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The Premier League has charged Nottingham Forest and Everton for PSR breaches. The Evertonians getting done for a second time. The Premier League put out this statement.

Both clubs have admitted the breaches, all that is left to do is punish, brutal, but this sort of justice is exactly what has been lacking over the past 20 years of Premier League football. Arguably, if we’d had this during the second phase of Arsene Wenger, he might have built better squads and won more trophies.

There’s a bit of consternation in the system about the tonality of the press releases. These statements are a precursor to potentially ruinous impacts on clubs and communities. However, it is hard to push that sort of narrative when the counter is ‘what about the clubs that were relegated after following the rules?’

I’ve also seen people say the whole thing should be changed because it’s only small clubs getting punished. And what’s a bit of overspending anyway?

Here’s where I disagree BIGLY.

You need rules in place and you need to stick to them. The consequence of having no rules or ignoring enforcement is you allow nation-states and oligarchs to pump untold millions into sports clubs that have no tether to reality. If you at least want to fake the idea of fairness, there needs to be safeguards in the league.

The only reason other clubs haven’t been punished is because they are slowballing the process and not admitting liability. There will be an end date for that carry-on, and if they are found guilty, they will also face painful fines and worse… an asterisk on their achievements.

This process the Premier League is going through might not be perfect, their execution in media might feel heartless, but the game will be better for regulations.

We’re already winning as well: Newcastle can’t afford the Kalvin Phillips loan fee and might have to sell a big dog to stay in the right lane for PSR. These rules also help the national game as well. Clubs invest in local talent because selling them gives them more room to spend big. It’s a win-win.

The injury news is looking good for the ‘like a new signing’ January we’re about to have.

Gabriel Jesus will be ready for Forest, so will Zinchenko. Thomas Partey is tracking fitness-wise. I doubt we’ll see him for the first game back, but I’ve no doubt he’ll be ready for the Forest game. Having him available for the Liverpool match will be huge.

Then you have Tomiyasu, who is being rehabbed back into action by the Japanese national team. He didn’t play against Vietnam out of precaution, and the reality is they don’t need to risk him against a team level below them. You might see him feature against Iraq and Indonesia. Two games that could help him get closer to the sort of level that’ll see him slide back into contention when he returns. If they go out round of 16, he’ll be back for Liverpool. If they stay in and get to the final, we’ll have him back for Burnley. My hope is he’s in the mixer for the West Ham game.

Those 4 players change how we play. They give us rotation options. They make us better. The final piece is Timber who will likely make it back end of March or early April. Champions League quarter-finals if we make them!

That’s enough to get me excited. Ok, short post today, see you in the comments. Check out the latest podcast and sorry about the weird sound, the stream was a bit off.

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‘Arguably, if we’d had this during the second phase of Arsene Wenger, he might have built better squads and won more trophies.’

Whoever wrote this ain’t Pedro, pedro is an irredeemable wenger hater who sees nothing good in wenger all his years but has been giving head to Arteta who’s achieved nothing without wenger’s players.

Pedro, galaxy brain is cooking beans for you and you’ll be served against palace


Imagine Wenger with the players we have now, just imagine 😳 😐

Mr Serge

Elocution is a crisis in Sids house


Elongation is a crisis in Greek sculptures

Brian Muff

…and there goes Siddeeq.


Lol if someone say Don or Muscular Cunt are not racist and general POS humans online , they clearly didn’t real LG.

evidence lol


I watched Leeds the other day and the Rutter guy was on a different level to everybody on the pitch.

There are great players in the Championship. How EPL teams missed Bellingham still beats me. Palace just got Olise too and if we’d spread our drag nets wider that could have been us. That’s over 200 million worth of talents in those two players alone.

Good scouting is so underrated.

Mark S

Pete-I’d like to apologize for a comment I made last night, as well as add some context. Yesterday, I used the word “lazy” to describe you not getting the fixtures right in this post. That’s a strong word to use to describe a simple enough mistake, and I apologize for saying it. I came to Le Grove years ago as Myles Palmer was winding down with Arsenal News Review. I always enjoyed his writing style, and his “ITK” Arsenal info in the early days of the internet. (I’m pretty sure it was the first place I saw that we were… Read more »

Bob N16

Heartfelt post, Mark S

Nigel Tufnel

There is currently the typical le grove love-fest happening for another teams player. This time it’s Olise. You all talk about him like he’s actually done something. If he’s available or even close to a reasonable price, why have no big clubs made an offer.., especially with premier league experience , he should have value to many clubs. He seems to have some talent, to my eye, but they way grovers talk its like he’s setting records. Pierre has a good eye, and he’s talked about him for the longest time, so that intrigues me along with some physical attributes… Read more »


We are not permitted to admire players because?


Nigel Tufnel

The sad facts are that there is a dearth of top class strikers in the game today.

Toney is touted by many who post on here, but is from my perspective not a
striker that we should be looking at and certainly not for the transfer fee being

For a start I would never buy a player who has been banned for consistently gambling on results of football matches.

Second he is already in his late 20s so there is no mileage in recouping a decent
transfer fee if he fails.

Nigel Tufnel

Emiratesstroller had a good post on the professional way that Man City has been built and maintained. Methodical and built to be sustainable … but remember… it was all built with fake sponsor money. They now have a huge built-in advantage that can last them for many years to come. They deserve multiple years of sanctions to even things out. Other clubs could never have spent those amounts on facilities, youth players, academy, international satellite clubs, … what did they do after the 115 charges were announced? Immediately buy a fullback for nearly 100m and would have bought Rice as… Read more »


Renato Sanches Loan? Apparently Roma are trying to cut his deal short and he’s presumably not wanted at PSG. As a stop gap might not be too bad.


Renato Sanchez’s has an injury history that would make even the biggest sick notes of the game gaze at in awe… (2Pages)


Anyone know anything about 22 yr old Mexican striker from Feyenoord, Santiago Gimenez?


Mark S
It’s good you apologized.
Writing multiple blog posts every week as a hobby is anything but ‘lazy.’ In fact, Pedro’s dedication and hard work here goes beyond just a ‘hobby.’

While I may not agree with everything Pedro writes here, I know writing is hard work. And I appreciate his work and the community he has built over time.

I sometimes visit other Arsenal blogs but they’re sterile compared to Le Grove.

And again, this is not a YMYL (your money or your life) site. So, inaccurate information isn’t as fatal.


A court case in Canada just launched, interesting to see how it goes but will take years to sort out. —— The Athletic – “Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the chairman of Newcastle United and LIV Golf, faces being sued for allegedly “having carried out the instructions” of the Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), with “the malicious intent” of “harming, silencing and ultimately destroying” the family of the country’s former intelligence chief, Dr Saad Aljabri. The claims present renewed questions for the English Premier League, who only approved the takeover of Newcastle United by PIF after receiving what the league… Read more »

Mark S

Pedro-I appreciate the nice response back, as well as the update to the article! We’re human, so I understand that we all make mistakes….my own children do a great job of pointing out when I make them. As far as I know, Myles is still alive. (Well at least his Twitter/X account is still active.) I’ve often wondered what he thinks of Arteta’s version of Arsenal since he followed Wenger for all of those years. He….like you…was one of the first to see the decline of Arsene and his methods, and if I remember correctly he was really hoping that… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

“Nigel We are not permitted to admire players because?” Admire all you want… but be prepared for others to point out when you turn out to be wrong and look foolish as in all the examples I pointed out like Benteke and Aouar. Anyway, I call it fawning because some of you act like the player is a “can’t miss” … it’s been almost 2 years of this talk, and he hasn’t exactly done anything. I’m not saying he’s a bum… I see potential, just not like the Grove experts, though I respect Pierre. Other examples… to be fair and… Read more »

Mark S

Olumide-Thanks for the post as well. I don’t know what upset me/made me annoyed last night, but what I said was out of line. Like you, I’ve read a lot of other Arsenal blogs, and this is the one I go to day in and day out.

I don’t ask for much in life…just that people know when we’re playing a certain club on a certain day…and not some other club! 😉


Re: Renato Sanches, that injury record stinks, I didn’t realize. We should stay well clear…..though on second review, he sounds right up our strasse if we’ve still got space on the Physio bench.

James wood.

ISAK now linked to us Evening Standard do we really need another injury prone player.
Likely this is an EDDIE thrown in deal.?


There is gooner on twitter who an accountant or understands finances and says Rice deal made transfers more difficult for us because West Ham wanted more money up front, and fewer payments to collect the entirety of what owed, so we buggered for 2/3 transfer windows.

And comment box remember me today, so that seems fixed


I also used to follow Myles Palmer who was a quite erratic blogger. Then he gradually faded from sight


It doesn’t remember using iOS


Yes Adebayor is Togolese, but he was born to Nigerian parents.
Apart from Nwaneri and Okonkwo, there are many other players in the academy of Nigerian descent: Ovie Ejeheri, Nathan Butler-Oyedeji, Miguel Azeez, Henry Timi Davies, Daniel Oyetunde, Chido Obi Martin (the lad that scored 9 goals against Liverpool)

Benson Akinola

Was reading and apparently Odegaard has 16 premier league assists in 104 games. This is very very bad. Ozil had 54 in 184 games. It is very worrying that a player that plays our number 10 role is averaging just shy of 1 assist every 10 games


Ade cannot be Naija, he is mannerless


Jwl Nigerians started supporting Arsenal because of Kanu, Henry (he is fondly called Igwe which means King) and of course the aesthetically pleasing Wengerball. So it’s safe to say Monsieur Wenger was a contributory factor. But generally Nigerians are EPL mad. At least 1 in 5 men supports an EPL team passionately. That’s about 20 million. The numbers may even be higher. Man U has the most fans, followed closely by Chelsea (Mikel Obi and mostly because they had lots of africans in their teams. Arsenal is third, most arsenal fans jumped ship to Chelsea. spuds have like 3 fans… Read more »


Thanks Kadibia, I had no idea.


Kadibia- actually it was 10 goals


Yes Wenger gave a lot. He gave African players a platform. Most of us regarded Man U and Ferguson as racists because they rarely signed African players at the time.

So yes Africans rally around African players. Majority of Nigerians would support France over England even though we have had players of Nigerian descent in the three lions set up (Saka, Ross Barkley, Fikayo Tomori, Dele Alli)x and England are our colonial masters.

Why? Because half of the French National team is not just black. It’s African


Ode’ assist numbers are down to our god awful finishing by our front three.


Chrispy “Ode’ assist numbers are down to our god awful finishing by our front three.” Odegaard having an assist every 10 games doesn’t surprise me, and it is not our attackers fault , the fact is Odegaard often refuses the killer ball in preference to recycle it to retain possession. Last season Odegaard had an exceptional season in front of goal, I said at the time that i would be surprised if he will ever again repeat or get close to 15 goals a season sometimes a player has a stand out season, Ramsey had such a season and what… Read more »

Nigel Tufnel

Christy makes a good point about who Ødegaard is passing to. It’s why he’s had to shoot more on goal himself.

Isak would be a big no. Only plays on the shoulder for his team that has only one game plan…. depend on counters …. but he does nothing else on the pitch.

He would be the most useless player in history with the packed boxes that we face. What good would his pace be against parked busses? A horrible fit for Arsenal.


Last season Odegaard had an exceptional season in front of goal, I said at the time that i would be surprised if he will ever again repeat or get close to 15 goals a season sometimes a player has a stand out season, Ramsey had such a season and what happens is that player who has had such a stand out season becomes obsessed with repeating those numbers and becomes for want of a better word ….greedy in and around the box and that’s what happened to Ramsey and we are seeing similar with Odegaard this season , 2 non… Read more »


Odegaard is the weakest link in midfield. Lacks strength, power and pace


He is a Denilson with better technique

Guns of SF

Ode has improved but still lacks speed, strength, he is easily dispossessed. Almost all the time. Unless he has space to run into, his battling power is lacking.
A gem of a leftie, still needs to use that right leg. basic stuff. Just look at Trossard. A genius with both feet. Also lacks power tho

Mr Serge

I used to read Myles religiously and gunnerblog, then I found this place and now you are stuck with me sorry sid


Another here who got on the Le-Grove via ANR & Myles.

I agree with Pedro on FFP/PSR. Part of the conversation that people are missing when they say scrap the rules is the fact that if you want to play in Europe then the rules on this are even tighter.

So if your Newcastle and you scrap the rules and win the title and then what, you can’t play in the Champions League because your in breach of the UEFA rules. If only there was another competition they could go into (Super League cough)