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Arsenal takes on Fulham VERY soon. This feels like our sort of game. A team that has leaked a lot of goals lately, they’re kind of out of form, they don’t have Mitrovic, and we’re red hot performance-wise and need a livener to kickstart our forward line.

Fulham away won’t be easy, but it’s hardly Anfield.

These are the sorts of games that showcase your title credentials. West Ham at home was an aberration only if we rectify the problem with a solid win. To be honest, any sort of win. If you lose, we show that we have a soft underbelly. Two losses on the bounce against mid-table teams is top 4 fight behavior. You’re slumming it with Villa, Newcastle, United, and Chelsea.

Arsenal needs to show they have Manchester City mettle.

The most important element this season for me is that we haven’t had a really bad performance. We’ve controlled most teams this season. The games we’ve lost have either been down to bad luck or shocking refereeing. I feel like that is important when you’re watching some of the other clubs around us ride the luck train.

Luck eventually turns. Top performances are eventually rewarded. Form in front of goal should turn. Errors should reduce.

The main point of worry is that a lot of our hopes for the title depend on our youngest players continuing their blistering ascension.

Martinelli hasn’t moved up a level this season. Martin Odegaard hasn’t hit the form we know he’s capable of. Bukayo Saka doesn’t feel like he’s competing with Mo Salah yet. All of these progress goals we’re putting on these players are outrageous. It’s really hard to be anywhere near the level of the best winger in the world who is 10 years Saka’s senior. But that’s what needs to happen for us to have a chance.

At the moment, this side feels all system, no sparkle. That is a really harsh thing to say, but the magic we saw at the start of last season hasn’t been there. There’s a freedom missing. An art. A bit of rocket fuel.

City and Liverpool has seasoned difference-makers who show up and bury Zinchenko in a blink of an eye. We have the talent in our ranks, but none of the players have hit the heights needed yet.

But I’m not worried yet. Blistering starts will lead to heartache for a number of clubs. Don’t buy into early-season hype. Also, where did our blistering start get us last year? To Fatigue FC and a whole bunch of injuries. I like that we’re sitting here unconvinced as we heard into January, very likely top of the league. Being underestimated and getting shoved back down to the underdog probably suits young players. World-class levels can be found in our forward line in a flash. Football teams just find their way sometimes. I have to remind myself that at the start of the season I wrote that we’d feel some pain and the road to a title wouldn’t be paved with ease.

I didn’t think we’d be suffering and complaining about life 2 points off the top of the table in December, but here we are. When you wonder why the atmosphere at the stadium is shit, you have to say, the online mood we put around the club is pretty diabolical at times.

A big performance today might add a little bit of happiness into the system.

Here’s the starting 11:

Heard rumblings Tomi might make the squad. What I didn’t expect is Kiwior to start. Zinchenko has played a lot of games, we know that impacts his calf muscles, and it is absolutely vital we can rest him before the mid-season break and keep him fresh when Tomi is out (I don’t think he’s out for anything major). Huge afternoon for Kiwior; hopefully he can do some damage.

Eddie gets the chance to break his shoddy away day rut… it’s 20-odd games without a goal.

Kai returns.

Let’s see where this goes. Regardless of the result, come join the party AFTER the game with a LIVE on the whistle. Last of the year!

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James wood

I couldn’t back Arsenal with your money HNYear all.


If we show signs of dropping out of top 4 contention them him gone …

Mr Serge

Happy New Year to you all may 2024 be a top year.


I said this season Arteta needs to win something or he needs to go. Alonso I would take.

Matt B

“Trossard of today is what you get when a hardworker doesn’t get the recognition/reward they deserve. Last season Trossard should have been starting over Martinelli(yes he scored 15 but Trossard would have led us to title) because every time he played he showed he was a more dangerous/effective player but Martinelli kept starting over him. His reward was the bench and having an inferior player start over him. ESR got this treatment too to a lesser extent.That theme has continued this season. Noticeably this season’s Trossard is just not playing with same fire and determination. Is he discouraged ?” Totally… Read more »

Matt B

Rich: Thanks for response and yes, I get it to an extent, but fuck, now he’s fit and we’re firing blanks up front, surely he needs to play to see if he could do something different…?


What was the Martinelli /ESR thing about


Happy New Year gents. Here’s hoping there’s some silverware on the horizon!


Not sorry to see the back of 2023….

Happy New Year to one and all and as a new year resolution try to enjoy your football.


I think the Raya/Ramsdale saga has effected the team a little. Ramsdale is a popular figure in the dressing room, I’m sure seeing the performances from Raya and the way Ramsdale has been mistreated has put a bad taste in some of the players mouths. Look at the way they congratulated Ramsdale after the Brentford game. You had Arteta saying players would be picked on form , then persevering with Raya who’s made more cock ups in his short time here than Ramsdales’s made in 2 season’s. In no way shape or form am I saying Arteta has lost the… Read more »


Is the fraud gone yet?


Happy new year indeed- for every text message you see sending a Palestinian is dying. Yes- sorry for saying on this platform but I but I can’t hide my pain for this. Sorry. Pedro – you can ban me mate — but I can’t treat footy the same way – when our fellow human beings are being slaughtered.slaughtered man! Have a good one . Have some humanism please – take care !


I have been asking forever why do saka and martinelli swap wings, its so frustrating, give the opposition something to think about, we are so predictable, it’s unreal, does deccan rice know how to drive into the box like he did at West ham? Why all the sideways passing until the other team sets up its defensive lines?, I can’t even remember any of our players actually dribble past a player, we have truly been found out. Even I know when our wingers sska and martinelli get the ball , what they are going to do, cut inside and pass,… Read more »


Or it could just be that we are far too predictable, which in turn makes it easier to nullify us therefore making it easier to play us.


Nice message Cyril, all the best!

georgia boy

Happy new years boys. Today made me sad but give me a few hours with some of my fellow rednecks and we’ll be out here bombed on bud lights, having roman candle battles and fingerblasting our sisters. If you ain’t southern I’m sorry about ya.


Samir – happy new year. Check out a bit of tammi Terrell and Marvin gaye- ain’t no mountain high enough- let’s make things better- great tune. Brings tears . Come on -let’s sort this mess out – god bless all YOU KNOW..


Cyril, you’ve got nothing to apologize for, from my personal experience Palestinians are football crazy, and by simple law of averages there must’ve been more than a few Arsenal fans amongst the thousands who died in the Gaza rubble gasping for air while crushed by concrete.
It’s absolutely grotesque the world doesn’t care.


The Raya signing has been so divisive. Ive seen no evidence on an improvement and it just looks like a little Spanish clique to me. Guy is not blameless in this with all the links to the muggy GK coach he should be sent back to brentford and this should have been left as was. Ramsdale did nothing wrong. Jesus and Nketiah are not the answer up front either, Jesus should be sold and is another example of nod nod wink wink connections from man city gone wrong, which is a pattern. Both can’t hold up the ball and look… Read more »


Happy New Year Everyone !
Fuck footbal.


I hate to say it but I don’t think the kroenkes should bankroll Arteta again this month. He’s clearly not good enough and not fair to his players. He definitely has his favourites who never lose their place no matter how bad they perform which makes the other players say fuck this I’m obviously wasting my time. Hes an OK manager but he’s not elite and miles away ability wise from winning the big trophies. Stan and josh should tighten the purse strings and wait for the next manager if they’re serious about winning because Arteta will never be capable.… Read more »

Guns of SF

Cyril im with you man. Every time I buy something, some of that tax money going to fund this genocide. its fucked up man.

Guernsey gun

Fuck off with the sanctimonious bullshit. Research what happened to women and girls at the nova music festival. Fucking bestial cunts, they sowed the wind and are reaping the whirl wind. Fuck em.


Sometimes having wingers who play on their weaker side can be detrimental to the team.. I’ve just watched the games from the weekend and a good percentage of goals were scored with the wide player crossing the ball from wide areas into the near post area with pace for the forward to score with a one touch finish.. As we know both Martinelli and saka like to check back onto their strongest foot which of course takes the striker out of the equation.. Arteta appears stuck on playing this way which is a pity, as I mentioned yesterday Saka was… Read more »

Josip Skoblar

Hootenanny, lads!


Alright chaps,

Happy new year.

For those who don’t know me, I was the prophet when Arsene was the profit.

I told yall about Arteta. Absolute wasteman.

Time for change.

Love to Pedro.


Happy New Year fellow Gooners! Let’s face it things currently look very grim… we do not seem to get much luck but you’ve got to make it and we were going great for a while but the elephant in the room moment is that we still need a quality striker and we do not have the funds to achieve this unless of course we sell. Seems like another consolidation season… however if Arteta gets sacked then maybe the players will start to play better cos something ain’t right and everyone wants to beat us but that’s nothing new eh!


Happy New Year 2024 to all Le Grovers around the world!!


Take care and stay safe!


Happy new year all!!


Happy new year everyone


Welcome back Gambon


Gambon welcome back


Lol the Mighty Gambon


I don’t understand people saying the elephant in the room is that we need a tall striker. The elephant in the room is Arteta. We once had a striker in Auba, we know how it ended with galaxy brain. Players have come and gone, they ate the variables, the constant k is Arteta the failure. He’s not won shit yet he wants to own players. I said it before the first ball was kicked this season that Arsenal is competing for trophy this season and that we’d be lucky for finishing in 4th position come the end of the season.… Read more »

Mr Serge

Paulinho and gambon appear on the same day that’s mental

Mikel Coneteta

Aubameyang was a one trick pony, he doesn’t hold a candle to the top CF’s with an all round game. Great finisher in his peak, but weak as piss, couldn’t dribble, couldnt link, couldn’t head the ball, couldn’t lead.


gambon back form the deep end


Anyone who’s operating in the creative domain knows that it’s common to have patches where you’re bereft of inspiration
Thats what I think Arteta is going through right now.
He’s dried up and needs to recharge himself very quickly, maybe lock himself in his basement for a few days or go on a road trip with his family. He needs to take some time to think some things through.
He’s hit a road block, I think of his own making.


4 years and only 1st half of 2022-23 was decent,

Any manager can do that.or better.


One thing is certain, Generational is a tyrant. In any organizatin that only works short term. Its draining to everyone in the long term.


The clueless Arteta Super Fans will never cease to amaze me:

“What’s plain to see is we’re at least 4 players short still.IMO”

WTF after 4 years and £600mill you still need 4 players? WRONG you need a new manager!

@psuedo warrior
“Saka is actually adapting his game and will probably hit 15 goals and 15 assists quite comfortably this season.”

Saka scored 2 goals in the last 12 games, good luck with your 15 or are you particularly bad in math?


“Arsenal on their way to Europa League”

That is giving way too much credit to Arteta 8th place finish feels much more comfortable.


1 win in the last 5 games 4 points from 15 on offer.

The Arteta Nevers had a great ending to 2023. The Arsenal fans not so much.


Guns and Tom – bless you man! Everybody wants piece. I haven’t been straight in my mind for months now. I feel really sad. There was a rather rude post above. I love my footy team and when people are dying- it breaks me and takes me away from footy. Whover the nutcase from above was – let met tell – you – I’m half Asian and half European – so I look like a Palestinian child. I WENT to watch Arsenal on my own in the early eighties- and I was welcomed- I was put on shoulders of old… Read more »


Liverpool next? Damn it lol Not gonna get easier is it.

Guns of SF

Guernesey Gun, fuck off you dim witted little cunt. There actually is more to life than football. And please study or do some research if you are capable on the occupation of Palestine. Shit did not happen on Oct 7th for the first time dimwit. Cyril, bless you man and your humanity. I have made a point of staying off twitter, as the videos and photos from Gaza are utterly shocking and saddening. It was really bringing me down. I realized it was taking away from others who needed me so I have stopped with the 24/7 twitter feeds Anyhow,… Read more »


“And please study or do some research …”

What sources do you suggest, Guns of SF, mein kampf?


We should change our formation. 4-3-1-2. Because both our strikers have dry gun powder, 2 up top makes sense. Either martinelli-jesus-trossard-nketiah-havertz all give us a number of xombination play on the top. The back 4 is the back 4, rice with saka and havertz/esr make the 3 in midfield and ode/esr make the CAM role. We have versatile players who can play various roles but they are all stuck playing in one position. When in attack we turn into a 4-1-3-2. No need for zinny or ben white to overlap or invert unless we really need the goal, we will… Read more »


Said it all along Arteta will be judged by his summer dealings and Havertz will be the noose around his neck. there will be NO SIGNING in the Jan TW because FFP has teeth now as Everton found out. Arsenal does not have the room to spend money because of FFP. So, the team that Arteta has now, is the the team until the summer and so since Arteta set up this squad he owns his fuck up. Watched the chances Martinelli and Saka missed, absolutely shocking and Arsenal is now 10 points of worst than last season, now how… Read more »


“”CyrilJanuary 1, 2024 03:02:09
Guns and Tom – bless you man! Everybody wants piece. I haven’t been straight in my mind for months now””

You should try Nuru massage. Thank me later.


BTW, happy new year Pedro and le grovers. In the age of chasing money, hope you all achieve your goals and ambitions for 2024.

Freddie Ljungberg

New post Jabronies


I really feel for the supporters and this coming Sunday in the FA Cup against Pool. The result against Fulham will not be a good foundation for a winning result. We need to stay in the FA Cup as that is the most likely competition to get silverware.

Here is to the Arse to beat the bin dippers at home.


Rice squabbling with Magalhaes. Lets hope its not a non negotiable.


Would be good to understand why the Manager and/or the players felt okay to use the following game plan while chasing a draw/ win for 30+ minutes… …Gabriel to Saliba to Tomi to Rice to Tomi to Saka to Tomi to Saliba to Rice to Saliba to Gabriel to Eddie to Gabriel to Saliba to Tomi to Odegarrd to Rice to Tomi to Saka …oops bad pass from Tomi and intercepted or Saka got turned over and Fulham launched a counter! The Fulham game wasn’t one off. We have been playing like this lately just that we managed to squeeze… Read more »


I think Arteta’s biggest problem is his sense of judgment. He always always seems not to see the blindingly obvious. – Ramsdale has better presence than Raya. They’re both average goalkeepers. Now he’s destroyed the back 5 chemistry we’ve build for 24 months. – Zinchenko is one of the best players in Arsenal. But a great defender he is not. He’s too error-prone, he’s too lightweight. Consider him a midfielder and you’ll get the best from him. How you can train that boy for 2 years and can’t see this beats me. – We absolutely need wingers. Marti isn’t one.… Read more »


Guernsey Gun; disgusting post. The world is in its current mess because of people like you.


“Aubameyang was a one trick pony, ”

His trick was he could put the ball in the net the hardest job in football….elite goalscorer that we starved of service the way we starve our present strikers..

I’m not sure why we play with a striker, to be honest we could grab someone fit out from the crowd and play him up top and tell him to run all day and chase down the keeper and the 4 defenders and he wouldn’t be any less effective as playing a bona fide striker …

Worth a try …and cheaper


Well well

Alex James

Guernsey gunDecember 31, 2023 23:31:37 Fuck off with the sanctimonious bullshit. Research what happened to women and girls at the nova music festival. Fucking bestial cunts, they sowed the wind and are reaping the whirl wind. Fuck em. Umm, all those claims, from dead babies to babies in oven to sexual assault and rape allegations have been debunked to be false by Isarel’s own sources (Haaretz amongst the top one). And per Isarel’s generals’ own admissions on tape, Israeli tanks and helicopters fired on their own civilians and killed them. Hamas’ sole objective was to take hostages for bargaining and… Read more »


The new post is hidden. The link above helps

Guernsey GUN

Guns OF SF go fuck yourself you piece of Liberal shit. You think what happened at nova was OK, you clueless cunt. You are the sort of cuck who likes watching his bird get fucked, you little pussy. Go IDF all the way to victory.


Let me help Pedro with a new spin

Artery hasn’t lost a match since the beginning of 2024!



Auto correct on my makeshift device is really frustrating


Ian Wright got it right – Arsenal play in a predictable way. Opposing teams stay tight on 4 key attacking players – Rice, Saka, Martinelli, Odegaard – thereby halting their progress. The blame lies with Arteta not the players. His obsession with possession means they are afraid to take risks.

Using Saka or Martinelli as an attacking midfielder, moving the ball forward centrally, might be an answer. Yes, a risk of losing the ball but with Rice at hand, a risk worth taking. And use Gab J as a winger, not a central striker.


I don’t remember who but a few years ago I read something where he discussed the licenses they make coaches get now and he thought it might make them too rigid in their ideas. If you do all three badges, you apparently spend a lot of time deciding which setup is best 442/352/433 and why, so its going to be hard for managers to play different systems according to what kind of players they have. I think Arteta has aesthetic sensibilities and there is one correct way to play and anything else will be painful for him to watch because… Read more »


The Athletic –

“Arsenal midfielder Thomas Partey has not been included in the Ghana squad for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

The 30-year-old has not featured for Arsenal since October due to a hamstring problem and has been restricted to five appearances in all competitions this season after sustaining a groin injury at the beginning of the campaign.”


Arteta needs to say sorry to the team and find a way for them to reset. The team management is shocking, these are humans and not objects, you can’t blacklist players for no strong reasons and expect others to always be in line. Tierney, ESR, Ramsdale, Gabriel (Saved by Thomas’s injury), the list will continue, all of these performed in their previous season. Now we have a group of players who play like robots even when the system is not working, why there are no take-on? Martinelli, Saka, Trosaard, and Rice all were able to challenge opponents, now they are… Read more »


Just saw table from Jan 1 2023 and we were seven points clear of mancheaty, I forgotten we were that far ahead. What a difference a year makes, we not leading by seven unfortunately, hope our second half of season goes better than last seasons fiasco.


Arteta has drilled out any spontaneity and it is really affecting the movement of the team?
On another issue – is Cochrane a friend of Arsenal Mo hater ? Spreading disinformation and hate only creates division in this country and blog community.

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