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Arteta shocked the world by attending the Salt Bae restaurant, allowing the chef to put a lump of steak into his mouth, and awkwardly lay his hand on the Spaniards’ shoulder.

I’m shook.

Did he know where he was? Did he know they had a video crew filming him? How did someone not stop this happening?

Honestly, I do not know what it is with professionals in the game of football and their draw to the weirdest restaurant concept to take hold in a generation.

Really hoping it was an elaborate ‘organic’ promotion for the region.

Onto Arsenal, the news has really come shuddering to a halt right. There’s not much going in terms of excitement. I’ve had people sending me ITK chatter around Victor Oshimen. I just don’t think his signature fits with Arsenal’s appetite for foreign purchase risk or our budget for next summer.

We need:

  • At least two central midfielders
  • A versatile defender
  • A powerhouse winger with outrageous pace
  • A back-up keeper
  • A striker

Dropping £120m on Victor Oshimen doesn’t allow us to bring in all those players. He feels like a Manchester United signing. I’m not sold on his talent. I’d much rather Ivan Toney, or if I’m dreaming, it’d be Evan Ferguson. The Zirkzee link felt far more Arsenal than the link with the prolific Nigerian.

My big concern so far this window is all the rumours are about players coming into the club.

Where are my rumours for players exiting?

Reiss? Eddie? ESR? Partey? Ramsdale? Not a peep.

I’m not sure this speaks to talent issues… it seems to be that the big clubs with Premier League stress are also have to double check the books. The Chelsea push to spend every penny on gods earth has come to a stop. Newcastle can’t afford loan fees. The only team flush is Spurs because they sold Harry Kane in the summer. This doesn’t mean things can’t happen later in the window, but it seems increasingly likely that there won’t be much movement in or out.

I just hope Edu starts getting his ducks in order for the summer… so we can move FAST.

Ok, that’s me done. Before I go, I wanted to run something by you. I am considering the consolidation of all the Le Grove pieces into more of a paid format at some point. (newsletter / podcasts / patreon). The organic ad game that has killed newspapers doesn’t work for me and running my own website ends up being a costly endeavor because shit breaks, server costs eat me etc etc. I am lucky to have a very faithful audience and if possible, I’d prefer to have a Swiss Ramble / Arseblog approach to advertising by not having to have it. That would mean contributions. I’ve always wanted to keep this totally free, but the reality is that it’s not costing me to write on average about 3oo posts a year. I’d bundle all the podcasts as part of it and put plenty of free work out. I’d also try and do something for the heroes in the comment section that keep the site bubbling. But I wanted to get your take on it before I do anything. So drop a comment or send me an e-mail if you have any thoughts.

See you in the comments! x

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Arteta is levels beneath Pep.
I’d be ok with contributing to your costs Pedro.


Un, Yaya on his day was unplayable and his vertical play was better than KDB’s.
He could take the ball from his keeper and dribble the length Od the pitch.
His judgment was sometimes fucked and that let him down in any direct KDB comparison.

Silva was a magician who didn’t mind getting stuck in and he was better in tight spaces than KDB.

KDB takes it on all around talent( has no weaknesses) but to say he’s miles better is a stretch.



When did I ever say that KDB was miles better than prime Yaya? Did he even play with Yaya before he was well past his best?

I meant from the current team, he’s their main man, not Haaland.


WEagle, my bad then.
I thought you meant City as a whole since the takeover.


Sorry Pedro but I am not paying you to slag me off because I don’t completely share your blinkered view
Good bye everybody


I’d kick up a few quid a month too to help you out on here, Pedro. This site has been the only real football-related one I’ve read for well over 10 years now and I’ve always appreciated the work you’ve put out for free.

I agree with LoveSausage though, I think a paywall would definitely have a significant impact on the comments section and I would be cautious setting the amount too high given how long you’ve spent getting the site to where it is.


No worries Tom.

Yaya for peak level is very close but KDB definitely has him on consistency.

Silva was a magician but he was not as dominant as KDB has been. Since 2015 KDB has basically torn the PL’s arse apart if we’re honest.

167 G/A in 241 PL apps including over 100 assists is just silly production. Not to mention always stepping up in the big games.




Spanish Dave, I’d pay you for the privilege of slagging off your views


The bookies just made AFC 3rd in winning the title. Watching KDB coming of the bench, Bobb doing a master class rounding the keeper and compare that to us bringing Viera & Eddie of the bench on, says only one thing, kiss winning the title good bye, as it is a far fetched dream.

It will be a struggle to get CL next season since we can’t put the ball in the back of the net. Anything we buy in the Jan TW is to insure CL next season and never winning the title this season.

Nigel Tufnel

Olumide, Use some common sense. The incredible advantages we list that Pep has had….. Those translate into direct disadvantages to all other clubs and managers. I never even compared him to Arteta. The most honest comparison is to Klopp, who has definitely been the manager most screwed over by Man City obvious financial gaming, as well as beneficiaries of ref calls because of Iuxurious middle east vacations. If you hate Arteta, just say that… but there’s no denying the massive advantages Guardiola has had over Klopp.. even though he’s still a great coach. Everything that Rich and I listed about… Read more »


My family and I live paycheck to paycheck. Fuck this shit. Now I can pay to see comments from Un and the like. Fan fucking tastic. Pete, you’re having a laugh mate.

Nigel Tufnel

Miserable gooner42…..
Maybe not a gooner?


Nigel stick to your simplistic Arsenal comments, you are again trying and failing miserably insulting posters. What happened to your brain dead VPN comments and associating different poster’s handles? Now even embarrassingly failing at comment policing.

Nigel’s policing comments alone are a reason for not even entertaining the thought to pay for access because it would label one as a masochist.


Nigel killed Kpankulu


Or maybe Pedro found out and asked him to


Did no one ever pick up that Kpankulu was Nigel?


I’m not sold on his talent. I’d much rather Ivan Toney

Oshimen clears Toney so much so easily it’s not even close


We need to find a spark to rekindle our season
That can come from the transfer market, like Trossard gave us last January or it can come from the manager using a talented academy player to give a senior player a reminder.
Pep does it regularly when a senior player is slacking.


If you can, subscribe to patreon to support this endeavor


Dissenter again you’re talking nonsense about Pep regularly using kids. Come on now. This Bobb lad is 20 btw

james parker

I would happily pay for the great and considered content.


Klopp is miles better than Guardiola.
His football is better too.
They both absolutely WC managers we can only dream on.
We had really good one in Good Ebening but the timing was wrong as the club was in really embarrassing mess.
No we have promising rookie bulshitter.
Can you imagine Wenger letting some internet random stuffing meat in his face lol


Thx for honorary mention Pedro!


Hey Peds.. I get the whole time … grief. Family constraints.. and not even breaking even just to run a free site for some who are ungrateful and slander the host at times. That said.. please try to keep it cost effective for the majority if you have to put it behind a paywall. I haven’t joined the Patreon because I prefer the live feedback and commentary here rather than the podcast thing where your basically listening more than interacting. I do enjoy the immediate feedback of the On the Whistle pod though. Plus I like the aspect that ..… Read more »


Like I said… Dissenter isn’t an Arsenal fan, he’s a fan of putting the boot into the club he claims to support.

Same with the players… He’s always got a new target he likes to rip into.

The fact he’s praising Pep for youth development at City… Just as an excuse to kick Arsenal…

Is just poorly thought out nonsense… The other day he was criticising Arsenal for late winners… City + Liverpool also score lots of late winners

But when they do it, it’s to be praised, when we do it, it’s to be criticised

Andy pinker

I’d be behind you. But more to the point, what the fuck was Arteta thinking? I get that the Arab fighters have left central, South America and the Caribbean alone……..but they’ve caused mayhem in Madrid …..I’ve loved what Arteta is doing, but now he might as well put on that Arab robe that Messi did. My dad was in suez, fucking hated the locals ( and he loved everyone) but when they threw paper bags full of shit at my dads platoon, they were fucking disgusted, and he stayed like that till the day he died . Could be a… Read more »


Hmmmmm.. Peds guess whatever it takes for you to break even, basically for starters. For myself personally .. I pay Peacock $6 month to watch the games. So maybe less than that?


The cost of Arsenal fandom does add up when you start thinking even to be an overseas couch surfer. $75 for the basic streaming service package. which gets you some of the league games but not all so then you have to add Peacock for $6. Then if you want to watch the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup add another $10 a month for ESPN+, then if you want the Champions League matches add another $6 a month for Paramount +. So that’s around $100 a month in season. So that’s why I say take it easy on… Read more »


I’d pay an extra few bucks a month to mute a few people…. hahaha


i’m a patreon subscriber and a happy customer. content creators deserve remuneration and pedro is the best in the business



Those are the exact same costs I have for the privilege of being an Arsenal fan.

Pedro, I’d certainly part with a few $ to keep the site up and the “I can’t at the moment” sounds like a good idea as well of course with reminders here and there


Rich It’s hard to understand whatever you’re babbling I suspect you’ve had a few tonight to get yourself to sleep I don’t want Arteta sacked. He’s connected the club back for the fans and reset the clubs aspirations I’m not even angry about our current league position because unlike you I didn’t start the season expecting a league win. I do have a problem with his penchant for not taking risks with youngsters. I’ve expressed that several times and I won’t stop no matter how loudly you whine. You’re really behaving like a proper tit today. Just the other day,… Read more »


ive been in moderation for several years.. if i could post a comment once in awhile it may be worth a couple bucks


Dissenter At best you’re a fair-weather Arsenal fan, who hasn’t got the stomach for a scrap. Few bumps in the road, and your legs go all wobbly. You bitched, whined and moaned through the deconstruction of an ageing squad who weren’t good enough to begin with, and had run out of road… And through the entirety of assembly of a new young squad built from the ground up…. Now you’re bitching that a 16yr old isn’t being given an opportunity…. The other day you were bitching about late winners. Now you’re praising Pep for giving youth a chance at City…… Read more »


I like Arteta and I think he’ll eventually win trophies,
But this Arab thing taking over sport because they’re loaded really fucks me off


You’re the one having hissy fits
Me, I’m just posting an opinion, unlike you who’s acting like the self appointed judge who measures the fandom of other posters

I want Arteta to incorporate the academy in his planning.
All I ever read you yapping about is buy, buy and buy
I want us to take some risk on youth. I didn’t just start writing about it and I won’t stop even if it drives you to exhaustion.

Nigel Tufnel

Where IS Kpankulu since someone just mentioned?
Where is AFCforever?

What’s this about paying? Where and how are we supposed to subscribe?

Nigel Tufnel

“Did no one ever pick up that Kpankulu was Nigel?”

I’m honoured by this….

Just as I am by the MarkyMark comparisons.
Only problem is that I disagree with MarkyMark quite a lot on issues, but respect him as a top poster.

Guns of SF

Thanks Midwest for make me realize the costs of being a fan. Same bucket as you man.


Dissenter If you were a WWF wrestler, your stage name would be “The Ultimate Bedwetter”.. or “The Peanut Butter Rimmer”… If Arsenal threw in young players who weren’t ready, or not good enough, you’d be the first to kick up a stink about that as well. Remember when we built this young team that came with teething problems, and you threw perpetual hissy fits through the whole process?… That actually happened… Because you’re a giant bedwetter. Just now you were praising Guardiola for youth development… That doesn’t stand up to much scrutiny. City have been picking off the best youth… Read more »


On the issue of youth, I’m really pissed off with Arteta. If I have the option to bring in either Nwaneri or Nketiah to rescue a point at the death I’ll go with Nwaneri just for the unpredictability alone.

And those dead rubber games like PSV away in UCL? Wenger would have put out a team of U21s with a instruction to enjoy themselves.

Guess that’s why his win ratio is higher than Wenger – he plays our first 11 whether it makes sense or not.


High quality blog – fair for us to pay for it!


Daniel – ive been in moderation for several years.. if i could post a comment once in awhile it may be worth a couple bucks

I suspect I belong with you Daniel. For all it does, especially having to read Sid, Pedro’s effort is worth some dime. Not too much though $1 is a lot of money in some climes.


Testing if it works


Remembrers email, username but comments not appearing?


Working now… thanks


Using prevailing crazy PL buying price… we likely look at the following budget in £m…

100 …At least two central midfielders
50. …A versatile defender
80. …A powerhouse winger with
outrageous pace
20. …A back-up keeper
80. …A striker

That’s a whopping £330m give or take!

Would KSE keep funding this “project” without a significant trophy this season?

Of course, we’d sell to recoup some but the poor sales record just disappoints…


Is Arteta Tony Pulis with better players whose risk averse strategy has ran out of luck.


Overseas fans moaning about costs. Try the UK where we can’t watch everygame and to watch what’s on TV you need a subscription to TV licence, Sky, BT sport and Amazon. Unless you go down the illegal route of course



Though not by number of readers, Le grove is indeed global by exposure and pricing this ‘product’ would be tricky, as you’d know from your trade, due to varuance in living standards (eg big Mac index), readers’ own circumstances.

£5 pm for UK readers would seem fine. Before employer relocated me to HK, I paid ~AUD 60, 70 pm to watch Arsenal on Foxtel cable. Similarly, am spending ~400 HKD dollars pm on the same.

Heard from Singaporean friends& clients that they pay slightly more generally but would depend on packaging of individual subscriptions.

Just some data points…




We will have ample opportunity to judge Arsenal v Liverpool Youth policy on
Saturday this week.

We are playing in the FA Youth Cup away.

Arsenal’s midfield in the last game against Crewe which we won 7-1 was impressive.


FA Youth Cup – Saturday 20th January @ 5 pm at Liverpool Academy

Liverpool v Arsenal


Pedro isn’t sold on Osimhen’s talent but on Ivan Toney’s. It says all everyone needs to know about you, pedro.


Let’s see how things unfold over the next month. Yes, I think you are an excellent writer Pedro but, significantly, writing about subjects that are totally irrelevant and not seriously looking at the real issues, is not something I would pay for. Honesty and transparency goes along way to enticing people to remain on and join your blog. Like several other posters in recent days, I’m definitely out of here, not because of the content provided, it’s the fact that you are using your own personal opinions to alienate customers. Maybe if you responded to the realities of the situation,… Read more »


Vickingz, if you don’t like Pedro or, it seems, Arsenal I’d suggest this blog probably isn’t the place for you?


I’m not one for censoring but maybe having a paywall might dissuade the more pitiful trolls who pop on here just to be c*nty and sod off?


Pedro, an idea re: pricing. Can you do different prices per country? If so, make it a % of a Big Mac meal – the Economist publishes the ‘Big Mac index’ which uses the hamburger to compare cost of living across the world.


Weird hairstyle choice but what an amazing player(KDB).

He doesn’t need Ballon d’or(seems reserved for those who do fancy flicks and tricks).

It’s such a shame that he plays for Shitty.


ETH keeps banging on about Sancho. He looks and sounds so so petty and weak. Interim manager in all but title.


Back to the paywall stuff

For me, depends on the cost.

A dollar in Nigeria is worth 1,200 naira. So you do the maths.

If you send a thousand dollars to me right now, you wouldn’t know how much that would mean to me 😂


Pedro – I would pay if it was a reasonable amount and came with more content. I don’t listen to podcasts cos they’re always too much hassle to set up and antisocial to listen to. So for me it is written content.
Subscription model is struggling though as most of us have too many already
However on other hand if it got rid of the Arsenal trolls on here then it might be worth paying for

Bob N16

‘not because of the content provided, it’s the fact that you are using your own personal opinions to alienate customers’

Bit of a contradiction Graham. He is allowed his own personal opinions, just as you are. If you want your opinions mirrored, I suggest you find another site- London is Red might suit.

Pedro, share views of Guns of SF and others. I’d be up of say £3 a month if that works…. I’d be fascinated to know if someone like MG42 would feel it was worth it!


Rich – You post some fantastic stuff on here and are even dare I say one of the reasons I’d pay to stay. BUT it all goes to shit when you start having a real go at one of the other posters . Dissenter can be a grumpy sod but he is clearly Arsenal through and through so really no need to hit with the acid I also agree with him that the biggest weakness with Arteta is being suspicious of youth talent. ESR should have had much more game time by now. Walters should have been tried out by… Read more »


Arteta’s approach to player profile feels like it’s lacking in a clear assessment of the players’ mastery of the basics. Keeper position for example should be first be able to perform as a keeper at a high level then add unique abilities. Raya and Ramsdale lack in the basics as much as they make up for it in other ways. When tested in situations where we lose control they are easily exposed. Kai seems to at times not to be able to make a single forward pass. That is a minimum expectation for a midfielder regardless of how much he… Read more »


Don’t see anything wrong with anything Dissenter has said re- youth and our manager’s inability to properly integrate any youth players or like Nigel said above, the insanely late subs for even some of our first teamers.

Not sure I’d pay if the blog is going to filled with folks all singing the same line of thought like Untold but open minded about it. Like Midwest said, overseas gooners are pretty much rolling out quite a lot to keep with the team


For the price of an oat latte at a well known coffee house in London (yes I’m one of them) I’d contribute monthly to keep the site and comments section going. Other than one other site this is the only one that meets my footballing needs!


Just to add, ideas for the site:

Guest posts (Johnny, Matt or someone from the comments who is articulate, level headed but edgy and can be trusted)

I’m a fan of nostalgia (some of you may have guessed!) so if ever possible, a post that can really get discussion going on Arsenals greatest matches, players, achievements etc something to distract from what can become the same old same old in the comments


Happy to pay a subscription, but not to read the obvious trolls spewing their bile.


I think you need an exec committee Pedro who can help with content and get Arsenal insiders or ex pros on here
Site is big enough to attract a few of the old boys on here.


Ability to upload photos or other material Arsenal related would be great a bit like Facebook. Or maybe do that via a Facebook Group with their admin controls
Or maybe you use FB only


Yes, I’d stay with you, Pedro


Happy to chip in for extra content like on Arseblog, but a paywall for the site might be counterproductive. Also happy to subscribe if you stop banging on about Ivan Toney.


I met George Graham in Malaysia when he was Arsenal’s Manager and he advised me then that the chances of any youngster making the grade as a professional footballer was a million to one chance and he advised me that my son should look elsewhere for a career. That was of course in the era when most footballers in the English Top Division were British. Since then the top Division [EPL] has gone global and so presumably the prospects of young footballers is even more precarious than it was then. The hard facts are that very few footballers in our… Read more »



It’s not opinions though, it’s a biased one way system, without any turns or corners.
Not disputing that Pedro can have his own opinions but when we all see clear problems and failings, at least have the balls to say it as it is.
Anyway, as we all know, Arteta and his process has become far more important to Pedro than Arsenal FC.


ES I think Wenger once said something along those lines in an interview many years ago. He partly saw academy as a vehicle to give young players careers in the game even if it wasn’t to be at Arsenal. Make no mistake if you are playing even at National League level you are a bloody good player. I wouldn’t pin hopes on the academy producing elite first team players, more of a very pleasant occurrence if they do make it. For example, Nwaneri is the latest big hope. I really hope he makes it with us but if not it… Read more »



He has been rated highly on Le Grove including by me.

However, looking at his record in the last 5 games that he has played at Swansea
currently in 15th place in Championship he has played less than 120 minutes
football. He has started in only one game and in three games came off the bench
and played 3-5 minutes.

So that does not suggest to me that he is likely to play for Arsenal’s first team
when he returns from loan.


Manchester City without Haaland had x11 shots on target away at Newcastle Utd.

Arsenal had x1 shot on target away at Newcastle.

That’s all you need to know about the coach and the philosophy he has installed in the players.

The problem with the likes of A&E -they actually think they are doing a great job. They should be eating humble pie not Salt Bae’ s finest.

Win a league championship first- then you get the steak.



I am confident that Nanweri will make the grade. He has all the ingredients to do

Arsenal’s current return on investment in Academy is actually better than most if we are being honest, because we have got 5 players on books who are first team squad players ie Hein, Smith-Rowe, Nelson, Nketiah and Saka. All except Nelson
have represented their country at senior level.

Saka is top class and Smith-Rowe might have been had he not struggled with injuries.

Marky mark

I’d be up for a monthly contribution of around £3. However I do see the collapse of the Gooner from a place to post to a sad shadow of itself. I think guest writers could help. Definitely Pedro in the comments added bounce so I liked that. It maybe too much to ask Pedro to do this all the time so I’m sure a trusted person could also do that. When the Gooner was good it also had posters like Simon Rose contributing. The poor guy got brickbats at him but he could also write and had a contra view… Read more »

Welsh Corgi

Hi Pedro,

What if sufficient people join Patreon. Would that do it?

David M

Hey Pedro, I’m a Patroen and found you through Le-Grove. Would never have made the move there if the written content weren’t free.

By the way, you are the canary in the mineshaft on so much that is Arsenal. Find your content is more like that of Sporting Director, than the peeps at AV who are very coaching led.

Bob N16

Graham, I’ll have to admit, although I read Pedro’s content and appreciate that it stokes the comments section, the stream is what gets me coming back. I really appreciate his effort (and his Dad’s) over many years to maintain this forum. It would be boring if everybody held the same views and of course, we all have certain posters who we’d happily ‘cancel’ but for the most part Pedro let’s things flow. I would probably bin people much more quickly! I’ve always thought it strange that people get worked up about Pedro’s POV, no disrespect to him but his view… Read more »


Diss Just as in his last loan at Blackpool, there was a change of manager that has affected Patino’s progress. There were a number of Swansea supporters who were very vocal and felt that Patino should not have been dropped. The clips I’ve seen have shown some really encouraging signs including a couple of great goals. The change of manager issue should not be underestimated. What happens when a club is struggling is that they bring in someone with caveman tactics (Mick McCarthy and possibly now Luke Williams) and a player like Patino is then considered a luxury player. He… Read more »


test post – looks like the ‘remember me’ function works on PC but not on ios

into the red

If you start charging, you will lose a huge amount of casual readers who are not obsessives, may not post much, if anything at all, and you will end up with a hardcore of the same old suspects talking to each other. It may pay the bills but it won’t be very interesting. As long as blogs are free you can post what you like as much or little as you like. When they are paid for, people will expect more and a higher standard, imho. More pressure, more flouncy, demanding readers.


Sorry that was response to ES and not Diss!


I’d pay. Cup of coffee. Cost of a Big Mac (global pricing was a good idea)

Arteta has been poor at promoting youth. I don’t see how that can be disagreed with?

Graham – you need to keep posting your opinions just as Pedro can post his. Pedro’s blind faith in Arteta will either be proved right or wrong this season. Maybe next. Either way – he stands up for his opinion. No problems right?


I think Midwest is onto something with the muting of certain posters. That would be a highly monetizable feature.



There may have been changes in management Blackpool and Swansea, but
that should not have of itself impacted on Patino’s selection if he is as good as
we have believed.

The fact is that management at both club plus almost certainly at Arsenal have
been concerned about his performance level. If that was not the case he would
have been promoted to first team squad by now.


Charlie Patino would probably look a better player, among better players in Serie A rather than the Championship?


LS, I hope you’re joking.
What makes this site what it is, is the fact there are a few nut jobs posting on the regular.
Muting or banning anyone would make the site poorer.

Pedro, maybe before charging everyone a flat fee, which will inevitably make some stop posting, try the voluntary donation route and see if that gets you to split even.