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I don’t like talking about parenting. Honestly, there is nothing more boring in my new life as a dad than meeting other dads who want to talk to me about being a dad. The first 18 months of having children is fighting the urge to be a real f*cking bore. I refuse to be the man who slides into grey joggers, soiled New Balance trainers with an ‘I never get to exercise’ paunch.

However, there is one area that I have fully failed at… I have accepted that I will, at all times, have food on my clothes. I can’t fight it anymore. There aren’t enough drycleaners to keep up with the Cheeto handprints and the yogurt kisses. Food mishaps are so regular, I’ve found enough time in the day to find a common enemy.

Egg yolk. Fuck egg yolk.

Yeah, I said it. I don’t mind the white of an egg, but if a child enters the room with the yolk on their hands, I’m fighting them.

So why is this Arsenal-related?

As fans, our equivalent to accepting food on your nice clothes is to be 100% clear on what is going on at PGMOL.

… they are targeting us. We cannot expect to exit games with decisions going for us. PGMOL is egg yolk and after the Arteta rant, the stain is indelible.

Jarred Gillett, an Aussie ref who has a Fox Sports article about him that indicates he had to sign away Liverpool rights because he supported them as a youth seems to be involved in a lot of Arsenal games where he makes heavy-handed decisions against us.

Remember the United penalty decision reversal earlier in the season? Jarred Gillett (VAR).

Remember the penalty decision for the handball against Bill Saliba against Chelsea? Jarred Gillett (VAR).

How about we go back to Palace 2019 when a winner was chalked off by a guy who had never reffed a Premier League game.

Rather, they are entitled to ask why an apparent winner from Sokratis Papastathopoulos seven minutes from time was disallowed after a lengthy VAR review with no explanation offered to anyone in the stadium, replays later showing a possible infraction by Calum Chambers in trying to reach Nicolas Pépé’s corner but nothing fitting a definition of “clear and obvious”.

Who was that? Jarred (VAR).

Who was the guy on VAR duty for the City game where Silva got a penalty for diving and Odegaard was denied an obvious one? You’re not gonna believe it. Jarred (VAR).

It’s hard to find accurate information, but I believe Jarred has now been involved in about 5 of our games this season. Quite a lot for a Liverpool fan who has already been part of some pretty controversial decisions. How many more games is he going to be allowed to interfere with before he’s tasked with working on games he can handle?

Outside this particular individual – it’s clear that PGMOL is struggling. Gary Lineker has withdrawn support for them, Pep G was flippant about them and lost his mind this weekend, Roy Hodgson went off at them this weekend, De Zerbi said he didn’t like them, even Ange the Great had a pop. I cannot believe that there isn’t going to be some sort of action taken against them. They are killing the game. Something needs to change.

  • Serial offenders need to be removed
  • Howard Webb needs to present a 10-point plan to the fans for how he’s going to change things in the next year
  • The Premier League and FA need to show some leadership and intervene with this organization. If it were a company, the board would sack the CEO and someone would launch a hostile takeover. Where are the powers that be here? How can the silence continue?
  • Clubs need to be more public about their pressure campaigns that go on behind closed doors (this is 100% true btw)

Mikel Arteta is being punished by the refs because he dared to speak out. We are finished when it comes to 50/50 decisions this season because the group officiating is petulant, childish, and they’ve gone on record saying they don’t always make decisions based on what is right for the game. You can’t win. Say nothing and get screwed. Say something, get nothing.

That’s our lot in life. Arsene Wenger won trophies when Alex Ferguson ran PGMOL. No reason we can’t.

Injury Issues

Mikel Arteta has two major weaknesses. One is not recognizing that his keeping coach is holding him back. A weird miss, considering the money we’ve spent on countless keepers now.

The second is his macho approach to player fitness.

Every club is struggling with injuries this year, but Arsenal are struggling with the same players they always have problems, and it’s because Arteta appears to have changed absolutely nothing.

Tomiyasu has calf issues. We’re now into season three of his, and he’s once again been overplayed and broken at an important time.

Thomas Partey breaks every year, but this year, we’ve broken him twice in training. Not good.

Ben White hamstring issues usually come in March, this year, they came in October.

Bill Saliba dropped out of our title race because of a literal stress injury. He’s a big boy, he’s still developing, his huge frame can’t take the strain… how many games has he missed this season?

Zinchenko also suffers with calf injuries, he breaks down like Tomi, how many rest days will he be getting in December?

We have 5 defenders to choose from. If Arteta doesn’t watch it, we’ll be welcoming Cedric Soares into defence, or finding out how Good Declan Rice is at centre back.

Arteta has a big test this week. Arsenal vs PSV. We have TOP OF THE GROUP privileges. We don’t have to send anyone there. Arsneal could send the U15s. Question is, does Arteta let his boys stay at home and play xBox, or does he insist on putting senior players on the plane just to show solidarity with the second stringers?

This shouldn’t even be a question… but Arteta does silly things in the name of MAN UP.

If I see Saliba step a foot near that private jet, I’ll be writing a strongly worded tweet to Arteta’s dormant Twitter account.

We need to be smarter about the fitness of our best players.

‘But you should see our win percentage’ cannot be the response to constantly breaking our best players.


I’ve been mulling over this Thomas Partey return from injury, and I’m starting to believe we might bin him this January.

  • He earns huge money and is never available
  • He likes to party. It’s well known. That weird IG story of him in the car summed him up. This guy isn’t sleeping in cryogenic chambers to prolong his career.
  • His deal is up summer 2025. This Jan he has 18 months.

This is basically the last window he has any value. Italy, Spain, and France could be viable destinations for him because they are easier leagues on the legs. I reckon his profile is big enough to get a tax free salary match in Saudi.

My gut says we might get a midfielder this January and I know for certain we’ll be going for a defender.

Thomas exiting for £30m? Not the wildest bet.

Watch. This. Space.

Ok. It’s late here. Enjoy the post. Get on our latest podcast, sorry my microphone was playing up!

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Thierry Martinelli

If we want to compete for the big trophies then we need to stop thinking of Partey as new signing when he comes back in Jan. We all know he won’t be available until the season ends. Let’s try loan in a a player if buying is hard. We’ll say we tried, instead of leaving it to chance.



“How about if PL Clubs at home decided on who the refs, etc should be? IMO it would result in competent and unbiased refereeing”

Even by your standards that is brilliant.

The home team picking the referee would definitely stop any accusations of biased referring



“No one is coming up with the conspiracy examples or why. Surprise surprise.”

I used to ask that repeatedly on Untold and oddly no one could there either.

The best scenario anyone could come up with was match fixing – because of course having referees deliberately picking on the same team every single time would somehow work really well for betting syndicates.


Until we buy a player, Partey remains an Arsenal player, we don’t really have much of a choice but to use him.

Guns of SF

I like idea of Loans in Jan. Not sure how that affects FFP etc, but might be a way.
I know we have to sell to buy in Jan.

Thierry Martinelli

Niaja, that’s true. But how reliable is he when it’s crouch time? Can we get at least 20 games across all competitions from him?

Thierry Martinelli


Thierry Martinelli

We can offload a player or 2 if FFP dictates so. Cedric, Elneny or any other player Arteta doesn’t fancy

Guns of SF

If as Peter hints, we should be shopping TP about now, in case we get an offer in Jan.
Put the feelers out. Cant hurt.
Ill take 25-30 from Saudi in heartbeat


I don’t think their specific conspiracy with refs but majority of them are from North in general, Manchester area dominates and not a single ref from London southeast.

There is tribalism at very least, northerners have chip on shoulder and talk about southern softies or how they don’t like tackle, London teams will never get benefit of doubt like other teams do.


Good post apart from Partey dig.
I heard from people familiar with the matter that Arteta and Raya like to party lol
We can sell him if we get similar replacement.
Noone in our team can do what he does, not even close.


Conspiracy with the refs, lol so many morons, just follow the money simple.

Luteo Guenreira

What conspiracy is there to explain? And why are some of you acting like such sanctimonious cunts about it? PGMOL sucks and right now they are allowing themselves to suck a little bit more when Arsenal are involved, that’s what it looks like to me based on some of the pivotal calls made this season, and considering some of the things that have happened between Arsenal and PGMOL it’s not that tremendous a leap unless you support another club and have no sympathy for Arsenal, or actually do support Arsenal but being a contrarian fuckhead (Hackney) or acting like you’re… Read more »


Journo on twitter –

“Arteta on Ethan Nwaneri: “Something unique that he has got, that I really liked from the beginning, is the ability to take the ball in tight areas, like Jack Wilshere used to do.”


for all of you saying there is no bias or corruption or whatever – we had a game where gabi m was booked twice in one sequence while the same ref did not show a second yellow to kovacic in the city game. that example alone shows you – you either desparetly want to send someone off (martinelli) or you desparetly try not o (kovacic). that is what i see – i dont think webb and the refs sitting in a room once a week discussin how to best fuck arsenal or get city the league title. my guess is… Read more »


Locationally biased – so as Arsenal fans then our favourite other teams are Chelsea, Spurs, West Ham whereas people from Manchester would love teams from Liverpool and Leeds.

That is like Boehly’s idea of a North versus Sourh match.


Until the refs aren’t marking their own homework or there’s a proper process in place to safeguard the integrity of that system we’re fucked. They’re going to ‘review’ events in games and say, you know what, he was right there, what a good lad.



i guess london has more professional football clubs than north england combined? probably even more? your comparison does not make sense here – pick 90% refs from london and yes, i believe you will see more favourable decisions towards the biggest london clubs (no spurs for sure).

Guns of Hackney

So ‘Northern Bias’ is your answer. Sweet baby Jesus. Listen to yourselves. Man United are getting destroyed this season and everyone knows they are everyone’s favourite team in the whole wide world. Explain that. What about ALL the other clubs that are beaten every single week that could be considered ‘Northern’? Northern Teams are the ones getting relegated. It’s beyond embarrassing actually. If this is your take on football, it’s scary what it would be in your everyday lives. Arsenal are not scoring enough goals to win matches. It’s as goddam as simple as that. Every single sport that has… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

Maybe there isn’t enough southern based referees that actually want to become refs. Anyone thought of that?

Or should we hire southerners just because? Regardless of passion or experience?

I’d say 98% of the posters on here would be fucking awful to work with. Like genuinely horrible. Blame blame blame.

Whinging fuckers.



Very good!


The one thing that’s starting to get to me now is when I hear Arsenal supporters, especially those in the media say they don’t believe the refs are crooked and biased, they are just incompetent. Are the PGMOL trying to tell me they have no other ref to officiate arsenal matches than this Jared Gillett fellow ? Who continues to make bad calls ,.why can’t people see the PGMOL is corrupt? This is exactly what juventus had the referees in Italy doing, having refs making bad calls against their challengers..


Martinelli can play up top but why isn’t he given this opportunity?
Put Trossard on the left.
Against Villa we were crying out for pace down the middle.
Also, why not play Nketiah and Nelson more?
Since Nelson’s wonder strike against Bournemouth 9 months back, he’s basically been binned.
This is where Arteta fcuks things up.


The whole game is fcuked up because of the PGMOL.
Every team is being impacted by incredibly poor standards of refereeing.

Guns of SF

Refs can be bought or influenced. Isnt Barca knee deep in some reffing scandal as well?

Guns of Hackney

Lemmings. Once someone mentions ‘corruption’ or ‘northern bias’ wow! You lot jump into it like a dog with hot chips. Aren’t you embarrassed? You have to understand that to develop as a human we have to lose, win and everything in between and not blame bad luck or tragedy on some outward force that’s ’stopping me from becoming’: rich or successful or whatever. Whenever we read about those maniacs that roll into a school and kill kids or massacre a shopping mall, most of their manifesto contains the same loser rhetoric. I couldn’t. I didn’t. I was. This was because.… Read more »

Guns of SF

GOH seems to be a gen x’er


goh winning, losing, getting destroyed … not every loss is influenced by bad decisions. we won a lot of games this year bar terrible decisions (palace away, city home, luton to name a few). your answer is true – had we played better and scored more and defended better we could have won all of our games – sure. however, we have not lost a game this season without very dubious decisions. we have won a lot of points BESIDE that fact – as mentioned above. locational bias is just a theory. probably its corruption, probably its really just sheer… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

Also, big shout to the chap who suggested that this whole conspiracy BS wouldn’t exactly work with regards to a betting syndicate.

Exactly. Why are Arsenal being targeted and for what end?


Guns of Hackney


I dont agree with you but at least you can form a decent argument.

Guns of Hackney



Guns of SF

same. 1972 here

Guns of SF

so what is the deal, do all our refs need to be from UK?
Is there a rule against foreign refs?

Guns of Hackney


I’m not saying that qualifies me for anything but it’s hard and quite head shaking to see so many excuses being thrown out. Not just for Arsenal but everything.

Everyone is either saying sorry or crying these days.

Guns of Hackney

What’s stopping a foreign ref being bought?

We need a robot to manage the game.


GoH – there is literally no point in arguing with conspiracy theorists. Anything that objectively questions their case they twist to support it. And they probably think you yourself are probably a Northern referee cyber criminal (the clue is in the “Hack”) fresh from implanting microchips in COVID vaccines and now on an anti arsenal crusade (no one has ever explained why the conspiracy would be against one club only rather than for one club and who this is meant to benefit). Oh and I am pretty sure they think you were on the grassy knoll (the clue there is… Read more »

Guns of Hackney


Ha ha. I was in Dallas in 63.

But that’s just coincidence.


“Also, big shout to the chap who suggested that this whole conspiracy BS wouldn’t exactly work with regards to a betting syndicate.”

Thanks GoH.

1968 for me

As an aside imagine what would happen if – oh I don’t know

We were deducted 2 points for not controlling our players

Our captain was put in jail

Hard to imagine we would then beat the media darlings by 7 clear points and win the league.

David Smith

Conspiracy or not, how can supposedly professional , other than a bunch of complete cretins or something else get so much wrong, so often even with slow motion and multiple camera angles?


Well for those saying it’s down tp incompetence or it’s the players not taking their chances and so on, please explain to us why we have one referee officiating either as the referee or the VAR official in about half our matches so far this season, and making bad calls in nearly all of them, regardless whether we won some of them or not. Don’t they have or ther referees? There must be a reason. I really can’t understand why people find it hard to say the PGMOL are corrupt, it’s been that way for a long time, was it… Read more »

David Smith

There’s every chance some referees worldwide are corrupt, indeed proven. Why would that not happen here? Majestic I think some aren’t really interested in what the PGMOL may or may not be, they just want a stick to beat the club, manager or players with.
Whatever does it for them

Guns of Hackney

So, by the rationale that you lot are pushing…shouldn’t every single team who loses have a case for cheating or conspiracy? Or is it just Arsenal?

Because let’s be honest, if Arsenal were being targeted (still yet to hear a good reason why) it would be obvious. Obvious to anyone that watches football. And no one except Arsenal fans are screaming. My point is, people love a drama and playing detective regardless of who you support but no one else is saying Arsenal are being mistreated except Arsenal fans.

David Smith

Wolves fans are screaming

Guns of Hackney

Even Man U fans aren’t claiming a conspiracy.

Arsenal are the new Liverpool. Whingy entitled bastards.


Xhaka “Wenger used this narrative for years , always blaming refs for being kicked off the park . Well he should have bought players that kicked back, and kicked harder. Liked he had once.” There is a flaw in your argument., Wenger went out and bought xhaka who was a player that kicked back and kicked harder The problem was , everytime he put in a tough challenge he would be carded and quite often in the early days would result in a red, and the reason xhaka was targetted by the officials, yes you got it …he played for… Read more »

David Smith

Utd are too shit to claim anything

into the red

If there’s one thing that’s worse than VAR, it is the utter endless tedium of people going on and on and on about it, spouting wild conspiracy theories, like every other set of fans, and giving us their armchair expert’s analysis of the angle of a foot or hand. Who cares about this level of trainspottery and dull bleating. Chuck out VAR or reform it, but enough of the victim crying. If we go back to refs and no VAR a similar level of mistakes and controversies will occur, but at least the game won’t be stopped for minutes and… Read more »

Guns of Hackney

Guaranteed the man bun wearing clowns that go to Arsenal games will hire a plane to pull a banner shouting corruption.

David Smith

I just hope none of these current or recent refs have had links to gambling


Whether we like it or not, football in this country is run by Northerners, in the FA, in the PGMOL, all full of people from the North, mostly supporting northern teams. A lot of refs from the Manchester area, how can one explain that? Not only that they are made to officiate Manchester teams, really, are we saying these guys would not be in any way tempted to make bad calls? I also remember arsenal going up north to play teams like Bolton, Man Utd, Everton, having referees letting bad challenges go against out players, resulting in players like Diaby,… Read more »

David Smith

Yes Majestic, and not forgetting the Invincibles tag upsets a few sensitive souls as well, something only one Northern club has achieved, that was Preston back in Victorian times I think.
But you are right about the ref demographics, Australia has more PGMOL Prem League ref representation than that small insignificant city that is London


Does anyone have friends who support other clubs that think Arsenal (other than when they play their own team) are clearly being conspired against.

I have friends and colleagues who are season ticket holders at Man U, Chelsea, Spurs , Fulham,West Ham, Liverpool Brighton – many of whom have a soft spot for Arsenal – but not one has ever said “why do the refs hate you so much”.



I just saw that short clip of referee lying on grass getting kicked by players, after he punched by an owner, in Turkey prem league tonight. That crazy, owner/players openly assaulting the referee has to be harshly punished but we’ll see what happens. I don’t like referees either but openly attacking them on pitch is going way too far.


GOH – how can you attack man buns when you were pink cords and suede loafer’s.

X haka

When we won the league at Anfield in 89, I watched it in my local Belfast pub. I still remember it like yesterday

Our first goal , Alan Smiths goal was very contentious, the Liverpool players were beseeching it to be cancelled, for an offside .
The ref under huge pressure gave us the goal.

Was he bent?
Was he corrupt?
Or was George Graham a brilliant winning manager?


“Advanced talks between Arsenal and Juventus over double swap including Partey and Ramsdale, and Rabiot and Szczesny”
According to very reliable NFN reporter
Peter Blue-Sheet.


X haka you are the first person I’ve ever heard say Alan smith’s goal was contentious, even the liverpool players have never said that, maybe you need to watch the goal again. What I can remember was Arsenal and Man Utd having a brawl 2 years later , both teams guilty , yet we get deducted 2 points and Utd just the one point. No one explained why the difference .

David Smith

Maybe it’s not corruption as we saw in Italy and in countless other countries,but an establishment favouring certain teams, and refs knowing how to get on in their profession, ie by going along with unwritten rules of the establishment. I don’t know, but what I would like to know is how refs can make so many complete sub amateur , inexplicable fuck ups with the benefit of slow motion and multiple camera angles. Nobody has provided anything like a reasonable explanation for some of these, the bluster from Webb and Dermott Gallagher explains very little , especially with Owen’s rather… Read more »

David Smith

And as for the incident with the Turkish ref, I hope the assailant spends time in one of those nice Turkish prisons


Majestic Gooner.

We were already on a warning after the brawl at Norwich hence the difference.

But a 2 point fine (after Liverpool
Had won their first 8 matches) and our Captain jailed and we just got on with things and won the league by 7 points.



as i am not from england my friends tend to be arsenal fans or jo football fans at all. due to location i have some bayern fans who are laughing about how bad refs are in our games. they dont watch many other epl games so whether they are generally bad or against us is a question mark 🙂

Guns of SF

Fuck it but after the NC game, I given up on refs being fair or not.
The best solution is to outscore the opponent. That is where Mike A needs to focus his energies now. Lets not leave this in the hands of the refs if we can help it


It seems pretty basic common sense as an organization who’s job it is to make unbiased judgements you wouldn’t then hire a referee that has admitted to a bias where he can’t do those teams games.

Why then would you think he can make unbiased opinions in all the other games when he has already admitted he has biases.

But that’s Pgmol for you … they don’t do common sense.


GOH you are prize moron.
Conspiracy theory was made up by MSM and gov agencies to ridicule any vistleblower movement or protest that they didn’t like. Simple tool to keep online lemmings like yourself in line.

Last year Arsenal was held back by PGMOL because people who pay them would rather City won PL.
During Wenger times certain Red Nosed Twat was running PL for years.
Funny thing you being in UK and talking about Conspiracy Theories.


There is no conspiracy nor PGMOL singling out Arsenal, but this idea is pushed for a single reason. The posters on this blog are being set up for failure by Mikel to deliver trophies as he will be entering his 5th year while still Nada, Zip, Niente to show for. Remember it used to be the project being in its umpteenth phase. It is also clear shows the truthfulness of the saying “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but….” as clearly there are some here who… Read more »


Wow! Wow! Northern bias, pgmol bias against Arsenal, ref incompetence bla bla bla. My question is, did it just started under this regime? Didn’t Wenger mention it several times and was ridiculed for it. This blog was popular with the fa and the media back then as proof that they used to prove him wrong and that he doesn’t have the support of the fans. WHAT EXACTLY HAS CHANGED There can never be any bias against a team never again like the one Wenger endured when he was at Arsenal. He advocated for VAR first and many ridiculed him here.… Read more »


Another blogpost infested by pgmol, VAR conspiracy.

Thierry Martinelli

Another blogpost infested by pgmol, VAR conspiracy.



Pedro did not once mention the word conspiracy. He said since Arteta’s rant on Var post Newcastle we are basically screwed on any 50/50 calls. Can’t disagree with that.. Don’t think it’s a stretch to say Pgmol protect their own and circle the wagons. Mike Dean basically said so in his infamous interview. Then throw in some truly bizarre decisions by a referee that admits he is a fan of one team and has signed a contract saying so and inconsistencies all over the League and you can’t just stick you head in the sand and say …everything is fine..… Read more »

Cezan P

That would be impossible since the Barca final was 2006.. And Le Grove wasn’t setup until late 2007. Buy hey don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant.

I think that was referring to the van oersie second yellow at the nou camp 2011


Don’t remember Arsenal fans on here celebrating us losing an important match, regardless. Sounds made up.

Cezan P

Don’t remember Arsenal fans on here celebrating us losing an important match, regardless. Sounds made up.

Yeah and anyone who does so is a muppet.
I couldn’t imagine wanting my team to lose no matter how I feel about certain individuals within the club environment.