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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll already have this spicy hot take.

Don’t get your hopes up because children on Twitter are making up lies about the return dates of players.

We’ll start with two that aren’t hard ‘NO WAYS’ but they’re not far off.

The next time you see Thomas Partey and Tomiyasu, they’ll most likely be wearing another team’s colors.

Not because they’ve been sold, but because they’ll be playing at Asia Cup and AFCON.

Could Partey be included for the Liverpool game? For sure. The player obviously wants to get out there and show the world he mugged Declan Rice off against West Ham last year… but, that would be quite risky for Arsenal. If he’s not sold, there’s no midfielder on the planet more useful to our title run-in. Thomas owes us big time. One last jaunt before he goes to Saudi or Italy.

Reminder: Thomas has dropped out of contention twice this season in training sessions. He is absolutely incredible when he’s fit. So the temptation might be to have him in the squad for Liverpool with Jorginho a doubt… but if he comes back early and re-ups his injury, the consequences would be dire for his season, and more importantly to him, his chances to rep his country one last time in AFCON.

Tomi is in a similar boat. We over-played him again, we lost him during an important part of the season, so the idea we’ll roll him out before he goes and plays an integral role for Japan (lots of games) seems nuts even for Arteta.

Don’t get your hopes up on either. Be worried if they make an appearance. It would not be a clever move.

The player I am 100% sure about is Jurrien Timber.

Some weird guy on the internet who gets everything wrong / all of the time / because he guesses is saying Timber will be back for Palace.

Categorially, this is a huge, huge no.

There are four basic stages to an ACL recovery.

  • Healing from the surgery
  • Building muscle around the injured area
  • Using the broken body part in high-intensity training
  • Trusting the body in an actual match

I have spoken to experts, at the highest level, from England, and they all say the same thing: 7 months best case, 9 months worst.

There is no horse placenta treatment – stem-cell science is science lab dream stuff – miracle recoveries are the outlier.

Work back from those dates and the miracle recovery would be the end of February, the most likely outcome is going to be the end of March for the second leg of the Champions League quarterfinals.

Another part of this equation that mere mortals like you and I don’t fully compute is how hard these injuries are psychologically. The rehab is extremely tough and boring. You start to hate your PT. You hate your body for not doing what you know it can do. You worry every time you make a sharp turn the knee could blow out again. You worry you’ll never be the same again.

Even mentality monsters struggle.

A lot of people have been telling me Aron Rodgers, a 40-year-old quarterback, defied the odds and recovered from an Achilles injury in three months.


Firstly, no 22-year-old ‘soccer’ player will recover from that injury in 3 months in the next 5 years. They are vastly different sports, which is why you almost never see top-level 40-year-olds.

Secondly, if a miracle happens with a body… that body ain’t 40 years old. The Jets are done for the season, I would say there’s zero chance you’ll see them risking him this season because they know how bad the implications are if he fucks himself with the same injury again.

Also, remember which party those MIRACLE RECOVERY headlines suit the most. It’s the old player trying to justify their salary.

Back to the internet.

I do wish people would stop rewarding bad information. These idiots post fake stories – get 10,000 new followers – then when the story is proved incorrect, they don’t lose any.

I’ll get no followers for telling the truth because there is no value in reality on the internet.

Ok, that’s me done my darlings.

Check out the latest podcast below.

P.S. The emails have stopped. I’ll be looking at that in the New Year. I lose money on this website. I can’t put so much time into something when I have children if it’s costing me money. So I’m looking at better options.

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Matt B



A fit Partey would be great for the weekend but he will be so rusty so in my view its probably better for him to sit that one out.


And twitter is a cesspool for idiocy, i try my hardest to steer clear.

Ben D



Agree worthless speculating on the status of injuries. That said I had stem cell surgery in 2015 so maybe it is a thing now 😉






My Christmas prayer is no more injuries to our currently fit players until all the walking wounded return.


We won’t see Timber for the rest of this season imo other than any cameo appearances in any meaningless matches



Yoir last point was worrying – hope you’re not going to cease the website

Why don’t you use more guest bloggers? Rich would be great

Double Double

Pedro, sorry to hear that you’re going backwards to keep the website going. I hope this doesn’t mean the end of an era, it’s a staple part of Arsenal life for most of us. Appreciate that children take their toll on the work/fun equilibrium, so hopefully you can make it work or have a solution for us to help, maybe consider adoption!!
Whatever it is thanks for your efforts


Not sure if i missed something Pete, but “children”? Is No. 2 on the way? Congratulations if so!


Newcastle is disgusting bunch of wankers with fraudulent owners.


Fuck twatter, who uses that garbage?

georgia boy

Firmly mid table


Pedro– Lease and manage several dedicated webservers (for myself and freelance clients.)
Habla WordPress.

If I can be of service?
Send me some site stats…

georgia boy

I admittedly don’t know what it costs to maintain this site. I am sure there are cheaper options. I also think we see both Tomi and Partey again but perhaps that’s wishful thinking. I would not blame Pedro for taking a break although I don’t want that. I enjoy the takes although some of them are a little nutty and some of the CHAPS who post regularly are John McAfee levels of crazy. I’ve done a sports blog before; it’s difficult, and it can suck the fun out of being a fan. Plus children tend to put things in perspective.… Read more »


The interview of xhaka highlighted what fans can do to players. The constant negativity surrounding arsenal was alarming.

Dark Hei

If there is no Le Grove, there is no safe space for us to insult one another on the internet


Hi Pedro – there’s a few of us who could knock up Op-Ed’s when needed. I’ve managed the odd few on the Gooner back in the day. I know the Gooner also had frequent guest writers some of whom kept the banter going like Simon “Wenger is a God” Rose – tbf he could write well. I’d say think very carefully about ceasing the forum as it exists. You probably have far more knowledge of respective strengths of other sites than we would but my point is the excellent Gooner was really impacted by going down a route of no… Read more »


Rich as a guest blogger for Arsenal related topics 👍
Rich as a political commentator 😌


Wenger wants the world club cup expanded – from what I see when Wenger makes a suggestion do the opposite!


I read that Arsenal have registered Timber for the CL? That must mean they expect him to play again this season??


I just saw a line in Pedro’s post used as a headline in a blog (Now Arsenal).

The line is a catchy headline though.

Guns of Hackney

Timber is done so get over it. 2 years minimum and even if he does comes back, he won’t be the same person.

Slow news day.

Matt B

Pedro: I and many other would be completely bereft without Le Grove — hopefully you will continue to write here, absolutely love your style of writing, humour and takes on Arsenal.

Guns of Hackney

Bereft without Le Grove?

Come on Matt.


No Le Grove……i’m not sure I could deal with that but on a brighter note, no more MG42, G of Hackney , Tom and a few others…..silver linings and all that.

Guns of Hackney

Shut the fuck up Krispy the Klown.

Guns of Hackney

Looks like a go fund me piece from Le Grove. Targeting the weak.



Arsenal chat area bereft of arsenal chat
Is it interlull?


Declan rice is player if the season so far in th premier league
Gabriel Jesus in the champions league

Tell me a better midfielder in the world this year , outside of Bellingham, and I’ll show you an idiot or a liar



Not sure I’d have you here at any price


Incase le grove is no more, i will start my blog(Bob N16 to assist) where y’all are welcome.

Especially Mr Serge, L Testicle, Markie of the beast(loool) etc.

Suggestions for its name are welcome.


Pedro: “and more importantly to him, his chances to rep his country one last time in AFCON” He’s just 30 yo with AFCON being a biennial tournament. He might as well play in this + 3 more AFCONs. “Tomi is in a similar boat. We over-played him again.” We played* him again more like. Nothing wrong with how Arteta used him. What’s he supposed to do – play a 25 yo once every 2 weeks? Isn’t he supposed to be a professional football player getting paid hundreds of thousands of pounds? Fella is just the way he is. Unreliable. Don’t… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

It’s no coincidence that when I don’t post, Le Grove looses a million comments a day.


Remember the game when TP came back from injury straight into the squad, and Arteta pushed him on the field for some throw in type situation, when he’d gone out for a breather. He’s such a class player though. If Tets can crack how to manage his work load, now that we’re back in the CL, he’d be a huge huge asset. Supreme technical superiority with him and DC as your midfield base and Tomi / Timber at LB. It would be near to impossible for teams to score against us. When can we have a wank over who we’re… Read more »


Hope you and your family are doing okay this Christmas Pete.

This website does mean a lot to so many gooners around the world.

This was one of your greatest pieces. Don’t let the churn or the haters get you down.

We are a community that loves a very special club and you give us the opportunity to relish in it and appreciate it on a daily basis.

All the best from the UK


Pedro I agree 100% with your analysis. I doubt that Partey and Tomiyasu will be seen playing for Arsenal until after Ghana and Japan are finished with AfCON and Asia Cup. Second it is inconceivable that Timber will be playing in first team before mid April if at all this season. Arsenal are not going to take a risk with this player who has huge potential. Arsenal do need to recruit a defender in January transfer window. We are currently down to bare bones in this department. Kiwior is not considered good enough to play regularly in starting lineup of… Read more »


Priorities in life change and the podcast has moved to a more central place in Pedro’s limited time availability. The blog is still very alive. If we can help in any capacity, like a once a year payment to keep the blog going, I bet a few of us would do it. Or if there’s cheaper hosting services, maybe that could help as well.


A blog without regular content is not worth running. Maybe have guest contributors a couple of times a week to keep things fresh/controversial? Not that American guy Mike something or other though whose occasional guest posts are boring as fuck!


Pierre a weekly blog day? 😀

How many articles about Eddie do you want to read over the course of a year? If the answer is 52 then it’s a good shout!


We were short a defender before a ball was kicked this season and with timber out that’s now an even more acute concern

Tomi as well but he’s expected given his patchy record of availability over the years.

Really hope this doesn’t cost us this season the same way it did last season when saliba went down


Pedro still posts often enough. I can say whatever he posts on Twitter, he could just add a couple of sentences in between and we’ve got our 2-3 posts per week injected into our veins. It’s been like that for a couple of years anyways and we’re still as active.

Guns of Hackney

I’ve received a lot of requests to my private accounts suggesting I take over Le Grove. I’m considering it.

What are your thoughts?
More edgy content.

Matt B

Would be funny at times, utter nonsense and bullshite most of the time GoH

Guns of Hackney

Matt’s just lost a job as guest writer.


Caicedo had a superb game for Chavs yesterday. Two in a row now – he played very well on Saturday vs Sheffield. I read Poch is literally playing him alone in midfield somehow and he’s still beasting the opposition midfield. For all the people laughing at his slow start, it’s not too different to Kai’s situation. Getting used to a new club, new manager etc doesn’t happen overnight. And just like Kai, he’s starting to show what he can do. It’s not a coincidence Arteta, Klopp and Poch all wanted him. Liverpool had a British transfer record bid of… Read more »


Hi Peds.. sorry to hear your still losing money even with the adverts.. Hopefully, you can figure out something cheaper costwise as far as hosting the site. I would suggest there is some value though even at a loss. LG is pretty much the foundation on which the podcast and the patron was built no? So it’s like an advertising investment. I would caution against throwing away the following you have built here. While I enjoy the podcast.. it is not as interactive and I’m not sure I would continue to listen to it or even remember to, I can… Read more »


Pedro, I have a friend who runs an Arsenal blog and has thought about calling it quits several times over the last few years, they keep it going as I think they earn a few quid from the advertising, which is a pain but nothing is for free. If this blog is costing you dough then a few ads is a small price to pay to keep it going.

As for family commitments/ time etc, a few guest writers as suggested on here earlier could be the answer?


From twitter –

“Thomas Partey & Tariq Lamptey have been included in Chris Hughton’s provisional Ghana squad for AFCON despite injuries. Final 27-man squad will be submitted on January 3rd. Mohammed Kudus also there alongside Jordan Ayew & Antoine Semenyo”


I guess we’ll be losing Elneny as well?

Jollof Rice

Suggestion for your proposed blog site:

The Arsenal Longstuff

Bob N16

Guns, suspect you’re boredom threshold could be at a level that sustaining a blog could be a challenge.

Good to be in your blog circle Sid!


Sustaining a blog will Not be a challenge for me, a large polygamous family ensures the babies always have someone to take care of them.

Guns of Hackney

Only Arsenal blogs quit because the football is so depressing.


Understood most players like to play for NTs. But… more often than not, with Partey, it’s a case of Arsenal preparing him for his Ghana games such as in this occasion. Rest of the te, he remains a broken man (a perception of course ).

Had Partey played under Fergie, he surely won’t be fit for the AFCON…


*time *



It was a beautiful and sad piece. Puts football into perspective. It’s fun. We love it. But nothing is more important than family. Nothing


Sincerely we should win this league. We’ve not even been at our best yet we’re topping. Indeed if we can get Timber and Partey fit from March upwards and we’re still in the UCL and EPL I won’t be surprised if we shock a few people.

I hope I didn’t just jinx it!


Don’t believe Timber would be match fit and start a game this season… likely some cameo sub appearances…


IF there’s no in& out in the Jan TW, as long as we’d keep Partey and Tomi somewhat consistently available (eg not both out at the same time), would like to believe that we’d bag one of EPL and CL titles.

ESR availability would be a bonus.

X haka

Love Hackney commentary.

Ignore the millennials m8

X haka

Irascible, irreverent and often astute.

row 18

stem-cell science is science lab dream stuff – your 100% wrong here…


Just looking at Guardian top 100 male footballers and they have Marti at 53 and Jesus at 85, but have not revealed top 40 yet. I think Rice Saka and Saliba should be in contention for top players, I wonder where/if they going to get ranked.


49 jack grealish
None of the usual dick heads calling him shit now are there?


Onana 62?? What a joke
Having him and rashford above Jesus totally discredits this stupid ranking


Lukaku at 80???

Ernest Reed

Thank you for providing an outlet for Arsenal supporters over the years, Pedro. As with all things in life, the end does eventually arrive. Totally understand the financial aspects of running a business that makes little to no money; no matter how much you want to keep things running, you can’t do it forever and certainly not at a loss. I remain ever appreciative of the sacrifices you have made to provide a venue for opinions, no matter how great or absurd they may be. This place has been supportive in my darkest time and it remains always a place… Read more »


In the space of 2 minutes and 21 seconds Don went from using the top 100 list as a positive to support one of his opinions and call people dickheads, to using the same list as a negative to support another of his opinions and suggests ignoring the list.
Excellent logic, well done.


Rap, I’m a big fan of Caicedo and like a few others here, thought if we somehow bought him we’d have had the best CM partnership in place in the PL for the foreseeable. That being said, saying he played well vs Sheff UTD is like saying you’re mate absolutely levelled a paper bag, didnt know what hit it. They’re absolutely pony and, tbh, one of the only teams this year that have been so bad, our attack looked like it did in the first half of last season. Re: Thomas Partey – we should tell him he can’t go,… Read more »

Positive pete



Maybe I’m missing something?… But is Toney worth the £60 – £80 million prices being quoted?.. Even if we got back say £30 million for Eddie, then put £30 million on top for Toney… Would that trade costing us £30 million; makes us much better?… Seen a bit of Toney, but not enough to draw any real conclusion either way. If we went for it… I’d given him a fresh slate… But this is some pretty shocking stuff: “Ivan Toney repeatedly placed bets on matches his own team were involved in, including 13 occasions when he backed his club to… Read more »

X haka


X haka

And people are quick enough to says the refs are corrupt.
Toney, actually putting on bets for his team to lose.
Frankly despicable .


Bilbo, yeah but Newcastle are a solid team and Chavs dominated the ball completely. 78% possession. 10 shots to 2. Corners were 7 to 1. XG was still 1.01-0.79, nothing great and that’s good news.

Kai’s first goal for us was a gift vs Bournemouth. All games can be used to gain a momentum, a confidence boost, a belief a certain player is on the right path. Imo, Caicedo will be among the best midfielders very soon.

I’m happy Chavs got him ahead of Pool because Caicedo in that Pool team would have completed their team. The last missing cog.


X haka – I didn’t know Toney was betting on his team to lose, he should be banned couple of yrs at least for bringing game into disrepute. I don’t want Toney but that info makes me not want to buy him even more.

James wood



Maybe it was games he didn’t play in but still. Not very bright at all.


Ivan Toney should not be in the conversation. At the first sign of trouble, he will bet against Arsenal.

An unequivocal no from me.


Trust me, I did my ACL in my dirty thirties and it was a year, my only motivation an corporate freebie ski trip. It was hard yards all the way, the hardest part the physiological effort required. He will be min end of March.


My dirty little secret is Conor Gallagher. He’s not elite… But securing elite players like Rice is incredibly difficult, even if clubs have money, these profile of players rarely come on the market. When Gallagher was linked with a move in the summer, I could see either Howe or Klopp going for him. Howe likes British + industrious players.. And Klopp built a midfield with the likes of Henderson, Milner, Wijnaldum… In the little I’ve seen of Szbozolai, he seems to put in a shift as well. Gallagher is like a Monreal, Lauren… Or even Xhaka in his last 18… Read more »


Rap, once he settles and Chelsea get their shit together, agreed. They’re such a basket case at the moment. Liverpool would have been awful, though. Their new mf was a Saudi gift and that really would have been the cherry .


Toney is a no on a footballing level (ditto Solanke) before we even get into the ethics of his betting habits.


Rich, that is definitely dirty. I wouldn’t disagree he’s got *something* about him but I certainly wouldn’t part with 35m for him. We do need an Eddie of midfield in some ways, maybe a a replacement for Elneny that can actually contribute and offer a rotation option. However, 35m on him, nah thanks. Prefer a project player for that role, esp if Arteta can get over his distaste for blooding Hale Enders (MLS?). I would then reallocate that £ for a Partey replacement.

Guns of SF

The club always gets screwed when targetting players. The media incessantly pushes we are in for this or that driving up the fucking price.
Pool went about getting killer deals on the low, without this problem.

Now Toney will not go for less than 55 I say


Ken, expecting logic from visceral Don is often a bridge too far.
Kill thousands nameless, innocent kids in an indiscriminate bombing campaign and he’ll call it sad and unfortunate, but harm one with a name and put it on Netflix and he’ll call an absolute outrage.

raptora, obviously Caicedo is a very good footballer, that’s why Klopp, Arteta, Chelsea, and more than half of legrove wanted him, but his comparison should be with Rice and not Havertz whom no one wanted apparently and who cost 50m less.


“…. esp if Arteta can get over his distaste for blooding Hale Enders (MLS?)

Bilbo – I don’t understand why Kroenkes/Arsenal aren’t using their Colorado soccer team as part of club’s development path for our youth, great opportunity to play against pros in lovely part of world. Youth might feel part of club more if we sent them to Colorado instead of random on loan placements like we do now.

X haka


Toney is very lucky not to have been banned for 4 years or even life.

How can you actually gamble on your own side to lose?
Nothing to say, he would not be passing on confidential information and tactics to third parties or even gambling in the future and getting banned again.

Very murky

Guns of SF

Gambling is a disease actually. Like most addictions, if treated things will get better.
Just like AA, NA and other addictions.

I doubt he risks his career doing this shit again. Maybe you just dont want him at the team.
To say he will bet on us to lose again makes you a psychic

Thierry Martinelli

Would be gutted if Pedro closed down the blog. Absolutely gutted. With all due respect to arseblog, I don’t want to go to a blog that has the 1st 2 paragraphs explaining how the writer took his dog for coffee. Family comes first and if the site is getting in the way, then I’m sure guys will understand if you shut shop. In the meantime think about some of the ideas mentioned here. Tomy, has been played sparingly this season. He’s just not built for a league as demanding as the epl. Partey will only be good for 6 –… Read more »

X haka

Disease rubbish.
Its a lack of self control and restraint.


Tons of adverts on LG.

Pedro you are MR LeGrove!
Without it you will be just another arsenal fan.
Dont worry about posting too much, gold is always in the comments!
Get some donate button embedded to help cover the costs.

X haka

I suppose, you believe there are sex addicts as well.



Blog getting shutdown for financial reasons?
Give us the number you need to meet to make it financially neutral and your PayPal account, Pedro.
Plenty here will contribute for a daily dopamine hit delivered by reading one’s musings.


“I suppose, you believe there are sex addicts as well.”

Definitely not here.
If anything, there’s a whole bunch of guys who haven’t got laid in years.

Luteo Guenreira

X haka obviously not a sex addict unless you count his obsession with licking PGMOL’s collective balls.

Luteo Guenreira

“In the space of 2 minutes and 21 seconds Don went from using the top 100 list as a positive to support one of his opinions and call people dickheads, to using the same list as a negative to support another of his opinions and suggests ignoring the list.
Excellent logic, well done.”

Give him a break, Don has no idea he’s doing it. He’s like a dog that needs to spin around 3 times before lying down, absolutely zero impulse control.


JWL – yes, leveraging the network is a good shout. I would hazard a guess that season timing (?), distance to watch them, playing style and league quality maybe feature?

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