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The major news about Cedric Soares leaked out into the ether.

He’s not leaving. I’m sorry guys, I know you really put a lot of hope in those Turkish ‘dream move’ rumors. But it’s not to be.

The man Don Raul put on £90k a week for 4.5 years will be staying on to see out his deal

This particular transfer was probably high on the audit list of company leadership when they did a review of his transfer dealings the following summer. It made no sense. We paid a fee for an unwanted Southampton player who had 5 months left on his deal… and put him on mega money. The output of overpaying people that don’t have the talent to match is they tend to want every penny of that deal.

That deal was a lesson. It was a wake-up call. It never would have happened under current leadership. I’m glad we’re now a mature club and we don’t make decisions like that these days.

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