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Well good evening fellow transfer fiends. How are we today? Excellent. Let’s talk strikers.

Victor Oshimen dealt his Gooner fan club a blow by declaring he’s going nowhere soon.

“I am happy with the president. I have an excellent relationship with him, I am sincere. I have a really good relationship with him, he has always been close to me since I arrived at Napoli in 2020 and I also have an excellent relationship with his family,” he said.

“For me it is important to have a good relationship with the owner of the team. There have never been any problems between us, what happened has nothing to do with my relationship with him or his family.

“The president told me he always supported, even off the pitch, and I gave my all to win the scudetto for them too. It’s always important to have this type of relationship with the owner of the club.

“Of course I would like to play there one day, for now I have other plans for my career. But when the time comes you will know everything.”

So what could those plans be? Well, he signed a new long-term deal with Napoli at the end of last year. It’s not rocket science. He’ll be with Napoli until the summer, then I’d imagine a conversation will be had dependent on Champions League qualification. The Serie A Champions are a whopping 20 points off top this season, so it’s a big ask.

My view on this deal is the same as it’s been for a while: No chance he’s coming to Arsenal. High risk at £100m+.

It would be remiss not to talk about the Premier League hearing with the government. Richard Masters (Prem big dog) and Rick Parry (EFL big dog) were questioned about some of the moves that have been happening with clubs breaching the rules.

It was kind of mad watching MPs dropping a performative dance over unfairness, despite the reality being the opposite.

Premier League clubs agreed to rules around financial prudence after Portsmouth went under. The basic premise of the rules was that clubs needed to control how they spend relative to how much they earn. The overall idea was to stop small clubs from over-extending themselves whilst stopping big clubs with nation-state wealth from blowing everyone out of the water with spending untethered from basic business principles.


Everyone agreed to how it would work. Everyone knew the losses that could be sustained over a 3-year period. Now the auditors are sharpening their pencils and clubs that have breached the rules are getting letters in the post with expedited hearing dates (something people wanted so cases didn’t drag over multiple seasons).

Everton and Nottingham Forest have owned their errors – so the only question is punishment.

Other clubs are pleading their case – or their issues are more complicated because the infractions have been inherited.

One set of circumstances has quick resolutions. The other set, not so much.

But rest assured, if the big clubs are found guilty, the punishment will be swift and just as aggressive as the one Everton are dealing with right now. If the Premier League goes soft, they’ll incentivise bad behavior, much in the same way the American government does with its slow decisions on bad business practices, coupled with fines that make the bad behavior worth it.

Are the rules going to shift next year? Yes. But the idea that means the rules already in place shouldn’t be enforced is ludicrous. You can’t judge the latest set of accounts based on a future rule change. I’m also not a fan of fans throwing their hands up and saying ‘we should just get rid of the rules.’

Premier League clubs have to live within set of rules. No one wants the league to go to an NFL-like system, but I don’t think they want an approach where the defining feature to look for in a successful club is how rich their owner is. You also don’t want a situation where an owner comes in, blows all the cash on the books, then exits after decimating the club. We also can’t overlook how unfair it is when clubs that play by the rules miss out on trophies/survival to those who breach.

The rules are imperfect, no doubt. They’ll get better. But the key takeaway from all of this is there are now actual consequences for poor behavior and it’s had a chilling effect on massive clubs with very aggressive ownership groups.

That’s why you will most certainly see some big sales from Arsenal in the summer. We need to sell to buy because we’ve been spending money like nobody’s business, and our intake has been dreadful.

Ok, back to transfers. Cedric Soares may finally be out of the club. He’s been linked with all the farewell tour clubs in Turkey, but this time, we’re assured, he’s actually going to leave.


The only way he’s going is if we don’t get a fee and that’s put into ensuring he gets his full 90k a week until June. Still think it’s unlikely, the man loves being at Arsenal.

There continues to be chatter around Mo Elneny leaving the club. Again, I’d love to believe it, but there’s a guy doing his coaching badges, just loving life at Arsenal like you or I would. Our longest-serving player is more likely to leave on a free this summer. He’s the backup for a backup. Hopefully we’re safe now Thomas is likely to be back in mixer for the Forest game.

Whisper it… but there’s a hot young centre back called Jarrad Branthwaite doing the business at Everton this season and guess who is interested? Our defender fiend of a manager. He’d gobble him up like a piece of steak on a knife if he were given the chance. The player is a left-footed centre back, and he’s huge at 6ft5. Jarrad glides across the park like William Saliba, he has Everton levels of strength, but he does not have the thuggish anti-finesse of a Sean Dyche defender. He looks like a northern Bill Saliba if I’m honest. I’d pass this off as nonsense, but Arteta loves collecting defenders and we don’t have a rotation option for Bill right now. Feels more like a United player, though there are serious noises coming from Madrid.

The lad LOVES a slide tackle.

There are some rumblings in the evening newspapers that Zinchenko might not be ready for the Palace game at the weekend. One would assume this is a new injury issue or it’s just part of the mind games the manager plays with returns. The larger gripe is it could be true, because he’s just not very reliable as a player. Still, one thing that impressed me about Kiwior in the Liverpool game is I didn’t really notice him until the own goal… and I mean that as a positive. He’s adapting to the rigors of the league and I certainly think he has a chance to make it at Arsenal.

As Matt Kandela said on the last AOP. The next three games have to be 9 points. Deliver that and we’re at most 2 points off Liverpool and three from Manchester City. Lose any of them, you’d have to question if we’ve got the minerals this season to handle a sustained challenge.

This is an exciting few weeks.

Ok, that’s me done. See you in the comments. xxx

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Brian Muff

Gotta say Rich, I’m finding this new look of yours pretty ugly. I’ve enjoyed your football ideas and analysis very much over time but your world view is just so depressing. I know you’re parroting a lot of very well known/oft said arguments but still, it’s just such a lazy and unimaginative way to view the world – life ain’t fair get over it, jeez man, I feel sorry for you if that’s what you really believe. I’ll never understand why so many people look around at the ways of the world and believe it can never be bettered. It’s… Read more »



Seems to me that’s all you do on here, pass snide remarks about other posters.
Try something constructive in the future.
You never know, you may benefit from it!


Joey Barton is a despicable human being.
A thug, who if it wasn’t for football, would be serving considerable amounts of time in HM Prisons.


“Do you have a single example of controlled markets, out performing free markets?..I just asked AI..

And they were struggle to give me one… And it’s not hard to understand why that is.”

I missed this earlier gem. Try asking ‘AI’ for a single example of a functioning pure free market economy anywhere in the world. Report back with results.

Or drop the politics ffs.


Testing testing 1/2/3


Hooray back on board !

Mr Serge

Welcome back Marky


Jamie For the 2nd time this week, you’ve inadvertently made my argument for me… But you’re far too dim to realise it I know you struggle with analogies and examples… But since this was the topic, it’s more than a fair one.. FFP… Just like controlled markets, impose strict financial constraints on clubs, limiting spending to maintain a perceived level playing field.. But… This can lead to unintended consequences, as seen in controlled economies. By restricting clubs financial freedom, FFP will likely stifle competition, hinder smaller clubs ability to grow, and discourage innovation. This rigid approach risks creating a stagnant… Read more »


It seems the word “drippy” has been seared into Rich’s brain. Maybe it’s because he saw the state of his Mother after I was through with her. I gave her some of that sweet, sweet socialist juice and now she wants a monopoly on it. I stand by my socialist principles and will never relent.

Brian Muff

Come now milo, Rich may be unwittingly revealing himself to be a bit of a tool in real life, but there’s no need to be so vile dude.


I don’t regularly post on here however Rich keep up the good work.

You and Pierre are the main key stakeholders in the comments section (which makes it worth following 👍).


“For the 2nd time this week, you’ve inadvertently made my argument for me… But you’re far too dim to realise it.”

You’re far too dim to realise all markets are controlled. That’s why your AI friend couldn’t process your free market vs controlled markets query.

London gunner

That dissenter is a closet city fan knew he was wrongun. Fuck the city slimy oil cunt bastards to hell and damn any one who defends them.



In a free-market system, prices, production, and distribution are determined by competition and consumer demand, not government intervention.

We’ve tried fixing the price of things, it’s been tried plenty of times, to catastrophic effect.

Outside of strategic protectionism’s, like tariffs on things we need to be self reliant on..

Protectionist policies don’t serve their intended purpose..

Unless the policy is designed to create a protectionist racket… That simply protects producers in rich countries, against producers in poor countries, at a huge cost to the poorest consumers in the rich countries.


I used a protectionist policy on your Mom Rich, have no fear.

Us socialists are all about protection.


Rich is like that giddy child that discovered swearing for the first time with ‘drippy’, it’s genuinely very pure and beautiful.

Shame he’s a tedious git with his politics essays. A cranky fuck at that, get the fuck off my lawn type spending most of the day groping his curtains.


Imagine calling Jamie dim, of all people lol.


In all seriousness though Rich to address your earlier post, I am quite confused by it. ”So what exactly is your argument?…” You go on to rant about how the PL was basically saved by Abramovich and City as a competitive field and I think misconstrued the point I was making to Dissenter in the first place which simply was if you gave Newcastle half a billion to spend in multiple windows then you better believe that they will stumble upon a winning formula in the form of their recruitment sooner rather than later as Chelsea and City did before… Read more »


“In a free-market system, prices, production, and distribution are determined by competition and consumer demand, not government intervention.”

Still waiting for a single real world example of a pure free market devoid of government regulation.

Expecting another sermon on how FFP stifles innovation in lieu of an answer after you get tired of Googling ‘please help me find an example of a functioning unregulated free market because I’m starting to look a right twat on the internet’.


Brokelona activating another lever to purchase players. That club is in such a mess and may they rot in mafia hell. Looks like they also have a player culture to be cleaned out.



There’s obviously a huge difference between regulated markets, and controlled markets.


The biggest scandal in all of football is Barcelona’s payment to that referee
The bigger than biggest scandals in all of football is that Barcelona is still allowed to be operating after paying off referees


Can’t help but looking back and suspecting that a few bob might have ended up in the boot of the referee prior to the Barcelona success in Paris in 2006…


Fact that that referee was even selected was crazy
That UEFA kept him on even when photographs surfaced that he was a merchandise buying-Jersey wearing Barca fan still boggles the mind till today.


“There’s obviously a huge difference between regulated markets, and controlled markets.”

There is no such thing as a purely controlled market just as there is no such thing as a purely free market. There are elements of each in both. Have you ever read a book on economics? Genuine question.

Nigel Tufnel

Leave out economics and political philosophy.
Why waste your time? Consider the person you’re trying to make understand tonight..
It’s almost comical reading his attempts to debate you. Go find a kid to teach, they’ll grasp the concepts better.

Jollof Rice


As you well know, there is such a thing as a pure free market.

Israel gets its US weapons for free.


Jamie There certainly is such a thing as a government controlled, and centrally planned economy, where the government controls the entire means of production. You should certainly go and read a book about these examples, you might then be better equipped to return with better arguments, that actually stand up to scrutiny. It would also be greatly appreciated if you’d do this before ever entering a voting booth… I correctly posted the definition of a free market above, before you started acting like a child with semantics.. The market might not be purely free from tariffs + regulation… But it… Read more »

Brian Muff

Can’t wait for the paywall to kick in. I’ve gone right off ‘Rich’.

Brian Muff

…but for a little time, there will be a part of me that misses the old ‘Rich’, at least the ‘Rich’ I thought I knew before he started to expose himself.

R.I.P old ‘Rich’ – he was a big draw on this blog with his insightful Arsenal posts.


Lol free markets.
Just London metal market rewind months of trades because big boys lost huge bet.
Direct securities ownership will soon be impossible in UK.
Ken Griffin said publicly that stock market is controlled by big hedge funds/market makers and they push it in the direction they see fit. They don’t even pretend anymore.


I asked your Mom what a free market was before I entered her, and she mumbled something about already being in one. It wasn’t all you Crack it up to be Rich.


“Can’t wait for the paywall to kick in. I’ve gone right off ‘Rich’.”

What if he pays and continues his disliked posts, would you feel you wasted your money? It is an expensive hobby to support Arsenal. ESPN+ just notified me that my yearly streaming subscription has increased from $70 (2022) to $100 (2023) to $110 for 2024 and that just for the League Cup and the FA Cup.


Toney – as well as being bang average and clearly of questionable character given his betting infractions, he’s currently telling the press he wants to play for a top club challenging for titles. Literally 10 days after his ban ended and his club stood by him and claimed it would take an extraordinary sum to pride him away. I appreciate players have to advocate for themselves and careers are short blah blah but common decency should be expected. Most of the proper chat goes on through back channels, it’s just offensive to blare out about it publicly. Given Toney coming… Read more »

Brian Muff

Miserable Gooner42. ‘Rich’ will be in there no doubt. Alas, it is I who will be on the wrong side of the golden gates.

But never mind, I welcome change, it will encourage me to find something else to do.

Brian Muff

“What if he pays and continues his disliked posts, would you feel you wasted your money?”

Well, enough people have politely asked him to cease with the A-level politics rants, so I should think there would be many who’d feel their money was being poorly spent…cue GCSE Economics cliche dump on market forces in blog subscription payments from ‘Rich’



‘It’s better to sit silent and let people think you’re an idiot rather than speak up and confirm it’ – when people who have only a vague understanding of politics or economics but are sententious in manner and wish to pontificate, it’s best to let them fizzle out on their own steam.

Mr Serge

Rich why have you become a top bore over the last week.

Leave the bullshit at the door and talk Arsenal

MG42 try on a £2800 a year season ticket bill and food, drinks and travel to all the home games now that’s an expensive hobby.

Mr Serge

Alex very petty to come here and cut and paste a comment made by someone and not give context to that entire thread.

Maybe you should have a blessed day by not just posting stuff to cause trouble ?