginho comes into the team and has a worldie. All the melts were telling me Kai was a bad signing. I had to watch him drop a brilliant yet industrious performance as a false 9 / agitator in chief. He drew yellow cards and reds. He was part of the first goal with a great run. He was a monster. Arteta had our wingers inverting to constrict the space when defending. Martin Odegaard was moving the ball quicker and he was more aggressive with his pressing. Every single player was focused and playing at an outrageous level. That was Arteta at his best. Crafting a master plan with lots of devil in the detail.

How about our two under-fire wingers settling the game with goals? Neither is going to win a goal of the month award, but both said something about anticipation and always being prepared for any outcome. A Boy Scout goal, if you will. Martinelli, in particular, seemed on fire. He looked fit and revved up to show Liverpool he wanted to put TAA back in rehab. What a powerhouse.

Jorginho… or Jor-Genius (thanks Patreon Discord). What a game from him. Say it quietly, he’s been superb this season. He never gets the plaudits because of the Chelsea tax… but you can’t avoid it today, he was a 10/10 and our man of the match. He was under brutal pressure, but kept going with the one-touch passing and the lofted chips. When he’s at his best, his body language is like an old pro on the beach dominating a game with the kids while playing with a negroni in hand. He oozed class. Another player who has blown up narratives around his ability.

Declan Rice was sensational again. A friend said he is better than Rodri because his game doesn’t need the dark arts fouls to be good. He times everything to perfection, he can do anything with the ball, and he is always in the right place, two inches from whoever he’s trying to take the ball from. What a player. Can you believe City wanted him to sit behind someone this summer?

Let’s give the fullbacks some credit as well. Ben White – sensational. Zinchenko – disciplined and key in the build to the first goal. Kiwior – came on and delivered with good defending AND an assist. Tomi comes back into the mixer this week, who knows what shape he’ll be in, but he’ll be additive. Hopefully Zinchenko’s early exit was precautionary, but if it was his calf, it’s likely another spell on the sidelines.

Martin Odegaard. That was a captain’s performance. He was everywhere, he led, he took chances, he brought people into the game, and he rallied the boys when they needed it. What’s not to love? Could his output be better this season? For sure. But we can’t all cry about the lack of a finisher then bitch that Odegaard doesn’t have 50 assists. That ball he put into Kiwior would have been finished by Ivan Toney. You don’t need to see hard numbers to understand the value he gives to the team.

Finally, the fans. They brought the goods. The noise sounded great majority of the game. We DO have it in us. It was electric. The game merited it for sure, but no reason we can’t deliver like that for the rest of the season. If the manager and the captain think it gives us an edge… give them the edge.

My only whinge about the day was having to listen to bitter pundits criticize the players and the manager for celebrating. If you can’t lose your mind after beating Liverpool in a table-topping clash, what’s the fucking point? Fans love to see it, even when they’re on the receiving end. The explayers and pundits don’t mind it when it’s their favoured clubs doing it. Trying to shift the narrative away from an incredible performance, to celebration ranking is deeply, deeply cynical. I expect it of Neville. A partisan hack who knows that his ‘I don’t understand the Arsenal strategy’ will be on his punditry gravestone when we win the league. Carragher calling Odegaard ill-disciplined for having fun with Stuart McFarlane? Ridiculous. It’s beautiful to see players treating non-sporting staff with that sort of respect. It shows how good the culture is that they included him.

So in short, Arsenal delivered. We’re back in the race. The naysayers are on the back foot. The people who kept the faith are savouring the W. Let’s see what we can do in the next 6 Premier League games before the City showdown. We need to win them all. If we do, that away game becomes a title decider. Tantalizing.

Let’s see what the boys can do!

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It was a very satisfying win yesterday. To be honest I expected it. What I didn’t expect was scoring up to 3 goals. Even though we dominated the game in the first half and for 30 mins in the 2nd, it still felt like we wouldn’t score after they drew level if not for that mistake and then the effect of the red card. For long periods, when attacking, we didn’t have anybody close to the 18 yard box and I still think this is what we need to address. In saying that I have hope that we will still… Read more »


Maupay is such a cunt, won’t surprise me if he gets a city player or himself sent off tonight


Once Brentford go 2-0 up I’m staking 3-2 city with a lot of cash


Put money on Rodri to score. The fucker is the new Gundogan.


Spurs are just pimping Reguillon around the league. I thought he was on loan at United, now he’s at Brentford.


We all know how this game ends. Don’t do it yourselves.


Really tired of Man City


Rodri.. you mean Foden? hahaha Actually I thought City’s game plan was a bit shit whipping in about a bazillion crosses.. but it worked eventually.

Luteo Guenreira

Really unfortunate to give up that goal, horrible clearance. Couldn’t get to halftime with the lead.


Well that felt familiar.


Sorry Bob.. (I’m not really, it’s got fuck all to do with you)… But I’m going to have to reply to China’s previous post on the other page: China… It’s the same thing, explained differently: If Arsenal and City both played 36 won 36 and the last 2 games were against each other… You’re looking at it as 6 remaining available points… Which is perfectly logical. But it doesn’t work like that In head to head games, unless each club win 1 each, which cancels each win out. Because if the table looks like this after both games, because City… Read more »


Yeah that 45+3′ is the witching hour this matchweek…


Ya.. when your highlight reel is your Keeper standing on his head … in all manner of saves.. probably not gonna work out for you in the long run. But I do like Brentford’s counter attack abilities.


Journo from Independent –

“Real Madrid’s offer to Kylian Mbappe so far hasn’t been to the satisfaction of the player or his entourage. Potential switches to Liverpool or Arsenal have been explored, but neither wants to break their wage structure to go for him”


Brentford might want to mark Foden…. just sayin.


Is this the same Toney people want for Arsenal?
Zero movement, Zero involvement, Zero press


Something tells me Man City Wil do a Tottenham and concede an equalizer in injury time.

Luteo Guenreira

Damn if only Toney had bet on himself to score that’d be in the back of the net.


Fuk. I jinxed itm

London gunner

The only way we win the title is beating city away unlikely and city drawing with Liverpool and Liverpool dropping points somewhere.

We would basically have to have an unbeaten end to the season. I can’t see this it’s very unlikely.


We’ll never know how was that not a foul by Ederson on Pinnock.


Ederson taking charge of the situation


I’m not sure Rich understands what a 6 pointer is , he appears to be tying himself in knots as per usual.


Maybe he needs to explain it just one more time for clarity


Rich spending two full days trying to legitimise the 6-pointer cliche midway through the season is some committed shit.

Keep going, lad. You’re almost there.


Mbappe to Arsenal isn’t happening… But would be simultaneously the most exciting and frightening thing we’ve ever done.


“Arsenal are set to be fined £25,000 after six of their players were booked in a fiery victory against Liverpool that kept them in the Premier League title race.

While it is rare, Chelsea and Liverpool have both been fined this season when at least six of their players were booked in a game. ”


Get Mbappers, and give PL 1M and keep playing hard!


JW10 is ambitious, good for him, wasn’t there a story a few months that Jack might be going to Kroenkes footy team in Colo?

Daily Record –

“Aberdeen have put Peter Leven in charge for today’s game with Celtic as they look to buy themselves more time over the appointment of a new manager ….. Arsenal youth coach Jack Wilshere has also applied but he looks an unlikely appointment due to his lack of experience, after Robson’s recent spell”


Why not Rich? We are giving money away in wages like there is no tomorrow.. lets give it mostly to the Turtle guy


Agree Rich, frightening for us and the league. On the playing front I love it but theres so much extraneous to it.

Mbappe is the kind of franchise move NBA clubs pull that don’t always work, can set it all back many, many years or you’ve got Lebron to Miami and the titles came.

Even if the Kroenke’s decided to pull that madness and it would be total financial madness would Arteta be all in on that considering whats gone down at PSG?

Certainly wouldn’t be dull, Pedro’s Ivan Toney manifesto would be in tatters.


Ivan Toney Isn’t all that, not for that reported price anyway


Mbappe will give AFC a goal a game or close to it, injury history is damn near spotless.

Would he provide enough scoring without interrupting or impeding our team’s defensive or offensive structure?

Get the team over the line?

Cost as much as much as many countries entire GDP.

Commercialy change AFC forever if they win everything-yes

Blow the EPL out of the water-priceless!


We got the wrong keeper from Brentford lol [@G8]

Still feel that way?


Rap, We’ve had this discussion before re Tomi and I think he maybe gets a pass because he’s so useful across the whole back line but I definitely agree we can’t carry many with injury records like him. Personally, I think Zinny can get binned. He’s a decent player and probably gets more than his fair share of blame at times for playing as he’s being asked to + taking risks. That said, he’s pretty ropey 1-on-1 and his ability to play through the press is surely replaceable (like we did with Timber….hopefully). He’s also young enough to think we… Read more »


Mbappe or no footballer is worth so much money. We can’t afford him and shouldn’t even if we can. Thanks but no thanks. You just have to look at Barca how paying for Messi has bought the club to its knees.


Getting injured is always an occupational hazard in sport. Arsenal have as been suggested too many injury prone players. However, I suspect that a couple will be leaving this summer. Tierney is no longer part of Arteta’s plans and will be sold. Partey’s injuries are now a serious problem for the club factoring in his annual wage bill. I suspect that Arsenal will attept to ship him out of the club if at all possible. Jesus, Zinchenko and Tomiyasu do get injured more frequently than most other players, but I don’t see these players leaving. The third possible departure is… Read more »


Oh jeez……I have tears in my eyes.
Gunnerblog on todays last word on Arseblog…….
Do yourself a favour and have a listen.

Bob N16

Nice link Chrispy.

I think this season will be the tipping point when it comes to the public’s view of City and their success. I have little confidence in our ability(or Liverpool’s) to finish above them. It’ll be six out of seven.

PL should say when the hearing is going to happen to turn up the heat on City and their owners.


I don’t know why you people keep saying we can’t win the league it but we can definitely beat city to this PL. Last season, they didn’t beat us to the league, we lost it to them. This season we are in the fight and it has the potentials to go all the way. We have already beaten them this season. We have taken 4 points off Liverpool too. So at the least in a league of 3 horses, we have collected 4 points and 3 points from our direct rivals. That’s championship form right there. Why are you people… Read more »


These comments on buying Mbappe are madness. Even assuming we didn’t breach FFP or the new UEFA Squad Cost Rule, (which I doubt given the extreme costs that would be involved) it’s still like going to a casino and putting your money on black. The team dynamics could be severely broken and what if he gets injured? To spend 3 seasons transfer budgets on one player is not for me. Osimhen will not come cheap either but nothing like Mbappe money. It would be more of a Rice type deal. He is powerful and quick and seems to have a… Read more »


Mystic, Arteta has got us to a place where we can compete with anyone on any given day. We lack killer instinct and overall ruthlessness at times but we seldom get walked over. However, getting consistency over a season is a curious blend of experience, luck, coaching and, above all, having a deep squad and using it well. Arteta plays the same players heavily – some get fatigued and their output drops, the others get injured. Whether we have a thin squad as he says, or he has not learnt the art of managing the squad is by the by.… Read more »

Just Another Customer

lol Mbappe this is not FUT or whatever fantasy football you zoomers play these days

Bob N16

With you Bilbo, we’re up there competing but City have already on a run and Haaland and KdB are only just returning to their team. I think it’s being a realist rather than being defeatist to imagine that City will win again. We can do our best but that will need to be near faultless for the rest of the season. A draw at City would be fine! Mystic, it was clearly a combination last season, City’s points total was excellent and they dropped points at the end of the season having already won PL. We could have got closer… Read more »

Just Another Customer

will there be asterisk when City will be charged?

l think it will all be swept under the carpet


2 things stand out for me in our recent victories v liverpool and city at the Emirates 1) Arsenal had an XG of 3.52 in this game, which is the most Liverpool have ever faced in the Premier League. 2) Manchester City had only four shots, marking their lowest shot count in a Premier League game since April 2010 and their lowest tally ever in a league game under Pep Guardiola. This is impressive work by Arteta , we are evolving into a team that win the big games against the toughest opposition and I can guarantee you that klopp… Read more »


Still think we are a top class centre forward away from being the real deal, the second and 3rd goals were fuck ups and a hit and hope and lucky deflection off DVD. The West Ham home game perfect example as we should have won comfortably we have to be clinical. We also need the consistent crocks to stay fit.


still fancy us to win 0-2 as losing to the pikey’s 3 times in a season is unthinkable.


I can see many here are just doing everything to discredit Pep for all his efforts at City. should he help City to the league title this season, it will be six in seven which can not be solely based on money. He is just too good.
I’m sure there isn’t anyone here that will doubt the fact that if Pep has been our manager for the past four seasons, we would have won the league at least once.
Take Tets to city and Pep to Arsenal and give both five years. Arsenal will be better than city.


Arsenal had a bad patch over the Xmas period when we lost to Aston Villa, West Ham and Fulham. Bluntly we should have won at least 2 of those games. However, our lack of cutting edge and failure to finish off goalscoring opportunities cost us at least 6 points. Arsenal’s achilles heel is of course the centre forward position. Our two centre forwards have scored collectively 10 goals in EPL, which is well short of what a top centre forward should be able to score at Arsenal’s level. Jesus has at least the excuse that he has been out injured… Read more »

Bob N16

Olatunde, you’re missing the point – the foundational stage of City’s rise was done on the back of financial cheating. Sure Guardiola is a great coach but would he have joined when he did if he’d have to wait for a more organic financial development of their squad?

‘discredit Pep for all his efforts’ – the discredit goes to the club as a whole – not Guardiola.


Bilbo Agreed with your sentiments that mentality may play a bigger role in the title run in. We are a year older in title races though with a new culture and all. Last season should be an advantage to us in this one. I think we will finish better than last season. I honestly believe we could win this league. Would never for once throw it out “just cos of city is a juggernaut”. Bob N16 City winning the league 5 out of 6 has nothing on financial doping. They haven’t outspent the competition by a long mile. They just… Read more »


Cities financial doping turned a nowhere club into league champions before Pep became manager.


Stroller “, Nketiah’s problem is that he has scored only 2 goals in EPL if you exclude his hattrick against Sheffield United.” Every team has a blip in the season , it is too easy just to blame it on the striker. That’s all you hear from pundits and the media and it is if some Arsenal fans haven’t a brain to think for themselves as they get brainwashed by what the media say.. At present we are on a run of 10 goals in 3 games(2 conceded) unless you are excluding the 5 goals scored against palace which for… Read more »


Soon We will find out the extent of city cheating the system and hopefully it will put to bed all those who think they came from nowhere to where they are now without being corrupt.
The same with chelsea who if they are not careful will be starting next season with a 20 point deduction unless fools like Arsenal and united help them out again by signing their unwanted players like mount and Havertz for fortunes .

Bob N16

Agree to disagree Mystic. They have done a lot right as you allude to but it’s on a foundation of financial cheating.


Good one Chrispy, absolutely joyless cunts.
Young players and novice manager celebrating beating one of the best teams in last 5 years and possibly the best manager on the planet ( granted weak on the day).


Pierre – regarding Eddie zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Dont know about the rest of you but I’m rooting for City to win another treble, so next year when we are really, really ready they’ll be sooooooooo disinterested in winning, we’ll win the league at the counter.




Also testing.


Anyone else can’t get into the new post? City one? Says it’s locked, load of faff to go through WordPress, none of which works

Marky Mark

Bilbo – yep I’m getting it as well


Can’t get through as well.


Cheers gents. WordPress have a lot to answer for – who’s running that gaff? Boehly?


WTF is going on?

Logie Bear

Agreed re Word Press – help?!

Double Double

Oh good not just me! It came up ok and then asked me to subscribe and padlock came

Just Another Customer

lol how many subs we need now just to gatekeep from the trolls under the bridge

Double Double

I guess Pedro knows? Or does someone need to email him?


Ditto here 0530 CST…….@Pedro must have not set up post to a visible status….or site down


**interview with Zelalem in the Athletic** shame he never made it at the club. Sounds like he got afflicted with our penchant for debilitating injuries. There is no predicting what life will throw at you. A decade ago, the former Arsenal midfielder Gedion Zelalem was being compared to Cesc Fabregas. Now 27, he is playing for Den Bosch in the Dutch second division after serious knee injuries and the loss of close family members took its toll on the former Germany and U.S. youth international’s career. Speaking to The Athletic on January 24, 10 years to the day since his… Read more »


You boys worked out how to get through yet? I have just done it.


City now are a very well run club – but they built this excellent structure on top of massively corrupt foundations that took them from total irrelevance to already the best team in England before pep set foot in the door.

It’s not about if they’re outspending teams now, it’s about the fact that they don’t need to because they cheated tonoutspend for several years before hand.


Point is that City can just laser target any weakness in their squad or team by adding another £100m player. There is no bulking up with FFP worries (although why worry when you already have 100+ charges?) – simply fine tuning

That is the true benefit of 10years + of cheating


“Martin Ødegaard has played more through-balls than any other player in Europe’s top seven leagues so far this season”



Don’t tell Pierre that.


Groundhog day here on LG aren’t we missing a Pedro post and reverting back to post match? Early spring or still winter?


Pedro decided not enough good things have been said about the Pool victory and ensuing celebrations.

Bob N16

Tom, and you haven’t got bored of picking Pedro up. And I haven’t got bored of responding to your posts etc etc

There’s not much Arsenal news and the Liverpool win was so memorable that until the West Ham game gets near, the positive glow from the game persists for many of us.


Bob, by all means keep glowing.
Liverpool are the Europa league level club that’s been riding high domestically on a wave of good fortune where everything prior to the Arsenal game had gone their way.
Don’t believe me?
Just ask Pedro.

Their team is currently valued at €300m less than ours and their wage bill is inferior as well.
They are normally weaker away, especially without Salah, but by all means let’s all act like we beat the mighty Pool circa 2019/20 against all odds because we is only little.

Bob N16


Liverpool had an off day, partly caused by how we played, dwell on that if you prefer.

Considering how important the outcome was for Arsenal, the way the team stepped up was what I’d prefer to focus on, as well as the way Arteta and his coaching team worked out their game plan.


Why is the new post locked?


FabrizioRomano 🚨🇧🇷 Fluminense have agreed on loan deal to sign Marquinhos from Arsenal. Verbal pact in place to be completed in the coming days. Marquinhos has already accepted, just waiting on final formal steps. Deal to include buy option clause from #AFC, as @geglobo called. _______________________________________________ Ben Jacobs It’s understood Cedric is now expected to stay at Arsenal until the end of the season after Galatasaray signed Serge Aurier. Cedric had other interest (and the Turkish window is still open) but no other concrete offers arrived. Cedric is happy to lend his experience to Arsenal.🇵🇹 _______________________________________________ Cedric is happy to… Read more »


As I wrote that, it looks like the newer post is back up.

Nigel Tufnel

Karsa and Bob have it right about City. They were able to build a juggernaut with feeder clubs, buying the best young English players at the earliest age and having the most expensive academy and prospects, where other clubs could not afford to put in that kind of money.