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Arteta shocked the world by attending the Salt Bae restaurant, allowing the chef to put a lump of steak into his mouth, and awkwardly lay his hand on the Spaniards’ shoulder.

I’m shook.

Did he know where he was? Did he know they had a video crew filming him? How did someone not stop this happening?

Honestly, I do not know what it is with professionals in the game of football and their draw to the weirdest restaurant concept to take hold in a generation.

Really hoping it was an elaborate ‘organic’ promotion for the region.

Onto Arsenal, the news has really come shuddering to a halt right. There’s not much going in terms of excitement. I’ve had people sending me ITK chatter around Victor Oshimen. I just don’t think his signature fits with Arsenal’s appetite for foreign purchase risk or our budget for next summer.

We need:

  • At least two central midfielders
  • A versatile defender
  • A powerhouse winger with outrageous pace
  • A back-up keeper
  • A striker

Dropping £120m on Victor Oshimen doesn’t allow us to bring in all those players. He feels like a Manchester United signing. I’m not sold on his talent. I’d much rather Ivan Toney, or if I’m dreaming, it’d be Evan Ferguson. The Zirkzee link felt far more Arsenal than the link with the prolific Nigerian.

My big concern so far this window is all the rumours are about players coming into the club.

Where are my rumours for players exiting?

Reiss? Eddie? ESR? Partey? Ramsdale? Not a peep.

I’m not sure this speaks to talent issues… it seems to be that the big clubs with Premier League stress are also have to double check the books. The Chelsea push to spend every penny on gods earth has come to a stop. Newcastle can’t afford loan fees. The only team flush is Spurs because they sold Harry Kane in the summer. This doesn’t mean things can’t happen later in the window, but it seems increasingly likely that there won’t be much movement in or out.

I just hope Edu starts getting his ducks in order for the summer… so we can move FAST.

Ok, that’s me done. Before I go, I wanted to run something by you. I am considering the consolidation of all the Le Grove pieces into more of a paid format at some point. (newsletter / podcasts / patreon). The organic ad game that has killed newspapers doesn’t work for me and running my own website ends up being a costly endeavor because shit breaks, server costs eat me etc etc. I am lucky to have a very faithful audience and if possible, I’d prefer to have a Swiss Ramble / Arseblog approach to advertising by not having to have it. That would mean contributions. I’ve always wanted to keep this totally free, but the reality is that it’s not costing me to write on average about 3oo posts a year. I’d bundle all the podcasts as part of it and put plenty of free work out. I’d also try and do something for the heroes in the comment section that keep the site bubbling. But I wanted to get your take on it before I do anything. So drop a comment or send me an e-mail if you have any thoughts.

See you in the comments! x

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ES -players mature in different time periods. Patino will no doubt be on a slower trajectory to say Nwaneri (time will tell) or Saka The ability to impose yourself physically on the game comes more with physical maturity. You are imo making too harsh a judgement too early His performances at Swansea’s also seem to be. much better than you’re giving credit for – some nice moves of his and a goal in the previous FA Cup game against Morecambe I said on here when McCarthy took over at. Blackpool it would be bad news for Charlie and that was… Read more »


With you, Pedro


Martinez with some great saves again.
Calvin Lewin is so underwhelming, I can’t believe we were linked with him.

Pierre if you’re watching that’s what one v one with a keeper looks like.

Andrew Moore

Hate to have to repeat it, but letting Emi go was a big mistake even if a dwindling few are still in denial. Not as if we’ve been very successful in finding a replacement.

On payment strategies why not have a fixed word allowance, the more words the more you pay. Rich would have to be more succinct or files for bankruptcy.


Regarding a paid site.

Would the post itself still be visible to all, and just comments section paid?

I’m thinking that if it was all behind a paywall, it’d be hard to attract new bloggers.

I may well have this wrong.

How does Arseblog fund? Ads?


Pedro ‘We need: At least two central midfielders A versatile defender A powerhouse winger with outrageous pace A back-up keeper A striker’ That’s half a team, which is actually quite a lot. I know you like all the technical stuff, but I think right now the solution is simple: We’re not playing badly but we just need a cold blooded killer up front- not the easiest player to get but it’s what the team needs. Ideally we want someone Halland level, but if not why not an older , proven centre forward? I remember Cavani ‘s first season at man… Read more »


i can post at last..!! wow, thanks pete : )


in my opinion, if you have enough free time to read the blog and troll the comments then you have a few bucks a month to contribute to the content.. and if you don’t then get a job


GK Raya. Ramsdale RB. White Tomiyasu Timber LB. Zinchenko Timber Tierney on loan CB. Saliba Gabriel Kiwior White DM. Rice Partey Jorginho CM Havertz Vieira Odegaard Smith Rowe maybe Trossard RW. Saka Nelson CF. Jesus Nketiah LW. Martinelli Trossard (Jesus) We have therefore 2 players for every position We have the following coming through GK Okonkwo Hein RB. Norton Cuffy LB. Sousa CB. Walters Montlouis Rekik DM Lewis Skelly CM Nwaneri Patino Henry Francis RW Cozier Duberry Marquinhos CF. Edwards Obi Martin Benjamin LW. Sagoe Jnr So all of those positions that Pedro has highlighted are not necessary. We don’t… Read more »


on another note: why arnt the club doing absolutely bloody everything they can from creative financing to neuro-linguistic programming and hostage negotiation techniques.. to sign kylian mbappe..!! for crying out loud hes on a free in the summer… its a no-brainer really



mbappe is the striker/winger that would win us titles.. and hes available


Mbappe is on £1.4m pw
Ain’t happening


Not sure if anyone caught the Nigeria game in AFCON, Osimhen scores goals but he can miss a fair share. Looks good but needs some polishing.



Yes, I was joking. The comments section is the reason I keep coming back here. It’s frequently hilarious and occasionally insightful. That said, there’s a handful of holier-than-thou individuals who take it upon themselves to police opinions and question other peoples’ fan credentials that I wouldn’t mind seeing less of. But it is what it is.



I have to keep typing my details in every time

I too would pay a subscription



Slide the save details button to the right below your details



hes made so much money from the oil sheiks in his short career already, surely he knows he wont be paid that going forward and i dont think madrid offered him that either which is why hes playing the field now..



Thanks mate but I’ve been doing that for days and no difference
One more time


New post


Same shit
What’s going on
Am I the only one?
I’d pay £10 pm to access the site for sure
Quite happily
I don’t want to do patreon due to their disgusting treatment of members they disagreed with


Pedro– been a poster at a US-based political site since 2000. In 2019, they switched over to a tiered system. A lower cost membership with ads, and an ad-free one. They also provide podcasts. They do membership drives once or twice a year for a few weeks. In December, in a post from the founder– he pointed out how amazing it was that in this atmosphere of newspapers and news sites foundering– that his platform (with about 15 writers and employees) has become sustainable. One of the aspects that keep it popular (IMO) is anyone can read the comments– but… Read more »



“One of the aspects that keep it popular (IMO) is anyone can read the comments– but only paying members can post comments”

Excellent idea


@Pedro To the paywall idea you will have hurdles and big decisions to make perhaps my take will help you. I am on some premium P2P trackers who are invitation only for over a decade and any invitations sold illegally will go for high hundreds of US dollars. They all operate on donations ONLY and have a progress bar showing the status of the donations and I have been on them approaching 20 years. I have never seen them asking for additional donations because they always cover their expenses because of the users appreciation. You may also want to consider… Read more »


Pedro is well aware that the audience for le-grove is global so the notion that only paying members should post doesn’t fly for geo-economical reasons. The pay wall doesn’t fly.
I can pay a 60 USD annual patreon fee for the YouTube channel because it’s the cost of a meal for two people at McDonalds in Bidenomics times but that sum is a lot of money for people in sone parts of the world.
Some of our best posters shouldn’t have to choose between posting about Arsenal and carrying out critical life functions.


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