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Arsenal feels like the plot of a seriously average horror movie right now. Someone at the club did something unthinkable. They walked under a ladder, reversed over a black cat, said a trigger word into a cursed mirror 5 times, or walked over the grave of a very sick individual… because our luck has been atrocious, and the output has been this weird throwback of glorious failure.

For the 4th time this season, we’ve lost a game we shouldn’t have because of outrageous bad luck in an otherwise really good performance. I know people shape their view of performances based on results, with plenty saying that wasn’t a good performance, but by any standard, to do what we did to Liverpool in the first half was thoroughly excellent. 13 shots, 5 on target, 3 big chances, and 1.5xG

… but no goal.

It was a travesty. We came out flying. The passing was sharp, there was variety in our attack, all that talk of ARSENAL CAN’T PROGRESS THE BALL was well and truly in the bin after a one-week attempt at making it the sticking narrative.

… but no goal.

After exiting that brilliant first half, PTSD kicked in and I was feeling the dread of inevitability. Liverpool was going to punish us for our front three failings and the footballing gods were not going to intervene in this grotesque travesty.

Liverpool went from two chances in the first half without a shot on target to 1o shots, 3 on target, and 2 goals in the second.

What pains me about the collapse is Liverpool unloaded 4 subs, 2 of them were babies no one had heard of… Klopp was raising the white flag and thinking about Fulham in the League Cup. Arteta changed out Reiss Nelson for Martinelli and that was it. He left all the players flouncing around in front of goal on the pitch to find a way. They could not, and Liverpool found a way. They won a freekick in a dangerous area from a foul the ref wasn’t giving all game. TAA whipped the ball into the box and Kiwior was on had to nod it past Aaron Ramsdale.


They weren’t done. Dias went on a meandering run and ripped a screamer into the top corner of the inside post.


So where do we go after a game like that? To our attacking players. The team that gave us 86 goals last season hasn’t managed to score a goal from 6.47 xg over the last 3 games. It’s getting embarrassing now. Kai Havertz started as the 9 and he looked like he’d never kicked a ball when he moved into the final third. Saka was dreadful all game, he is clearly cooked. Reiss Nelson just isn’t at the level, he is absolutely brilliant at looking great doing very little. He should have scored inside 2 minutes and made it a very different game. Odegaard hit the bar. Martinelli had no end product when he came on.

It was a disaster. We lack a killer. Arsenal have 6 players who have all lost their guts in front of goal at the same time. It’s not good enough.

Fans want a striker right now… anyone. It’s not going to happen. We don’t have infinite cash and the fans that bang the table the loudest for deals NOW are those that will be calling Edu a bum in 6 months when the hot name of the moment is a total fraud. We have specific needs, not many strikers can do what we need, the best deals are available in the summer. Stating that we should go hard at Brentford or whichever club has a player we want negates the fact that if teams are competing, they don’t sell. If they are failing, they don’t sell. If they are in the middle, they’ll want to stay there, so they don’t sell.

Arteta has to coach his way out of this one. This is a confidence crisis that is underpinned by the right fundamentals.

  1. The team is playing great football
  2. The team is creating a lot of good chances
  3. We are conceding very few
  4. The issue is the form of ALL of our players

If you have good form and you keep doing things right, eventually results will follow.

So you have two choices, you think our players don’t have another gear in front of goal, and this failure right now is us for the season.

Or, you understand that form is temporary, and class is permanent.

We’ve had one bad game in 6 weeks. We’ve had some terrible results in that period. There has been no luck. We conceded 2 goals from 3 shots on target today. 2 goals from 4 shots on target against Fulham. 2 goals off 3 on target against West Ham. That’s 6 goals off ten shots on target. We have taken 63 shots over those three games and recorded 0 goals.

I’m telling you, the tide will turn, players will return to form, and we’ll go on a tear in the back half of the season.

Losing three games in a row make you angry and it’s a struggle to see the light. There’s plenty of light to be had at Arsenal. We just need a spark in front of goal and the freak luck other clubs are having in our penalty box needs to stop.

This is a rough patch. It’s the pain we knew we’d go through. We just have to ride it out.

Ok, check out the latest podcast right now.

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Where is the competition






Our forward line play as if they hung a huge stone to their legs in recent times.
They’re trying to mess with my mental health, but I say no.

What sort of brain freeze is it whenever they’re in the final third? Crazy!


Great post, good to see someone provide a balanced analysis of what is going on. As always love your work, keep it up. Arsenal will be alright. We always said that with young players we would hit a slump and here we are. The team is playing well. What is not sustainable is smash and grab wins like what Liverpool did.


If you are ArtetaOut, gather here


Can I be counted twice pls?


Pedders was a travesty. We came out flying. The passing was sharp, there was variety in our attack, all that talk of ARSENAL CAN’T PROGRESS THE BALL was well and truly in the bin after a one-week… No sir, the talk wasn’t that ARSENAL CAN’T PROGRESS THE BALL, the talk was that we COULD NOT SCORE TO SAVE OUR LIVES OR WIN A GAME OF FOOTBALL. Guess what? We still didn’t. You said you were expecting the inevitable by second half. Why is that? Simply put Because Liverpoil are a proper team who do not need 20 chances to get… Read more »


The summer transfer is biting now. Havertz and Raya are not upgrades to what we had. A waste of 100m, plus another few quids to buy a backup keeper this season.


Basically what your saying Pedro is the entire team has a case of the Kai Havertz. Moving around smoothly , doing football type things and producing absolutely nothing at the sharp end whilst looking like the shooting confidence of a cat scared of it’s own shadow. For me this all goes back to that decision last summer to replace Xhaka with Kai. It can only be described as a vanity project. Arteta has to turn Kai’s career trajectory around like he did for Xhaka his last season with us… or it’s over for Mikel. So yes in the end it… Read more »


I never want to see XG mentioned again in summary of a game, its actual goals that count at both ends nothing more nothing less


We can’t complain about the injuries anymore, Liverpool did it without Salah, VVD, and a proper left back. City routinely perform even without Haaland, KDB, Stones. When things aren’t going well, why doesn’t Arteta trust his bench and make early subs to try a different approach?
Even after adding to our squad, we are doing the same as last season (playing same 11 till 85th minute, whether we are winning or losing). I am afraid this will only lead to more fatigue for Saka, Odegaard and White.


Arteta doesn’t know what to do with attack. He cannot change it. Look at his work in the defensive area and his propensity to change it and.experiment like for.ex putting in Party as RB and asking him to invest. Not playing Gaby for few games. He is comfortable doing that on the defensive are of the pitch. When it comes to attack he has hardly done anything of note. That’s his problem. Last season it was purely players ability that made our attack click it was novelty. Now other teams have caught up to it and Arteta doesn’t know how… Read more »


Kiwior seems to have a goal or two in him..we must omit him from our squad, we can’t waste time
on him anymore.MA is supposed to be ruthless, now is the time to act.Otherwise we played a good
game and matched Pool, as we did with Man City a long time ago..


The only Liverpool manager Arteta should ever be compared to is Brendan Rogers.


Pedro Imagine if the manager wasn’t named Mikel Arteta Imagine this manager had committed the club to so much spending just to have a squad that is so lopsided and poorly structured. Would you be so blind to the obvious? The club has to make a decision at some point because we have given long term hefty wages to players who may not be as good as presumed and hinged our bets on a manager who is in his first job. There is a distinct possibility that we peaked last season with Arteta, what we are witnessing. may be the… Read more »


I’m with Midwest on this,

Those of us who said Kai Hapless was a mistake have been proven right,

That £65m would have gone a long way at this point to install Toney, something we all knew we needed much more than another Ozil like signing.


You only have to recall him playing Partey as RB and benching big Gabriel at the start of the season.
Still can’t forget the ridiculous assertion of tactically substituting goal keepers to justify his adoption of Raya as starter, only to not give Ramsdale an opportunity to even stake a claim?

Arteta is the reason this season went south.
We created another Wenger very quickly.


It’s all on Arteta. Arteta out de Zerbi in


If there is any silver lining, i think less games in competition that no one really cares about anymore unless its a nice day out in May you’re after and ‘its a trophy’ when trying to justify the season.
We cant be this bad/unlucky in front of goal for much longer can we?


I keep reading posters suggesting that the outcry is an overreaction This is alarming because it’s a pattern of results that the manager and the team can’t snap out of. It’s almost like it’s baked in. The manager spends more time with the team and it doesn’t make a difference Now he wants to take them to warm weather training in Dubai like all they need is just more tan , when in fact they need to be dispersed and allowed to do whatever they wish, on their mid season break. They need to be with their families to do… Read more »


We wasted money on Raya and although Havertz has been better last few games ,he was a waste of money too. Everyone could see from last year we needed a striker , yet here we are still with Eddie. What about all the others, el Neny , etc. everyone who knows fuck all about football knows el Neny, Eddie, kiwior ( stepanovs the 2nd) , nelson are not good enough. 4 years on they are still here. That’s on Arteta.


Pv4 ‘We wasted money on Raya” That was a vanity project based on nostalgia You wonder why a need to get a back-up for Ramsdale quickly morphed into a situation that sucked so much oxygen down the room. Why isn’t anyone in the club ready to point out the conflicts of interests in the purchase of Raya- the relationship with the goal keeping coach and that we just doubled Ramsdale’s wages on a new contract? Some will quickly remind you that it was a loan, conveniently forgetting that it’s a loan with a compulsory buy; £27 million is already subtracted… Read more »


Sid: “Arsenal are currently 11th in the league based on expected points” We’re not. According to understat, we are 2nd, about 1.5 points behind City and 0.5 pts ahead of Pool. City are about a point under their xPTS. We’re about a point over our xPTS. Pool and Villa are about 6 points above their xPTS. Pool have somehow conceded 7 less goals (18) that the expected xG against of 25. We’ve conceded slightly over our 19.7 xGA – 20 goals. 1. Man City 40.81 xPTS (40 pts) 2. Arsenal 39.24 xPTS (40 pts) 3. Liverpool 38.79 xPTS (45 pts)… Read more »


Not bad luck bad finishing is our downfall, if theses games were a one off then bad luck but this is all so familiar wastefulness in front of goal while dominating so painful to watch.


Omari Hutchinson’s brother on Instagram:
“Some people owe my brother an apology (for) all the abuse and hate comments he received when he left Arsenal.
I hope you guys are all seeing why.

This weekend
Man City debut ✅
Chelsea debut ✅
Liverpool debut ✅
Spurs youth played ✅
Arsenal ✖️

I feel sorry for my Arsenal youth man 💔
Free the guys”


We play better with Ramsdale. He gives us better energy and will. Raya is not an upgrade in shot stopping. The stat that makes him a better passer is not justified. What Arsenal need is a lethal striker. Not a calm goalie.
I prefer the Arsenal team with Ramsdale, in every sense. Sports wise, energy wise, show wise.
SELL Raya, BUY a striker.

David T Boyle

I haven’t read this drivel for about 6 months, so I thought i would give it another try .But guess what it hasn’t changed, not 1 word about this manager, who looks like a little boy lost on the touchline who has run out of ideas. I will come back again when he is sacked, probably after the Porto games ,to see what he has got to say then

Thierry Martinelli

How many match winning saves did their GK make last night? Only time I saw LFC keeper at work was when he parried Ben White’s shot
How many saves did Leno and Fabinski make when we faced them?


Let me say I am over happy we have Rice. But the rest of Arteta’s buys in the summer were at best unnecessary. This must makes smile a coach or two in the league where MA thought he could have the luxury on buying extras where in some position we were not lethal enough. The reason we got Havertz, I remember Arteta saying in an interview that as soon as he learned he was free to buy, he jumped on the occasion. I remember feeling surprised for a coach who wanted performers. Kaï had everything but a performing season last… Read more »

Thierry Martinelli

Out of those 63 shots we’ve taken how many gave the opposition GKs a problem?
These keepers are not having blinders at all.

X haka

Quite simply, Arteta is now the new old Wenger. Always two players short from the top sides, always blaming someone and making excuses, either PGMOL or missed chances. And now, not spending in this January for the needed striker but will wait until next season. We still have no elite structure in place at the club. Everything revolves around Artetas whims. If he wakes up one morning, and decides to break the bank for Havertz or decides with Cana he wants Raya all of a sudden, thats cool, no questions asked by anyone. This is not proper scouting of players… Read more »


When havertz stops playing, we would see a great difference, I’d take an old ozil over havertz anyday, any time, arteta knows he bought a bad player, he just wants to prove he knew what he was doing when he got havertz.


Without a shadow of doubt we looked stronger with Ramsdale in goal. Ramsdale is a far better keeper than Raya

Dark Hei

“That £65m would have gone a long way at this point to install Toney, something we all knew we needed much more than another Ozil like signing.”

Absolute, absolute disagree.

If should have been invested in a replacement for Xhaka.


Just pre-ordered Arsenal’s DVD on xG, looking forward to the bonus material on most touches in the box and shots on target.


Here is a stat CG has dug out.

3 out of the last 4 games, Arsenal have zero[0]
Shots on target in the second half’s of games.

Previously to that only x 1 in the second half v A.Villa.

As Liverpool showed yesterday- that’s when games are won.

Ps. If other teams / managers get hold of my exclusive data- Arteta is really snookered.

Josip Skoblar

‘Thé team is playing great football.´
I am not sure of that, Pedro.


I’m really fed up of the false dichotomy always on display here. It’s either Arteta is a genius, a generational manager who is the best thing since sliced bread, or he’s an absolute fraud who has no idea about anything and should be immediately fired. Come on guys, seriously, grow the fuck up. Arteta has taken us up levels above where we were at before he came in. He’s got us challenging again. He clearly has something about him. At the same time, plenty of shit is still going on that doesn’t seem to make much sense, and he’s clearly… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

The £65M spent on Havertz is a dramatic error that will impact the team for a long time to come.


It’s all very well and good spinning it as to we won’t get a striker but if we don’t then we’re winning nothing again. The strikers we have are proven bottlers who can’t do it when it matters. So there we go, no striker then its a fight for fourth place. Don’t go down the route of saying Arteta has to coach the players because he’s just not capable of doing that as is plain to see after 5 years. I know we need a striker badly but in all honesty the kroenkes would be crazy to give Arteta the… Read more »


Listening to the podcast, Pedro is so blinkered, sorry to say.

Rusty Shackleford

When you start blaming luck, you’ve hit rock bottom. This team can’t score goals. Arteta’s been given all the money in the world and has yet to buy a proper striker. He owns this.


Pv4 “Without a shadow of doubt we looked stronger with Ramsdale in goal. Ramsdale is a far better keeper than Raya” He had a decent game, just a pity he was at fault for the first goal , coming for a cross that he had no chance of getting was a schoolboy error.. Not saying he would have saved it if he had stayed on his line although the ball did go on the area of the goal he would have been protecting. A goalkeeper should never be left in no mans land, unfortunately that is exactly what happened to… Read more »


This failure to get clinical ain’t something new.It had happened repeatedly during Wengers final years.The gunners were routed by big shorelines.Why?
Well his passing to eternity is to be blamed.Same with MA.
After a season ,teams have allowed the gunners to pass themselves to death and hit on the break.This is no secret.
The gunners must speed up the attack and if possible a through ball .This will shorten time for defenders to regroup
The gunners have not suddenly become bad team but be warned there are no easy games in the epl


If all the attacking are out of form and lost confidence in front of a goal, it usually shows to a common denominator – manager and his assistants, who themselves don’t have confidence that they know how to address and fix it. And new purchase in this case fixes symptoms but not the problem. What if this new player also loses confidence? It could also easily explain why Havertz required so much time to start scoring – there was no one to put this confidence in him. And blaming bad quality of players is laughable when Klopp puts two kids… Read more »


We are not playing great football
If we were we would be wining as the sole purpose of playing football is to score more than your opponents.
It’s not just yesterdays game, it’s a pattern than most of us can see Arteta has blind vision and cannot read the game well.
He is stubborn and it’s not a good trait for a football,manager as it is always necessary to make adjustments during the game to counter the opposing teams play.
We will win nothing with him ever


Only watched the second half yesterday and we sure struggled with the pace and power of the young Pool team Odegaard in particular being brushed aside several times and resorted to fouling in frustration . With Mane gone they are however going to be very reliant on Sala for goals. One thing that struck me on Saka’s missed chances is his poor agility for a smallish attacking player, on each occasion he fluffed his shot due to not being able to adjust his body position to the ball. Basically if he is able to manoeuvre the ball exactly where he… Read more »


Pedro please don’t mention luck. Absolutely nothing to with it and you know that. Havertz and Nelson were not unlucky yesterday, they did not even remotely look like scoring. you said as much yourself in the piece, so why are you mentioning luck. Ode’s shot yesterday off the bar was the only decent strike on goal. we were not even close otherwise despite all the chances created. Feel really sorry for ESR. He saved Arteta’s job back in the day but can’t get a look in now. Surely he offers more than Havertz, but Arteta willing to die on that… Read more »


Ramsdale is clearly popular with the players note the reaction when he made that great low stop, yes he did well but we were also fortunate that the shot was not placed in the corner


Ramsdale also let in 2 goals from 3 shots on target.

He has wonder saves in him but he also has very costly mistakes in him as well.


Rusty Shack ”””””When you start blaming luck, you’ve hit rock bottom. This team can’t score goals. Arteta’s been given all the money in the world and has yet to buy a proper striker. He owns this.”””” Kloppo spends the majority of his resources on attacking players and thats why they score so many goals in complete contrast to Arteta. Its nowt to do with luck- thats as lame excuse as you can make after x 4 seasons and £750 million spent. And even when Arteta does spend big on attacking players , eg Jesus, Havertz – we all know they… Read more »


Unless it’s Toney(who I am not a fan of tbh) don’t think there is anyone that is going to come in and save us this TW.

At this stage, after 600 million spent and still complaining about squad depth, do we even trust Arteta to fix the problem?


DM Agree 👍 and good post. We’re in a rut currently but as that old saying goes, something akin to “it’s never as bad or good as you think it is” Some of the overreaction here is quite simply laughable. Yet there’s no doubt we’ve got some problems to sort, everyone knows we need another attacking player but I really can’t see it happening in January because if it is to be believed, the club is hamstring financially by FFP. Those wanting Arteta out are going to be disappointed. kSE stuck by McVeigh absolutely in the Rams Super Bowl hangover… Read more »


Stop with the constant praising of Ramsdale, the truth is he’s awful and makes mistakes every game. The problem we have is that the bluff Arteta has brought in an even worse keeper and made him number one, Arteta is absolutely clueless and people have seen this for a while now, we won’t win anything with him ever so prepare for failure for a few more years, Barcelona my bollocks, they wouldn’t touch him, that silly talk came from Artetas people

Andrew Moore

It’s not bad luck, it’s bad finishing. When you sign players that are known for their poor finishing don’t blame ‘luck’ when they do in front of goal what they’ve done for the rest of their careers. To suggest otherwise is delusional.

Belfast Gooner

Anyone can look at the stats and say, “We’ve had 60 shots and should have scored far more goals, so obviously we’ve got a finishing problem”. But don’t we need to look deeper at the quality of the chances? For me, it looks like the shots we are taking are not coming from relatively central positions, with all of the goal to aim at. It looks like a very big proportion of our shots are coming from wider positions and around the corner of the box. I don’t think we connect with the ball enough in the 6yd box or… Read more »


I am 100% sure even the players are tired of hearing Arteta’s BS. Tierney just flat or said he’s not returning to Arsenal in January. Sounded more like ‘I’m never going back there’. Ramsdale is pissed as fuck. I’m sure people like ESR, Nelson and our young players are too. Even Kiwior, one of the best Central defenders in Italy and a polish first choice cebter back is getting played at left back and made to look bad. When a team has too many problems like this it’s always better to have a reset. And resets always start with a… Read more »


It’s not bad luck, it’s bad finishing. When you sign players that are known for their poor finishing don’t blame ‘luck’ when they do in front of goal what they’ve done for the rest of their careers. To suggest otherwise is delusional.”

Yep. People expect Jesus or Havertz to metamorphise into efficient finishers when they are what they are at this point in their career.


I agree it is all down to coaching,Arteta should insist that if you are in the box,you are allowed one touch then shoot. Martinelli went passed TAA a few times yesterday and immediately tried a cut back,a few went out for a corner-which we are terrible at,if he had lashed the ball goalwards,anything could happen,deflection,handball,goal or out for the corner. Saka has been overplayed and kicked up in the air every game is taking its toll,he doesnt seem to be able to strike a ball cleanly anymore. Havertz as a striker was a terrible idea/ Ramsdale for me is much… Read more »


I think Arteta has coached the flair out of players , it shows when they constantly form little triangles all the time and rarely run with the ball using their natural skills.
The ball is constantly being passed backwards allowing teams to set up a defensive pattern.
Counter attacking is almost non existent now just ponderous build up.
Nothing will change as he doesn’t know how

Mikel Coneteta

“We have specific needs, not many strikers can do what we need, the best deals are available in the summer.“ The best deals are obviously available in the summer, but this idea that only a select few are what Arsenal need is such bollocks when you consider some of the rank average players getting minutes or bench time in this side. I can name 15 better CF’s than Nketiah in the league alone, about 20 better wingers than Nelson too. Arsenal doesn’t need to be a club stocked with diamonds to win things, the first XI isn’t far off one… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

All the mistakes in the transfer windows are starting to catch up now. All the goalkeepers we’ve gone through and we still don’t have a top keeper. Vieira is a complete dud that will never adapt to the PL. Lokonga, Elneny, Jorginho, blowing 65m on whatever Havertz is when we needed a passing, creative 8. Mari, Willian, Blowing 50m on White when we had Saliba, Cedric, Kiwior as a left back, etc etc. Zinny and Jesus were great for top 4 but is now holding us back. Only buying PL ready players lately and paying a hefty premium for it.… Read more »


The claim was that Arteta was a Genenerational manager when he was hired.

In that context, then include the money spent, thats FRAUD.

Mikel Coneteta


Our actual substantive purchases from the PL have overwhelmingly been positive, what are you taking about?

Ramsdale, Jesus, Zinchenko, White, Havertz, Rice, Trossard, Jorginho

Vieira, Lokonga, Kiwior, Odegaard, Tomiyasu, Timber**

Fairly obvious which of the two have been more instrumental to our improvements over the last few seasons.


Let’s hope that MA doesn’t go full Wenger on us. Wenger insisted we didn’t need a DM for years. Insisted that Almunia was a world class keeper for ages. I don’t want to hear MA tell us how we have great striking options when it’s obvious to anyone with eyes that we have a problem there.


We were told the team Emery used, only needed Artetas coaching to be competitive.

Then goal posts were shifted to, ‘he needs his own players’. ( He went ahead got Willian, Mari, Soares, etc)

Ernest Reed

The incoherent ramblings of someone in total denial, nice one Pedro.

It’s called Arsenal have become so totally predictable that pretty much every aspect of their play shouts out – been there and done that. Even their finishes have become predictable. When you coach predictability you are going to eventually be found out by everyone.

This is where Arteta now proves his worth in coaching. What does he have to offer other than the same old same same?

Freddie Ljungberg

Coneteta Only Rice is a top player in that bumch and he cost 105m. The rest are either poor or just enough to be fighting for top 4. Ramsdale isn’t a top keeper but he’s alright. Jesus is a very good player but a poor striker. Zinny good player, terrible fullback. White good player again but hardly a 50m fullback. Havertz is a 20m utility backup player, not a starting 8 or 9 for 65m. Jorginho is past it and too slow for most games. Trossard great technically but weak physically. It’s not enough to just buy decent players (while… Read more »


We don’t have infinite cash
Actually, we do.



Agree 100%.

There’s far too much hysteria on here.
Arteta is not a disaster, but neither is he a coaching genius….not yet anyway.

Were still in contention and a top four spot will keep him at the club I think.

Anyway, this is arsenal. We don’t do the managerial merry go round.


The goals to NPxG (non-penalty expected goals) in the PL is as follows: (I’ll only pick the ones with 2 goals or more) Saka – Goals 4, NPxG 6.41 (+2.41) Jesus – Goals 3, NPxG 5.05 (+2.05) Nketiah – Goals 5, NPxG 4.62 (-0.38) Trossard – Goals 3, NPxG 4.08 (+1.08) Havertz – Goals 3, NPxG 3.42 (+0.42) Martinelli – Goals 2, NPxG 3.11 (+1.11) Odegaard – Goals 2, NPxG 1.98 (-0.02) Dec Rice – Goals 3, NPxG 1.17 (-1.83) We’ve got Saka and Jesus as the by far most wasteful players on our team. Then we’ve got Tross, Marti… Read more »

Ernest Reed

I fully expect an emphatic response in two weeks time. Arsenal are going to beat Palace and beat them soundly because that is what good teams do. I also fully expect that Arteta is going to have sessions where the boys hammer the ball into the back of the net first chance, nothing cute or fancy, just good old fashioned follow throughs.

I expect the above as a response. Question is, do they believe in themselves? We shall see.


Regarding finishing, look at the pace, power and accuracy of that strike from Diaz. it blasted through the hands of Ramsdale that’s called finishing. Thierry and Van Persie used to strike the ball so cleanly. Same with Adebayor. We know have a Havertz who finishes tamely and almost shy to blast the ball. Of does it will be row Z. Martinelli when he started, please look at his first season when we finished with 10 goals, he used to score all kinds of goals included headers and stroked the ball beautifully. Jesus spends more time outside the box and rolling… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta

Freddie The criteria wasn’t about only “top player” though. Rice was a top player and we paid a club record fee relative to that, the rest have been sub 50M except Havertz so hardly the wild premium you’re suggesting. All are plenty good enough for taking us to a top 2/3 team in the premier league. Comparatively the foreign incomings have been utterly useless outside Odegaard, Tomiyasu (if skewed as just a backup), and Timber (who doesn’t deserve any judgement). Point being we’ve done very well from the PL purchases, and it’s when we’ve went outside the league that we’ve… Read more »


Sid: “We were told the team Emery used, only needed Artetas coaching to be competitive.”

Yes, I remember we were told how Sterling became a super player just because of Arteta’s guidance and coaching.

Around 27 transfers in later and 600m spent, the team is not in a good moment and what’s the collective idea – we need several new players.


Don’t forget Partey. He’s still here although just in spirit.


Jesus and Zinchenko were always syringe-in-the-arm short-term hit signings that were going to elevate us in the short-term but quickly turn sour. Dull and uninspiring acquisitions, both of them. Arteta needs to show that he’s got the minerals to establish genuine cohesion in the middle/final third. We can get away with a certain forward line with Partey & Zinchenko drawing pressure in deeper areas, but if that stops with Declan Rice replacing Partey then he needs to be able to adapt the attacking areas to fall in line with the strengths & weaknesses of Rice. If that means disposing of… Read more »


Initially it seemed it was just a s stumble but now it’s beginning to look like our season is unraveling
It seems he [Arteta] doesn’t have the solutions; there won’t be a chequebook to solve this problem.

We have Spurs, one point behind us in the league, 7 months into the term of their new manager, with the prospect of their best player returning back from injury.
There will be an apocalyptic meltdown if Spurs momentarily inch above us at any point.


there won’t be a chequebook to solve this problem.
Not sure about that, buy Toney today and we’ll put 10 past Crystal Palace.


Proper player this Rice- but he is regressing alarmingly. Like Saka he also looks exhausted.

Brought at huge expense – and presumably to stop counter attacks – but we are shipping goals in at home.

Hopefully he will not be flogged too death in the fierce Dubai sun with Generational’s coaching and he can get some suds down his neck and have a bit of R and R.


For all the shots taken over the last few games in particular, opposition goalkeepers are not producing saves of the season so we are looking at a lot of soft and poorly placed shots and headers. Do our boys practice shooting or is training all about fiddly, fancy passing ? All front players need to be able to bury their chances with a first time effort with either foot. Or at least make the keeper work hard. Every move that needs an extra touch to make an opening, allows for a readjustment in defence and a possibility to gain a… Read more »


Managers typically hit their peaks about 5 years into their tenure At that point, they said all the dressing room shticks they are possible of It takes super managers to conquer that 5 year brick-wall. They have to keep changing assistant managers to infuse fresh thinking. Mikel has not been dynamic enough with his back room. He’s been quite insular tbh. He lost one assist to manager and didn’t even bother to replace him. I think he has hit that 5 year brick wall. Is he still getting across to the players? Mikel has it all to do. This one… Read more »


****He lost one assistant manager and didn’t even bother to replace him.


I’d rather give Mike Biereth a go, he’s 20 and has 6 goals and 5 assists from 14 appearances whilst on loan at Motherwell.

Won’t cost us a penny


* Mika ! (Bloody spellchecker !)


Look winning the Premier league is hard and thats why so few teams/managers have achieved it and that too consistently. We fans will be able to support Arteta till the cows come home if we were told that Wenger has spoilt the club , we could have won more PL’s. Then Emery is weak manger bla bla. Arteta is the chosen one and Generational one with him we are sure to win Leagues and CL. If we are honest then we dont have this expectation problem and we fans will star enjoying the squad and football. Set the wrong expectation… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

Coneteta We severly overpaid for White (when we didn’t need a CB) could have picked up a rb for much cheaper elsewhere. Havertz we overpaid with at least 30-35m when he’s not the type of player we needed. He’s also on astronomical wages. Trossard was fine, Jorginho was ok price wise but why are we still paying both him and Elneny? Jesus and Zinny slightly overpriced for what we get and we’re now stuck with them on high wages when we need better. Yes we have been crap at buying from abroad, that doesn’t mean other leagues aren’t teeming with… Read more »


DM Excellent post, agree with pretty much everything. But a top class striker is probably beyond reach in this window. A loan maybe, a swap, perhaps. Arteta must spend the time training his players to control and shoot in a scoring opportunity not dither. Taking too many touches is a relic of no-risk football. A test of his coaching ability. Apart from Rice (and Timber) the summer transfers were bad choices. Still a puzzle why he paid 65 million for Havertz and took Raya on loan as first choice GK. Mistakes of his own making. And playing the same players… Read more »


Every time Saka shoots or shifts the ball to his right he looks like/or does fall over, the boy needs to practice his right foot and would open his options for many aspects IMO


This is worrying. We finished 2nd last season, strengthened the team and now we have these numbers after 20 games this season: won 4 fewer games, lost 2 more, scored a whooping 10 goals fewer, conceded 3 more (with a better defence this season?), we have 10 points fewer than same stage last season and to cap it all we have dropped 3 places down the table…Man, we have regressed in EVERY area. It looks like Arteta has coached the creativity and instinct out of the boys. For context, Mr Good Ebening has secured 14 points more for Villa than… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta

“It’s Artetas insistence on buying from the PL at a premium that has us in a hole now.“ Just don’t agree with this at all, and the evidence suggests otherwise. Ben White has been a starting CB and RB the last 3 seasons with his peak ahead of him still. 50M is not outrageous at all for that return. Vieira, Lokonga, Tierney, and Kiwior are far more egregious signings with their 20-35M a head barely seeing the pitch enough to make any telling impact. Our transfer strategy has largely paid dividends the past few years, and it’s only the fact… Read more »


It is not just tanking the value of existing players that is a consistent problem but also we are not creating any value any more out of our acadamey which might just as well be closed down. How many minutes have our young Hale enders had this season?

Also what has happened to Vierra is he still injured in some way. I see loans then free give away coming up.


As frustrating as things are at the moment, I don’t think buying in Jan has ever been a great idea, ship out as many as we can and continue to re-build in the summer.

I don’t think our performances have been that poor, just not getting the results from our front line.

Jeramie Frimpong would still be high on my summer list, as would Ivan Toney or someone as clinical, maybe a midfielder like Douglas Luiz., wouldn’t be surprised if 4 or 5 arrive this summer.


What is confusing is that earlier in the season we were creating fewer chances and yet scored more goals. Let’s look at our chief creator, Odegaard who I criticised earlier in the season for his lack of creativity. Odegaard in the league. His first 4 games of the season ……2 key passes against Forest, palace , fulham and united 7 team goals scored. His last 4 games of the season …….16 key passes.against Brighton ,,Liverpool west ham and fulham. 4 team goals scored.. So what is different offensively from earlier in the season compared to our last 4 games .… Read more »


If you think this criticisms of Arteta is deafening then you’re going to need to get noice cancelling headphones pretty soon
This is the calm before the storm

It doesn’t matter who me play right now, our problems lie within us. If we play Palace tomorrow, we struggle
Arteta needs to make mid season adjustments, the types Klopp made last season, Guardiola makes these midseason reshufflings all the time.



Please don’t beat the Eddie drum any more! The fact that he hardly got any minutes yesterday as our 2nd choice striker says it all. He is not good enough for a back up ffs.


Two decisions rest on Arteta
1: Ramsdale and the Spanish Mafia debacle. It appears we decided not to develop the lad , give him no reason for being dropped and pissed off a very popular locker room guy.
2: Havertz – yes he showing signs of form but that 67m with the sale of Eddie would or could be a 100m forward splurge

So sad this meddling took place and so unnecessary

Freddie Ljungberg

Coneteta Sure, that’s a huge problem as well, (that we’re crap at buying in general and outside the PL in particular) and no we can’t expect all signings to be hits, but more of them definitely need to be than what we’ve seen. We can’t be paying 105m or get a loan to buy trial period for every top player we buy and miss with everyone else. Not when clubs around us are buying better players and are using their resources better. Getting the wrong #8 is a huge reason why we’re as dysfunctional in attack as we are this… Read more »

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