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It’s BIG game eve. Are you nervous?  Yeah, me too. But good nervous. These consequential games at the top of the table are the type I never thought we’d be around again.

Arsenal vs Liverpool. Home advantage to us. No one has any idea how the game is going to shake out because we’re both world-class sides.

There was a little bit of disappointment pre-game. Thomas Partey’s issue he picked up in training has extended out to him missing the game. It’s not serious, so he’ll be about for the run-in. You just have to remind yourself you can NEVER rely on Thomas Partey for anything. The man is Abou Diaby part II. It’s a sad way for a professional to go, especially one with no injuries during his time at Atleti. There is no doubt that we need to find a player who can do the things he can PLUS stay fit all season. I really hope we’re plucking from the Premier League this summer.

Still, that doesn’t stop us doing bad things to Liverpool. One of the most productive teams in the league has been largely controlled by Arsenal in the last two games despite the big W not coming out way. The luck has to change at some point, so if we go out tomorrow and play like we did in the cup, anything is possible.

We had Jorginho in the side and we battered them for an house. We also had Kai Havertz as a number 9 and he played really well. I’d be shocked if we don’t see Kai in the starting 11, his power, speed, and aggression could be really additive to the game. He should also be in great shape because he had a little rest last week.

This is a game that we’ll get big chances, Liverpool will offer us space at times, the only thing we have to deal with is their exceptional keeper.

Big games need heroes, they need magic, and they need a bit of luck. Our front three needs to deliver some xG monstering.  I can’t be watching Gabriel Jesus falling over chances, Bukayo and Martinelli to play at their peak, and the whole team needs to take more responsibility for being killers.

The consequences are massive for the league. Lose, it’s over. Win, it’s on. Draw, it’s back to doubt. I think the mathematicians in the fan base would disagree, but from a feelings perspective, and a general narrative, it’ll be really hard to bounce back from a loss.

I’m still maintaining that Manchester City are the big dogs in this race, I think Liverpool will run out of steam, and at some point, doing it for the boss will wear thin. We just need to keep pace.

I want Arsenal to be in that mixer because I want Arteta to show the world the rebuild people thought was OTT was necessary and that it’ll work. I want the underlying performance metrics to be recognized by real world results. I want to see Arsenal have the first breakout performance of 2024.

I am fine with a Manchester City-like slow start… but we have to finish with a bang. Win this game, we have a lovely run of matches up until the Manchester City away day at the end of the month.

Winning here makes everything better.

Let’s see what the boys have.

There are TWO podcasts waiting for our Patreon listeners. Johnny went solo for a Before the Whistle and I dropped an interview with one of the most interesting people one Arsenal: Tim Payton of The AST. Take a listen, it’s excellent content, and I learned a lot.

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Now keep switched on


Wow – Dodgy keeper! Hahaha


Tross the boss delivered the goods!

Oh yeah…


Trossard is an output machine


Fucking brilliant by Tross the boss!

Raptora – again, screw your voodoo stream. I’m a minute behind with Peacock.


That’s how you seal a game!!

Guns of SF

Tross the boss Meg attack


Ok.. Calm down

Still 4 mins to go



Whoooohooo hooo what a game.. what a game.

London gunner

Tross is better than hazard let’s not lie about it

Thierry Martinelli

Tross the Boss


Finally we beat them!


I just went nuts and my GF said I’m not normal lol

Fucking get in


It’s not over yet


VVD delfected Trossards shot a fraction hahaha

Luteo Guenreira

Yes Trossard!!! Nutmeg

Arteta loving it

Guns of SF



Havertz calm down you hv done well today

2 mins


This is what we do to get stadium rocking!


Well deserved MOTM for Jorghino. He has been superb


Tactical masterclass from Arteta. Should be 3 nil.


Just keep the fucking ball


Why’s the referee giving out yelllow cards like candy

Ref has had a good game
Possible the best game he’s ever officiated


Big win but can’t help but feel that the big winner today is the team with 2 games to play.



1 minute

Habesha Gooner

Havertz has been massive today. Fantastic game.


Wtf Havertz fight Van Dick not the poor linesman lol


So satisfying to beat those chancers. Never once been impressed by them this season. Another team getting by without having any real discernable quality in terms of collective play.


We are the ARSENAL



Get in great result superb


We were the better team today

What I love is we kept up the fight after half time. What mentality. What strength. What a team.

Fucking hell. We’ve done it


“Tross is better than hazard let’s not lie about it”

Do you mean to say Eden fucking Hazard? The guy was only behind Messi, Neymar, Suarez and Iniesta in terms of producing quality football. No comparison really even though I really like Trossard.


Absolutely City is big favorite to win PL.


it is okay, the ref will give the fans a yellow too today.

Who cares..

Onwards and upwards..


So one of the main differences I noticed today and unsurprising to me was how much better we looked on the whole and it was without the inverted fullback nonsense.

Long may it continue.


Quite a good result that


Unreal.. 3 points.. feels like the season just started .. now. It’s game on for the season. Was a ball of nerves before this one.

Marti, Ode, Rice, Jorginho.. all brilliant today. So happy right now..


Massive result!


Theo and Loreal needs to come to every big game.


What a game, title charge still alive !

Guns of SF

great win phew


Best result of the season with performance to match GET THE FUCK IN lads.

Habesha Gooner

We are in this race. We aren’t going away. Yeaaah.


Jorginho MotM for me too. But the team as a whole played deserved it.

We outplayed them convincingly. They had maybe 10-15 good mins in the whole game. We had thrice that.

Hence the 3-1 being a fair result albeit the goals were mostly a result of huge mistakes.


Klopp last game at Emirates, nice sending off!


Martinelli MOTM with Rice and Jorginho as runners up.


Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!!

Great win!!!!

London Is Red!!!


Some stupid yellows from our side but a great win


Much needed win. I still can’t see past City especially with KDB back in their team but at least we are still in the race.


Who can’t win the league.

What a fantastic performance and result.


Great result but this was our chanse to absolutely crush them and revenge all this hammering we got last few years.


Jorginho and Martinelli were amazing. Rice was really good. Raya was good apart from the mixup in the goal

One player who caught my eye tho was kiwior. Thought he really looked the part in the second half


Jorginho was playing the passes between the lines that only Zinchenko was supposed to be able to make. Superb.


Havertz was top notch…thats his best position ..maybe best game for us


Think I lost my voice screaming at the tv… when Marti scored that second goal.. hahaha I know my neighbors think I’m a mental case.


Brilliant performance and a deserved massive win. Arteta got it perfectly tactically. Subbing Kiwior for Zin was effective. Great win , onward and upwards.


Credit to Jorginho he was impeccable today. Forward thinking always with his passing


Not sure who my MOTM is….

Havertz or JORGINHO

Great games from both


We have outplayed Liverpool each time we have played them this season. We finally get the result we deserve.

That was a masterclass


Havertz is a CF as I’ve been repeating since day one. We’ve beat City 2/2 and Pool 1/1 with him leading the line.

Habesha Gooner

Jorginho, Odegaard, Rice, Havertz and Martinelli with Monstrous performances. Great that we aren’t going to give in easily.


Jorginho had a throwback game for the ages. Can’t remember one thing he did wrong.. and was pinging the ball around.


Come on Brentford


Big performances today, our Mid was quality with Jorginho giving it more cutting edge MOTM for me, Rice legendary what an egine and Øde in first half was mental real captain peformance overall from him.

Special shoutout to shithouse himself King Kai.


Marti bullying old man VVD is surely the highlight of the game. One for the ages.


Agreed Jorgi had a brilliant game. Havertz as well and may be a case to play Jorgi for big games. Worth the 12 M that we spent on him.


Well fuck me that was a game and a half. Liverpool, like Forrest have been a big boogie teem for us and its good to put that to bed.


I have the privilege of being able to attend every game and I can say that is the best atmosphere this season. What a performance today.

We are truly in the race and can never be counted out. COYG


Well deserved.
It really should’ve been over first half.


I’ll never be mad at players for trying to play and be brave from the back against the press, and under pressure… I get there’s a fine line between bravery + naivety, but we need our players to brave at the back. We were by far the best team in the first half, not much in it in the 2nd half, but the big moments went for us. Jorginho the best 3rd choice No6 in football, we’d be crazy not to take the option in his contract, he’s got pace to lose… Rice was quietly brilliant, his ability to shut… Read more »


Jorginho masterclass midfield performance


Kai and Jorginho motm for me, great performance


How good were Kai and Jorgi though


Oh that felt good.



Link to on the whistle anyone?


Leftside, good shit man!

Marky Mark

Last comment timed out … so annoying!
Good old Arsenal! Up the Gunners!


Jorginho obviously very good today but Liverpool midfield is really basic. Not much guile/craft in there. I was only worried about Trent Arnold and Jota…we dealt well with the duo.


TT, probably on Patreon.


I hate to admit it, we were wrong and harsh on subs.


Massssssssive win!

We’re all in on this title race!


I’m very impressed with the sub Mikel did at half time. Not sure if Zina had a problem, I hope not, cause that sub was superb. Kiwior played very well.


Today we probably have to forget what Gaby Mag did. It’s that kind of a day. But he has got be careful. He could have had a second yellow.

Habesha Gooner

Jorginho has been worth the 12 mil we have paid for him. So many great performances in big games. Wouldn’t mind if an extension is triggered given we properly replace Partey. He is the best insurance policy that you can have.


Hope the team keeps the positivity and remembers you have to fight to win, even against ‘lowly’ opponents.

No good doing well against ‘ bigger’ teams, then fu@k it up.

Good mentality not to let that poor goal at end of first half to affect them.

Looks like we could get second.

Still need Man City and Liverpool to mess up a few times, without ourselves doing the same, to be champions


Fat arse Harvey Elliott failing to keep up with Tross’ pace when he scored is another interesting highlight from tonight’s game.

Josip Skoblar

Massive win!!! Jorginho, Trossard and Martinelli were magnificent today.
Lots of errors (both sides). Becker had a shocking game. We are definitely back in track! COYG!

Josip Skoblar

*on track


It’s going to take awhile to come down from the adrenaline rush from that one. Huge Ivan Toney fan now for about 26 hours.


I think Raya was class today and showed why he starts over ramsdale, I love rambo but raya gives us more attacking threat.


Jorginho should definitely get a 1 year extension

Josip Skoblar

Why do I have to enter my email address and name each time I post despite having saved them? It wasn’t like that before. Annoying.


Also, Chelsea.. just…. hahahaha

That is all.


Theo, Giroud and now Toure.

What is happening today?
Did the boys needed motivation?


What a game, absolutely buzzing. This was Jorginho’s best match in an Arsenal shirt since his arrival.


Kolo’s not the smartest tool in the box, is he? Legend though!


Awful ref 10 yellows ffs not a dirty game


I had a feeling that we would beat liverpool today. What I liked about our wins v city and liverpool was the way we played the ball long and deep into the opposition half instead of fannying around with it at the back, it shows that Arteta is learning that there are different ways to win a football match Havertz is the key when playing long and having 2 or 3 players around him to pick up the loose ball. Havertz doesn’t win a lot of flick ons but he is good at making life difficult for the centre backs… Read more »

Fingers crossed

Arsenal’s dominance in a stat
Arsenal’s total of 3.52 expected goals was the highest xG Liverpool have faced in a Premier League game since such data was recorded.

This was on sky sports, I thought xG….fuck me Pedro gets every way lol

Fingers crossed

Arsenal’s dominance in a stat
Arsenal’s total of 3.52 expected goals was the highest xG Liverpool have faced in a Premier League game since such data was recorded.

This was on sky sports….I thought fuck me Pedro gets everywhere….he’s like the matrix