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Thomas Partey has officially been omitted from the Ghana squad. Chris Hughton weighed up the severity of his operation, the reality that he has no form to speak of, and the worry that rehabbing him during an international comp might break the player and ruin his chances of winning a trophy.

This is the most unexpected smart decision of 2024 so far, no doubt.

So there are some layers to this:

  1. If something new happened with his recovery, then this is not good news for us. My understanding was Arsenal were working to get him fit for AFCON. So the fact he’s not going is a surprise because that hasn’t been the plan
  2. If it’s just a case of caution and Partey is on a similar schedule to before, then he could be ready for Palace or at the latest, Forest.

Whatever the scenario, having him rehabbing with Arsenal is massive. Great pitches, brilliant facilities, the best minds in the world working with him, and no chance he’ll be sneaking out to nightclubs with his international teammates.

I have said this before: There is no better midfielder in the world to bring into this side than a fit Thomas Partey.

The internet has been a very downbeat place since the Fulham loss. Fans don’t seem to be able to process pain these days, so every dip is catastrophic.

This post from Bhavs summed it up.

Now, you can tell me that you don’t want to hear about underlying data, but the reality of the game these days is judgements by all the top clubs are made as much on underlying data as they are on actual output. Emery’s new Arsenal contract was yanked from Raul’s hand because of underlying data and that was the correct decision. Klopp was signed by Liverpool after a shocking end to his Dortmund career because underlying data said he’d been very unlucky.

Underlying data will almost always get you closer to the truth about performance. You can talk about the Liverpool on-paper score from yesterday and deduce that it was a close game that was decided by a horrible penalty call. Or you could look at the absolutely disgusting Newcastle metrics to ascertain that Liverpool was UNLUCKY with their scoring output after generating 7.87 xG.

Can we just quickly speak to this: Wow, Newcastle have totally collapsed since they got lucky against us. Players seem to have given up. They were monsters the past two seasons, now they look midtable average. What has Eddie Howe done?

Back to it:

Arsenal is a team in a mini-transition. We lost Xhaka, Partey, and Aaron Ramsdale this season and we’ve brought in new players who have had to adapt to our new system. A system that Arteta tweaked after the Wolves game to get more chance creation into the system. We were in a great position heading into the West Ham game, our xG deserved a win, but we lost, and the wind was taken out of our sails, which probably fed into the dreadful performance against Fulham.

5 points off top. We’re underperforming our xG by 8, Liverpool are overperforming by 8. Arsenal are bang on for their xPts, Liverpool are 6.21 better off than they should be.

Arsenal is chasing Liverpool. They have difference makers that means they’ll likely overperform xG all season. Though I’ll put money down on that blowing up at some point. They don’t feel like title-winners to me. They are very open and literally everything has rolled for them this season. It’s not the same Liverpool from a few years ago. Still very, very raw.

We outperformed our points expectation by 11 last year. The difference this season is the system is still bedding in with new players – and I don’t think our ‘share the goals around’ approach has quite clicked this season.

It has to. It will. We just have to get our ‘trust the process’ hats on again instead of worrying about all the ways this could fail. This young team always confounds expectations, this manager always finds a way, Arsenal is going through football hell at the moment, and they need to keep on going. There is a Promised Land at the end of this.

Arsenal needs to sell this January, though I am struggling to work out who is going to leave. Someone told me they were speaking to a relative of Aaron Ramsdale and they don’t think he’s going anywhere as it stands. He’s a big asset for us, so that’s a worry. The West Ham ex-employee guy is saying that David Moyes has an interest in taking Reiss Nelson in the next 6 months. That would be massive, doubt the fee will be what we want, but let’s move him on because Arteta doesn’t like him and we need to find someone he has time for. Emile Smith Rowe is getting zero love, he should go, he feels like an Aston Villa signing, but there’s little chatter right now. Eddie is being linked to Palace, just not sure we’re go knowing we’ll not get a replacement in. Ivan Toney will be the chosen one and there’s simply no way Brentford would sell a £60m player for a £40m premium if that meant them losing Premier League status.

The best thing Arsenal can do this January is not sign anyone.

Fans chase these pipedreams that signings this month can make a difference. They never do, at least not at the top of the table. The value is in the summer market. That has proved out time and time again. Anyone peddling that deep squad changes in January make a difference are picking outliers. We cannot be Manchester United signing Wout Weghorst. Money is finite, and we do not have the squad space to land a waste man. Arsenal already has the problem of Arteta refusing to trust the players he’s signed off on. Panic buys set the project back, we need to be forward-thinking and we need to lean on Arteta to figure this out without going Manchester City on the problem.

Partey will come back into midfield and offer us a double pivot from heaven and slightly more ambitious progressive passes from deep. I don’t want to see him as a right-back.

Tomiyasu is now fit; maybe he’ll drop from Asia Cup? If not, he’ll be back in the mixer in a few weeks and he’s on fire this season.

Timber will hopefully touch grass this month, then the countdown is for him to be back by late March. He was such a massive piece of Arteta’s plans this season, don’t underestimate what a body blow it was to lose him.

If we can get to the winter break without any new injuries, Arteta can spend time rebooting confidence and the system. The key to a prolonged challenge is to cut out the errors, trust that we’ve fixed the defensive aspects of our game, and work on our confidence in the final third.

We’re gonna be alright.

Ok, that’s me done. See you in the comments.

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You’re welcome





Off to read the post

But before reading, Partey is such an enigma.

We might need him in games we struggle to break down opponents.

However, is he to play with Rice or replace Rice?

What if he replaces Rice, we get the goal but suddenly the opponent turn on the screw on us?

We then wish rice is still on the pitch for defensive stability?

Off to read

Mark S

Good morning, TallestTiz!


From previous

UnJanuary 2, 2024 17:47:07
Eagle Did gnabry do well in the championship?
What about ESR at Huddersfield?
Eddie at Leeds?
Coq at Charlton?
Harry Kane in the lower leagues?
Plenty of examples of quality players struggling in lower leagues then producing much better at parent club

Positive pete

But ,but,but the bedwetters.? How do you expect them to cope? we’re doomed I tell ya!



Gnabry played for a football terrorist in Tony Pulis who recently admitted he didn’t rate him at all at the time.

ESR impressed for Huddersfield IIRC and I wouldn’t exactly say Eddie has thrived here.

Kane sure but he’s a rare exception.

Ernest Reed

Frustrating as you can’t help but feel that Arsenal have a Diaby Mark II on their hands with Partey. For a guy who was a workhorse with Atletico Madrid, his fragility is alarming.

Guns of SF

Pedro, we need Jan signing for goals. Sure TP is returning but that does not mean more goals. Our offensive set up with Gab and Eddie does not produce goals at all. is this now falling on Ode shoulders? Will Saka and Martinelli have to replicate last season? So far, there is no sign of that. A proper striker is needed. You said it before. Jan not in the summer if we want to make a run at the title now. if not, summer but to me, we still have 2 cups we are in, and could win. I would… Read more »


Rumours that Tavares and Marquinhos loans will be terminated in January. Not good.

Ernest Reed

“Can we just quickly speak to this: Wow, Newcastle have totally collapsed since they got lucky against us. Players seem to have given up. They were monsters the past two seasons, now they look midtable average. What has Eddie Howe done?‘

Tends to happen when basically the majority of your team goes down injured, seemingly all at once. If you equate that to players seeming to give up, well not surprising given your propensity to claim that Arteta shits gold bricks at will.

Mark S

I know you tweeted this out already, Pete, but this weekend does suddenly feel even more massive. Arteta is looking for a response, the fans are looking for a response, and hopefully the players will want to get out there and give a response before getting a “mini break”. Liverpool are more than capable of giving us a go on Sunday, however not having Salah at all should help us get one over on them. They and City have been our well documented “bogey teams”. It feels like it’s one of those moments where if we can beat them 2-0… Read more »

Ernest Reed

I would agree that there likely will be no new signings in January. FFP is a very real concern as the pattern of overpaying and underselling has brought the team to where it is today, not able to rub two coins even if it wanted to. It’s Arteta’s Bed that’s been made, he’s going to have to lie in it, even if it’s soiled.

Mark S

Raptora-Maybe new loans for the two of them? Neither one of them has gotten much playing time at their respective clubs.

Guns of SF

Maybe Mike wet the bed lol


ESR was decent but nothing compared to his arsenal form
Eddie again much better for us
Kane much batter for Tottenham
Gnabry much better for too sides than lower league.

So….. how d you know patino won’t perform to a far higher standard for arsenal? Even getting 20 mins here and there and training with one of the best 5 squads in world football?


No signings the best thing? Well we aren’t winning the title without some January window magic so not sure how that can be classed as the best thing for us.

Expecting Martinelli and Saka to replicate or even better 45 combined PL G/A was always daft and not grounded in reality.

Guns of SF

Can someone answer this, can we sign players on loan? Does that impact our FFP situation?


Mark S,
I should have explained myself better – their current teams want to terminate their loans.

Nuno Espírito Santo prefers to work with a smaller squad and FC Nantes don’t want Marquinhos.

If true, we’ll have to look for new teams for both of them, yeah.



A 20 year-old that has been slightly above average in the Championship isn’t going to come into our XI and plug that 8 hole, it’s beyond fanciful.

I’m not saying the lad won’t amount to being a player in the future but he is nowhere near the level as of now.

Mark S

Raptora-I appreciate the clarification. I kind of figured that was the case.


Eagle An extremely talented 20 year old who was excellent last season on loan at Blackpool but struggling at a club whose system doesn’t work well for him Can’t be any worse than vieira has been Or fucking Elneny Anyway I’m pissing into the wind here I don’t care wether or not your rate him I do And I rate ESR And I think it’s a mistake to play vieira and neslon over him and I think it’s a mistake to keep a squad space for someone like Elneny when we have such a talented young player who could really… Read more »


Mark S

Good evening from here
I trust you’re having a fairly good time. Obviously not so good a time to be an Arsenal supporter


Tallest Tiz
Better luck next time.

Guns of SF

why not incorporate the loanees back in the the team?
We need LB coverage, and Marquinhos was good in my eyes in his limited time with us. Why not bring them back in, and train with the first team? See if we can use them?

Guns of SF

or does bringing them back violate FFP for us?



You played a blinder on me

MF Poom

Maybe it’s based on gut feeling but this is the most I’ve been worried about Arsenal since we lost our three opening games

I am a big supporter of Arteta but something doesn’t feel right there,maybe dropping Ramsdale has disrupted the mood of the camp?

He needs to tweak something like Matt Kandela said because it doesn’t feel like we are far away from being a really good team despite the doom and gloom this week.



Lord know we could use KT right now
Also patino has 3 goals as 4 assists in 1000 mins of football
Not bad at all


Pedro, we didn’t lose Xhaka, we sold him. Ramsey is still here so it’s a choice thing. Partey and Timber are the only long term injuries dragging us down but if you expected Partey to play a full season you need to talk to Rich about it. I agree there might be an overreaction to our dip but people have been traumatized by our previous collapses so it’s understandable. As for Newcastle, I’m enjoying their fall from grace but if you’re honest they’ve been hit with a shit ton of injuries( 11 first team players out), kinda like Liverpool a… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

We’re linked with plenty of players, Diomande, Zubimendi, Leonardo, Boniface etc. Not sure how many of those are realistic for January, maybe Leonardo since he’d be relatively cheap and the Brazilian league is done in January. Diomande maybe? Not sure how much he’d cost. Not really game changing signings but our budget got violated hard in the summer so not expecting miracles this window. Only one we could sell for decent money is Eddie. Nelson move is rumoured to be a loan if that happens, which would be stupid. We simply have to get better at selling players if we… Read more »


Being linked with a transfer to juventus. 🤔


The only reason Arteta doesn’t want to sign any new players is when he’s told by Josh we aren’t signing any new players.

Freddie Ljungberg

I still don’t understand why Arteta isn’t trying Zinny at left 8. Probably the player best suited to it in the squad, we could have a proper left back behind him that can overlap with Martinelli and Zinny can create further up the pitch and interplay with Martinelli the way Ode does with Saka.

Use Havertz as rotation for Jesus.

If we’re not buying anyone of note this window Arteta needs to come up with a better plan than what he’s been doing lately because it’s been found out big time and it’s not working offensively either.

X haka

If the links are true about us signing Liverpool’ s Curtis Jones in the summer , I think we are very close to the point of Trust The Process 2.0. 😩😩.

He is another Galaxy brain signing, like Havertz.

London gunner

We ain’t winning the league


Yes Zini at left 8 with a proper defensive LB to cover behind him just seems a no brainer, especially as he plays there for Ukraine he wouks also have less fatigue and muscle injuries not having to cover back as much. . The Question is why our generational manager thinks otherwise.


WE: “No signings the best thing?” It kind of is. I agree with Pedro there. I’ve been screaming loud for a new LB. If we can make a deal for a quality LB right now, no clue, but that’d be the only position I’d be thinking of if we were to make a transfer now. LB and CF are the most problematic positions but it’s not possible to buy a great CF in January with FFP breathing in our back. Wait for the Summer to bring top class rather than another Trossard, Jorginho type of deals. We need top quality/… Read more »


I’d say the best we can do right now is to focus our efforts into making Martinelli score goals again. Most of us expected his outcome to improve after his 15 goals in our previous season. But Xhaka->Havertz has proven to be very damaging for Marti. That and insisting with the inverting LB bullshit has literally put him stranded on an island, all by himself. Give proper service to Martinelli and he’ll absolutely shine. It makes more sense to invert from right anyways as Saka likes to stay on the flanks, that’s how he works and the area he feels… Read more »

Mikel Coneteta


Endless list you have there fella, keep using Kane and now you’ve picked up Gnabry who as WengerEagle points out completely fucked it for him. Wenger wanted to keep him too but that ordeal was enough for him to ditch us.

Poor, but hardly the shining example of academy talents, unless you want to treat every single player as if they’re Gnabry and pretend the academy directors and coaches know nothing entirely.


Tallest Tiz.
I got lucky.


Newcastle are like us playing the same way every week.
Opponents have sussed them out ,like us so we struggle to win and scoring is difficult.
Our glorious manager hasn’t the brain power to know what’s wrong.
Stats mean nothing , results do


Freddy, I though about using Zinchenko at LM but I don’t like it. He is a bad athlete. His physicality is just not up to scratch. I don’t even mean about being powerful or any of that. He is slow at turning, slow at reacting, stretching takes time. He’s also not very smart. Losing the ball in midfield starts the opponent’s counterattack. We can’t have him there. Gundogan, while not a super athlete, is so smart, so aware, he can make the best decision on the regular, flawless and very capable in defence. And then there’s the leadership quality, the… Read more »


Feels like this post was written using AI.

I’m sure data was behind the signing of Raya and Vieira and Havertz. Data is overrated – certainly when it comes to Arsenals interpretation of it at least.

As for Partey, how about option 3) he is unable to leave the country due to the impending rape case!?


Our best hope this year is going to be in the CL knockout set up, as both City & Liverpool have better squad depth for the PL 18 games campaign left


Agree entirely: the best thing Arsenal can do this Jan is not sign anybody. To give Arteta time for a re-boot of the squad he has. And above all a ‘reboot’ of himself, of his mindset, of his no-risk style of p;ay, of his choice of GK, of captain, of attacking midfielders, of Gab J’s role.

Freddie Ljungberg

Rap That’s the problem though, all our left CM options are flawed in one ay or another. Havertz can’t pass or dribble. ESR can’t stay fit or last the full 90 and Arteta clearly doesn’t want to play him, or he’d be the best option attacking wise, probably not defensively. Trossard is physically weak and can’t last the full 90, also not great defensively. Vieira is a waste of space. At least we know that Arteta rates and will play Zinny, no matter if it’s beneficial or not so I’d rather have him at lcm where he can be part… Read more »


I’ve never understood why Kroenkes don’t use their football club in Colorado as part of development path for our most promising youngsters. It seems obvious so I assume there is a good reason why they don’t because players would feel part of club and we wouldn’t be reliant on other teams/managers developing our players for us.

It is such a half assed system football has for developing players aged between 17-21, i dont know why teams don’t use the u21s to develop their best, i find it odd.


Freddie: “I’d rather have him at lcm where he can be part of the solution for our left side rather than at lb where he’s a large part of the problem”

Putting in like this, it does make sense. But still, so far away from an ideal solution. We don’t even have another healthy LB. The less said about Kiwior’s performance in his last game, the better.


Coneteta No I’m clearly demonstrating that even top talents get written off and their paths blocked by Bach’s who can’t spot or refuse to commit to young players and minutes on the pitch If everyone took your view then these players may never have had the careers they had You either believe in young players or you don’t You clearly don’t. That’s fine. It doesn’t make either of us correct or incorrect. It’s just a difference of opinion right now but as time goes on I expect both patino and smith Rowe to prove they should have been played at… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

“The less said about Kiwior’s performance in his last game, the better.”

True, but he was asked to invert in that game, as was Tomi and it doesn’t suit either of them.

Not sure Kiwior would be great at the overlap either since he’s mainly a CB but it can’t be worse than the absolute shitfest our left side has become this season, entirely of our own doing.



Unfortunately it’s a data driven world and I’m afraid it will be our undoing.

I don’t need data to tell me that Arteta is a one of kind generational manager or that Saka needs a rest and Gabriel and Saliba are confused.

Those that rely on data are the same people who think that by shutting down community banks, the world will benefit.

AI is a dangerous tool in life and in football.


Artea will ask players to play out of position, then place even more restrictions on them.

I still cannot believe he asked Partey to play RB against pacy wingers, effectively marooning Saka


Long and short of this is that we are missing Granite Xhaka – suck on that you Xhaka haters.

We are missing Xhaka because we never replaced him

All we had to was seek a young midfielder with the metrics similar to the best of Granite in 2021-2023. One that has more pace than Xhaka …That couldn’t have been so hard to do

Some of the biggest inventions and discoveries of mankind like Penicillin, Thorazine, X-rays, etc.

Artea stumbled on a winning formula …then he proceeded to dismantle it out of hubris


***Some of the biggest inventions and discoveries of mankind occured by sheer luck, like Penicillin, Thorazine, X-rays, etc.

Arteta stumbled on a winning formula …then he proceeded to dismantle it out of hubris***


We have become such a gullible lot.
Like a flock of sheep.

80% possession means sweet F A if you can’t score a goal.


It’s all a load of codswallop!

Let’s see how Brighton get on against WH.


Alex Ferguson would come out and talk about protecting good players of his, e.g Ronaldo, Rooney etc. It worked. The refs were more willing to blow the whistle.

We had Wilshere and now Saka under constant assault, and nobody is trying to draw attention to these England players. It would be more subtle and productive than the direct style Arteta chose to criticize the refs.


I think Pedro is using AI to write his last 3 articles


>>> The best thing Arsenal can do this January is not sign anyone

I agree. I’m not sure I would trust Arteta with spending money at this point.


“Tavares and Marquinhos loans will be terminated”

Than it will be spun as the old Wenger mantra “They are like new signings”. You look at the players who Arteta bought and shake your head as their valuation either tanked because of him or they were not Arsenal worthy in the first place.


Where to even start… Sell Rams, ESR, Nelson, and anyone else who ain’t going to ever get a whiff of playing time or are constantly in the rehab facility. Use the damn stats to see what my eyes tell me, those guys are rotting on the f’n bench doing sfa. People will say we need a back up keeper, really, really, how so? Explain it to me. Ramsdale has made 1 appearance since the competition for spots became the mantra. He does not play. Sell the guy, lower our ffP expenses and bring in some players that are going to… Read more »



“””We have become such a gullible lot.
Like a flock of sheep.””

Too bloody right- but the sheep are starting to realise, that their shepherd might not be all that.

Also agree with all this data cobblers- you judge players by watching them once , twice or x10 times- you don’t go on data – otherwise you end up with Ramsdales, Raya’s ,Pablos Vierias and Mudryks*

* bullet dodged for A&E.


Back in the sixties and seventies, the world survived well enough without analytical data.
Kids could breath and were far more streetwise than today’s generation of ‘Where’s my phone’ addicts.
We are breeding a generation of weak minded people who believe that the modern way is the way forward.


Pedro, the reason it’s hard to process a loss is because we are challenging. When we were top 4 merchants only, a loss to Fulham type teams was wary to take as making top 4 is a much bigger window than top 1

Progress comes with pain. All part of the process sadly


“We outperformed our points expectation by 11 last year. The difference this season is the system is still bedding in with new players” Arsenal during the 1st 19 league games last season: 50 points. Arsenal during the 2nd 19 league games last season: 34 points. We had to ‘bed in’ (someone correct me if I’ve made errors here) Jesus, Zinch, Saliba, and Jorginho during the 1st half of the season where we gained 16 points more than during the 2nd half of the season when we had to bed in just Trossard and Kiwior. Bedding in players is a red… Read more »


This most likely will not occur, but AFC have a way of making the improbable probable.

If AFC come in 5th in the EPL, get knocked out of the FA Cup by pool on the 7th, knocked out of CL in the round of 16, please remind me what phase we are in?

Is that progress?

We surely know the answer.


Agree about Partey and no transfer in Jan if it’s not unlikely great player. The system is the problem. I don’t belive Arteta can fix it. It’s Pep lite system that by now everyone can combat . XG in this case is garbage. We all know that in the last 2 games we could play 2 days have 69 XG and would not score single goal. Our chances are poor quality, never easy tap ins or clear shots, no 1 on 1 anymore. Not sure what the plan is? Waiting for opposition mistakes? lucky deflections? pens? We make it so… Read more »


I agree that there’s no point in buying in January. No serious team will let a key player go in the middle of the season. And ultimately, our issues stem from poor tactics rather than player issues. If we stop with this dreadful risk averse nonsense and start moving the ball up to our wingers faster instead of giving the opposition the time to double-mark them, the goals will come.


De Zerbi has done a fantastic job at Brighton. Imagine what he would do with our team.


Let’s be honest here, we capitulated last season as soon as Saliba got injured.

That shouldn’t have been the case.


The Hammers absolutely destroyed by Brighton.
They have conceded an xG of 6,07 vs Manure, Arsenal and Brighton and conceded 0 goals. Areola man of the match again.

Tassos Davakis

Get rid of the whole coaching staff , that’s the only solution at the moment !!


West ham have conceded 77 shots at goal in the last 4 games without conceding …….Areola has either been fantastic or incredibly lucky , probably a bit of both.


Pedro you say this manager always finds a solution. Then why has he still not found a solution to the constant bottling by his players when the pressure comes on.


“If AFC come in 5th in the EPL,”
It could be that 5th this year is a CL spot depending on how well the EPL does in the CL.

But I am totally on board with your question on what phase and stage of the project we are, as I am also confused about where the club is heading.

Guns of SF

Any changes the coach comes up with is considered a a mini transition when it does not work out.
Just getting tired of the excuses.
So many better coaches than this fella.


It is time for Mikel Arteta and Arsenal football club to be brave and give some hale end boys a chance. This January we should recall Brooke Norton Cuffy from his loan at Milwall. For the past 2 seasons, he has been doing the business in the championship. It is time for us to give him a chance in the squad. He is the best defender that Arsenal have produced in years. After the likes of Dan Ballard, and Mark Mcguinness. Tall, fast, strong, football IQ and incredible physicality. This boy will be playing premier league football next season. A… Read more »


I have a good LB shout – Theo Hernandez. He joined Milan from Real in 2019, the same year we got Tierney for 5m more. Bring him here in the Summer.


It’s not only Arsenal who lose to lower ranked teams , city did it last season and have done it this season. Losing to west ham was a similar type defeat that city would have where they bombard the opposition but have one of those days where they concede from rare breakaways.. When city lost to villa recently it was the first time they have been outplayed convincingly for years, when Arsenal lost to Fulham at the weekend it was a similar performance as city’s v villa but in all honesty as bad as we played we still could have… Read more »


I concur with the posts about blocking Arteta from making more buys His talent ID is suspect and besides the problem we have right now is a tactical collapse and self created structural imbalances. People yap all day long about Eddie, true he should be sold off because he isn’t good enough Problem is they conveniently forget to put Jesus in the same boat. We committed a major mistake when we designated Jesus as our main striker because he’s not a natural; goal scorer. You don’t designate the guy that can play false 9 as your main striker with wages.… Read more »


Paulie “Pedro you say this manager always finds a solution. Then why has he still not found a solution to the constant bottling by his players when the pressure comes on.” Sorry but you are talking rubbish , playing west ham and fulham are not high pressure games , if anything we went into the west ham game over confident. The high pressure games were at home to city and away to liverpool and we came through those games. The 2 defeats has now put pressure on the team and it is how they handle the pressure in the next… Read more »


Have agreed with Pierre’s posts over the last days. If not craving my Arsenal fix daily I would stay off the net until we play again. Major overreaction from lots, especially on X.


Pierre “If at the start of the season anyone said we would be level on points with city going into the new year no Arsenal supporter would be disappointed, we haven’t become a bad team overnight.” No one has suggested that we are a bad team It’s that we’ve progressively gotten poorer over time, last minute heroics aside. We are like a slow leaking tire, rather than a catastrophic tire blowout, eventually the car will roll to a stop. In a league where city has set the bar so high and there are many emerging teams like Spurs, Villa, Chelsea,… Read more »


“If at the start of the season anyone said we would be level on points with city going into the new year no Arsenal supporter …”

I think we would be disappointed to learn that we were two points behind villa and five points behind the bin dippers and level with mancheaty because they played one less game than us, Pierre.



I believe that the EPL will have 4 places as manure and newcastle got blasted out and therefore we lose a spot.


Just saw this on optajoe, the top five are Barry, Giggs, Lampard and David James.

“632 – James Milner is making his 632nd Premier League appearance, going level with Ryan Giggs – only Gareth Barry (653) has played more times in the competition. Longevity.”


It is true that the low group position of United and Newcastle are hurting the EPL coefficient, however if City and Arsenal advance deep and Italy will exit early we could have the 5th spot. By the time CL starts again we also will have a clearer picture of our league position.


Alot of Arsenal fans in name only on here.

Alex James

Get rid of Partey ESR Mo etc


Looks like you are blind to the obvious. These are real concerned Arsenal fans that have a realistic outlook of what is happening at the club. While on the other hand you seem to be the kind of super fan that swallows hook, line and sinker some of the PR BS spouted about Arsenal’s present situation..


There is no doubt in my opinion and with the exception of that Spud idiot Patrick,, that the majority on here are Arsenal fans, they just have a funny way of supporting the club, bless ‘em….



Dark Hei

“The best thing Arsenal can do this January is not sign anyone.”

Because honestly we don’t have the $$ to bring anyone in noteworthy.

If we have Aubemeyang levels of cash around, that would be helpful.


goals being a problem and no money to buy a striker the solution has to come from either the players who are playing getting into form or mixing them up. 100% Arteta will just keep trusting his methods as he’s an absolute banter merchant for sticking to his dogshit principles but i would love to see Martinelli being given a run through the middle with Trossard or ESR out on the left. Use Jesus and Saka as interchangeable wingers on the right. Absolutely zero chance of this happening so i await our inevitable stagnation with bated breath


Lol surely Pedro trolling with that “trust the process” shoutout in the post… thought we’d past those