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I have never experienced cold like I have this past week… negative 21 celsius. I live in a 200-year house with wood windows that are ornately huge. They were such a perk in the summer. In the winter? A damn deathtrap. It was so cold in my kitchen, it froze the food in my fridge. I had to chop wood for the fire, buy 2 heaters, and beg the energy gods to show mercy to my weak and decrepit furnace.

Not good.

However, the upshot, is -12 today actually felt warm. Am I… midwestern?

Less about the weather. Let’s talk about Arsenal.

Ivan Toney has been in the news chatting about starting a fashion line and learning how to act after his playing days are over. I like the ambition, but it does remind me that players who are closing in on 30 have things outside the beautiful game on their minds. Coaching badges, business degrees, property portfolios… these are all the things they have to think about, and sometimes it can cloud their focus on the job at hand.

I’m not saying that’s the case here, but I do get a bit twitchy after some of our ‘older than 26 signings’ showed a distinct lack of focus when given bumper final deals.

The reason I don’t care about Toney comments is this is a man who has been through it all. He failed at Newcastle, he had to go down the lower divisions, he made it up by getting promoted, and now he’s playing at a very high level with the laser-focused belief that he’s one of the big dogs of the Premier League. One of the greatest motivators in life is being put into situations with people who don’t believe in you because you’ve done things a different way. Ivan Toney is that guy, he’s the Ian Wright of this Arsenal team. You could even say Olivier Giroud, though that story wasn’t as glorious as Wright’s, he still went onto win it all despite having a very slow start to his professional career.

I like players that have slummed it – because once you’ve been to the bottom, you never want to go back.

Anyway, this is what he had to say to Sky outside his post-career stuff.

“You can never predict the right time to move elsewhere, but it’s obvious I’d like to play for a top club fighting for titles. Whether it’s this January, if a club were to come in and pay the right money, who knows.”

Only one club a player of his age could be talking about – put your money on it and remember who ran with this story from very early on.

The guy from Teamtalk who told everyone we were in for Onana this month is now telling everyone we’re in for Karim Benzema.

Come on people, don’t do it to yourself again.

Jordan Henderson has terminated his deal with Al-Ettifaq to join the MIGHTY Ajax. This is quite something. He took massive money, a massive hit to his personal brand… and he lasted 6 months. There’s also talk that Firmino is going to exit as well as Karim Benzema who is definitely joining Arsenal. Neves probably won’t last.

Is this showing limitations to how far money can take the Saudi league? Does this show that money alone cannot buy you a footballing culture? Or is this just an example of players used to a Western lifestyle struggling to adapt to a culture that is very different?

Whatever it is, you have to wonder if Saudi will see bigger wins in investing in settled sports with history versus trying to grow their own at tremendous expense without guarantees of success. It has been notable that we haven’t seen an exodus of players to Saudi this window so far… wouldn’t it be delicious if PIF decided NOT to spend £200m on Mo Salah at the end of the season? It would. I hope they don’t spend that money.

Ok, before I go, please check out Matt’s latest podcast with one of the best experts on FFP and PSR. He’ll give you all the details you don’t understand and make you an expert at the pub this Friday.

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Tomi is on the bench for Japan’s second game of the tournament.



Isak has played in 23 games this season. He has scored 14 goals in all competitions and that includes 10 goals in EPL averaging 1 goal every 110 minutes.

He is 24 years old 1.94 metres tall and a technically gifted allround footballer
and striker.


West Ham in talks for Smith Rowe on loan.

Don’t do it

Or bend the for 10 million loan fee



I am not clear why you consider him “injury prone”

In his 3 seasons playing in La Liga he played in 32/34/37 games in the league.

Most players suffer from time to time injury. That is an occupational hazard when
playing football.

Guns of Hackney

We’re talking about Toney like this motherfucker is going to arrest our decline, hit the brakes, rejuvenate the club and score 50 goals in the remainder of the season and shot us to the league and CL glory. Fuck that. He’s a journeyman degenerate gambling SOB who wants to walk out on the club that paid his wages for 9 months. What a cunt.

As I said numerous times, if Arsenal sign this piece of shit, I’m done.

As for Arsenal being this Godlike team that condemns FFP at every turn…screw that. Arsenal are the worst. Because we preach. Yuck.


Loaning out ESR only makes sense if Mikel continues not to use him or we replace him cause otherwise we’ll be short considering Fabio is shite and broken and people like Trossard and Havertz are hit and miss. We never do things easy at arsenal I swear I wanted ESR sold in the summer when his value was up and when Xavi Simons was available

X haka

We simply can not sell players

And why loan out ESR to a team that has beaten us twice and demanded the Declan money up front? We gave them £105 million and ESr basically.
We also lack creativity and goals and ESR has proved , given a chance he can do this.

As I have previously stated, Arteta is the new Wenger and rules the roost.
What happened to the proper structure we were supposed to be getting?


Fabrizio Romano confirms The Smith news. If it happens, it’d mean that he’s been healthy for a while, it’s just Arteta has made the decisions not to play him over and over again, and is making the same decision this time for the remainder of the season. You can’t tell me that a player has to start games to regain form. He can regain decent enough form by practicing with the team on a daily basis. Arteta just doesn’t see ESR as an option. He would have played him into form if he was seeing what he wants in him.… Read more »


Tomi brought in at half time for Japan. He’s playing at LCB.


Arteta knows how to destroy the value of players but at least the club is stepping in to pull one out of the fire.
It’s inexcusable that a manager that has 5 changes per game can’t find minutes here and there for ESR.
Wishing him the best


You’re going to need double pane windows and get ready to shell out for a new heater. Old school steam heaters always worked great in Chicago. Also you will get earthquakes in St Louis believe it or not.


If we get a decent loan fee for ESR then this is a good move. We all know that he’s done at the club. And we all know Arteta’s track record with destroying players’ market value. If we’re going to get anything for him, he’ll need to get his minutes elsewhere.


Fucking so pissed off with this ESR news. Why the fuck would you even consider loaning him out , surely he can contribute for the second half of the season. And to those cunts West ham of all teams. Did they play ball with Declan Rice?? Really can’t stand Arteta sometimes. Why the fuck can’t he see the class that Smith Rowe possesses. He fucking practically helped to save his job a few seasons ago. How can you just go off a player like that . Arteta is a real cunt sometimes pure and simple. Gutted to see Smith Rowe… Read more »


Apparently, the ESR loan isn’t happening.


The esr to west ham rumours were started by a hammer fan on twitter, so it might all be bollocks.

And at Arteta press conference today he said Timber is still far from returning, they hoping to be able to get him some playing time before end of season but he not saving our season.


Yet he still fucking persists with Viera and Havertz.
Its just pure fucking bollocks


ESR has to do what favors him. Nobody here can deny that’s going to a place where he will either play as a starter, or where the manager isn’t scared to give his 22 a good go.


Team news and tix 0% chance (re ESR to WH) Arsenal said no. Player wasn’t interested anyway. _______________________________________________ James Benge Those who know Emile Smith Rowe well say he’s “all in” on winning his place back in the Arsenal XI this season. A challenge given that Mikel Arteta has many options in his positions but he has never wavered in his belief that when he’s 100% he starts for his boyhood club. _______________________________________________ ExWHUEmployee I don’t think Arsenal or the player want the deal sadly _______________________________________________ Jacob Steinberg West Ham trying to get Kalvin Phillips and Emile Smith Rowe on… Read more »


Reacting to rumours is daft. Don’t do it to yourselves.


So, will Arteta stick to the obvious tomorrow or will he change things around.
The spotlight will definitely be on Arsenal, based on the past month.
Are players going to be refreshed after the break.
It’s going to be very interesting.


It was a real thing but it didn’t work for the Hammers.

Frank Mc

As someone said why would we do anything to help the Hamsters out?


Spammers haven’t got anything else to do but invent unrealistic wish lists for themselves on twits or whatever.As if? & if by some act of madness he was.Well you’d want to shaft the f** keys for at least £45/50 million off the Rice fee.Karma.

Peter Hennelly

If ESR not getting game time in the next few matches, he really has to push for a move away before the window closes.
Amazing that Arteta has not given him any decent chance given how poor we have been


Fans trying to create atmosphere for tomorrow, bring your scarves season ticket holders!

The Stadium will look great at KO time on Saturday. We have banners out in North & East, plus AA have a new Tifo down at the Clock, plus their scarf plea.

I know it’s an early KO, but please get in your seats for 12.20 so you can get involved.


It really seems that Toney is going to be our CF target. After reading what he said, he doesn’t inspire confidence that he is 100% focused on getting us trophies and already one eye on the sunset, which I find strange. If we do get him, he does sound like a character. A character that may ruffle Arteta’s feathers. Will he freeze him out if he doesn’t like Toney’s character? Concerning ESR, i would be happy to see him loaned out. Why? It would be interesting to see if West Ham can get him going and see whether he breaks… Read more »


Orbinho –

Arsenal have won none of their last six Premier League matches with Paul Tierney in charge. D2 L4

They have also won neither of the two games he’s officiated Arsenal v Palace D1 L1.


Joke Friday An Irishman walks into a bar in Dublin, orders three pints of Guinness. He sits in the back of the room, drinking a sip out of each one in turn. When he finished all three, he comes back to the bar and orders three more. The bartender says to him, “You know, a pint goes flat after I draw it but it would taste better if you bought one at a time.” The Irishman replies, “Well, you see, I have two brothers. One is in America, the other in Australia, and I’m here in Dublin. When we all… Read more »


If we buy Toney you can be sure that Arteta already knows the guys character.


The way ESR has been treated by the manager brings shame to our great club.


The pettiness is only comparable to Mourinho

Guns of SF

Nice Bilbo

Guns of SF

I hope ESR outlasts Mike. New manager should be able to get him playing at his best.

Nigel Tufnel

I’ve been a big skeptic about Smith Rowe for 2 years.. all about health issues, and stamina.
This season he looks strong and hungry, aggressive on both sides of the ball.
I want him to get the chance again. There is enough minutes to share between him, Havertz amd Martinelli, even Ødegaard… enough to keep them all sharp and satisfied. Trosaard I prefer through the middle anyway.

By the way, I think Vieira is a special talent with the ball, but Emile fits our style more with his new physicality. Should work for Arteta balll.


Bilbo 🙂 🙂

Guns of SF

Many on here see to not want Toney. I think we need a bad ass Mfer like this. He can by our lynchpin in the box, strong and able to move CB’s all over.
But I dont think we get anyone this window. sadly


Love that 07/08 team aswell, imagine we were so close to the title with the donkey Almunia in goal


ESR is clearly better than Harverts,only Arteta sees whatever he sees in Harverts. He looks disintrested and tired player


Guns of SF Absolutely. I find it criminal that Arteta underuses ESR so much. He has such an ability to penetrate horizontally, its curious why Arteta didn’t give him more time on a regular basis (like a good 25- 30 mins, the right amount of time to get a player into the feel and flow of the game. He reminds me of Rosicky. I like players who like to risk it when going forward, create something unpredictable. Messi was the best of them. I really want ESR to do well. He clearly has the talent to do vert well. It… Read more »

Luteo Guenreira

Joke Friday Marky and his best mate Nigel go on a hiking and camping trip, but after a few days together they start getting on each other’s nerves a bit, so that evening around the campfire one of them suggests that they go hiking on different routes the next day and regroup back at the same campsite. The next evening at the campsite, Nigel describes the beautiful sights from his day’s hike, including a small, shallow river he to wade across, the gorgeous landscapes throughout, and even some wildlife. Marky then begins to describe his day and says after hiking… Read more »



I agree on your underused perceptions.

Mr Serge

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