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Bit of a low interest weekend for Arsenal fans. We’re out of the FA Cup, so all we can do is watch on, hope that every game our rivals play is a slogfest, and wait out the season to see if fatigue hits their players.

Aston Villa vs Chelsea was interesting because it went to a draw which means a replay. Two hard running teams fighting it out in the 4th round. Perfection.

Spurs vs City was beautiful because the media darlings of 2023 were absolutely controlled by Manchester City. It was embarrassing how little Spurs offered. They managed 1 attempt at the City goal in an entire 95 minutes of football. It was a masterclass from Pep and a total shock that the score was only 1-0. What does this mean? It means there’s a long way to go before we can start considering Spurs as a future contender. They’re going to be sussed in the back half of the season, and I think the way they play might continue to impact their injury list. Not good from Big Ange. Also, MORE GAMES FOR CITY is a good thing at this point.

I did read a really good article on The Athletic about the failure of Kalvin Phillips. City bought him because they thought any player that could play in a Bielsa system could learn the ways of Pep. When he landed there, he wasn’t at the right level as a professional, he didn’t show up early, or stay late, and he had some weight issues. Pep and his guys just didn’t think he had what it took to play as a 6 in the City system, he wasn’t good enough in tight spaces, so he ended up exiting.

This is the prime difference between City and the rest. They can spend £50m on a midfielder, decide they don’t like them, and shift them on and no one notices. Arsenal would have to slug it out with that player. There’s also no way we’d be shifting them out at 28 on a £6m loan deal. The levels at the very top of the league are ridiculous, so when you have Arsenal fans suggesting we start more 18-year-olds, know that Kalvin Phillips was deemed not good enough after a few training sessions, and he played in an international final and starred for Leeds in the league.

Everything is building towards a mega game against Liverpool. There are two sides of this argument. The romanticists think Liverpool are going to pull together for Klopp and see out a glittering career, the realists think that’s a big ask and goes against the nature of leadership. Quitting is a weakness; elite athletes don’t need much to exploit those weaknesses.

I don’t want to get into that now; it’s a coin toss. What I am interested in is this: Is there such a thing as a BIG MANAGER QUITS, BOUNCE?

The first game since the announcement could see a massive reaction from the boys. Klopp wants to prove his decision to quite early won’t affect his season, the players will want to show the coach they are on side… is this game about to kick up two or three levels of spice?

I hope so. I want this game to be peak-Barclays. A show of force by both sides. If it’s a brilliant game and we win. That sets the tone for the changing of the guard. We will be ready to assume control over the next two seasons. The very best teams can overcome the emotion of the occasion and do the job. Our issue last season was we played too much into the emotion of the big games. This is now a HUGE game of significance to one of the best managers EVER. If we can control them like we did in the last game, the world is our lobster.

The good news is Thomas Partey is all over the Arsenal feed at the moment. They’re pumping him like he’s only just joined training, which if you believe that, I have the 2026 Arsenal home shirt to sell you if you send me a blank cheque. Having him on the bench for Forest will indicate that we could see him play a role for the Liverpool game. That excites me. When do we ever have our best players available for our biggest games? Almost never.

I want to see it. I can’t wait for that game. It’s going to be BLOCKBUSTER.

Right, see you in the comments. xxx

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Now to read the post…




What happened to Pedro, these daily post am not used to them and I like it.


An emotional game at Anfield suits Liverpool.

Look at the game last year. It got emotional when Xhaka and TAA clashed. They thrived after that, we wilted.


Need to deal with Forest first, we’ve lost our last 3 trips to the City Ground.


So many terrible hot takes re Klopp,s exit, it makes my head spin.
You can debate whether announcing it to the world was the right move, but to question his decision to tell the players is nuts.
And no, SAF’s example isn’t remotely the same since he was quitting football all together and the stigma of misleading players (RVP) wouldn’t follow him to his next job.
Clarity of situation is what every footballer wants from his manager, and if Pool’s season happens to tail off it won’t be because the players stopped giving their all on account of Klopp leaving.


I’m not even sure it was entirely Klopp’s decision to leave. I think the board made him to leave. He was becoming very comfortable there and Liverpool didn’t want to go through a period where romance will be higher in the pecking order than competitiveness. As for the bounce, sure. Liverpool players will play like mad dogs for Klopp. Will definitely want to send him off with trophies. As for them falling off, it’s wishful thinking at best. They have already started rebuilding their team. Their midfield is set for circa 5 years. They ate playing with an entirely new… Read more »


Nigel, from the prev post: I gave a deliberately wide range in the hope it wouldn’t spur comments that might trivialize the point I was making. Whatever the actual number, a transfer of over 50/60m is going to carry a significant weekly wage and one that we can probably agree (consensus, not everyone) could have been put to better use elsewhere. At least on evidence so far. I’ll be honest and say I tried to keep quiet on him early doors but struggled with the dross he served up and, ultimately, started to lose a bit of hope just before… Read more »


“I’m not even sure it was entirely Klopp’s decision to leave. I think the board made him to leave. He was becoming very comfortable there and Liverpool didn’t want to go through a period where romance will be higher in the pecking order than competitiveness.”

Seriously ?


Ooof, sorry, served it up as one big old block of text. Sorry about that.


Mystic, your opening Klopp gambit stinks. Stop it


“”MORE GAMES FOR CITY is a good thing at this point.””

More games means more trophies, thats not a good thing.


Not if they lose in the finals.


“I’m not even sure it was entirely Klopp’s decision to leave.” I highly doubt this. Only if they had reached out to Alonso about his future plans and received encouragement. Alonso will likely be courted by Real Madrid also. However while I wouldn’t go as far to say Liverpool would allow Klopp to stay as long as he wanted, I really don’t think they were at the stage of trying to gently push him out or anything. Klopp’s announcement would have been a big shock for the Liverpool owners I’m sure. Probably not what they wanted to hear! Klopp may… Read more »


“More games means more trophies, thats not a good thing.”

It’s a great thing.
The more trophies they win the less motivated they’ll get to……… win more trophies, goes one theory.

And that’s when we step in. They won’t know what hit them.


Curious then Tom, the timing. Which led me to… Why would Klopp tell the club in November, then wait more than 8 weeks to tell the players? Klopp made the decision personally to do this at some point (in November). Decided to notify the club. From those discussions it was decided not to notify the players– yet. What’s the justification? Maybe some players could push for a move in January if they knew earlier? Get past the December fixtures without distraction? Why now, this week? All top managers work small margins for advantages. Did Klopp look at the fixture list… Read more »


C’mon, pushing Klopp out against his wishes makes zero sense on every level.
Sporting wise – top of the league, and still in all competitions.
Commercially – if you’re looking to sell the club, it would be less attractive to a potential buyer with Klopp gone.

Klopp could walk into any big job tomorrow if he wished to.
He’s still in his prime.

Bob N16

All I know for sure, is that Liverpool supporters are gutted by Klopp’s decision to leave. No idea whether it’ll have an effect this season but he’s going to be a tough act to follow!

On a different subject, having Partey back in our squad is a real boost. I think it’s safe to say, his presence in our team makes us better.


jw1, not sure about the time lines or who said what and when, but maybe the club insisted to keep it under wraps and Klopp originally went with it. Maybe. The fact is there might be some Pool players deciding in their contract extension right now and having this information might be vital to them. If the Coutinho to Barca transfer was anything to go by, then Klopp is as honest with his players as anyone. I’m not a fan of moves like the one Graham Potter pulled when Chelsea came calling. Not sure how you can expect your players… Read more »

NJ. Gooner

I imagine that Klopp will be high on Real Madrid’s list when Ancelotti’s contract is up in 18 months. By then he will be well rested. meanwhile, I suspect, he will be brushing up on his Spanish…..


Not sure Pedro why the failure of Kalvin Phillips has anything to do with whether 18 year olds at Arsenal. Some will always succeed at that age whereas others may need 3 or 4 more years

Suspect Nwaneri will be ready at 18. So too will Lewis Skelly. Both have been playing at years above their age groups most of their junior careeers


* can succeed


The notion that klopp is being forced out by Liverpool is total nonsense. He is comfortably one of the best three Managers in the world. It won’t be easy to replace him just as Arsenal has found out. The fact that he vowed never to join any club in England ever again should erase any doubt. If they forced him to leave, they wouldn’t have been able to get commitment from him not to join other club in England.


Partey coming back and playing for us in 12-15 games straight, and our backline staying healthy is the difference between playing for 4-5th place and being there in the mix in the run in!

Nigel Tufnel

Haha I said I’m in a minority on many opinions here…

But nothing like Mysticleaves take on the Klopp exit !!!


We can finish third without Partey. With him we have a chance of winning things.

into the red

Well, I will miss him and his ‘heavy metal’ football. There is no doubt of his impact on the English game in general and Liverpool in particular, in raising levels and showing that you can mount a challenge to the ME state run clubs.
The two most important questions are who follows him? Alonso will keep Pool at a similar level, anybody else may see sliding. And can Arteta step up to bridge the gap, and go one better than he has done so far?
Next week might give us a hint. Should be a belter.


The timing of Klopp’s announcement is very risky. How many players will bust a gut for a manager who is leaving? Even subconsciously there will likely be a 2 or 3% drop.
There is probably more to this than meets the eye. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a takeover at Pool this Summer.

Nigel Tufnel

Bilbo, That’s all fair, and I’m keeping an open mind on Havertz more than most. I admit that when he shies away when we want him to pass or move more aggressively, it disappoints me… that’s exactly where I think he needs to adjust. He’s one half a season into a 5 year deal. He’s playing a very different role than he did at Chelsea for a couple years. It’s requires discipline in midfield, pressing and opportunism in runs at goal. I don’t think he’s found the balance yet, of course, or he’d have more goals already… but he has… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Sid, who cares how many trophies City wins if we’re not winning them?
I only care about the 2 competitions we’re still in..
The huge numbers Pep puts up for trophies will all have big asterisks * after them anyway. I have no doubt about that.

There will never be any questioning of the invincibles season for example. They’ll talk about Man City in future in terms of a scandal.



If he can stay fit then anything is possible, it’s just the ‘staying fit’…


Good friend of mine here in CDN lived in same suburb as a bunch of ‘pool players and they all mingled at same pub – she called Ron Yeats ‘uncle’ – before her father moved family to CDN in late 70s.

Anyways, she is having kittens today with Klopp anxiety. The German has put them into top tier again and old timers remember good times 70/80s but dread repeat of 90/00s. Will bin dippers stay at top table without Klopp and his magic, next managerial hire is huge.


How did we lose to this Fulham side?


Arsenal still can beat anyone and lose to anyone.

Nigel Tufnel

My guess is that Liverpool will try to over compensate by spending even more on players for the next manager. They won’t want to repeat the Moyes mistake of United. …but it won’t work. It’s a massive step down from the best manager in the world to whomever comes next. It’s hilarious how grovers talked about managers that looked good for very short periods at clubs. Nuno, Potter, DeZerbi, Ange, now Alonso being elevated to the pantheon. None of them showed quality over long periods while gooners were so sure they will be the next big managers in world football.… Read more »


Fab Romano –

BREAKING: Xavi Hernández has decided to LEAVE Barcelona at the end of the season.

Xavi: “Everything will be calmer now, we can compete for the Champions League… at least with this decision you [the press] won’t kill me anymore”.

“The club will improve with this decision. This club needs a change of dynamic. Leaving Barça is the best decision possible for all parties involved”.

“I’m the most responsible one, so the players will finally feel free now”.


… and the Barca press will continue to hound him, no matter his pleas for mercy.

Nigel Tufnel

Xavi was such a dick about our preseason match that I was hoping he’d end up like this.


He also spent 5 years tapping up Cesc while he was playing for us, such a cunt


Nigel, Yeh fair enough. If he comes good we’re all golden. I do see where he adds value – he allows to get/retain possession much higher up the pitch, adds another physical dimension, is awkward AF to play against and has a bit of the bastard about him in a good way – and if we’d nicked him for 25/30m I’d be happy as Laurence. Just the all-in cost makes me a double-take, especially given we can’t go around hosing cash like City. He’s a bit of a luxury player and perhaps is judged not on who he is/ what… Read more »


Xavi always looked like a little teachers pet, exactly as the Everton squad used to talk about Phil Neville. He (not Phil Neville) was one of the best midfielders I’ve seen….that said.


The issue I believe is there is some incompatibility between the site and iOS. It doesn’t do this on Windows or Android

But if anyone does have their details auto saved on their iPhone or iPad can they say so. I don’t yet believe it is any thing I have done to reject the sites cookies


NB– it’s not just this site, It’s occurring at another WordPress site I post at.

Not an iOS user, but am an IT guy. I’ve tried researching this– and am not finding any current posts on the topic. the only clue i’m seeing that might fix this on iOS devices is to access Keychain and locate this website’s entry, and enter/save your credentials manually. No promises, but a possible fix.


Hopefully, Barce make a move for Arteta.
Solves a lot of problems.


Who the F is Jalel Kadri?


Hitman, who are you hiring to replace?


I use android and I have the same issues. I don’t have cookie blockers either and I ain’t being asked to accept one. Re the my Klopp take. It will probably surface in about 4 months or after he’s gone. I’m not saying he was pushed out either. I’m saying that MAYBE the board didn’t want him to linger much longer given that he was getting too comfortable with the players and the club. I have cited instances which I believe support my claim. Y’all can laugh now but it’s my claim and I ain’t afraid it give it. You… Read more »


Oh wait. It’s remembering me now. I didn’t have to fill in mu details twice in a row now.


Can’t say for certain as I don’t have an iOS device to test with. That said, what I have found is this post (2yrs old) that seems parallel to the issue–


It offers possible fixes for iOS device users– and within a main WordPress configuration file (wp-config.php) on the system side.

Nigel Tufnel

Solves a lot of problems for Arteta cynics who would have us heading quickly back towards midtable as we were before Arteta. We’ll also be on the manager merry go round like Chelsea, Spurs, United, Liverpool, hoping for a miracle appointment.

They’ll forget the title challenges, the return to Europe, and the brilliant squad Arteta has built.. but they’ll keep saying “he finished 8th twice!”

Richard Garlick, look out… Hitman is coming for your position.


Big Sam for Barca


Getting me as well


Pleased to see the decision to take away Big Gabby’s 2nd goal vs Palace reversed.


Klopp’s ill. That’s the reason.



I’m accepting cookies and have no extensions that prevent my browser from storing them. I still have to fill in my details every time. I’m on iOS and Chrome, if that helps your dev replicate the issue.


Pedro, kavin Phillips is not an excuse. Rico Lewis played lot of games for City last season and he was 18 years. Julian Alvarez the Jesus replacement was 21 coming into a new league and played loads of games. If you are good enough and the coach believe in you, you will play. Arteta refuses to play any academy player on the bench in the last game of the season 2 years in a row when we were winning comfortably at home. Brings on Jesus in the 80+ minute yet no academy player was brought on against PSV. Xavi wins… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

I have to put in my email and name sometimes when I post, usually when there’s a new headline. But my auto fill makes it easy enough.
People seem to be making too big a deal about it. It’s not going to stop me from taking part on the best Arsenal blog.

Now if wordpress is asking you to log in with a password every day … that is something very different and too annoying to put up with.


I don’t read much into the significance of the arsenal liverpool game beyond points on the board (and hopefully not for a rival) We could win that game 5-0 but if we play like we did against west ham in the game following we will lose and the result will have been immediately undone Winning a league is a 38 game marathon and in reality as long as you aren’t losing lots of the games against title rivals, they’re relatively trivial from a numerical perspective. What will win or cost us leagues is how we do against the teams below… Read more »


Does a plan that includes firing Arteta and bringing in another coach don’t count? Or is it too simplistic Pedro? I’m not Arteta out YET. I still believe there’s a chance we can win the league and/or UCL this season and I’m going to take my support of him in charge on a game to game basis till we can no longer win any. And when we can’t, I’d be Arteta out. It won’t be justifiable to have been in the helm for 5 years and not win anything with your fucking process. Only then is when I will tell… Read more »


Not defending that guy Pedro because I disagree with much of what he said however the below is meaningless ‘ Benkind,City has the best, most well funded academy in the world, by far. Arsenal, does not.’ Arsenal DO have one of the best funded, most established, prestigious academies in the world, supplemented by high profile staff throughout the decades and with direct access to one of the worlds best footballing youth talent pools (London) The idea that only city are able to produce such quality is patently not true. Our academy has provided us with starboy just in the last… Read more »


What makes its worse with the academy snub is that you see duds like Sambi, Fabio and Haverts being given a go over the years, some of them at a youngish age. Its not like these players are on a ridiculously high level. If players bought with millions of pounds can be given a go and be allowed to fail, why not talented Academy players?

Of course, Pedro’s stance is ridiculous.


“”PedroJanuary 28, 2024 03:37:32
Gone through your entire bank of comments… “”

This is a worrying pattern of behaviour.



I had to go back to Benkind’s post again. What exactly did he say that you don’t believe? Or did you go through his bank of comments with Pedro?


Mystic actually I just gave Pedro the benefit of the doubt that he was saying what Pedro said

If Pedro wasn’t paraphrasing correctly that’s another story then



I’m not sure you’re in a position to call someone’s position ridiculous after your Klopp chat. Madness. They were closer to offering him a contract for life than binning him.

There’s been a rich and varied history of shit takes in this comment section over the years and you’ve just elbowed your way into its hall of fame.


Another good post Pedro


However the season ends, it should be interesting.


One of the keys to ensuring your Academy is stocked with great prospects is to create a reputation that you give the best of those a chance in the first team.

That philosophy also improves your chances of getting transfer fees on the next tier down too.

We’re not as bad at that as some make out on here but the treatment of Walters Nwaneri and Lewis Skelly in the next couple of years will be insightful


This has got to be the most lame TW in history


For the lovers of Test Cricket what a day. A young and inexperienced cricket team defeated Australia in Brisbane. Shamar Joseph take a bow. An express fast bowler running through Aussie batting line up. A strong West Indian cricket team is a necessity for the survival of Test Cricket. Hope it continues.


All good Pedro, I do not have the skill of writing like you and you are good at it, great one. I will keep things simple. The thing is winning is not all complicated. I just state facts about what we are seeing under Arteta’s tenure. You can see it as glass half full, I see it has half empty. You can discuss the half full part, that is okay but I will not ignore the other part. 1. Pep can spend 50m on a player and shift them no one notices. It is all relative to your earning as… Read more »

Brian Muff

Hey Benkind, I think you should give the ‘glass half full’ approach a try, the ‘half empty’ one is doing you a disservice – Your list up there ☝️is a mish mash of straw clutching and finding issues where there aren’t any.

Go on son, give it a go. Report back 👍


I think there’s some fair points made by Benkind to be honest. No other manager would be afforded the patience of, wait until our main rivals are worse and then we’ll strike!! Why should it be any different for Arteta? It shouldn’t be is the answer. As for the Havertz debate, of course the signing has hampered us massively against FFP. Whether he is on £250k or £300k is a completely moot point. It’s a shit load of money either way on top of a big transfer fee that should only have been spent on someone with proven quality in… Read more »


China “I don’t read much into the significance of the arsenal liverpool game beyond points on the board (and hopefully not for a rival). We could win that game 5-0 but if we play like we did against west ham in the game following we will lose and the result will have been immediately undone” Not really, if we lose to liverpool we are potentially 8 points off the top ( depending on the results in midweek) and then all we can do is pray that we win 90% of remaining games as we couldn’t afford a poor result.and liverpool’s… Read more »

Bob N16

No trophies in 3 years = the sack. What a simplistic take! Sacking a manager who has overseen an overhaul of a squad that was so far away from competing it was embarrassing, to being competitive and with a chance of winning PL and being in the last 16 of CL. You want us to be more like Abramovic’s Chelsea. Outspend everybody including paying out massive amounts to rotating sacked managers. Hands up who’s up for that. ‘Arteta took us from 8th and then brought us to 2nd. Arteta created that mess.” Do you read through your posts? You appear… Read more »


‘You want us to be more like Abramovic’s Chelsea. Outspend everybody including paying out massive amounts to rotating sacked managers. Hands up who’s up for that.’

Did anyone actually say this Bob or are you being a bedwetter??

Bob N16

‘Abrahmovich sacked several coaches well Chelsea have 2 champions league and we have Zero.’ to quote Benkind. Matt. ‘Did anyone actually say this Bob or are you being a bedwetter??’ It may be just me but I always associate name calling with someone who can’t let reasoned arguments speak for themselves. Abramovic’s ownership and financial steroiding meant that not only could they outbid most clubs for their players, they could dump expensive duds and not give two shits about paying off managers. ‘It means that the Blues have now spent a whopping £156.9m on manager costs over the past 15… Read more »


You’ve got good writing skills and better still your discernment is admirable.
Pedro’s strategy of out-waiting everyone until Klopp and Pep leaves is the epitome of showing the white feathers. It is the redux of Wenger basing our strategy around FFP baring its fangs and leveling the playing field.

Bob N16

Dissenter, just to be clear this is Pedro’s ‘view’ and not the club’s strategy – at least I hope not! I do not see any evidence, both in the owners’ actions or Arteta’s management, that Arsenal are not trying to win PL and for that matter CL this season. ‘Pedro’s strategy of out-waiting everyone until Klopp and Pep leaves is the epitome of showing the white feathers.’ I appreciate Pedro’s views have a greater weight than other supporters as it’s his blog but is still just one person’s take. It’s only significant if it has any sway over the ownership… Read more »



It’s a bit disingenuous to cite Chelsea as a model for success when they were operating under completely different conditions to Arsenal over the past 15 or so years. If a manager flopped, Roman would give him the elbow, cover the exit expenses and whatever was required to poach someone else without a fuss. If they dropped out of CL spaces, no worries, Roman would drop >100m to get them back in. Arsenal were never in that position and only recently have we let loose the purse strings now the Kroenke’s have full ownership.

pseudo warrior

Imagine spending your Sunday drafting and publishing that essay. Complete with bulleted negative outlook points.

What a life.


Pseudo, I think he had the time as his mum was cooking a Sunday Roast today so he was allowed a little extra screen time


why would Arteta want to stay?

You said he wins La Liga in his first year at Barca, but needs to wait until top managers retire to win the EPL. What is his motivation at Arsenal then, considering Barca is his boyhood team?

It’s like Jack Wilshere as manager choosing top 4 in Spain over winning the EPL as Arsenal manager…

Anyway, it would be interesting if he went to Barca and we took De Zerbi.

BTW, Ancelotti’s Real contract is until june 2026.

Brian Muff

With you Bob 100%. It’s important to at least try to have integrity in life. 👊