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Bit of a low interest weekend for Arsenal fans. We’re out of the FA Cup, so all we can do is watch on, hope that every game our rivals play is a slogfest, and wait out the season to see if fatigue hits their players.

Aston Villa vs Chelsea was interesting because it went to a draw which means a replay. Two hard running teams fighting it out in the 4th round. Perfection.

Spurs vs City was beautiful because the media darlings of 2023 were absolutely controlled by Manchester City. It was embarrassing how little Spurs offered. They managed 1 attempt at the City goal in an entire 95 minutes of football. It was a masterclass from Pep and a total shock that the score was only 1-0. What does this mean? It means there’s a long way to go before we can start considering Spurs as a future contender. They’re going to be sussed in the back half of the season, and I think the way they play might continue to impact their injury list. Not good from Big Ange. Also, MORE GAMES FOR CITY is a good thing at this point.

I did read a really good article on The Athletic about the failure of Kalvin Phillips. City bought him because they thought any player that could play in a Bielsa system could learn the ways of Pep. When he landed there, he wasn’t at the right level as a professional, he didn’t show up early, or stay late, and he had some weight issues. Pep and his guys just didn’t think he had what it took to play as a 6 in the City system, he wasn’t good enough in tight spaces, so he ended up exiting.

This is the prime difference between City and the rest. They can spend £50m on a midfielder, decide they don’t like them, and shift them on and no one notices. Arsenal would have to slug it out with that player. There’s also no way we’d be shifting them out at 28 on a £6m loan deal. The levels at the very top of the league are ridiculous, so when you have Arsenal fans suggesting we start more 18-year-olds, know that Kalvin Phillips was deemed not good enough after a few training sessions, and he played in an international final and starred for Leeds in the league.

Everything is building towards a mega game against Liverpool. There are two sides of this argument. The romanticists think Liverpool are going to pull together for Klopp and see out a glittering career, the realists think that’s a big ask and goes against the nature of leadership. Quitting is a weakness; elite athletes don’t need much to exploit those weaknesses.

I don’t want to get into that now; it’s a coin toss. What I am interested in is this: Is there such a thing as a BIG MANAGER QUITS, BOUNCE?

The first game since the announcement could see a massive reaction from the boys. Klopp wants to prove his decision to quite early won’t affect his season, the players will want to show the coach they are on side… is this game about to kick up two or three levels of spice?

I hope so. I want this game to be peak-Barclays. A show of force by both sides. If it’s a brilliant game and we win. That sets the tone for the changing of the guard. We will be ready to assume control over the next two seasons. The very best teams can overcome the emotion of the occasion and do the job. Our issue last season was we played too much into the emotion of the big games. This is now a HUGE game of significance to one of the best managers EVER. If we can control them like we did in the last game, the world is our lobster.

The good news is Thomas Partey is all over the Arsenal feed at the moment. They’re pumping him like he’s only just joined training, which if you believe that, I have the 2026 Arsenal home shirt to sell you if you send me a blank cheque. Having him on the bench for Forest will indicate that we could see him play a role for the Liverpool game. That excites me. When do we ever have our best players available for our biggest games? Almost never.

I want to see it. I can’t wait for that game. It’s going to be BLOCKBUSTER.

Right, see you in the comments. xxx

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Bilbo I give thoughts, Pedro gives absolutes and backs it up with ‘cos I speak with people in and around the club’.


@Benkind, you forgot you are on Arteta’s lawn. You should learn no take Arteta, pedro and the Artesunates serious because they lack integrity. They say whatever comes to their mouth per time to suit their narratives.


Just to follow up on what Pierre said, get through the 2 games against Forest and Liverpool and then we are looking at a payback match against West Ham, where I don’t think the players will need much motivation, then a series of what I feel are very winnable league matches all the way up until we go away to City at the end of March.

So we could have a draw or two and still be right in the mix for the title come April. it’s hard to rationalise any Arsenal fan being unhappy with that.


Thank you Dissenter. I will not say much after today. Arteta performs good or not, it is Arsenal that will bear the consequences or gain. If you have been here during Wenger days or Emery you would know Pedro is not holding Arteta accountable in anyway. We used to discuss tactics, what to improve, glorious failure, red zone, eye test, minimum requirement etc. Now it is just more excuses. — I saw this on Twitter. This is Arteta record since he was appointed manager of Arsenal: 1st season: EL 27/2/2020: Arsenal 1 Olympiacos 2 2-3Agg ❌ Fa Cup.1/8/2020: Arsenal 2… Read more »

Positive pete

Xavi.what a grade a c** t.Couldnt happen to a nicer bloke.Not.Or club.Still haven’t forgiven him for the Disrespect shown to our club by him & the Barca bandits,over Fabregas & in particular that’ jersey stunt’.
They deserve someone like Maureen.Perfect partnership.


BenKind 9:24:01
I couldn’t have put it better if I tried. The delusion with the Artesunates, as Vickingz call them, is high. At times I just come here and laugh at the folly.

Mourinho has won something wihh lowly Roma but imediately he started faltering he was shown the door.

Xabi is being pressured out of his job with Barca by fans who haven’t lost their testosterone even though he won the league in his first attempt.

But Artesunates? No way. If Ranieri had won us the league he’ll still be here because of fans like them.



See ‘Les Miserables’ are back.Cant help themselves.Lol😂Should have Samaritans on speed dial.Reassuring each other like an AA meeting.

Positive pete

See ‘ Les Miserables’ are back.Just can’t help themselves.Should keep the Samaritans on speedial.😂


“Trophies is a limited measure and it lacks context”

Not gonna believe Pedro said this though

Bob N16

England beating India, outstanding!

Probably just as well this is not my blog as I would give automatic bans to anybody involved in puerile name calling. ‘Artesunate’ ffs – how schoolboy is that?

Bob N16

Shit, have I just been hypocritical, whoops!

Marky Mark

It takes the Wenger boyz with deep Daddy Wenger issues to throw Artesunates abuse around.


Problem is you never had a problem with calling posters ‘bedwetters’, so your faux outrage is entertaining.
Pedro didn’t have a problem with people calling half his readers names because that was done in defense of Arteta


Everton is more likely to sign Generational than Barca


People that saw Artesunates didn’t see ‘Les Miserables’.


That’s not a good look for Arteta, TBH.
Especially when you factor in the money spent.
However, it seems the Americans are committed to the
man and if, at the end of the day, it results in an EPL trophy,
it will be worth the wait.

Bob N16

Dissenter, not sure you’re confusing me with someone else but glad you find my faux outrage ‘entertaining’.

Sorun etc. – I’d agree miserable fuckers would be more appropriate!


Or The Hopeless and Unambitious, right?

Bob N16

Flamini06 -‘if, at the end of the day, it results in an EPL trophy,
it will be worth the wait’. magnanimous of you!


Its good to see you have climbed down the fence, you know yourself

Bob N16

‘Unambitious’ Sorun…?

I don’t think the owners, Arteta or the players are showing any signs of lacking ambition – quite the opposite.

That’s what matters, doesn’t it?

Bob N16

‘you know myself’. Mystic Sid sparks up!

Bob N16

‘yourself’ even!


I didn’t mention any names. Thanks for owning it.

Mr Serge

Fuck me some real morons on here pissing and moaning as usual get a life and go to a game you pricks


Its good to see you have climbed down the fence, you know yourself
He is the only person who thought he was on a fence.
Everyone in this comment section knows he was never on a fence.


“I don’t think the owners, Arteta …”

Bob N16 – I thought hiring novice manager to take over team that were European finalists six months prior showed massive lack of ambition. Not firing Arteta after he took us out of Europe entirely eighteen months after he took over was lack of ambition. I hope this season Kroenkes are actually judging Arteta and haven’t already decided that he staying no matter what.


“Arteta had to overhaul an embarrassing squad”


The embarrassing squad that got 5th in the league and got to the EL final in 2019.
The embarrassing squad that won the FA cup in 2020.

The ‘elite’ squad we have now has never gotten to a final (not to talk of winning a trophy).

I will say this: people who defend Arteta never defend him with his body of work. It’s just based on hope.


Hey Bob,
You seem to be a Karen.
I don’t do tedious or waste time with attention seekers,
so please just ignore my posts. You never have any original ideas
but always annoying shots at the opinions of others.
Just ignore my posts and I’ll extend the same to you.

Bob N16

jw1 – I wouldn’t call hiring the novice, Arteta, ‘ a lack of ambition’. Quite bold actually. Not sacking him when a lot of supporters, including myself, would have, shows loyalty and belief. We’re not there yet, the ‘promised land’ of a title but the owners have shown nothing but ambition with their net spend and backing Arteta who has repaid their faith by a 2nd place and being competitive this season. Our expectations have risen, so we’ll have to see where we are at the end of the season. Olumide, I don’t think, as you suggest, people give a… Read more »


We’re only half way through the season and we’re still competing for the main 2 trophies. What the fuck is wrong with some of you?

Managed to get tickets for Porto so looking forward to that


Some of you need to ask yourself if you really want Arsenal to be a successful club. Here are some successful clubs I know in recent times: Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern, Liverpool, Man City, Chelsea, Man United. And no coach will escape a sack if he wins no trophy in 3 years at those clubs. And Arsenal fans want to give Arteta next year to ‘compete for the league’ if he fails to win anything this season. What does ‘compete for the league’ even mean? There’s no objective definition of this for everyone. So, if we get 4th and are… Read more »

Bob N16

‘Don’t do tedious’ why would I want to ignore such gems?

But point taken – you’re to be ignored- I’ll take your wise advice.

I’ll check out now as I’m becoming a lightning rod for the disaffected!


Just focus on this season and yes we’re competing for the league which means we’re in with a chance of winning it if we pick up more points than Liverpool and City. Is it really that difficult to understand?


Olumide, I don’t think, as you suggest, people give a flying fuck about whether I am sitting on a fence or not. It’s a convenient simplification. If sitting on the fence , means I don’t always take a binary position and accept there is often nuance to contend with, I’ll take it. Using the expression as some sort of passive aggressive criticism of not being decisive enough is a bit lame in my view.
I didn’t mention Bob in my comment neither did Sid mention any name.

I wonder how you assumed I was talking to you.


And Bob

Why don’t you let people who read your comments decide for themselves if they’re ‘nuanced’?

People threw around ‘bedwetters’ for ages here and I never saw you call for their ban.

But people who use ‘Artesunates’ should be banned automatically.

Very nuanced indeed.


I hear ppl’s thoughts but it is unfair not to give credit to Arteta. I was voting for Carlo big time before appointing Mikel. Yet, he has won already an FA cup, got us to UCL and finished 2nd behind Pep’ City beating us to the very end. FmDo you even rmember where we were few years back?


Just focus on this season and yes we’re competing for the league which means we’re in with a chance of winning it if we pick up more points than Liverpool and City. Is it really that difficult to understand?
Yes, it’s difficult. You need 300 IQ to understand that the team with the highest point tally wins the league.

Don’t worry, I’ll focus on this season. I’ll forget the past 3.5 years.


Simple for most but difficult for you it seems


If you haven’t seen a progression in our football overall in that time from the post Wenger decline and shit show from Emery then little point in going through that now

But right now we’re in the knock out phase of ECL and we’re 2nd= in the Prem – so even though you seem to be struggling with the arithmetic, it means we have a chance of winning one or both trophies

So your ridiculous negativity just looks petulant and entitled


Hopefully, Barce make a move for Arteta.
Solves a lot of problems. [@Hitman]

Okay…whatever floats your boat. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.


On a different note, if you save your moniker and email address in Apple Contacts , then this helps overcome the tech problem (that is still there ) by using Autofill to get your details down quickly


Hey Bob– just wanted to clarify, that was ‘JWL’ you were conversing with upthread, not me JW1 (one). Mine’s the one with the colorful avatar.

Would change it if I could, but it’s a longtime WordPress handle.


It’s one of those days when you tend to scroll on past after reading the first few words of a post, btw, is there any truth in the rumour that Arteta has signed a new contract?


“Our expectations have risen, so we’ll have to see where we are at the end of the season.”

Have they, Bob?

Lets test your theory shall we; Arsenal get bumped by Porto and fall of the pace set by Pool and City, say, by 10 points come May.

Should Arteta go or stay?


Haven’t been following Barca closely or Xavi’s situation but noticed he started a 16 and a 17yo vs Villareal and then subbed in two more teenagers (17, 18yo).
Brave or stupid on his part?


Porto is a mediocre team, we will beat them easily


Sid, that wasn’t the question though was it now.


Behind, but XG is good bro lol.

This post with stats is absolute Mike drop moment. Nothing special about Arteta at all. Decent check book manager prospect with many question marks.
IMO if he fails again at the end of the season managment should look elsewhere.


I see that the Hokey Cokey has started in regards to Arteta but I would like to ask this forum a question about how to get our transfer budget looking a bit more healthy looking rather than the “buy high, sell low” approach of the past decade. At which age do we look at academy “youth” products and say, ok time to move them on 20-21-22? players like ESR, Nelson, Tyrece John-Jules, Patino, Norton-Cuffy etc who have shown glimpses of promise but would seem to have no long term future at the club under Arteta. This is not an anti-Arteta… Read more »


lol AKBs demanding bans now, what has happened to this blog?


rollen –
Without free speech, expect to see a lot more people demand bans and clutch their pearls. It’s a slippery slope when subjective views can be used to ban someone.


People demanding bans must be grating on Pedro big time. Just when he wants to start charging people for this blog. Imagine paying to have the privilege of having people tell you what the topics of discussion should be and asking for people to be banned or being told to go to other blogs!


Porto is a mediocre team, we will beat them easily

Le Grove curse activated


I’m with you on that Matt.
Aside from people being over the top with abuse, it’s seems
absurd to want someone banned for having a diff point of view.
Big sign of insecurity or personality defect to want someone banned
because their opinions on a given subject matter differs from your own.


Theres been progression in our football since the Wenger decline and Emery shit show

We will mince Porto


Never liked Xavi.
He represents the perfect example of the little man syndrome.
Snarky, narcissistic and very insecure.
Good riddance.


Flamini, there have ALWAYS been differing opinions on this blog but I think people always used to remember that we are all here because we support and love Arsenal but as with everything, we do it in different ways. Nowadays, if you are not fully behind everything the club and manager does then you are accused of not being an Arsenal fan. I disagree vehemently with lots of people on here but I wouldn’t be so arrogant to accuse them of not supporting Arsenal. I can also accept that they support the club in a different way to me, which… Read more »


Gunnernet I hear ppl’s thoughts but it is unfair not to give credit to Arteta…. Nobody can argue with this. Arteta totally changed the club’s culture and created some camaraderie among the players. However, to what extent must a club be fair or gratefula? Were Leicester being ungrateful to Ranieri when they sacked him after he’d done what most likely no other Manager could have done? Were Chelsea being unfair to Mourinho despite the fact he probably had the best run of establishing them as a superpower? We have to know that love stories end. Changing the club’s culture is… Read more »


Why have I been banned? Jesus I haven’t abused anyone, haven’t made any racist remarks and even in regards to Arteta I haven’t been vile either


Oh I haven’t been banned. Fucking phone. Sorry my bad


Look the football has in general improved under Arteta. He done a good job getting rid of the bad eggs and money grabbers . And for his first job he has shown promise. But surely we should be asking questions if we finish badly this season. We’ve needed a top tier striker for 3 years , yet still we went into this season praying jesus doesn’t get injured and hoping Eddie becomes the new Ian Wright.


I don’t know wether I want Newport County to win, as that might result in ETH getting the sack and we don’t want that.


🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ETH funny as fuck. But please don’t sack him. Give him a 15 yr contract please 🙏


Lol manure…


As it stands there are only two teams who are still in with a chance of the big two trophies going into February.

I’ll happily take that situation at this stage every season.


Absolutely hate Barca, and Xavi. Great team great player but all build on corruption and cheating.


Also AKBs should chill with Emery abuse, he delivered some great games and Euro final. Half of thus blog was posting ” we got our Araenal back” during good unbeaten run. Just compare his team to what we have now.

Nigel Tufnel

Matt agrees with the bitter rantings of benkind.
Really surprising. 😅


rollen -“ Just compare his team to what we have now.you m re n being 2nd equal and through to last 16 of ECL?”
You do talk absolute bollocks – get your negative arse back off this blog mate and support another club cos you’re no use to us


Just watching the Leicester -Arsenal u18 game – Obi Martin is about a foot taller at least than everyone else

Brian Muff

If we end this season badly I should think most people will be upset and asking the big questions, but the key difference seems to be that there are people here that are already talking as though that’s happened. Why? Look at the table and get behind your team ffs. Your time will come in the summer if it all goes to shit. And you’ll even be able to say ‘I told you so’ if you really want to. Fair? Also, when mentioning last season’s result you guys always have to add the caveat ‘after leading for 93% of the… Read more »


Nigel proves yet again he cannot post without making a snide remark about someone else. Fucking cretinous clown!


Nigel proves once again that he is incapable of writing one post without a snide dig at someone else. Fucking cretinous clown.

Pedro, before you think about charging people, get rid of that chopsy twat.


Brian – exactly

Matt – you first please