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Happy New Year to one and all! I hope you are nursing a bad hangover this morning. I wish I was. My bedtime was 0930 last night after picking up plane plague. I spent a load of money stocking the fridge prepared to battle, alas, the battle was lost. Now it’s dry January and I’ve got illicit goods staring at me every time I reach for the Athletic Greens pot.

Let’s talk about 2024 and some of the things I’d like to see happen this year.

The key premise is there are two areas of improvement I’d like to see. The first one is for the club to go hard at restoring the fraying relationship with fans by fixing the things they have broken in-stadium with tickets and going back to their 2022 mandate of making sure the stadium is red hot at every game.

The second one is about the Sporting Department going hard this summer to shift the squad rebuild project from IN PROGRESS to FINISHED PRODUCT.

If we can achieve those two things, we’ll be unstoppable for the next decade. If we don’t, it’ll be leaving things on the table unnecessarily.


You can hear the stadium noise through the TV, but people pretend you have to be there to experience it and understand the complicated nuance of it all. Well, I went to two games over the winter break and can confirm – the atmosphere ain’t it this season. To be more specific, I sat around different groups of people and mingled in the concourse both times and the lack of noise was a hot topic on every occassion.

Arsenal sends its surrogate fans out every week to explain away why each week the noise levels seem to get worse, but the consensus of not-very-online fans I hang out with is that the new systems put in place have been a flop, and the atmosphere rarely hits the heights of 21/22.

I understand why some of the new ideas were put in place. There was a lot of touting over the past two years and there’s always a desire to have as many people pass through a stadium as possible… but football is different to other spectator sports >IF IF IF< a fizzing game day atmosphere is what you are seeking out. Racing, boxing, and music festivals are annual events in the main and people don’t tend to do it 5+ times a year. A ballot system makes sense in those events. You are seeking fairness in distribution because everyone should be on an equal footing for something that happens once a year. If the only way to get to Taylor Swift concerts was if you’d been before, you’d cause reputational damage, and it’d cost you money in merch sales because you’d be speaking to a smaller market. More to the point – how good a Taylor Swift concert is is not dependent on who is in the crowd.

Balloting systems in football work on paper because you can put a slide up in a meeting and say ‘we have delivered tickets to 60,000 new people who will have memories to cherish as they spread the gospel of Arsenal around the world.’

… but what does the sporting department want? To spread the gospel of Arsenal? Or do they want a red-hot atmosphere every game to give the players some of that home-ground advantage?

‘For tomorrow {West Ham}, please go to the stadium and get it rocking. Get behind the team, inspire them again and the team is going to try to do everything that we can. It’s going to be the last game of the year in front of you so it’s a special moment so let’s make it beautiful’

That’s Mikel Arteta begging for noise. At both the Brighton and West Ham game, Martin Odegaard and various other players tried to rile-up a dead stadium to get more behind the players. Who is the most important man at Arsenal? Mikel Arteta. Who has rebuilt the relationship with the fans to achieve new highs with the atmosphere in the stadium? Mikel Arteta. This will absolutely be a discussion point in the corridors of Colney, if you don’t believe me, watch Martin Odegaard at a home game.

Arsenal had created something magic. They turned around a dead stadium full of toxicity into the best noise machine in the Premier League. Vinai was so pleased with it he bragged about all the amazing things he’d done to help make it happen at the club in a New York Times article titled HOW ARSENAL FOUND IT’S VOICE.

So what happened next? Arsenal took something that was working perfectly and tried to fix it with ideas that didn’t match with the objectives of the sporting department.

Ashburton Army might not be your cup of tea, but who cares? They were noise makers, they had ideas, and they delivered. They complained recently the club stopped talking to them, didn’t approve their tifos, and they’d had their ticket allocation cut. There was a particularly stinging moment during the West Ham game when their away fans sang ‘where’s the wanker on the drum!’ and AA had to respond with a sheepish song. They have been neutered.

The crowd on the internet that say ‘how can you give them credit for the atmosphere’ absolutely lose me. The atmosphere at The Emirates had been TERRIBLE for the entire existence of the stadium. Then Arsenal gives a section to young noisy fans, things get better, and people want to deny the vibrancy of ‘ultras’ had nothing to do with it? Even if you think there are 5 ingredients more important than that… you couldn’t scientifically conclude which one, because your conclusions are feelings-based. So why break any of them?

The club should have looked at the lab experiment they permitted to run, patted themselves on the back, then said ‘how do we scale this?’

There were grim PR issues with AA you could point to. Well, don’t punish everyone, just those that were caught. If AA is too much to handle, seek new groups that could partake in a more inclusive section. Most MLS clubs that have elite supporter sections of 3000 or more will have 6 to 10 groups within a section. Those groups are like social clubs. You can have a latino group or a group that gathers around music – it doesn’t really matter but more groups is better because bad behavior doesn’t represent the whole section. The club gives a cheaper allocation of tickets in exchange for relentless noise for 100 minutes on game day. It is a good deal and the output is global fame. It shows that Arsenal is an old club with a young edgy vibe about it. Sponsors want to be part of that. So do premium ticket buyers.

The answer to a first season of success so good the NYT wrote about it should NOT have been to reduce the ticket allocation and make the noise generator part of the stadium smaller.

As for the balloting system. It’s complicated and the randomised nature means loyal fans who understand the stadium don’t get to go as often. So the stadium always feels like a bunch of brand-new people coming together. Red hot nights are few and far between. Because the process is complicated, people don’t fill their seats. The Brighton game had empty seats scattered all around the stadium. Clamping down on touting by implementing painful rules has the counter impact of making it harder for normal fans to give tickets away. Touting tickets is a sign of success, 10 years ago, I couldn’t give my seats away. Touts are still making the new system work. For them, it’s an inconvenience that’s worth the time. You’ll never stamp them out – but you will make it hard for friends and family to spread tickets between them at late notice. People literally buying burner phones to make things work is not the sign of a process that is working well for the fans. New tech is supposed to simplify, not complicate.

Again, these moves all look good on paper – less touting, more control, better marketing funnel opportunities with people signing up for memberships, more new fans walking through the gates.

… but if the sporting department of the club isn’t happy. No one is happy and your great metrics will not be celebrated like they would at non-football organisations.

I also feel like all of the above has lead to a lot of angst amongst supporters in general. Making things harder for people is never a good thing to do. Arsenal made things harder, crushed the atmosphere, and basically said ‘we don’t really care about that part of the experience.’ The relationship between fans and club really improved over the last 4 years, but it looks like it’s creaking at the seams a bit. There’s still time to fix it, but you need the objectives of the corporate side to align with sporting desires. You also need to correct areas the fans see as painpoints. Sometimes, you have to take and L to earn a W. It’ll be interesting to see if Arsenal will own the error, especially if Arteta is banging the table like the fans.


Arsenal fans have been very patient with Mikel Arteta and Edu. They let the two of them have a very bad year of mistakes and poor results. They got behind young players and elevated their game with unrivaled support. We were rewarded with a system that took us to second last year.

The job Arteta has performed has been immense. Incredible. He is a once-in-a-generation managerial talent we brought in at the ground floor.

But this year, he has to be delivering the final touches to the squad. We can’t be going backwards to go forward this summer. The fans need to see the familiar problems of the last 4 years addressed so we can finally cook as a team.

There are a few areas I’d like us to seriously look at.

FULL BACKS: We have to move towards robust fullbacks at some point. Zinchenko, Tomiyasu, Kieran Tierney, and now Timber have availability problems. Timber was VERY robust, but I’m putting him in here because the start was a knee blow out for him. We can’t keep stuttering in the league because our fullbacks break. Arteta needs to invest in players who can manage more than 6 games in a row before exiting for 3 months. He also needs to address how he manages delicate players with his training methods. The best teams have the most robust players. City is the benchmark, they rotate well, and their players are always ready.

MIDFIELD REBOOT: Big Mo, Jorginho, and Thomas Partey will need to be changed up this summer. It’s going to be a massive ask to replace Thomas Partey, but again, the priority needs to be a warrior that never gets injured. We also have find back-up players that are of a high level, but also happy to play limited minutes because Declan is a warrior and never gets injured. Arsenal cannot be giving any of those three new deals. Particularly Partey, who derails us, but always finds the energy to make it for Ghana.

ATTACKING PIECES: We signed Reiss Nelson to a long-term deal last summer, I told everyone Arteta didn’t fancy him, and guess what, he doesn’t fancy him, and he never plays. Trossard has showed in spurts that he can deliver numbers, but he can’t put Martinelli on the bench right now. We need to get serious about the players that sit behind sub-22-year-old wingers. How Saka doesn’t have a back-up after 3 years of trying is beyond me. Even elite players need competition, but the reality is they need to rest.

Then there’s the striking issue. We don’t have a forward that can score regular goals. Eddie hasn’t hit the level this season despite loads of minutes and Gabriel Jesus is a hipster striker who does everything bar consistently put it in the net; he’s the ‘if you don’t get ____, you don’t get football’ player of the 2024 squad. This summer, we need to address that issue head-on. I want a bully, an aerial duel monster, and a guy that wants to play as a centre forward, not a roaming chaos merchant, and I need to see non-penalty goals and greed in front of goal. I strongly believe that’ll be Ivan Toney and I’m here for it. But we can’t exit the summer without that piece. It’s the crown jewel of this project. Once we can these attacking players in place, we are ready for the next 5 years.

People say ‘why didn’t we do it this summer?’ I hear you. But the whole project has always been about a slower build. We don’t have cash injection owners, we don’t have nation-state money, and doing everything at once certainly didn’t help Chelsea get to the promised land.

Arteta needs to finalize the project and he needs to bring us a big trophy in the next 3 years. If he does that, he’s cemented his legend. We will be able to finally say we got our Arsenal back. As fans, we need to give him this time. I can’t believe some of the embarrassing carry-on I’ve read from fans threatening to withdraw their faith or slobbering over Tottenham Hotspurs. We have the best young manager on the planet, dragging us into the elite level, and he’s done through sheer force of personality at a club no one thought had the guts to back a manager.

We’re on the right path. The core of our squad is scary. The system is the right one. Address the two things above and I think we could have a very exciting 2024 and beyond!


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Doesn’t win you trophies though!


Happy New Year!






Love me a Jan 1 Tr4phy!

Guns of SF


Guns of SF


Ernest Reed

“ Arteta needs to finalize the project and he needs to bring us a big trophy in the next 3 years. If he does that, he’s cemented his legend.‘ That’s you in a nutshell, Pedro. You stopped being about Arsenal and are now so fully up Arteta’s rear that you can’t see the daylight through the muck he’s been peddling. The football is pure abject crap. The team last season was on fire and fast and exciting, this despite Arteta failing to build on squad depth. This season nothing has changed other than players appear to have aged significantly as… Read more »


“Arteta needs to finalize the project and he needs to bring us a big trophy in the next 3 years.”

In the next 3 years?! 7 years in charge and likely 1 billion quid spent for a single big trophy? Ouch!


Well said Ernest Reed – I don’t understand how someone can switch their support from their team to being obsessed with a manager.

And the answer “I support the manager as he is the club” doesn’t work when Pedro is still obsessed with Emery and talks about Wenger like he was a clown rather than one of the most transformative managers in English football history.


Arteta needs to deliver now. This is a difficult transfer window but something is needed in this window to help. Whether it is an actual LCM (Havertz isn’t one) an attacker or another option at full back.


“Arteta needs to finalize the project and he needs to bring us a big trophy in the next 3 years.”

Willian on why he joined arsenal –

“When I talked with the manager he told me why he needed me for three years. It was that he first wanted to qualify for the Champions League and win it by the time I left. That was what I wanted to hear.”


Lol Jamie, that surely had to be unprecedented backing.

7 years and as you say it will be well over £1 Billion spent by then.

Guns of SF

Mike seems fixated with addressing one issue at a time. Defense was first and took about 2-3 years. Now our attack is suffering. What he does is really piss some fans off, by saying shit like : Following Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat at Fulham on New Year’s Eve, manager Mikel Arteta bullishly claimed they would not need new signings in January. “We have to do what we did in the previous 19 games,” he told Sky Sports after the loss in their 20th Premier League game of the season. “With the same players.” You talk about losing fans, well this grates… Read more »

Guns of SF

Then it was trying to fix our midfield but that is still not completely fixed.
I wonder why he cannot address multiple areas at once?
Rice has panned out great, Kai so so.
Pedro is right. Our midfield needs a revamp still.
Just do not forget getting a proper striker! You can do 2 things at once mike

James wood

We desperately need to sell before any quality comes into the squad.
Elneny seems gone.?but he hardly rates the money we need.?
Don’t be surprised a player like Eddie goes.?Vierra / Jorg?


To my mind.
The club have themselves to blame…only concern is money. Getting top 4 for money got with AA..
Now they happy ..
However not getting it this year will hurt and that falls on them….

Don’t be fooled this all for money not trophies


He had a mentor, it was Pep.

Who was Pep’s mentor? At Arteta’s age he had already won 3 La Liga titles and 2 Champions Leagues.

4 years and counting, learned his trade under Pep precious to that and he’s been given 700 odd million to build his own squad

I’d say he’s had favourable conditions to succeed in his debut managerial position, wouldn’t you?


*previous to that


3 years!!! Are you taking the biscuit blud?


I thought it was January 1st, not April 1st.


Generational talent doesn’t need 7 years to win a big one.
That timescale is just reframing failure.
7 years is two generations in football terms.
Maybe that’s why he’s called generational.


Mancheaty, villa, bin dippers then us for top four.

“Further proof here, if it were needed, of the remarkable job being done by Unai Emery at Aston Villa. Through 2023, only all-conquering Manchester City gathered more points.

League tables by season are so passé. Here’s how the Premier League looks through the whole of 2023 …”



As for the lack of atmos- watching x.4 seasons of Artetaball takes it toll on even the most hardened Gunner.

Forest , Bournemouth and West Ham Utd have scored more goals from open play this season

We used to play with flair and panache [Wenger era ] at least.



I have so much time for Pedro but yes, 3 more years is a ridiculous claim.

The likes of Saka and Saliba by then will be 24/25. In a career where even as a top class player you are an ACL injury away from mediocrity and time is so finite these guys are not going to hang around if we keep floundering for 2 more seasons after this one.

Ronaldo left Utd for Real at 24 and that was after winning trophies. Bale left Spurs at the same age, Fabregas left us at 24 too.

Guns of SF

I am not sure why he is called generational? Like somehow we are indebted to him?


You’re spinmeister right now
You’re just spinning and spinning for Arteta.
The owners have committed lots of money to support the manager. This is his team. He made these choices.
He should be assessed accordingly at the end of the season.


So after 4 years of this project, we’re 5-6 players (300M+?) and 3 years away from a big trophy? That’s truly generational stuff. Saka will be at City and Saliba at Real Madrid by then.


Absolutely right to focus on the manager – he’s the man who chooses the players, buys those he wants, sets the style of play – to all intents and purposes ne IS Arsenal. As a rookie, he was bound to make mistakes. And he inherited a bunch of overpaid underpaid players. So full marks to him for creating a team that last season almost won PL title by, for the most part playing dazzling football. But that was then, and now is now. He drew the wrong conclusions from the near miss. The essence of Arsenal’s excellence was speed of… Read more »


Why stop at 7 years? Sure we might as well just give him the job for life. That would literally be generational.


going back to their 2022 mandate of making sure the stadium is red hot at every game.

Yeah you know what helps with the atmosphere in the stadium? The football not being a complete fucking bore.


Imagine making fun of Emery who’s gotten Villa going after only 15 months

Even Ange with all his limitations has spurs one point behind us . Thats is after their universally mocked collapse.


When people complained about the absurdities at the start of the season; Party at RB and Big Gabby benched
We were told ….oh, he’s trying to make us more unpredictable

Which is why it beggars belief why we are so predictably predictable


Really need to skim the Pedro Arteta puff pieces. It’s honestly too much


And missing their key man in Maddison too.


Well said englandsbest.

Couldn’t agree more, we were a joy to watch last season. This season watching us has been a chore for the most part.


We don’t have cash injection owners and yet we are spending £170 million in two players in the summer
We flexed so much that even that oil state club withdrew from bidding for Rice

Truth is we’ve spent a boat load of money
You only have to see all the busted midfield signings that Arteta has made. Lokonga has Ben so poor that Luton want to return him in January.


WE begs the question why did he change it from last season. Why the inverted nonsense? Is he trying to show how smart he is? Do something innovative that will catch on like Pep did? Cause it isn’t working in the slightest and he looks stupid this season


Firstly Happy New year Pedro and all the Le Grovers. Brilliant post Pedro (well 1st half anyway and sums us up) This is my take on things as a supporter who has been there, got the T and 1st watched my beloved team as a 5 Yr old circa 68 when we won 3 0 at Highbury v the ‘holy trinity ‘ and Euro champs. I was hooked! Back to the matter in hand. My neph, along with a couple of mates created the AA. He was the inspiration for the noise generated by the fans.( As a caveat he… Read more »


So many words, so little intelligence

Freddie Ljungberg

How to fix how we play: 1. Get an actual left 8 that can create and dictate play so we don’t need to have Zinny prancing around like an asshole in midfield leaving our left winger without support. 2. Stop with the inverted left back nonsense. It’s one thing doing it with Zinny since his only qualities is on the ball, but to do it with Kiwior and Tomi too is just insanity. Just have the rb and lb alternate when they bomb forward and we won’t be as exposed and predictable. Would allow our wingers to cut in more… Read more »


Happy New Year!


3 years I was kinda hoping this year we win something.



Do you trust Arteta now to bring in the right players?


After reading the comments first and the disgust expressed in them over Pedro’s Arteta puff piece, I am not even reading it because it will be too aggravating reading this Arteta love in. Next I checked the browser address bar to see if I was in the le-grove.co.uk domain because it was more appropriate for the le-arteta.co.uk domain. We will buy NO ONE in this TW unless we sell big. FFP has teeth now, just ask any Everton fan. Pedro needs to get back to his attitude when he wrote ONE column that hinted at a divorce from Arteta after… Read more »


Fraudteta out.
Great atmosphere, 50% left 20 min to go.
Arteta legend?
Rookie manager, was given one FA cup. Failed bad 2 seasons and should get fired.
Had one very good season but finished in total failure in PL and Europe.
Total legend!
Get better Pedro, you are overshilling this.


Absolutely no mention of the keeping fracas …dearie dearie me…. Sort out the defence everything will fall into place


It has been really quiet here without Bob N16 who always jumped in with an explanation when the shit hit the fan.

Serious question, are you OK health wise because if our health is bad any football related banter is uninteresting.


We dint have a record of finishing the season strong under Arteta.
We’ve choked on our targets in the last two seasons. This season it will be battling for 3rd/4th with Villa and Spurs
If we miss either the 3rd or 4th spots to Emery and Ange then Arteta is done.


* We don’t have a record

Freddie Ljungberg

Samesong Not really tbh. He seems to value PL readiness over talent/skills and haven’t really made any great signings except for the blindingly obvious ones like Rice 105m and Partey (release clause) Ode (on loan first) Jesus and Zinny (coached them previously, still flawed players) White (had Saliba and refused to play him) All our top talents were at the club when he arrived, Saka, Saliba and Martinelli.Doesn’t seem to have a very good eye for talent. Which wouldn’t normally be a problem if we were better run as a club and he didn’t have the influence that he has.… Read more »


Arteta isn’t going to make it as an elite manager
He is fixated on Pep tippy tappy a rather than creating a style he thinks copying. Pep is going to make him City’s next manager
He is now in a rut of his own doing


Ah my dear Alan. “So many words , so little intelligence” Are you referring to me or MA8? ” The former your right. The latter your right. HNY To you and your own


Maybe Mr Emery was ridiculed to much for us to listen to what his plans were.

But oh… He is shit init knowledgeable people



I understand what you mean. I would love an Alvarez type player or talent to come in. I would like to see some of the youngsters like Nwaweri get minutes when we are cruising in games. Look at the French Market they have lots of young unknown talent coming through.


Maybe he is called generational cause, it will
take him a whole generation to produce one
Big trophy.


Emery was not the problem when he served his term as coach. Raul tried to use him to cover up his dealings. Emery protested and was shown the door by Raul. Raul then took on a rookie and was able to continue as before as Arteta’s tongue was so far up Raul’s arse he was tickling his toncils.

Meanwhile back at the Ranch Josh and Edu were working to get rid of Raul but didnt want to remove another manager.

NJ Gooner

The criticism is deafening! Arteta has done pretty well, given where he started. We are now positioned as perennial contenders. There are, of course, problems. But the internet amplifies the criticism and mutes those who favor a steady, incremental improvement. I have my concerns. Yes, I want a big striker (whatever happened to Tammy Abrahams, who I thought would be a perfect fit before he went to Italy?). And I preferred the mayhem of last season to this tiki taki stuff I am watching now. But competing with teams with bottomless pockets (Man City, Newcastle, Chelsea) in a league where… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

“He is a once-in-a-generation managerial talent we brought in at the ground floor.” Still haven’t seen any evidence of this btw. First he was going to coach our existing players into greatness when he arrived, when that didn’t work for obvious reasons he has had a lot of money to revamp the squad in his image and we’re already looking like a fair few of those players need replacing. Last season was really good until injuries collapsed it, and it was understandable that our squad was thin then but it really shouldn’t be this season. We could have sold any… Read more »


Pedro, putting out the hits while feeling the man made plague. How do you do it with family and job?? Get well soon, and Happy New Year to you and yours, and everyone on here. Simple fix, sell all that don’t play, now- seriously, sell them all in January if they will never play while they still hold any value at all. Be the first team to do it. If not this winter, summer at the latest, all of them!! Replace them, some of them, with players that will play this year and next. The mandate is they have to… Read more »

Guernsey GUN

Pedro thinks captain bullshit is winning the PL and CL, embarrassing bollox. He peaked last year its downhill all thecwhe from here. And Guns of SF, continue to go fuck yourself.


From the last post: The psv point (taking a full squad for a dead rubber) is a good one. It was a poor decision at the time ahead of a busy festive period, plus the eventual decision to not use the youngsters has allegedly annoyed Wilshere and some of the other youth squad coaches. It looks even worse in hindsight, especially with a number of ‘quelle surprise’ injuries thrown in. The whole whole squad management piece, from injury prevention to youth development and managing players values seems to be Arteta’s blind spot. He’s still a developing manager but come year-end,… Read more »

Luteo Guenreira

Reading that Reiss Nelson will be made available this window, likely for a loan to another PL club.

Nelson isn’t my answer to any of the club’s deficits right now but he is still a body and it feels like we’re forever short on players. Is there another attacker being brought in?




3 more years lol embarrassing Arteta shill



Yeah, bonkers.

I remember the days when Arteta (who I like as much as the next guy) ‘only’ needed a full preseason to transmit his elite coaching style to a bunch of donkeys.


Clubs know we need to sell so shit incomes…

Need to be like Wenger team in 2004 big strong athletes …

Lot of players whom will hide in our squad.


Arsenal’s net spend over the last three seasons tops that of Tottenham’s by 120m, and dwarfs that of Villa x5. I sure as shit hope both Villa and Spurs fade away in the second half or this place will be pure carnage, considering how little time both managers had to work with comparing to Arteta’s tenure and his net spend. Ange lost his star No 9 to a transfer, a newly acquired playmaker and CB to long term injuries, two other starting midfers to African cup of nations, and Son to a tournament in Asia. If he continues to hang… Read more »


I think I’m slowly being convinced by you guys that maybe Arteta isn’t the man. As some of you have said, the reality is we’ve only had 5-6 months of great football in 4 years. And I also think if Arteta doesn’t get minimum of 2nd in league he should be moved on as that’s 4 seasons now, not many managers get that amount of time in charge before they’re shown the door.


Pep, Klopp, Wenger, all generational managers, each introducing something to the game unseen before.
How generational is Pep?
The entire Premier League has tried copying Pep’s style to a certain degree and with varying outcomes, Arteta included.


Fucking hell Pedro you’re giving Artera another 3 years to win something , only Arsenal have fans like this, incredible.


@Diss “If we miss either the 3rd or 4th spots to Emery and Ange then Arteta is done.” Don’t quite think so as it depends on how well the EPL teams are doing in the remaining CL games. It doesn’t help coefficient that Newcastle and United finished at the bottom of their group. But there is a good chance that 5th place in the table will go into the CL tournament. So if Arsenal will finish with CL next season the top 4 trophy will become the top 5 trophy. Oh how the mighty Arsenal has fallen under our manager… Read more »


I’ll be watching another sport if I have to suffer 3 years of Arteta’s managerial hocus pocus. I’m good. Adios!


Jurgen Klopp missed out on his two first midfield targets in Caicedo and Romeo Latvia yet still totally revamped his midfield in that same summer transfer WINDOW with more or less the same amount we paid for Declan Rice.

What Arteta wants 7 years to do I have ko idea.


Yes it has been 4 years already but Arteta is fighting it out with 2 best managers in the world and the arsenal team only got competitive last year. He inherited dross and no system. One more thing the team we are seeing now isn’t the one arteta planned for this season I think both Partey and Timber were planed to be at the core of the team and they would provide better and more rotating options for midfield / fullbacks.

Guns of SF

Gurney Gun
Happy new year to you!
Hope this new year offers you more brain cells, and much more common sense!

Guns of SF

Look at chronic foulers Pool battle with chronic foulers Newcastle
this game might break the records for fouls


This is not an honest and transparent blog.
We are being force fed a load of drivel and even on January 01st, honesty and transparency go out of the window in favour of something that masks over what the majority are saying on here.
Arteta has entered his fifth year in charge and yet Pedro feels he deserves another three.
‘a once in a generation managerial talent’
Where’s the proof and the evidence to back this up?
It’s all a load of PR hogwash and typifies the way the world is going.


Those calling Pete’s credentials as an Arsenal fan in to question, in the comments section of the previous article, should be binned. I don’t want them here. He doesn’t need me or any one person here to back him up or speak for him, but..he has already questioned the viability as well as his own desire to continue his blog. He is/has been sick, he has a growing family and he has to travel thousands of miles, regularly. I just don’t understand… My faith in Arteta has been chipped away over the last month or so. I want him to… Read more »


How long does it take the penny drop that he just can’t read and assess the worth of players. Take for instance Goalkeeper: Cold shouldered Martinez, brought in Ramsdale and then cold shouldered him for Raya. Are we any better off? Should Martinez have been out no.1 for the past two years? Centre back: Absolutely cold shouldered Saliba for three years and now our best player Started with four centre halves against Fulham?? Left back: Cold shouldered Tierney for Zinchenko and we know how that went. Rice having an excellent season but as a fulcrum far too slow with distribution.… Read more »


Arteta has failed lately because if the lack of noise?? Come on Pedro It’s not too class decision making It’s not bad decisions It’s the sort of decisions made by coaches who aren’t quite top tier That’s it. He either sinks or swims 4 years now Emery had 1 and a half He’s done very well on 90%?but as you say, football is about fine margins and we are off that crucial 10% Not 1% There are many of us (unlike the Markos and rollens) who have supported Arteta and given him time to grow who are now getting a… Read more »


There is a clear agenda on here and it has nothing to do with benefiting Arsenal Football Club.

Very sad.


Jesus the comments are a flood with the worst cretins (eagle and Jamie aside)
Makes me sick



What do you mean?

Thierry Martinelli

“Arteta needs to finalize the project and he needs to bring us a big trophy in the next 3 years.”

I wish this was the 1st part of this entire blog. Then I wouldn’t have wasted my time reading it.


Arteta isn’t that good really. Spends money and gets top 4. But he should be challenging and he isn’t. Except last year first 6 months, we have been top 4 or 5. Like last 3 seasons. And also fucks up pressure situations. Both last and season before last we fucked up at the last. So

Guernsey GUN

Sorry Guns of SF your comments on what happened at the nova festival on 7 October cannot stand. You sre a Liberal spastic and a plastic arsenal fan as you are a yank pussy. Fuck off and support utd, which is what most off you dumb cunts do.


Ariola at Bournemouth and Gary O’Neil at Wolves are far more progressive and dynamic coaches.
Even Rob Edwards at Luton shows more footballing intelligence, in fact all three of these managers are far more positive in their approach than our so called generational mastermind.

Happy New Year!


7 penalty missed from 37 for Salah is not a great record for Liverpool


You mean in favour of Arteta over arsenal?



Your satire is as subtle a sledge hammer



Easy tiger



I’m saying there is an agenda to try and convince us that Arteta is our saviour and, despite what many feel, it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference if and when he fcuks things up.
Denying that the manager is the key problem to our poor play is disrespectful to those of us that no better.
It’s also a PR mindset.

Guns of SF

Gurney, you got to do better than that.

Been there already. This is LG.

Sadly the SF does trigger ppl like you.

Think of some new material pls. if you can? You dont seem that smart.

Or get back to watching your Zionist propoganda


Watching Pool v Newcastle and even with Pool’s players leaving for different competition, be prepared for a drubbing on Sunday and say good bye to the ONLY trophy we could have won. But than on the other hand we will have Klopp showing Arteta what a generational manager looks like.


N J Gooner pretty much nailed it for me (18:31)

Guernsey GUN

Nah there are things that cannot stand. The septic tank crossed a line and it needed calling out. To all real arsenal fans happy new year and let’s go in 2024..




As Ernest Reed highlighted earlier.

It’s Arteta before Arsenal.

Clear as day.

Guernsey GUN

We have a hamas lover on here…..what a cunt.


So easy to see those grasping at straws with the Arteta discussion and I am looking at you NJ Gooner and Chrispy. Do you actually watch Arsenal’s games?

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