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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll already have this spicy hot take.

Don’t get your hopes up because children on Twitter are making up lies about the return dates of players.

We’ll start with two that aren’t hard ‘NO WAYS’ but they’re not far off.

The next time you see Thomas Partey and Tomiyasu, they’ll most likely be wearing another team’s colors.

Not because they’ve been sold, but because they’ll be playing at Asia Cup and AFCON.

Could Partey be included for the Liverpool game? For sure. The player obviously wants to get out there and show the world he mugged Declan Rice off against West Ham last year… but, that would be quite risky for Arsenal. If he’s not sold, there’s no midfielder on the planet more useful to our title run-in. Thomas owes us big time. One last jaunt before he goes to Saudi or Italy.

Reminder: Thomas has dropped out of contention twice this season in training sessions. He is absolutely incredible when he’s fit. So the temptation might be to have him in the squad for Liverpool with Jorginho a doubt… but if he comes back early and re-ups his injury, the consequences would be dire for his season, and more importantly to him, his chances to rep his country one last time in AFCON.

Tomi is in a similar boat. We over-played him again, we lost him during an important part of the season, so the idea we’ll roll him out before he goes and plays an integral role for Japan (lots of games) seems nuts even for Arteta.

Don’t get your hopes up on either. Be worried if they make an appearance. It would not be a clever move.

The player I am 100% sure about is Jurrien Timber.

Some weird guy on the internet who gets everything wrong / all of the time / because he guesses is saying Timber will be back for Palace.

Categorially, this is a huge, huge no.

There are four basic stages to an ACL recovery.

  • Healing from the surgery
  • Building muscle around the injured area
  • Using the broken body part in high-intensity training
  • Trusting the body in an actual match

I have spoken to experts, at the highest level, from England, and they all say the same thing: 7 months best case, 9 months worst.

There is no horse placenta treatment – stem-cell science is science lab dream stuff – miracle recoveries are the outlier.

Work back from those dates and the miracle recovery would be the end of February, the most likely outcome is going to be the end of March for the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.

Another part of this equation that mere mortals like you and I don’t fully compute is how hard these injuries are psychologically. The rehab is extremely tough and boring. You start to hate your PT. You hate your body for not doing what you know it can do. You worry every time you make a sharp turn the knee could blow out again. You worry you’ll never be the same again.

Even mentality monsters struggle.

A lot of people have been telling me Aron Rodgers, a 40-year-old quarterback, defied the odds and recovered from an Achilles injury in three months.


Firstly, no 22-year-old ‘soccer’ player will recover from that injury in 3 months in the next 5 years. They are vastly different sports, which is why you almost never see top-level 40-year-olds.

Secondly, if a miracle happens with a body… that body ain’t 40 years old. The Jets are done for the season, I would say there’s zero chance you’ll see them risking him this season because they know how bad the implications are if he fucks himself with the same injury again.

Also, remember which party those MIRACLE RECOVERY headlines suit the most. It’s the old player trying to justify their salary.

Back to the internet.

I do wish people would stop rewarding bad information. These idiots post fake stories – get 10,000 new followers – then when the story is proved incorrect, they don’t lose any.

I’ll get no followers for telling the truth because there is no value in reality on the internet.

Ok, that’s me done my darlings.

Check out the latest podcast below.

P.S. The emails have stopped. I’ll be looking at that in the New Year. I lose money on this website. I can’t put so much time into something when I have children if it’s costing me money. So I’m looking at better options.

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Other than couple of soft yellows, ref was better than expected


RichDecember 23, 2023 19:41:34
Happy Xmas

Same you you Richard
Merry Christmas to you and yours


Fucking hell the negative posters in here if we don’t win. Some of you shit your pants over the slightest problems

Southern Slide Tackle

Haha Dissenter. I get the point but we
Both know he is world class! He in line with Gabriel and Rice Protecting them means we have the backbone
To win many championships. It won’t be long before we figure out the attack. Would’ve loved to have Diaby to compete at the winter position. Think that would have been a better way to spend Havertz’s money.


1-1 at Anfield – always a good result . Now let’s beat West Ham


How the fuck is this dominating Pool doo you need match lessons?

Pool 13 attempts 3 on goal 51% possession, 355 passes completed.
AFC 13 attempts 2 on goal 49% possession, 321 passes cpmpleted.

May I recommend Entry Math 101.


As for Ode being ineffectual Paulie apparently you didn’t watch the first half where he was one of the most involved players on the pitch and integral to most of what we were doing in both halves

But you’d already decided he’s shit and you’re unhappy before a ball was kicked today, provided we didn’t win…


three world class players is pretty good, still some room for improvement elsewhere, but it has been forever thus…

Maybe the Inacio guy is an option across the defence and in particular at left back?

Habesha Gooner

City are 3 behind us if they win their game in hand. KDB is a huge boost to them. If he gets going they will again come back to win this league. We need to play much better in the 2nd half of the season and peak at the right time if we want to win it. Try to get anywhere around 47 to 50 points from here on out and we can do it. We have to go away to City, Brighton, Westham, United and Spurs. Get decent results in those and we can still do this.


The Westham game will be very difficult

Kudus may tear Zinch into little pieces.


Move Martinelli to C F and Jesus on the wing.
Tighten up the left side.
Eddie not game changer , useless


I said it a while back – 86 points will take the title this season.

Too many good teams taking points off each other for a 90+ point season.


Saka was shite as well as Marti was Un, you’re playing favourites again.


A happy merry Christmas to all those who don’t slash their wrists every time we don’t win a really tough game And a merry Christmas laced with pity for those who do. The emotional carry on from some on here every time we don’t win is hilarious Re the officials today, I think the Ode one was definitely more givable than not. I don’t think it was clear cut, he did slip awkwardly and the decision can be explained, but penalties are often given for less and if refs were consistent that would likely have been given. A bit lucky… Read more »


I’m knackered,but I think The Arse win the League now


Trossard was ok coming off the bench but nothing special, people seem to cream themselves over him here.


Merry Christmas China1.

I remember the days when a point away to your title rivals was considered a great result.

Habesha Gooner

Our attack was ineffectual in general. Saka was a bit better than Martinelli. That was one of Martinelli’s poorest games.

Zinchenko was shit as well. He will need to be sropped when Timber and Tomi are available for these games.


Every game is difficult, Luton gave everything to beat Newcastle and West Ham after a slow start comfortably beat Man Utd.

If Man City win it then so be it, but nobody is running away with it this season. Arsenal still have a fantastic chance, 20 games to go, lots of twists and turns, I’m thoroughly enjoying it…


@China1 … you stayed up late for this one?


I more than expected Var would call ref to view the monitor and give a pen as Ode dropped his hand (and body too) towards the ball…

At Anfield , i consider it a let off


Tross has been injected with the right dosage of Artesunates, he offers very little nowadays. Could have taken a direct shot twice today but he preferred dribbling himself, galaxy brain 101 right there, don’t risk it, just recycle the ball

Habesha Gooner

Give Martinelli a break. He is just in poor form. He turned it on last season when we needed him. And he will get back to form again.

You were slaying Big Gabi a while back too. Look at him now. Have faith in our players.


Matt: Best player between Liverpool and Arsenal – Mo Salah.
Johnny: Not for me. Not for me. Best attacking player. But he’s not the best player.
Matt: Best player that can make a difference and win a game.

Wonder if he meant Saliba or Rice…


A draw is fine except the goal conceded wasn’t like it’s brilliant and we got done partly because of a known weakness at LB…

Just Another Customer

one thing for sure I’m sick of Zinchenko

too error prone not worth the inverted LB capability that he brought


According to understatdotcom

xG Liverpool 0.98 – 0.85 Arsenal

Even game.

London gunner

Good result when all is said and done very hard to see us win the league but we still in the fight.
Think we need a finisher doesn’t need to be a striker but someone to make up for the goals martinelli and Jesus aren’t getting us



First time this season Liverpool haven’t outshot their opponent at Anfield… We also limited them to least expected goals as well, and by some distance according to Sky.


@Ernest Reed, such poor breeding. Wishing you some Christmas cheer. You sure can do with it.


Result we should have got at villa and Newcastle


Tsimikas also gone to hospital with a broken collarbone apparently.


Un “So everything confirmed Martinelli is brain dead Trossard is the superior footballer Eddie q offers nothing from the bench Saliba Saka and rice are the dons of this team Zinchenko is a weak link in big games Raya isn’t really an upgrade” I’m not sure you understand the game un . The problem with Martinelli today was that he made so many 40/50 yard runs that he ran out of gas , there was nothing left in the tank. He started the game well but expecting a player to beat the full back with the amount of yards he… Read more »

Thierry Martinelli

A good capt would give Marti an earful


Such horrible timing for both Martinelli and Trossard to be out of form at the same time, less said about zinchenko’s performance the better. Saka was so poor today while jesus looked okay but bullied by the pool backline.

Arteta again has to trust the likes of Nelson a bit more, no point in giving these sort of players new contracts if you wont use them.

We def need another option in attack in january, another way to play if you will. We have no plan B

Thierry Martinelli

A draw is a fair result.


I don’t get why the Liverpool players weren’t slipping. It’s almost as if they prepared them for it – different studs, maybe sprayed their boots. Conspiracy theories I know, but how else do you explain it?


I don’t even understand some of the chat against Raya on here. He caught well. Handled well. Passed and distributed well.

@China, totally agree with you on the carry-ons here once we don’t win a football match.

Even if we had won today, the usual suspects would have found something to gripe about. Like our goals weren’t pretty enough or we didn’t win by a bigger margin or we scraped a win. Take your pick.


Squawka stats –

“Gabriel Magalhães has scored more Premier League goals than any other defender since he made his debut in the competition in September 2020 (11). He’s the only defender to reach double figures in that time.”

– “For the fourth time in the Premier League, Arsenal will sit on top of the table on Christmas Day:


Is this this year they finally lift the trophy?”

psuedo warrior

Let’s be honest. We would not have lost at Newcastle if it weren’t for the daylight VARobbery. We should not have lost the game at Villa considering how dominant we were that game. Great performance today as well.

My only disappointment is that a big percent of our final balls keep falling to wrong players. Could be a reason why our goal count from open play is below par.


Thoughts on the game. We started brightly then weathered a bit of a storm and then we played sideways passing and Liverpool grew in confidence and then ended the game in a professional manner. Would probably have won the game with either a better bench and better options at full back. I’m on my hands and knees for a LB in January Zinchenko is calamitous at defending.

Saliba immense again, Rice immense again, Gabriel outstanding and I thought Odegaard and Martinelli particularly in the first half had very fine games.


Gab was good when he joined, and he improves every season. Always said he’d be elite. A no-nonsense defender partnered with a silky ball-playing CB.

Rice in front of them now, what a unit.

Draw was a fair result, imo. Great game.


Yeah, generally I think Raya had a solid game


I still have us as the most complete team this season.
We’re in to win it gents !


Raya had a good game too. Anyone saying otherwise has an agenda


It is going to be difficult to go far in the CL and winning cup games with both White/Zinchenko at fullback. Both are flimsy and can be got at. Raya looks so short when diving for a shot. One goal from a set piece in three away matches to Liverpool, Aston Villa and Newcastle is disappointing. We simply do not generate chances in open play. That is not a sign of a truly top side. No amount of spin doctoring mentioning “we weren’t involve in chess matches in previous years” will change that I’m afraid Superb stuff from Saliba and… Read more »


Noroteta looked at his bench and thought fuck me there is no one on there to bring on to score a late winner. Marts has to come off because he is ineffective today, Jesus is hugging the grass way too often. I have no speed merchants to bring on late to get behind the lines. Fuck it, just throw on Trossard and Eddie, it is a hail Mary. So much for coaching players to get them to the next level or bringing on difference makers in the attack. The problem in attack has been with us since Emery’s time and… Read more »


Ben White is overrated as fuck I don’t care what anyone says. I’m not saying he’s shit or anything but when all is said and done he’s at best a 3rd choice RB and 3/4 choice CB.


The fact that we are disappointed with 1 point at Anfield does show the progress we have made.

We lost two points because of Zinchenko who is absolutely a weakness in this team. How you can allow Salah that much time and space to come inside onto his left is unforgivable. We need an upgrade!


“Passed and distributed well.”

HTF do you explain Raya kicking straight into touch into Pool’s half and not finding a player or just kicking the ball just up field to a Pool player. He is just a very poor light Edderson.


Raya was good, agree Marko.
Marti was awful after a decent start, also agree but will be excellent again pretty soon, you can take it to Sid’s bank


Neutralises the fixture. My waterworks said we’d win but a draw will do. We are now becoming difficult to beat. Many of you already know that but it’s taken me some time to install real belief


Wait do people actually think Raya had a poor game? I thought he did little to nothing wrong his distribution was good today. I remember last season that dopey fuck Ramsdale passing out from the back kept putting us in pressure. At least this time they had the smarts to change it up and go long sometimes



It is a worry that our attackers cannot make the difference in close away games. We’re very much a collective attacking side who rely input from five or six players to make up for the nose/greediness in front of goal that two or three can do. Really hope the approach works somehow


we looked nervy at times, lost the ball a lot. We need an upgrade on Zinny !!


Benny is just a functionable player. A solid player to have able to deputize in many positions. An obvious position to upgrade on and no wonder Timber was brought. We paid over £80m for Benny and Zina but they would not be in my ideal 11 with Timber and Tomi and Tomi is as injury prone as it gets (same as Zina).

I like the team Artedu have put together though. Just need a couple of world class additions in a couple of problematic positions – LB and CF I’d say.



I know what you’re saying, but my bigger concern in our fullbacks. We could have come away with 3 points had we someone with any degree of defending competence in Zinchenko place.


Your boy marti is wasting himself
Get over it
Tross was better in 25 mins than marti has been in 10 matches


No I don’t think raya had a poor game at all
He did was expected and handled everything


Good result at a very difficult place full of noisy hostile vermins
Martinelle struggled, but he did put a shift in
So did Jesus
Zin had a howler with the goal allowing salah to cut in, but overall he had a good game
Kai was useless in the midfield
Saka had 3 players around him every time he received the ball
Declan was outstanding again
Ref was good , he could have been little lenient with the yellow cards though
Still top of the pops


Trossard is not him I’m afraid. We need better and he’s not looking like anything more than an impact sub at best

Habesha Gooner

Lay off Martinelli. He was shit today, but he will come good. He was the only player driving us forward in the run in last season with 7 goals or some crazy stat like that.

He is in poor form but he will get it back.


I think it says a lot that our best 3 players this season have been Saliba Gabriel and Rice and it’s not even close. Our attackers need to step up


Martinelli was not shit today. Or if he was then what was Saka then. He was an outlet on the break when we needed it in the first half but admittedly he was very quiet in the second half


Martinelli since he came back from the international break has been awful, it’s like he’s picked up on the bad habits of the other Brazilian players like antony, trying ridiculous dribbles and losing the ball instead of sticking to what made him the player he was , being direct and scoring goals. I do like him as a player , for now he needs to be dropped. .

Henley Gooner

Kai got his 5th booking of the season, so will miss the West Ham game. Who should play in his place – ESR, Jorginho, or Trossard? Would like to see ESR, but think it might be Jorg.

Habesha Gooner

I am a huge Martinelli fan. But he was the poorest I have seen him. He lost the ball so many times, and he killed so many promising situations.

The problem with taking him off is, as you say he is an out let. He is a unicorn in our team because he is very rapid. But he didn’t use the space he was given today.

Habesha Gooner

I just know Marti is going to come back and cook Trent at the Emirates in the 2nd half of the season.


HTF do you explain Raya kicking straight into touch into Pool’s half and not finding a player or just kicking the ball just up field to a Pool player. He is just a very poor light Edderson.

@MG42, so nothing short of a 100% distribution/kicking rate would please you? Got it. I am sure you score 100% annually on your job appraisal. Perfection looks good on you.


I don’t see much wrong with Raya today. Came and claimed really well. Had no chance with Salahs shot thanks to Zinchenko


A draw at Anfield is a good result


We need a LB/RB and a striker.


Both Gomez and Tsimikas are better defenders than Zinchenko, yet both were given help defending Saka.
I felt Gabriel should’ve come over quicker to help for the Salah goal.
Zinchenko’s effort was pathetic for sure, but did anyone really expect much better?

London gunner

Martinelli undoubtedly talented but needs to go back to the fundamentals. Give and go, one two’s and focus on getting into goal scoring positions with well times runs. He should dribble to get a few extra meters to make space for a shot not try and dribble the whole field/team no one does that in modern football (aside from peak messi) because it’s too difficult.


Dream10December 23, 2023 20:23:14
It is going to be difficult to go far in the CL and winning cup games with both White/Zinchenko at fullback. Both are flimsy and can be got at. Raya looks so short when diving for a shot.

Mate you said arsenal couldn’t make top 4 with Gabriel in defense. Think it’s well.established you don’t know much about this team.


Trossard did next to nothing when he came on Un. I don’t know what game you were watching.


Zinchenko shouldn’t be in the XI for away games against the top 8 or so teams, period.

It’s just too easy to get at him and he’s the weak-link in what is an otherwise extremely solid back 5 with Rice in front.


Gabriel was rock solid again today. Saliba is effortlessly impressive but big Gabby has been immense since the turn of the year last season.


Trossard was much better than Martinelli today. We immediately got a foothold in the game when he came on simply because of his ability to hold on to the ball and scan the pitch instead of just running around like a headless chicken.

Martinelli has a higher ceiling without a doubt. But he’s been completely ineffective this season. Arteta needs to find a way to straighten him out because Jesus only works if our wide forwards are firing.

Ernest Reed

“ @Ernest Reed, such poor breeding. ‘

And then you gave the audacity to wish me a Merry Xmas???

The epitome of a jackass you are, Kal.

Ernest Reed

“ Tsimikas also gone to hospital with a broken collarbone apparently.‘

This was a very interesting one, usually it’s Saka on the receiving end of some pretty harsh challenges. Today I felt that Saka turned a corner and gave better than he usually gets. It’s about time that he realizes he’s not getting protection from the refs, he’s got to get tougher with flat track bullies. Shame he’s injured, but his foul on Saka earlier wasn’t exactly ideal either.


Marko is such a blind cunt
What was Saka? Any fool could see how shit martinelli was
not you

Ernest Reed

“ Both Gomez and Tsimikas are better defenders than Zinchenko‘

I wouldn’t exactly state that Zinchenko is a defender, but rather a false middy. I guess Arteta feels it’s worth the risk playing him like that, knowing he truly is a defensive liability that will cost his team one on one.


Saka also needs to do more if he wants to be considered a superstar and the best in his position. Salah showed him how it’s done.

We won vs City when he didn’t play. If we had started with Jesus at RW, like we did vs City, and one of Eddie/Kai/Marti at CF I doubt we’d be looking weaker in offence. Jesus at CF is not it. At RW (not sure about LW) he’s so much more influential.


That’s why I think CF and LB are the most obvious upgrades we can make right off the bat.


Some people just watch Arsenal games to reinforce their opinions on some players. No matter the player’s performance.

I’m not a fan of Nkentia but he didn’t do badly today. I even noticed Van Dijk had more work to do when Nkentia came on.

The same with Raya. He did his job well. But it’s funny that people who forgave Ramsdale for conceding 1st minute goals are the same who expect perfection from Raya.

From some comments, you’d think those 2 were out worst performers.



I was asking for more involvement from Saka before the game. He wasn’t as prominent as I hoped he’d be but he was decent. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it was his fault. For some reason we’re just not as cynical as other teams. Liverpool were looking to put Salah in 1:1 situations with Zinchenko all game long and it paid off. We have Saka against Tsimikas/Gomez and we play through our left side where Martinelli made Konate look like a world class defender. We need to get better at targeting our opponents’ weaknesses.


Hardly anyone on le grove is honest anymore. Say it how it is.

Saka was poor. Odegaard was poor Martinelli was poor. Zinchenko was poor. Rice was good. Gabriel was excellent and also Saliba was excellent. Havertz quiet. Jesus average. Ben White average. Raya did ok.

We scored and then sat back and allowed Liverpool to get straight back into game. They could of had a penalty with Odegaard handball. And we should of had a penalty with the foul from Trent on Havertz

I’ll take a the draw.


Nketiah won a few fouls to slow the game down but also ball rentention is shocking at times.


Zinchenko Salah thing is on Arteta too. Every team we play doubles up on Saka and Marti. It was obvious that Zini will get destroyed and Arteta did nothing to fix it.
He is just so bad ant game management it’s ridiculous.


On the positive side we are not getting spanked by every good side away anymore.
Hopefully Tets can improve attack like he did with defence. We need Partey back and buy French Turtle dude!


Havertz is one of the most poorly profiled players I can remember, we still need to see much more from him, and I’d like to see more risk in his passing..

But there’s a really nice elegance and efficient with the ball…

His use of the ball is really subtle + intelligent.. Treats the ball as a hot potato:


Coming away from Anfield in back to back seasons with a point is nothing to sneeze at.
Nevertheless, I just don’t understand why a few of our lads consistently keep coming
up short in big games where they need to be counted.
Anyway this is what you call a “phew result”, and jump on the coach and get outta town.
No L, and no major injuries.
We march on.


We need most likely a GK because Rams may leave in the Jan TW since there are other clubs in the need of one. FFS get a taller GK in because Tyron Midget Raya can’t get to high crosses or lobs. When looking for a Rams replacement keep the fuck blind head of goalkeeping Caña busy with anything but looking for a GK. Coming from Brentford makes the deal for Raya all the more so suspicious. For incoming attackers looks like we have to wait until the summer TW. However if Ode recovers his last season form, if Havertz produces… Read more »


Either The Arsenal ‘boot studder’ got it wrong or Liverpoo prepared a skating rink trap. Normally this Scouser is heard doing a Xmas song round about now. I think this Lennon tune is more apt for the Battle for Top Spot🍻

Guns of SF

whats up lads.
Good results overall. I cannot complain.
Except for Zinny.
Can someone actually tabulate the points he has cost us?
I said earlier, they would target him.
Lobbed balls over his head seem to be normal now.

When Timber gets back use Zinny in midfield

Guns of SF

That 5 on 1 was really amazing, damn
I am so happy TAA shot hit the bar.


Agree, but Salah does this to many people, and most time our wingers are doubled up, I do not believe our formation allows for double team help with Zinc inverting.

Timber is not coming back this year, sorry mate.

We need for Tomi and Partey to play the last 10 games of the season without injury even if AFC get another defender in January.

Stoked about the points on the road.

Guns of SF

Dubs are doing well now. Klay getting his mojo back. Good to see.

Zinny was one v one with Salah, he swiped and missed as he dribbled by, this is schoolboy defending. ( I know my son is 13) and allowed him to shoot.

His timing is really bad in one v one situations is what Im saying. You can offset poor physicality with good timing, he has neither.


All true, but Zinc is not Walker, and without Zinc helping progress the ball forward AFC stagnates. Sometimes even the best coaches operate in echo chambers. Mikel has to work through it game by game. Warriors, man what a pain this year., Dray lost his mind, Wigs has been sick and not in game shape yet, Klay shooting bricks, but finally Kerr has seen the light. Pods and TJD bringing it, along with Kuminga and allowing the team to play as a team. Told my better half if Warriors win 10 in row watch out. With GP2, Wigs, and a… Read more »